Download SynctunesX: iTunes to android apk 2.1 free for Android smartphone

30 Jun
SynctunesX: iTunes to android

Posted by Heapsoft in Music & Audio | June 30, 2016 | 68 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

SynctunesX is an app for iTunes to android syncing it allows you to sync your iTunes music, podcasts and videos from your iTunes library on your computer (windows or mac) to your Android device over wifi no data is consumed.

User guide is available here

Important: This is a syncing application and not a music downloader or music player


Sync to internal or external sdcard
Sync Podcasts from your macbook to android.
Sync Music tracks from macbook to android.
Sync Playlists.
Sync album art
Organizes songs in android by artist/albums

Important: It does not remove DRM copyright music tags, so you may not be able to play the protected music.

Mac Installation:
Desktop version for Synctunes for mac should be installed on your mac to connect to sync your mac iTunes library to android

System requirements:
Mac 10.5 or newer with iTunes Library

We want to translate this app into different languages, if you can help, please contact us.

This app is not affiliated with apple Tunes or android.
iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Whats new

    2.1 Playlists delete issue fixed
    2.0 Enhancements and bug fixes, new look on kitkat and above devices
    0.5 Kitkat playlists issue fixed
    0.4 sdcard support for kitkat android 4.4

Heapsoft part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 30, 2016. Google play rating is 75.6594. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download sync-for-mac-itunes-to-android.apk 2.5 MB


Dick Young

Works very well Connecting my Nexus 5 to my MacBook is a breeze, and the sync process is dead simple. I no longer feel inferior to my friends with iPhones. It's a streamlined app (only 593 KB, compared to 3—4 MB for many similar apps) without a long list of features I'd never use and that syncs only the data I want, not information I don't need. Saving space on my phone is a good thing.

Megan Potter

Issues w sync Overall, it works well enough. But I've noticed that the sync is failing to add a couple of songs to my phone. They're in the iTunes playlist, but they don't get synced and don't appear to be anywhere on my phone. Also, it's incredibly annoying that if you're not somewhere that has wi-fi, and you accidentally open it, there's no way to close it because you can't leave the "no wi-fi" screen. Not even my task killer app will shut it down.

Francis Eshun

Excellent I am an apple fan through and through.... But I do travel around the world a lot and android is more supported than iOS hence I bought the Google nexus for my travels. I was hesitant about the switch at first due to having a lot of media on my Mac including my contacts. Using this app was a breeze! Now let's say I am both an iOS and android fan...who says you can't be both. What is important is your productivity not the PLATFORM

stuart rene

Brilliant Love the ease of use. Thought I lost all my media after switching from iPhone to Android.... highly recommended : )

Elizabeth Peterson

Works Right Away! Great app. I was searching for hours to find a good app to sync my iTunes on my Mac to my new LG G3 phone. This allowed me to easily sync selected playlists wirelessly to my phone. Simple and free - can't beat it!


Works enough Does the job, but it loses connections alot. Should be able to hardwire to mac

Brett Botbyl

Great App! I was consigned to a life of none of my iTunes songs since moving to Android. But with this is great again. Since I use a tablet and always use WIFI, it works out perfectly for me. Thanks!

Tom Z. Bodor

Love this app!! Better than DoubleTwist This app is so simple, but it works well! It will easily sync your music and all playlists to your Android device. Then just use your default music player, and voilà. It's the next best thing to using an iPhone for your iTunes. Warning: protected tracks can't be synced.... this is always the case with old tracks purchased on ITunes.

Sarah B

SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE & FAST!!! I love this app SO MUCH! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I, too, have been another Android victim suffering from iTunes withdrawals on the go. This app is so easy to use with a simple interface and it transferred my 20 song trial playlist in the amount of time it takes to burn a CD. SO FAST! LOVE IT!

Virginia Walker

an excellent app! It is user friendly and very easy to set up. You will not be disappointed.

Marc Munro

Good work fellas My music on iTunes was the only reason it took me so long to leave the iPhone. But, if I had known it was so easy to transfer my music I would have left a phone upgrade ago. Spot on.

Nick M

Awesome! 4 & a half stars! This app is Awesome! & really remarkably excellent! Its super easy! to read the instructions on there website. It synced all my music from iTunes w/ in like 5 minutes! which is super good! I would recommend this app! NOW i have my music on my LG G3android phone! The only minor complaint i have is You can't rewind or fast forward the tracks. Which maybe they can fix that in a update or something. i still would recommend this!

Elizabeth Joyce

It gives you the full song but deletes the previously added when you try to add more. Good for just a couple of songs ( from a playlist) not your whole iTunes library.

William Ibarra

great it does need wifi but it gets the job done. Also, because it uses wifi you won't get data charges, if you don't have an unlimited plan.

Jean Bonis

Great app! I’m not technically inclined, by any stretch of the imagination, but I had no problem getting music from itunes onto my Samsung Galaxy S5. I believe there's a change of format involved, but you don't have to worry about it, the app takes care of it. It was harder moving media content from my Mac to my iPad. My vacation house has no Internet access or WiFi, so I need to have some stuff on my device, not in a cloud somewhere. This works.

Kayleigh Ebenezer

How easy is this?? Wow. No cables, tiny app space, just makes it easy to have iTunes and Android. I. Love.This

Craig Nevins

Great app on new galaxy S5 for syncing songs from my mac and itunes onto my android phone. Be patient!

Michael Lerner

Works well. Transfers playlists from my Mac to Android LG, works well Makes it easy to copy my playlists into my android phone. All the various music formats seem to translate in easily. Simple interphase.

Seth Gunter

So much better than Kies! Ok, honestly the interface isn't as pretty as Kies, but it is SOOOO much faster and if you're not a techno-chicken, you will have no problems getting this to work. So far the free version on my S4 works like a charm, it just adds all the music from your selected playlists right to your preferred music app and boom! your jammin' The only reason I didn't give it 5 starts is because I've only been using it for a day... after some updates and I get some milage with it the I will give a more thorough review. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

Nathaniel Hutchins

Works better than kies I downloaded this app and the corresponding program on my MacBook pro, had all new music on my galaxy S3 in less than 30 minutes!

Lyka Gozon

Amazing I love it. It's easy and quick! I just got a macbook but I have a samsungs4 and all my music is in my mac. Its so easy to use!

James Herbert

Brilliant Been using iSyncr prior to this but found it slow and problematic owing to the KitKat SD card issues, this simply just works !!

Samara Gabriel

So easy to sync! Before this app, I was bluetoothing each and every individual song from my Macbook to my Droid, took forever and hated doing it. This app makes it just a couple clicks. Love it!!

anthony renwick

Great app but Love it easy to use but if you don't have a wifi network its useless I had to set up a wifi network for 1 computer to sync music eady enough to do just a PITA exra expense

Cameron Stokes

Slick, fast and easy to use My daughter asked me to help her move some of our iTunes music to her Galaxy S4. Luckily we stumbled onto this app. She was able to create and move a15 song playlist in about 3 minutes over our sluggish WiFi. Album covers appeared instantly on her phone and now she can play her music directly from it with no internet connection.

Yannick Abouo

The app doesn't work. Doesn't sync. Nothing happens

S Williams

The operation KEEPS timing out on me. I have both on the same WiFi yet every time I try to connect I get the same 'operation timed out' message....

Peter Whittle

Brilliant App Great app, easy to install and use. Would recommend!

Tim Flageolle

Good App The App does what it says it will in the description, although I can't figure out how to remove unwanted and duplicate tracks

Johnathon C

OUTSTANDING APP!! Was able to quickly download app and immediately transfer music from my iTunes library. Very easy setup and operation is a breeze! Takes literally one minute to connect via WiFi, sync and have my new music downloaded on my phone instantly!!!

Tony Aaron II

Works. I like it. Pretty simple. It quickly does what it says it does and what I need it to do.

Teresha Sprankle

OhMyGosh????? I absolutely love it when an app works the 1st time as described. I'm no dummy when it comes to techno but it's so nice when all goes simply. If the need arises I will no doubt purchase the upgrade. Great work! ?Just one thing: the data used was outrageous! It caught me off guard. I uninstall it unless I need it. Works for me!?

Clyde Lerner

Incredibly ease to use Wow. That was easy and fast to setup and use. Nice coding. Only caveat to folks: make sure all music in iTunes is in play lists. You can only transfer music by play lists. Music ends up on phone. Don't need wireless to play on Droid. Works on galaxy s5.

Bill Michelle

Synctunes indeed As promised...install on phone install on Mac and it does its thing! No usb just two devices "talking¨ to each other

Alisha Harrell

Nice It makes my life easier when I'm on the go.

Tally Ward

works perfectly I just got an android lg g flex and was able to transfer my entire itunes library and playlists via wifi to my new phone seamlessly. I will be recommending this app to friends with a mac and android :)

Mark Duncan

Yahoooo Finally have an easy way to free myself from the monopoly of apple.

Casey Knight

Works well ... But Works well but can't seem to sync when on a hotel WiFi. Otherwise it's great.

Caitlin Stewart

Exactly what I needed. It's good, but it hasn't transferred any of the album artwork. However I'm blaming my phone for that one at the moment. It needs WiFi, but how else is it going to tranfer? So I'm happy overall, thanks.

todd shriver

Awesome app So easy to do and I used a desktop not a Mac and it worked great

Nyenkan Moses

This is a dumb app This is a good for what it's suppose do. If it was possible, I would give it 3 1/2 stars. However, the reason I called it dumb is because it starts syncing everything, even if you are being specific with their format. It even transfer songs/albums you already have on your device, making duplicates. I have to make playlist after playlist before I start syncing. I'll give it 5 it was smarter.

buzz T

Grumpy Won't let me install music anywhere besides the device, why not my much bigger sd card?

Jennifer Bennett

Nice app I can hear my iTunes on my phone now. No more apple crap

Taylor Sabo

Awesome app and it's great for getting my music but it does take forever for the music to transfer. Not something that can juts be done in 3 minutes

Teresha Sprankle

OhMyGosh????? I absolutely love it when an app works the 1st time as described. I'm no dummy when it comes to techno but it's so nice when all goes simply. If the need arises I will no doubt purchase the upgrade. Great work! ?Just one thing: the data used was outrageous! It caught me off guard. I uninstall it unless I need it. Works for me!??I just wanted to add I used it again. It's fast, easy & does what it says without a doubt.ツツツ?This is update 6/6/2015?


So far so great. UPDATE!!! I now have to every time I add 10 new songs to my iTunes sync my entire music folder again instead of being able to just sync the 10 new songs. What kind of setup is this where I have to spend over an hour each time resyncing everything that's already synced including songs I don't even want to sync??? Why can I not just sync the new songs??? This is a horrible setup! I am now looking for another app to use.

Serena Burton

Works beautifully I was having trouble syncing my purchased songs from iTunes to my droid. I was skeptical as well about this app... Seemed too Good to be True. But I took a chance and downloaded and it was soo easy and fast. No wires needed. Perfect. Just don't like that I have to download the app on the phone AND Computer..seems excessive. But works Great.

A Google User

Love this App It fantastic!! Super easy. Thanks for this fantastic tool!

Alex Magallanes

So far loving it! Unfortunately I had to switch to an android due to budget reasons. I was very sad to not have access to the music I had purchased through iTunes, but this app saved the day!

Gareth Williams

Gary Seems to work very well. Was a problem with a few songs but got them all over in the playlist i made in itunes.

Chris Morgan

So far, so good Like others, I could no longer get my Galaxy S5 to sync with my Mac computer, so I couldn't add my new music. This app took care of that, quickly and easily. Directions were simple and straightforward, and I was all set in about 10 minutes! I'm a happy camper now. :)

sherif khodair

I was so glad to find this app, it helped me to sync all my favorite songs on my HTC :D

Richard Moore

Works seamlessly with my 4 yr old iMac! Thank you! Recommend A++ Nexus 6 w/ Marshmallow 6.0 great job. It was set up with maybe 3 clicks two on the iMac. It just works. Surprised the heck out of me. Love this! Gotta get the paid ver. ? These guys need to be supported. Have El Capitan developer beta 10.12. Also works on other drive w/ regular OS X. CAN'T get it to fail. Tried everything, turned wifi on and off on it, no problem.

Yuki Lin

Simple and Just Works Great app! Syncs the music I want in my phone perfectly (and neatly)! Though simple, minimalism was exactly what I was looking for. This app is easy to use and doesn't recquire me to upgrade to a ''PRO'' version to be able to sync more than 100 songs. I think that's what makes this app stand out: It's easy and it's free!

Stuart McKever

Efficient Transfer App Effortlessly transferred my music from my Macbook Pro to my Galaxy S7 Google Music. Easy to install and user-frirndly to run on both devices. Highly recommended.

Eva Telling

I am not sure if I like it or not. I am not sure if I like it or not. Because I have not got it yet . Wot would be a good idea to advertise you.

Ghazi Ghazouani

Made my day I ve been struggling to find a way how to sync my Huawei p9 with my iTunes, I ve downloaded all the internet programs and almost gave up before I saw this app on play store that solves my problem in 2minutes.

John Robert Cuadro

Hi Guys! Anyone who can help me to choose the best Music Player with this app? cos all of the songs on my itunes is already sync on my android, but the music is not showing on my google play music. hope you guys can help me with this. Thanks! ?

The only truly free music syncer Works like a charm and is ABSOLUTELY FREE unlike most of the other ones


This works better for me than isyncr

Teresha Sprankle

OhMyGosh????? I absolutely love it when an app works the 1st time as described. I'm no dummy when it comes to techno but it's so nice when all goes simply. If the need arises I will no doubt purchase the upgrade. Great work! ?Just one thing: the data used was outrageous! It caught me off guard. I uninstall it unless I need it. Works for me!??I just wanted to add I used it again. It's fast, easy & does what it says without a doubt.ツツツ?This is update 6/6/2015?

Precious Presh

Yay Didn't Fail Me I didn't think this application would work at all. I have an old Mac and things don't usually download successfully onto it; however it works (irregularly). I had to keep retrying the sync on my computer for some reason. Just glad I have my music honestly!!! (>^ω^<)

Nicola Hendry

Useless!!:@ We'll I put ma WiFi on and I go on da app den it says WiFi is not on! FLIPPIN HELL!! It is on! I'mprove NOW and I will give 5*

Michael Perez

Waste of time Can't download anything or continue unless wifi is available. Should be able to connect and or download regardless of WiFi availability....

lola rose

Works perfectly, dnt be pu off by bad reviews Worked really well when galaxy switch and other methods didnt. Got all the playlists I wanted from my itunes library. Maybe ppl saying it dusnt work didnt follow the instructions carefully enough

Kirven Weekley

Danger!!! Synctunes caused my HTC phone to constantly restart.had to do factory reset. Cross platform programs can be dangerous.

Teresa Ahrens

Worked like a charm! I was really suprised because I thought it would be like always it wouldn't work for me like it does for everyone else but it work completely seemlessly and I was pleasantly suprised. It even did it the first try didn't have to tweak anything.

Amelia Jibben

Super impressed. After adding this app it gives you the second part of the software you need for your computer, load that....have both devices on wifi and boom, thats all there is. I was able to select the music I wanted from my iTunes account to put on my new android phone. This was so simple and fast, didn't even have to hardwire my phone to the computer.

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