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4 Aug
Tactics: Conqueror's War

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Tactics: Conqueror’s War is a massive castle siege tactical warfare game powered by building the ultimate battle deck from over a hundred unique cards. Storming a Dark Lord Fort using battle decks requires strategy, capturing one would be a dream come true and also a nightmare as soon as other hostile Conquerors realize that your stronghold’s foundation is sitting on prime real estate. The war for dwindling resources and hard-to-earn reputation is all about location and in this game of tactics, fame really is a fortune. Defend your bastion of power; fortify your town walls, raise-up your card skills and abilities, join a Guild or be your own Guild Master ready to lead, hungry to conquer!

Tactics: Conqueror’s War is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money


• Over 100 Hero and Creature Cards to summon in battles
- Fuse Common Creatures to Glorious Rare Heroes to increase their Power
- Try Skill Fusion for a chance to add more helpful Skills to your Hero
- Fuse Ultra and Super Rare cards with each other to break their Limits

• Card Lotto Packs
- Draw 10 Cards per Pack and collect the rarest of them all
- Card Packs could be opened two ways, with: (1) Knight Points (KP) which could be acquired by doing Quests and (2) Charge Points (CP), the in-game app currency.
- Lotto Tickets, such as the Gold, Conqueror, Hero and Knight Tickets are rewards by finishing special tasks, could also be used to draw single cards

• Town Building and Upkeep
- Build Houses, Farms, Mana Trees to boost production of basic resources
- Erect Shops, Inns, Stables and Academy for your military tactics

• Player versus Player (PvP) and Guild versus Guild (GvG) Modes
- Normal Duel: Rank-up on 1v1 matches, gain titles and gifts from Knight to Dragon Emperor
- League Duel: A 5-member Guild Team duel against other guilds in different divisions.
- Coliseum: A Guild vs. Guild siege clash inside the Coliseum map.

• Dungeon Raids
- Send your Hero units into dungeon expeditions to power them up
- Receive Gold, Mana and cards for successful raids

• Territory Expansion
- Divide, command and conquer key territories on the world map for resources.
- Capture NPC Dark Lord Forts and enemy Castles; plunder and destroy those who resist.

• Guild System
- Join a Guild to plan the best strategy for offense and defense
- Support and coordinate with members to successfully storm in on a Dark Lord Fort and lay siege on enemy castles
- Best line of defense when you’re getting overwhelmed with attacks from enemy Conquerors

• More than 100 Quests to do and great Rewards to reap
- Doing quests propels you through the game and serves as progress guides
- Rewards include Knight Points (KP), Gold, Mana, Fame, Lotto Tickets and more

UPDATE v. 2.0.9
¦ Bug fixes
¦ Text edits


Conqueror, you are chosen. Half of the warriors slain go to Odin in Valhalla and half go to Freyja in Folkvangr. Here in Freyja's domain, you must prove your worth among others who would vie for the same goal. Will you prove yourself worthy of feasting with the Goddess in the halls of Sessrumnir?


"One of a kind. Unique strategy map game with a card collector twist. If you like tactics strategy and teamwork. Something with more depth than 99% of the games out on smart phones." -William Liu

"Highly Recommended. If you are looking for something that is reminiscent of early raiding in mmorpgs, you will love this game..." -Brian Malley

"This is a challenging and rewarding game that isnt focused on pay to play..." -Cody Guistelli

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    NEW FEATURES v.2.0.10
    Added Daily Login Bonus Feature.

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Download tactics-conquerors-war.apk 33.0 MB


Omar Razo

Long live Kingdom Corps I spent two full days trying to find Kingdom Corps after I stopped playing only to find out its servers shut down. I cannot express how happy I am to see it still live on in TCW. Use the code "0f4e02" get in on some goodies and continue enjoying K Corps.

Tristan Koh

Invite bonus Key in Invite code luck01 for world 1 bonus and luck02 for world 2 bonus

koneho ledesma

Invitecode: Rudeus02 please use my invite code so we can both get freebies great game i love strategy games and whats more its a bit anime graphics a town building game where you conquer lands and a card collecting game at the same time

Tom Jones

Invite code: prize02 Solid game, not pay to play. Use code for free rare card. Lowered to 3 start due to connection issues post maintenance.

Joule L

Invite code: card02 Great artwork and game mechanics are somewhat easy to understand. Town building and deck fighting to claim land & fame. Use invite code card02 for world 2 bonuses.

Andrew Knoke

Complex game dependant on teamwork, highly recommend using line chat as all the top guilds use it for communication and helping players new to TCW.

Man Cis

Superb Game Ez to understand & play . Come forth use "kang02" & u shall get super rare card & golds in world 2.

Lee Sauyoon

Is good game Pls use my invite code "Friend02" and we can get Free ticket

Alex R.

Nice Good to see that the Kingdom Corps project by Mobage have not been abandoned after shutting down the servers. The game is back and running under the developers wing now. Although it got pretty old technology wise, it's still a wonderful CCG with a lot of dept in both strategy and cooperation. My invite code to get rewards in world 2: Shin02, thanks.

Jesus Jimenez

One of the best strategy games out there. invite code: skip02 This is for those who love strategy games. I love the community its very helpfull

Devin Dyer

Fun combo of empire building and ccg Lots of ways to power up cards. Invite code for the goodies is doom02 for world 2 (newest)

Fraser Somerville

Great game, invite code! This is an awesome capture base/ collectable card game. There is always something to do and is friendly to the beginner player. It is far from pay to win and collecting rare cards is not as hard as it seems! Use the invitation code bonus02 on world 2 for some bonues ticket draws at the end of the tutorial! Enjoy the game!

Christopher Navarro

Pretty Good Just started a week and I'm not bored yet like the other games. But to help us both enter invite code. reward02 that's the code I made up to make it easy to remember. Select WORLD 2, and then put in invite code (reward02) when your done with tutorial. Thank you in advance.

Gabriela Ramirez-Rodriguez

Omg yay If you love strategy and board games this is perfect!!

derrick haire

Excellent game! Only thing I'm not a fan of is the stacking of building times when upgrading buildings. A side from that a great game.

Ahmad Nasim Hamat

Recommended for all This is a great and engrossing strategy game, with rpg elements using cards. Use my invite code for extra boost (rare cards and tickets) when you start. I'm also running the AvengersAcad guild for new players in World 2. Join our guild to get yourself up-to-speed. Invite code: haha01 (World 1) or haha02 (World 2).

Hunter Winningham

Loadscreen tactics My gosh loadscreens for everything spending an average of 25 seconds per loadscreen and its not graphic intense, as well as constant freezing... On the plus its a pioneer in its own world of gaming. Just need a little perfecting and will bring it up

William Liu

One of a kind Unique strategy map game with a card collector twist. If you like tactics strategy and teamwork. Something with more depth than 99% of the games out on smart phones. Want something thats not easy and challenging? Give this a try. Invite code for bonus starting goodies jin01

Cody Guistelli

Highly recommended I've tried quite a few games out there and nothing compares. This is a challenging an rewarding game that isnt focused on pay to play. There is also an app called LINE that goes hand in hand with this game so you can communicate more efficiently with your allies and has alot of resources that you won't find anywhere line id is aussiedaigo if you decide to get the line app....find me and I can help guide you to the chat rooms. Also for extra rewards in the game use this invite code...aussie01

Ash Priestly

Best RPG, so entertaining! The community is great, the gameplay is endlessly complicated but once you get a grasp on whats going on, it becomes more.. and more.. adictive. x)

j getem

Lots of Fun Like everyone's been saying mix between those card battler games and strategy. Use my invite code to receive free gifts. ami01

Wan Shen

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Wan Wan

00ng01 Use this code to get 2 gold summon

Jay Frost

Nice new game Great new game so join now while its still early , enter this code( exempt01 ) for rewards !!

Brian Mally

Tcw Tactics: Conqueror's war is a persistent world rpg. It is one of the few mobile games that actually provides meaningful player interaction in the form of guilds and castles seiges. If you are looking for something that is reminiscent of early raiding in mmorpgs, you will love this game.

Jonathan Swart

Let's get this party started

Greg Lord

TCW Best card Game I ever Played. U will enjoy it.

Sean Headrick

Didn't keep me. Too much waiting for this, for that, for the other thing. Time meters, personal character energy meters, building progress meters. I got bored. Card graphics were nice but uninstall none the less.

jason Selmon

Tight looking game I love games like this

Tristan Koh

Invite bonus Key in Invite code luck01 for world 1 bonus, luck02 for world 2 bonus and luck03 for world 3 bonus


Just love like absorbing

Derek Ross

Great game Enter: Onyx04 immediately receive a boost to your starter deck as well as other gifts along the way. Great all around game.

Rob Meyers

Calls itself tactics, isn't a tactics game. This is just a typical town builder looking for micro payments. Boring.

David Neumann

not bad, slow town buildergame - friend invite "help04" world 4 No action. Just a builder type game. Wait around til something stops building. Not and action type of game or button masher. Friend code is help04 in lowercase and it's only good on server/world 4.

Yee Yo

Addictive game Wonderful game play and great community

Chris Coulson

Unfortunately a game to avoid... Pros: great community, solid strategy game elements. Cons: hard to catch up and succeed without significant $$$, developers that are out of touch and don't care about game imbalances, in game profanity or cheating.

Steven Schnell

Good game. Use code 08fs04 for rewards Good game fun collecting cards and battling. Use my code so we both get rewards.

robo spacecadet

Excellent Strategy Game! Awesome card based strategy game. Great guild system supported by a fab and friendly online community ready to help you learn to play and start earning top rewards quickly.

Newland Vivanh

Must Play Must Download!! Join a guild to help Conquer! Join Duels to test your might! One of the best card based games out there! The worldwide counterpart to Japan game Lord of Knights (LoK)! The game has just recently been revamped from its previous name Kingdom Corps (KC), the upgraded features has brought new life to the game and it's only just the beginning with the upgraded features, with more to hopefully come out soon! Need codes?! Use mine! W4= Newb04 W2= Land03 W1= Newb01 Line ID(come join the TCW community!)=N3wland

Alyssa Leadbetter

Its a VERY good game... The UI is terrible, which takes away from the experience but it is a good game. That and the guild tab... it says your the leader of your own guild, under your name. I spent like forty minutes trying to resign, only to find out i can just join another guild, because my guild isnt actually a guild or something... very confusing.

emily guan

Great game At first, it can be slow, but once you get the hang of it, it can be amazing fun and the community is a wonderful group willing to help you :)

Lance Guo

Great game A hidden gen. Huge improvement since the last version. No complaints so far. Use my invite code to get some good card to start, Pike01 for w1. Pike03 for w23. Pike04 for w4. See u there.

Jason Muno

Great Guild Strategy Game!!!! Takes some time to get into. But, there are many helpful members in the community that are more than happy to help new players get started. Come join us!

Norman Lizotte

Good game and community Good game, updates with new cards and content often. There is plenty to do for the social player as well as the 24/7 player. Unlike most games everything is available to all player (free or spenders)

Remi Gagnon

Best game This is by far the best game out there. I've been playing it for months on end and will stay a loyal fan. The game in itself basically involves all out battles between guilds by conquering territories and castles using cards whose skills you choose and build up. It is a cross between risk and dungeon and dragons game. Love it

Cyrus W. Duell

Hell of a game Worth all the time invested. Great community and exciting gameplay


Fun! Addicting game. It was quite tedious at first but once i got the hang of it, it was really fun!

Samuel Scoop

Unfortunately very unstable. I've been playing this for a couple of minutes, and i am already experiencing frequent crashes whenever i try to deploy troops or enter a dungeon. It really is a shame because i always love this game and always would have if it weren't for this..

Adhie Ferdian

Really? (Fixed) i love this game really fun and has nice looking card. But after world merge update i cant even login to the world.. please fix it after that i will change the rate..(fixed in one day) note: its nice& fun tactic game when you play with your friends, but your hopeless when play it alone

Chris Yui

Soooo good Such an addicting rts. Its like chess has come alive. Invite codes world 1 - skip01. World 2 - skip02. World 3 skip03 get nice boost to your game with these codes.


Great card game Cool concept of card game and building towns

denmark abalos

Game is good

Alden Dumana

Great strategy card game! Terrific game especially if you're a fan of JRPG. Game mechanics has depth. Enjoying the challenge.

Ronald Yu

Exciting! It may be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it you'll love its competitive deck-building strategy gameplay!

Demonic Draconas

Fun but... The quest screen glitched and I can't receive my reward, nor can I accept other quests since it's stuck on the quest clear screen

Neal Zimmerman

Looks Horrible This game looks like it is from 1962!

Harish Gupta

Developers are biased Even after beating the opppnent guild more than 5 times, developers dint fixed up a bug....dnt install this stupid game....developers lick korean ass here...

Amanda Adams

Comes up with A wierd error message but i cant email you when i click it playstore crashes *is it an issue with the game beacuse i have a rooted android*

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