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31 Oct
Swords and Sandals 5

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Apk file size: 24.0 MB

The greatest Swords & Sandals adventure ever has arrived!

Don your finest sandals and sharpen your sword as you once again step out onto the arena sands in this turn based gladiatorial combat game. You will battle against gladiators from all over the world and mighty beasts in your quest to become the most powerful gladiator of all!

* Fast paced, turn based strategic gladiatorial combat
* Battle in more than 8 different Arenas, from the Battle Pits to the majestic Eternal Colosseum
* Five playable character classes and eight races to choose from
* Win glory for your House and battle your friends in multiplayer combat
* 17 Arena Champions to do battle with from giant spiders to beholders and mighty demon princes.n Guardians to vanquish
* Build and decorate your own Keep
* Advance your character using powerful skills from three different talent trees
* Hundreds of items to buy and wield
* You can take your gladiator online and go on dungeon adventures and quests, then return to battle in the mobile arena once more!

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PLEASE NOTE: This game requires an internet connection to play and is best suited for more recent, faster Android Phones.

Whats new

    Version 1.1.3 (Mobile)
    * Fixed bug where characters were being deleted mysteriously
    * New color picker has been added to the game to make it easier to select the colours for your character and House.
    * Characters no longer get hungry/tired in the arena ( this was a dungeon only feature that has no bearing on arena fighting)
    * Game load time has been improved
    * Weather FX have been disabled for mobile - these were a big source of crashing part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 31, 2012. Google play rating is 56.7671. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 24.0 MB.

Download swords-and-sandals-5.apk 24.0 MB


Kyle Easton

No dungeon or quests I was very enthused to play but without the dungeons or quests I'm a little brokenhearted. I made it to 30 but have no more desire to play workout the crafting, questing and dungeons.

austin taylor

The theme song is stuck in my head It wont let me play it never works, THE APP WILL NOT OPEN

Matthew Wilson

Great computer game Had this game on computer but lots of problema with it on the Phone laggy as hell work on that first second 80% of the time on random house hattles the characters wont load so u cant right at all third I hate every time i get a Wepon or armor from battle it automaticaly equips it so annoying looking forward to future updates wont uninstall because this is my favorite game on my computer and wish it to be betterbon my phone :)

Rob Gibbs

Enjoying it so far As others have said, this isn't a finished product yet. You can make characters, fight in the arena vs computer and challenge other players. It's OK for now. With the features like building your own keep and dungeon delving, I think it will be a good game.

larry greer

What? Im sure its a cool game but when i open it the screen freezes and it says "swords and sandals five unfortunately stop" i wish i could ty it but it doesnt work

Finlay Worsley-Wildman

Awful At first it looked good when I looked at it on google play, then I opened it and instantly thought that its a scam! I took little notice and hoped for better when I had sighed up and logged in! Ahhh about that it was fine making an account but wheb it came to logging in it just said we do not recognise this email address! Duh I just sighed up! So that gave me a good experience of the game, oh sorry not a game, scam! Awful!!!

Rick Hogg

Loading issues I have the android version and it doesnt allow any loading past the title trailer I have waited for a report screen there is none. Also have allowed for more then a couple of updates and the same problem has occured want to play the game but cannot now im unstalling this game. Its quite ridiculous that you have to give a star to an app when it doesnt deserve any at all not buying any other products from this game maker. You have lost me as a Customer

Rai-Shawn Rinaldi

Fix Please I'm trying to open this on my Note 2 and it's not working. It won't even get to the loading screen before closing and saying that it stopped working.

Brajan Barszczynski

3 star Only because you made the previous swords and sandals on pc great games... Now if you could do it here your Company would explode with great feedback

spencer herron

Needs to be fixed Loved it on the computer, unable to run it on my droid MAXX. Both this version and any of the others (Swords and Sandals) simply pop up an error report as soon as I hit the app to play it. I would definitely rate it higher if it gets fixed.

Jalila Tublani

Game keeps on closing The game won't even start shows me the beginning then just automatically exits itself

Tyler Hastings

Not finished , not a scam either. I have always enjoyed S&S whether it be crusader or say 2, 3 , 4 however this isn't finished I'm glad to see progress however. If you want to play this play it in browser I've noticed people claiming this to be a scam now let's be sensible and research things first S&S has never been a scam and also its got 100k in downloads that's usually a safe number to prove it isn't 1 such scam, sorry for the book but I love the series.

Jonathan Tang

OMG Im a very, very big fan of the game in the computer. I was soooo excited to play this game. After downloading i thought only the grafics sux. I dont care about that but after i won 5 outta 5 battles i got 0 wins. It was also soo laggy that i mostly double tap the atk button. 1 time, the program crashed and my 30k of money became 200. Wtf?!! DO NOT PLAY THIS IT IS A BULLSHIT FAKE VERSION

Drew Heid

its a good game just it keeps lagging and whenever I log on it says that there was "an aconamy error please restart" and I can't get on anymore Its still pretty good

Trevor Wells

Developers should be ashamed Literally worst game I've ever played. They should get rid of this game because its a disgrace to the swords and sandals name. I can see why its free and its still not worth downloading.

Rea Rea

Maan I cant play this i didnt even got a chance to play this sword and sandals better than thelite sword and sandals i dont know how to activate my acc. I cant see it in my email i uninstall thos app to all people gonna download this dont Download it.!!!!

king kong

Doesn't work When I turn the app on it shows a black screen after which it says 'unfortunately, swords and sandals stopped working.'

Daniel Herbert

Not even a star Been a few months thought I'll try download it well what a surprise nothing has been fixed explains why you got so low stars look into the problems people face might get better feed back and maybe a actual income

Guy Kislansky

Can't make gladiator name Every time you try to make a name you type like the phone over heat, my phone was cold like fridge and still can't make a name!!!

Oliver Hill

Good for a beta. The game is great considering that it is a beta. I would wish that you guys would add the cave diving soon becuase you can waste points on survival and not even be able to use those skills. Maby you could change the way you buy items in the store. Becuase I bought the best things I can have and still have 8,000 dollers left and can't buy any better equipment intell im level 14. Witch is 4 levels away so I. So I have all this money and NOTHING to spens it on. But homward scrools... witch require caves!!!!!!!! But again considering thst its a beta its good. Hope you make the improvements.

Jorden Bowen

I like it. I must say, I have always been a fan of Swords and Sandals, but often times it doesn't allow me to connect to the server. There is always an error when initializing the economy. This has gotten annoying because I cannot always play, but i still do love the chances i get. Also, being someone without access to a computer at home, i would love to see the dungeons and quests incorporated into the mobile version of the game. After these few bugs and installments are made this game could potentially earn 5 stars.

William Crismon

Expected better. Game us great. It's glitchy. Very glitchy. Every fight I go into the display of something I have equipped is wrong, it's really laggy when it's my weapon. And recently have the problem of after winning a fight my gold disappears. I had over 4000gold and win a fight, then I hit the repair armor button (like 150g) then heal button (90 gold) and it took all 4000 gold from me. Please fix.

yahya star

Good but confusing It is a good game may lag when you level up but it's confusing can you label things. Oh and there is a bug that gives u infinite armour it just fills your inventory it's free money but makes the game lag and crash.

Aaron Anderson

One of the most bug-filled games on the market I love S&S on the computer (who doesn't) so I was thrilled to see this available on the android. At first glance the graphics were slightly less than average but that didn't depress me that much. After playing a few rounds I noticed how buggy this game is. Some menus are empty and you can't click back to get out of them. After about 30 minutes I stopped playing because of the problems with the win/loss system. I won 5 out of 8 games though my stats only counted 3 losses and 0 wins. The win counter doesn't update. My XP went up at the end of each fight however I lost money after each fight because it never considered me the winner. After about 8 matches I completely ran out of money even though I didn't buy anything and won most of my games. Do not install this game until the devs spend time to actually fix this game.

Austin Whitlow

One problem though I loved this on PC, OK. Well, it won't even play on my droid maxx. It starts up, but before it completely starts up, it freezes and crashes. And by before, I mean like the app expands into a black screen, but before the screen is black all the way, it freezes and crashes.

Andrew Goss

Glitches Game glitches way too much on my galaxy SIII. the screen cuts off or everything just disappears so I get stuck in a battle. Looks like it could be a fun game if it got fixed

Michael Gillan

Dafaq? I didn't hate it ... I really can't . I just can't play. It says "unfortunately swords and sandals has stopped .

Nick Paximadi

It's good, but It's good, but the initializing of virtual economy is helluva nightmare, because it does not load at all, and it says that the app must be restarted. After over 9000 restarts it maybe will log in...if it'll want.

Andrew Voit

Good concepts, but needs tweaking Biggest problems are not loading the virtual economy on start up and game closes more often than not(I have a good phone) and either take away armor repair or change the win and lose gold ratios because if you lose once early you can't seem to get out of the hole. If they fix that I would at least rate it a 4 if not 5 star.

Irshad Hosein

Average. It's a good start. The lag makes it very difficult to play for more than 15mins. Perhaps if there was no lag, I would actually want to think about what moves I am using, instead of button mashing and hoping that I win.

Charlotte wright

Its crap wouldn't even log in I highly dislike this now it doesn't even work I can spell my name correctly and I can get my email correct also , dumb piece of crap

Lorenzo quezada

Won't let me sign in. I have an old account and I don't remember the password and the reset method is ridiculous. It is telling me to put in my previous password to change it.

Jt Swindle

Ruined the series Game crashes constantly to the point were its almost impossible to play. It restarts its self and take forever to get going again with the ridiculous loading times because it has to stay connected to the Internet so they can try to get money from you. Use to love the series. Now its trash thats put on the back burner and never worked on. Its just a money maker now. They dont care about core game content and stability. Its all about money

Edmund En

Cant log in It seems like a great game but i cant log in. I signed up and received the activation link but when i clicked it it sends me to the page which tells me that the access is denied as i have not activated my account. I cannot wait to play this and hope you can help me.

Natividad Calupitan

Crashes Is the developer even sure that weather FX only source of crashes?When I am equipping a fine gladius it crashes me.Fix this fast and I rate 5 stars.Fix it late and I will rate it 1 star.Joke.I uninstalled.

Ethan Free

Too many glitches...has awesome potential though Too many glitches like putting armour on automatically.

Cedric Johnson

Wouldnt work ? trying to keep up my progress from my character on thr computer but everytime i try and open it says "swords and sandals has stopped working" please fix

Iyana Charles

Weird So I tried playing the game but it is not coming on because the economy failed I would love to play but how can I?

Rhiannon Harris

Crashes instantly, unplayable. Also seems to open another game on crashing some how. It opened mega planes on last crash and I haven't played that in a long time.

Matt Lipsey

Frustrated I just got my galaxy s4 and the screen wont even pop up it pulls up to where it fills like 80% of the screen then it closes o loved the pc game would like an update to fix or a reply back thanks

Cris Lusterio

Buggy registration This game sucks... I fill up ALL empty spots and what do I get?? THERE WAS A PROBLEM REGISTERING YOUR ACCOUNT!! THAT'S what I mean, I love the S&S game series.... ON PC!

Late Game Please

Instant crash Wont even open droid maxx (update since jan 2014) also crashes on LG G4.

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