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17 Jul
Synker - The Sync Widget

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Synker, the Android account synchronization widget and Tasker/Locale plug-in, allows you to synchronize all registered sync providers on-demand or “Force Sync/Sync All/Manual Sync/Sync Now”. Synker will enumerate available sync-able accounts and allow you to create multiple widgets, or create one Sync All/Sync Now widget. Each widget is theme-able and configurable allowing for the selection of the accounts you want to sync. Synker enables you to have separate widgets for contacts, calendar, social media, and more. Press the widget to synchronize the selected accounts independent of the current Android auto-sync setting; no need to toggle auto-sync on/off! Synker also supports force synchronization of accounts by Tasker and Locale as a plug-in; create Tasker/Locale profiles to force sync specific accounts as desired or change the auto-sync setting on an account by account basis.
The sync notification service provides feedback about which accounts are actively syncing whether caused by Synker or some other mechanism.

The Accounts and Sync Inspector provides additional information about the accounts on your Android device and their auto-sync properties and sync settings. The inspector overview screen will allow you to toggle the state of the Android global auto-sync setting, force sync all accounts, cancel all pending/active syncs, and display a list of all sync-able accounts available on the device including non-user facing sync adapters. The inspector account detail page provides detailed information about an individual account including some interesting statistics such as total number of sync attempts per sync source, last successful sync time, last sync failure time, last sync failure message, and initial failure time. Also, the inspector account detail page will allow you to toggle the state of the Android auto-sync setting for the specific account/authority, force sync the account, cancel any active/pending syncs on that account, and edit the auto-sync period.

Check out the Synker FAQ.

Our YouTube channel with videos including Tasker and Synker as a plug-in.

Join the Synker beta tester community, for the latest and greatest!

Known Issues:
Force Close on Vizio VTAB1008

Whats new

    -- Initial accounts selected to mirrors Android settings (Prevent 'errors' from attempting to sync accounts that are not setup)
    -- Updated notification icon
    -- Update to support new unlock key versions
    -- Key detection and key check in progress improvements
    -- Updated AdMob SDK part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 17, 2013. Google play rating is 83.5788. Current verison is 1.1.16. Actual size 288.0 KB.

Download synker-the-sync-widget.apk 288.0 KB


ishtiaq shah

DON'T DOWNLOAD Why Google has not made negative star for such application. After 10 days of usage it doesn't syncs and asking to Pay and use. Also the application is 3rd class. the developer has built nothing in it and uses android own system to sync.

Gary Dean

Kit Kat Doesn't play well with kit Kat . No matter the settings it wants to sync everything and errors on things you need to buy the key for.

Andy Dufek

Moto X has no status-bar sync icon and this app gives me one! I recently upgraded my ancient HTC EVO 4G to a Moto X. I use a calendar replacement app which has a "Sync Now" feature and I use it all the time because if/when I make a change to a calendar event and then make a subsequent change to the same event, if calendar hasn't synced in the meantime, I'm SOL and I lose the first changes. Anyway, on the EVO, I'd change an event, hit Sync Now, watch the status-bar icon appear for a few seconds, then go away, and I knew I was okay to make the subsequent changes to that same event. But on the Moto X, no status-bar icon! I only found a few sync apps which provide status-bar notification and this one seemed to give me the customizability and notification I was seeking, so problem solved! Even though I don't mind the ads (since I never really open the app itself), I'm registering because it does exactly what I need it to do and I want to support the developer.

Adam Jensen

Just the sync notifications make it great This app is one of a kind and fantastic. If you have ever experienced massive battery drain due to Android being stuck trying to sync something for hours, this app's notifications (once enabled) will show you that a sync is happening and that is most likely why your battery drained 50% in the past hour.

Joe Donahue

Terrible functionality Pretty much useless without the paid version. I can't even test any of the features I need

Maheshwar N

Highly recommended Turning on auto sync was absolutely unnecessary for me. I just want my contacts to get synced once in a while and I did not want to go through all the steps to manually sync it. Synker gives you better control and helps a lot to save battery. My total screen time has increased by atleast an hour now. You can also integrate synker with Tasker for this to be done automatically. This is a must have for saving battery. Highly recommended.

Paul Moore

Nice app, simple to use, doesn't sync contacts Android -> Goog Very easy-to-use app. Useful for someone who doesn't like to use Google's auto sync feature. Google Calendar sync works in both directions. Google Contacts sync only works in direction Google -> Android, not in opposite direction. Have contacted developer, will update if I get a response. Update - apologies, this was due to my adding a new contact to the phone's contact list instead of the Google contact list. Now working perfectly.

Steve Jessen

It's ok. But the tasker integration is pretty useless without the paid key, which costs more than it should and there's really no way to trial it. Furthermore this version has ads AND nag boxes AND limited features. I get that it's free but all 3 is a bit excessive.

Carlos Acevedo

Consistently excellent This is one of my most used Apps, as I just tap it...and away she goes. Really works!

Oz Korn

Exactly as expected Provides what should be a standard Android sync control capability. App seems very stable and does exactly as it says it will.

Ostin De Jesus

Excellent Delivers what it promised. Suggestion, how about if we could add the widget on the lower / main set of widgets such as the home, contacts button...

Edward Prage

It's simple. It works. It's free. I've never had a problem with this app on KitKat or Lollipop (knock). It was probably the first plugin I used for Tasker, and I still use it (once an hour). The fact that it hasn't been updated in so long can be a bit worrisome. But as long as it keeps working, let it ride!

Mark Waterbury

Shows no progress I typically have to tap this widget around 5 times to make it first respond. That, or it just starts very slowly. Which leads to my next point. There is no way of telling if it is doing anything. It spins in circles indicating that it's running, but doesn't show me what account is currently syncing or its overall progress. It would be great to have the option of a status bar progress bar to do this. Also, I have tried the notification service, but it doesn't work unless the app is open (not the widget).

Warren Dutton

I don't know if it is working I recently upgraded from an almost four year old HTC Thunderbolt to the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The thunderbolt had a global sync function that I used daily, which I preferred. I thought that this app would mirror that functionality. It appears to sync all of my Google accounts and my Facebook account, but it does not appear to sync any of my email accounts (I have to manually sync them). I have the settings set to perform global auto syncs, and all of my email accounts appear and are checked when I go into the settings, but they will not sync. I tried the app for almost a month and I continued to play with the settings, but I could not figure out how to fix this issue. I have uninstalled the app.

Jesus S

Use to work I use to be able to use the free app with Tasker, but now it's forcing me to pay for the additional features.

Emile Pesik

This is superb! By combining it with Tasker (rooted phone required!) I no longer have to see or deal with my business emails outside of my business hours. Why such functionality is not built into Android itself is beyond me, but in any case it's well worth the £1.28

Kerry Arts

Pretty good integration with Tasker. I use it to disable work email sync while I am at work, so I don't get notifications on two fronts. Could maybe do with a option to toggle a single account on/off, rather than having to set them all.

Ron Price

missing crucial features but good obviously with the KitKat OS there are some issues that need addressing. but that aside, shouldn't the widget be given the ability to override the system and temporarily enable the device's auto-sync in the event that the user has it disabled to conserve battery? love the sync animation of the widget immensely though. just think this what i mentioned may improve the functionality of the widget.

Peter Simons

Very useful ... especially in combination with "Tasker". Synker can be used to configurr the global system settings, and it can also create any number of widgets that trigger the desired actions manually. I bought the full version and never regretted it.

Peter Pozsgai

Good tool but not for Gmail Very easy to use and practical if you want to sync seversl accounts at once. After the latest Gmail update, it can no longer synch emails coming to Gmail. :-(

Cassandra Kobayashi

android 4.4 trouble creating new widget I have installed Synker. The instruction box says to long press an empty area on the homescreen which used to bring up widgets. In Android 4.4 on my Nexus 7 2 long press on the screen brings up wallpaper options. I couldn't find the way to start a new widget. LATER: figured this out and share it in case any other noob is having this issue: go to Home > Apps. At the top of the apps page, it says Apps and Widgets. Tap on Widgets and a page showing some of your Widgets opens. Page through to find Synker and touch and hold the icon.

Michal Kristín

Great one! Just the widget I was looking for. Thank you!

António Costa Amaral

pretty good however, calendar sync gets stuck forever. i've been told it's because of two calendar widgets competing - but if synker activation is manual, the device should sync just once regardless of other apps

Rina Lvov

Saved my battery life. I turned off auto sync and use this app on its own and with Tasker. Works great

A Google User

Love this app Been using it on all my phones.

Wissam Shaar

Absolutely amazing This app gives me full control over what I want to sync and when.

Todd S

Synker + AutoLocation Using Synker & AutoLocation as Tasker Plugins, my phone only checks my work email when I am close to or at work. Great plugin so I bought the unlock key. Thank you for a great plugin!

Lonnie Reeder

Nice utility Really like the Tasker integration.

joshua richardson

I wanna make a back up In helium I purchased your pro and still had th3 same issue Can u please fix this on both levels pro synker and regular to allow backups in helium

A Google User

Works Great This Widget works great. It does what it says it does. I would recommend using this widget if your phone doesn't have it's own sync widget.

chandan bhatte

perfect this functionality should be built in android.

James Britt

Pointless This is a slim wrapper around features you already have on your phone. It is not an alternative to the built-in sync. It's another way to get to the same checkboxes you already have in your system settings.


Good App It does all just try and add it to main icons instead of home screen

Robert Nava

Droid Pro Very Good App...

Dean Bailey

Great Especially with addition to xposed services WE don't want, but overall always been a good tool even without this.

Rabin Shakya

Good way to save battery by turning off auto-sync and manually syncing everything using a single tap on the widget.

Dawood Threepeppers

Unclear Settings not user friendly. Lots of errors without global sync off. Waste of money. Simple but those few options are difficult to navigate. No option for refund?

Alex Squier

A splendid app indeed - especially good for devices which are either a bit slow or long in the tooth. We've used it with great success on a Cubot P9 and an HTC Desire C, both of which struggle under mild loading when the default account sync settings are left enabled. Now both devices are a whole lot more responsive because they are only synchronising when we want them to - as opposed to leaving the system to figure it out. ** Just remember that the sync notification service is not required for some devices e.g. HTC because it's already built-in.** Thanks for publishing this app .

Chris Pearce

Works great AFTER you figure out that you MUST create a new widget on the desktop that actually does the sync. The widget that appears on the desktop after installation is useless and really only needs to be on the apps screen. Once you create a new widget, you can configure it up to selectively sync whatever you need.

Vince Lupe

Tried it before and liked it a lot, but cannot download it now. I believe there may be an issue with the Play Store and installation.

Steven Walters

Used to be good --- Developer not updated since 2013 --- Can't even put a titled shortcut on my Note3'es screen anymore. Off to look for an alternative that still gets updated.

Vijay Kumar

Instant sync & Superb battery friendly app, Sync Animation eye-candy It's always been such that I keep my auto Sync option switched off to conserve battery. On a click of this widget on home screen of my kit kat phone could Sync data instantly esp Gmail. Excellent app to conserve battery so that I can sync only when I require. Sync Animation of widget on home screen is an eye candy.

Ole Traupe

I can't seem to force my email account to sync if syncing of the account is disabled in the android settings. That is what forcing means, right? I am on Android 5.0.1 on my Galaxy Note 4.

Chase Sterling

Trying to control sync settings for individual accounts with tasker, which partially works, except for with my Outlook account, which is the only thing I actually wanted to control the syncing on.

Mario D. Fernandez

update? seems to work fine but, no complaints here but, when was the last time you updated this app?? 2013?

Jean-Paul Bootier

Great app Been using it for years. Would love to see more animations

Ruben Sukiasyan

Notification service on LP App is fine, but mortification service not working stable on 5.1.1.

Mary Figliulo

Less minutes... More data! Quick easy, only get stuff when I want it!

Ion Mudreac

Stopped working properly Latest update screwed everything out doesn't work anymore io error both in Nexus 7 and Nexus 5

Marc Tamsky

Known issue: teaseware Most of the features in "Description" are completely unavailable without purchase of unlock key. Deceptive practices = 1 star.

Chris Appleton

Not free! Even basic functionality needs a key... Don't mind paying for a good app but this needs to be made clear on the store. Uninstalling on principle.

Eugene Medvedev

Worked fine before... Now it crashes when I try to select what to sync from my long list.

Andrew Dean

It's great. It does the job simply and effectively. I used to keep tapping it because I thought it wasn't responding but actually it is - you only need to tap it once!

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