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8 Jun

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Get the latest Central New York news, weather, sports, jobs and entertainment info on your Android device with The Post-Standard.

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    We’ve heard your feedback, and we're happy to present the largest revision yet. This version of the app has the following features and fixes:
    • Greater reliability.
    • Improved loading time.
    • Enhanced sharing.
    • Improved Push Notifications - Notifications will now take you right into the correct story.
    • Improved video playback.
    • Improved menu.
    • and Much more…
    Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming. We hope you enjoy the app, and more improvements are yet to come. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 8, 2016. Google play rating is 62.6131. Current verison is v3.6.2edda1d3. Actual size 7.3 MB.

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Ken Plumadore

Still sucks There needs to be a major overhaul with this app I deleted this app a month ago. But still with the black screen and now is trying to get me to update my android I don't think so dev. Uninstall again.

A Google User

Long wait time makes it worthless Every time I open this app, my screen goes completely black for several seconds before it finally displays content. During that time, I can't even cancel out or switch apps or anything -- it cripples the phone until it's completely loaded. If I get a push alert for a breaking news story that catches my interest, I simply clear it out and then I look for the story on other local media outlets' apps because all the other ones load so much faster. Once the app is finally open, it works pretty well, but having that really long pause every time is just as annoying as dialing-in to AOL back in the mid 1990s. Was originally 3-stars, but now lowering to 2-stars since they've done absolutely nothing to address this issue (and I see I'm not the first reviewer to mention it).

Brian Van Allen

Still no improvement Months later, still awful. It's as if the developer (s) doesn't care. Maybe they died and no one knows?

Jeff Hathaway

Used to love it Now takes forever to open, gets stuck often and down on its own. Worst app on my phone now

Alex DeRoberts

Adr Takes forever to open. Black screens. Anoying to use. Getting ready to uninstall it right now. Good info but not worth the frustration.

Jason Moss

Love the app, when it works, which is not often, please fix whatever is wrong.

Jennifer Louise

Why does this app suck now? Use to work well, but not anymore.

Nick Kaczmar

Buggy Constantly crashing and not updating content. Get with the program!

A Google User

No way to stop from using location services. Location services reporting high battery usage from this app

Gleep Glob

DO NOT INSTALL !!!!!!!! Update 1/1/15 solved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, with no update since. IF app opens, it takes over 1 minute. However it frequently crashes while opening. It has been reported numerous times with NO update or fix. App is extremely buggy, videos dont play, comments dont work, opening stories takes forever, often times crashing. Terrible reviews and messages to developer go unanswered. Developer clearly doesnt care. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. I will GLADLY change review when it is deserved.

Chris Schaefer

It used to be good. When i first got the app it was great. Then three updates ago it became the most buggy app that crashed my phone. It takes forever to load ,the comments dont work, if you try to read more then one story it will crash. I kept with it thinking an update would help but it got worse after each one. Whoever is on the IT dept at the post standard should be fired.

Ryan Boyle

Newest version great! Update: 2014 complete revision of the app turned out spectacular! I recommend to all! || 2012: Content and functionality are quite good, but there is a fatal flaw. If I happen to click on a story that has a video clip embedded in it, the clip starts playing automatically and I have no control over it. On top of that, I only hear audio and the video window remains blank. This is a major flaw. Occasionally the clip will stop playing on its own but frequently I must force quit the app. Droid RAZR Maxx HD, 4.1

Michael Fish

Painfully slow Previous version out for a few years was great. Very quick refreshes. Snappy and responsive. Current version is horribly slow. Please improve!! Thanks.

justin carlin

Fix it! When I open app it's extremely slow and screen goes completely black. Hurry up and fix it! Used to work so much better!!!

A Google User

Sucks Latest update never loads app. Just goes to a black screen. Have to hit home button to get out of it as back key does nothing.

Jason M

Little control over settings. The notifications can't be turned off. No matter what the setting is I get pushed news updates. Not to mention the poor editing if the paper in general. How can you be a major regional new outlet and have worse gamer than an eight year old?

Peter Shank

I remember why I cancelled their paper How can a lead story be an editorial? Loads super slow indicating some poor work in the app's logic. Pushes alerts even though selected alerts to "Off".

Sam Siskowski

I have notifications turned off and the app sent me 3 today. I don't care how important you think the stories are, I have the notifications off for a reason. Uninstalled.

Patric Hanlon

Still has bugs Still doesn't want to start or get a black screen and take a long to open

Jeff Shuster

Super slow App comes up with a black screen for a full minute before any content loads. I expect better from a top notch news organization.

Dave Walsh

Update did nothing. Still takes too long to load or refresh

Ralph Wakeman

Absolute slug Another update, another slug. Whoever writes your apps should be fired

Crystal Bergman

S4 Good app, needs a few fixes. Has black screen sometimes and need share to text option!

James Haselmayer

Best Local news

Ivan Chinikailo

Really So slow and so buggy

Deborah A. Williams

Seldom loads current info For our big media company, this app "upgrade" is a joke. Slow to load and current news is about 3 days old!

Michael Holl

What the hell! ???? I used to love this app. However, the newest version is very disappointing to use. Slows my phone down to a crawl and takes FOREVER to load. Very Disappointed!!!

Michael DiMauro

EMBARASSING This upgrade sucks huge. Bring back the old version so i can actually read thr news and not watch it load.

Tanya Davis

Was good before, but now does not work I used to like this app, but then changes were made and it stopped loading correctly and would crash. I have now deleted this app.

seth shapess

Needs to be fixed Used to be awesome. After latest update it is horrible. Barely loads and is insanely slow! Please fix.

Michael Spano

Abysmal App Worst app I have ever owned. Slow. No refresh button. Freezes almost every time I use it.

Chad Sealey

Horrible This needs to be fixed soon or will be deleted

Andrew Prusinowski

Very slow. Most of the time it won't load. Very disappointed.

Lori Miller

Not updating like it used to..very slow to open

A Google User

Rarely loads... This version rarely loads correctly or at all.

Joshua Haun

Slow Switched to using my browser. Takes too long to load.

Erica Thomas

Terribly slow Very slow to load, almost pointless to try reading anything in app.

RJ Harper

Uninstalled Leaving this app. Push notifications still not fixed and tired of them. Also, this app has made my phone freeze a few times to the point of having to restart my phone in order to use it. Moved on to wsyr app for my local news.

Ken Gottry

This used to be my favorite way to stay in touch with CNY. Your redesign is terrible. Someone got carried away trying to use every feature of mobile app design and lost sight of what's important ... the content. You just lost another customer

Joshua Masters

Sucks Takes forever to load. Never fixed the bugs. Just like the city everything about it is horrible

Ted Skowron

Black screen app All I ever get is a black screen can someone PLEASE fix the app so it works

Robert Bull

Fix this please Takes to long to open and ests too much battery.

Anthony Napoli

Awful. This app needs serious work.

Zach Russell

Was awesome not anymore.. I've given this many tries but it always comes up short with long load times, freezes, or won't open. I forgot how bad it was and delete it, yet to try again and it always fails me. How can this biggest news source in the area have a terrible app for so long?

Charles P

This app really sucks. It takes forever to load and like the other reviews, it goes black and freezes up my tablet. If it weren't for the fact that it's powered by the Syracuse newspapers, I would unload this app in a heartbeat. Very disappointed and frustrating.

Darryl Stivers

Disappointing I had this app over a year ago and uninstalled it because it didn't work well. I gave it a second chance and it's even worse now. Black screen and long load times. The content and style are fine, they just need to fix the bugs

Clark Rogers

Bad app Takes forever to load and keeps pushing stories to phone when notifications are turned off. I live in Ohio and former'Cuser. Like to track obits etc but could careless when I get a notification that 690 west is backed up...fix it and I will reinstall.

Robert Young

Still worst news app on the web When is the Syracuse Newspaper going to hire someone to fix their news app because the clowns they have now can't or won't do anything to answer the complaints they are getting. They should be embarrassed the issues have gone so long and not been addressed.

David Mancini

Loading Issues Loading and freezing issues still plague this app. Great format and content if it would run properly.

Lindsay Sterbank

Slow as ever Worst app I have had. Takes forever to open and update.

Mindy Barlow

This app has had nothing but problems for months..have deleted it multiple times on my device and reinstalled.

Ann Rudolph

What's the Deal? Why can't this app be fixed?

Ryan Finniss

Can't sign in to leave comment. Won't let you sign in. It sucks

Margaret Richardson

To open or not to open that is the question Well some times it loads and some time it just crashes. The positive side is they have the black screen down pat. Also I've never seen the crash report so much for one app.

Peter Shank

I remember why I cancelled their paper Back to pushing unwanted notifications. How can a lead story be an editorial? Loads super slow indicating some poor work in the app's logic. Pushes alerts even though selected alerts to "Off".

Reinald Smith

Barely usable App takes forever to open and refresh. Also only displays in portrait mode. Doesn't indicate processing activity as it refreshes so difficult to tell when it's done.

Joe Reddick

No Update or help App takes forever to load. Screen goes completely black. Months and months people have complained. And no update or response from the app team

Bernard Fontane

This is the worse app I have used. They need to start over. Black screens. Lock ups. Takes forever to load. I have this on several devices and it's sucks on all of them.

Tom Cawley

Latest news would be nice to see and read

Jay Colburn

Slow Slow. Not worth the time. Uninstalling.

Katherina Searing

Slow Takes forever to load. Stories are not updated.

dan Soukup

SLOWEST APP EVER Was slow and is still slow. Very frustrating constantly waiting for pages to load.

Sean Drew

Awful This app is terrible

Todd Bielak

Garbage This app is terrible, needs to be scrapped

Jason Marshall

Horrible Slow slow slow and enough with all the mens basketball...... One maybe two mens basketball stories is enough. Theres plenty of other news you could be reporting

Jaime Rodriguez

Extremely slow to load. It takes so long for this app to load that I often give up before getting it to open.

Michael Shelton

Junk does not work. Barely works, and half the time it is tough for Syracuse University. I feel like the news on this app does not portray anything that is going on in the city of Syracuse.

Anthony Colavita

Revamp it Too many ads. Try to share an article, sent my brand new Galaxy s7 into shock.

Ashlee Chretien

So slow ....also when you try to share a story makes phone go crazy thought it was because I had old phone welll now I have galaxy 7 newest phone and rank one of best and same thing......

Jeremiah Jacobson

Needs so much work This app is so glitchy. Things won't load even with full WiFi signal. Also, if you're going to send a push notification, the applicable article should open when you tap it.

Richard Lesh

Had to delete I love the source of the news and the reporting but the app needs a lot of work. It consistently freezes up my tablet and phone unlike any other app... its a shame.

Gleep Glob

One of the worst apps available. This app is beyond buggy! Updates NEVER solve any problems. In order for this app to even remotely work, you will have to uninstall and reinstall at least once a month, regardless of updates or not. It basically gets steadily slower and slower to the point of 2 plus minutes to open and refresh current information.

David Beickert

SMG Click bait masqarading as a news source.

Gleep Glob

One of the worst apps available. This app is beyond buggy! Updates NEVER solve any problems. In order for this app to even remotely work, you will have to uninstall and reinstall at least once a month, regardless of updates or not. It basically gets steadily slower and slower to the point of 2 plus minutes to open and refresh current information. Just uninstalled/reinstalled for the 3rd time this week (6/27/16). Such a piece of garbage.

Richard Lesh

Update is an improvement I love the source of the news and the reporting but the app needed a lot of work. The previous version consistently froze up my tablet and phone unlike any other app... I had to delete it. ** So far the new version has been good. A little different to navigate but I like it. It's only been a little while so time will tell...

Mark Capobianco

Much better This version is much better. The old version would periodically freeze. The longer I had it the more problems surfaced. Consequently it had to uninstall and reinstall ever few months. So far this has not been an issue.

Reinald Smith

Barely usable App takes forever to open and refresh. Also only displays in portrait mode. Doesn't indicate processing activity as it refreshes so difficult to tell when it's done.

Patrick Stewart

Way better than before With one click I got the latest news at my fingertips. It used to be rather slow or not even open up for me.

Michael Holl

Better Than prior versions, but probably due to my new phone. No problems yet...knocking on wood.

Hope Hookway Murphy

New version so much better! The old version loaded so slow I didn't want to use it

Lamaro Hall

Keeps me in touch with home. I don't live in the area anymore so reading this and family of course keeps me in touch. Last version did freeze a lot though. Keep up with the improvements.

Dawn Leadley

Like the improvements! This version is so much better! Doesn't crash on me and refreshes very quickly. Would like more stories though - light on news, especially national and international

Brandon Macintyre

Alot of the words are misspelled like a kindergarten student wrote it

James Haselmayer

A true must have App.. Can always count on up to date news and information in our community. Truly a must have app..

Michael Collier

Syracuse News I now live in Florida so this app keeps me up to date with the Cuse news!!!!

Ahmeed Turner

Use the app all the time to get the latest! Easy to operate, easy to navigate, easy to read!

Donna Mowry

Syracuse. Com Easy to use, fast loading. Up to date news!

Brenda Freeman

Look better now and it doesn't take to long to pop up.

Jimmie Ford

Syracuse. Com Wow talk about hanging...?

Adam Gedamoske

New version works much better than the old!

Eric Curtis

Improved The new version works much better.

Donald Shoff

Speed Works better than last version

lee burns

Better than cny central app

Robert Bennett

Great way to get the news.

Freddy Bigdick


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