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2 Jul
Swords and Sandals

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Apk file size: 30.0 MB

"What guy hasn't dreamed of donning purple skin and a red beard and entering the arena as a gladiator?"

-- on Swords and Sandals

Arise Gladiator.

Released from your chains in a dark cell and thrust into the arena you must fight for your life, fame and fortune. If it is your destiny you will survive the brutal Colosseum and gain riches and glory beyond all your dreams. But you must fight like your life depends on it -- because it does Gladiator!

The popular desktop gladiatorial combat series, Swords & Sandals, is especially designed to take advantage of the best of Android. Swords & Sandals is a gladiatorial RPG in which you train your gladiator and test him in battle against hordes of brutally brilliant fighters. As your gladiator competes in combats, duels and tournaments, you will be rewarded with gold coins and experience points.

You will need to train and arm your gladiator wisely, for soon you will be fighting the most horrible warrior-monsters in the world.

Swords and Sandals Android features

• Attack with hundreds of different weapons to slaughter and humiliate your enemy.
• Learn wondrous magic spells and use fantastic potions that bring you into other realms
• Enchant weapons and armor to grow in power
• Many new shops to buy cleverly-designed items to strengthen your gladiator
• 18 tournaments featuring elite Arena Champions
• Find powerful attacks that allow you to display the Battle Rage you earn throughout the game

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Whats new

    * Added compatibility with newer Android devices
    * Stay tuned, Swords and Sandals 2: Redux arrives later this year! part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 2, 2016. Google play rating is 60.1726. Current verison is 2.5.1. Actual size 30.0 MB.

Download swords-and-sandals.apk 30.0 MB


Gimlisk Reed

Nerf plz... By the time I got to 3rd champion, I suddenly get 1 shorter and becomes impossible. I can't get any other weapons due to level and the NPC, become way too overpowered.. fix it please..

John Odom

Game crashes upon loading. This game and Swords and Sandals 5 keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy S5 when I load the game. It goes to black screen then says it stops working. Fix this and I will definitely give it 5 stars.

Joshua Harp

Love these games I used to spend forever playing them on computer years ago, so naturally I jumped at the chance to play it on the go. Sadly, however, it appears to have MAJOR issues opening on an LG G3, meaning that until this issue is fixed, I have to give you two stars. Sorry guys, but I have faith that you'll fix it soon.

Matthew Mclean

Very unbalanced This game would be great if opponents weren't so ridiculously strong.. come on what the hell were you guys thinking!!! Fix it or i want my money back, and trust me ill fight for my dollar, guys don't buy this game... I've sent the devolpers 3 emails about the opponents being unbeatable and they haven't got the spine reply, sadly this was a great game on the pc

Robert Zak

Doesn't work on nexus 10? Was really happy to see this game on android however it doesn't really work on my nexus 10 the way it should. Extremely slow (by that I mean it takes up to 20 second for app to respond on creating character screen) and sometimes freeze. Unable to play at all. I have contacted developer and awaiting reply. Fingers crossed they get it sorted or refund money. 1 star only as unable to use app.

A Google User

Awesome! Only reason not a five is because id like to see more customization of character like height and weight options. But very awesome indeed! It is about skill if you are smart. Luck if you are not. Some enemies you gotta go right after some need to be blocked and jabbed. You might need to use the now on enemies with high attack to attack from a distance. Stick and move is the key with highly defensive enemies.

Troy Meyer

Worth it I don't know what the guy 2 comments below is talking about. This is a great time waster, upgrade stuff game. I'm high level and find its sorta too easy. I'm sure there's a difficulty setting but I'm having fun dominating. Worth the few bucks. Try the lite if your not sure. Stop bashing perfectly fine games because you suck at them

Jose Coray

This gs me wont even work it always stops running and the new one you pay for also doesn't work don't waste ur time

Kameron McCoy

This game is bullshit I purchases this game months ago and it will never, EVER load. You guys haven't fixed a single thing and it was a waste of money. DO NOT BUY THE CRAPPY GAME

Lee Poulter

Bug If you are going to accept the money for the game thenk make sure it works for everyone. I have a samsung galaxy s5 and the game crashes when i open the app. Judging by the below comments the creators are well aware of the issue, ive played the earlier versions and loved the game, widh i had of read the comments before i purchased

John Doe

Sonewhat stupid Battle rage is a ridiculous concept. I want to be able to have long fights but it makes it impossible. Also, NPC strength increases too quickly during a streak without quitting. At the end, opponents become 10 feet tall and equipped with last tier even at level 20. Strength increase and battle rage should be removed.

Josh Rizzo

Crashes When Opened Played this game on the computer a long time ago and was happy to see it on the phone, I bought it and it crashes instantly after opening, I'm on an HTC one so this is kind of dumb. Should not be doing this please fix this.

A Google User

A great remake but... Used to love the flash game original, this is a great remake. However. Once you get to around the 5th arena champion, the enemy gladiators become ludicrously overpowered, making winning pretty much impossible unless you get very lucky. Please fix this bug and I will change my review to 5 stars.

George Adams

Problem needs to be solved, NOW I give it two stars now. Only because I loved playing this game through high school. But sadly it will not load at all. If you fix this issue I'll give 3 stars. If I am satisfied I will apply a 5 star rating and a better review on this game. So all in all please fix this problem so I can enjoy this game on my phone or don't get any more attention to your game for Android. I'll keep it on my phone for now though till it is fixed.

A Google User

Unresponsive and unbalanced The UI is unresponsive on my S3. Making the game hard to play at times. And it is totally unbalanced. Time and time again, I will duel someone who is allegedly my level, but they have enough strength to destroy all my armor (over 70 points worth) with one hit. WTF is that? You get to a point where you cannot upgrade stats because the game won't let you earn XP and you can't upgrade armor or weapons because your level isn't high enough -- and you can't upgrade your level until you earn enough XP! So you just keep going into the tournament, fighting vastly stronger opponents, dying, reloading the game, and doing it all over again. Is this supposed to be fun? Even though you've purchased the game, you have to click through an advertisement for another of their games *every* *single* *time* you die -- which is often.

Caleb Crain

Im still waiting Ok so what's up with it not working I like the game but hasn't worked in over 3 months ( I have a galaxy s3 ) and when it did work whats up with area 3 it is impossible to get past please fix a 5 stars guaranteed!

Jacob Buterbaugh

Great game, very buggy Enjoyable, but would like to see more weapons and the purple imperial armor added. I beat it once so far. Seems like a mix between s&s2 and s&s5 . High amount of glitches. The 4th bow enchanted only melees, characters get increasingly higher hp each round until you lose, Bosses can be fought to the pain, and whirlwind never hits. Btw, best combo in the game: Colossus, little fat kid, two ghost strikes, and a meteor spell. Edit: Also, very stupid enemy customization. Lev.48 with a club, or 20 with best spell

Brandon Schlosser

Won't work on the LG g3. Every time I try to load it, it simply says "sorry swords and sandals has stopped working" it worked on my s3.

A Google User

Some fun.but annoying Pretty good and entertaining game. The only real downfall is your not allowed to level up past your next tournament opponents, landing it impossible for you not to die time and time again.

Tristain Pittman

Fails to load... Won't start on my nexus 5 or my nexus 7... Extremely disappointed. Do not purchase until app is fixed.

A Google User

bugs after a while enemies start getting too strong, the only way around this is restarting the game. another bug is that the 4/4 bow is used as if it were a melee weapon, please fix this it will make gameplay a lot better.

Hassan Cinnamon

Won't open,no refund given,terrible do not download its a scam!

A Google User

Save your cash AI is terrible. Very little strategy if any. Items are not lame. Just a bad game

Mark Gonzales

Unbalanced The game is great for a bit, but I start to get 30 to 35 foot beast with ridiculous stats and are virtually impossible to defeat. On top of that the opponents constantly use spells and potions makeing it impossible to even touch them. I wish you would really balance the AI system a bit.

John Long

Doesn't work on asus memo pad fhd 10 Can't play wasted money on it ;(

Zac Bokolis

Says i don't have a licence I live this game as I have played before on the computer but , I'm not able to play, as it says I don't have a licence. If you fix I will rate 5 stars

Jeniffer Nou

Great game Btw imma guy, this game needs an update please so i can play. It starts and then gets out, please fix. Thanks!

roger romero

Great game It is a Great game just needs more weapons and armor but if the use the ghost strike spell (5) it is kind of over power its like and you can take any opponent out easy but over all great game

Bartosz Mozdzynski

Duels and tournaments! The enemies generated are bigger than my phone screen, weigh in excess of 2500lb and do damage of 400+! I barely get best weapon n skill to match 150! This is ridiculous and want. Money back or.fixing this problem!!!

John O'Halloran

Stole my money. When I seen that this game was available on android I really was excited, I used to play it on POG when I was a kid. And loved it. I didn't mind paying for it but, it doesn't work. I press the icon for it on my home screen, it attempts to open and the screen goes black and "swords and sandals is not responding" comes up. Extremely disappointed, give me my money back or fix the game.

George Paine

FIX IT Good game on PC. I get the game and it won't even open. I want the game to be fixed. Same with swords and sandals 5.

Cal Higgins

FIX IT!!! On my Nexus 7 this app won't even open! Having played money to read "Unfortunately Swords and Sandals has stopped" is a disgrace! Fix it!!!

Josh Keogh

Bought and don't work Please help love this game and won't even start I have a note 3

A Google User

Hmmm not bad 99 cents worth it great but bosses like John the butcher too hard

Jessica Ramirez

All you need to know This game is awesome but crashes every time I try to play it will put 5 ⭐s if ?fixed

joe thompson

Needs work urgently Was happy to see this on android having played it on computer, the first three tournaments are just about manageable, however after that it goes downhill. My opponents are usually about 3 levels above me, and have ridiculous damage levels about 500 compared to my 100. Starting to face opponents that are 30 feet tall and 15000 lbs which make this impossible to play the game. The scaling needs to be looked otherwise I wont be playing it again. The game has great potential but needs to be updated asap.

Tom Lord

Save yourself the time and money Loved the game on PC, but just download the Google Chrome app and play it on Kongregate. This won't even load, and I am not the only one with this issue. With a Sony Xperia Z1, one of the most powerful phones on the market I do not expect these sort of issues.

A Google User

Big disapointment I used to be big fan of this game on pc. But this is shit. Random uber opponents came to fight me like 8 times in a row. Me lossing all the gold. U need to fix the opponents properly.. Sry bud

Bajan Canadian

swords and sandles The game is awesome on computer. But I can't even open the app every time I try to play it It crashes. Fix it ?

Skylar Beauvais

Doesn't work The app won't work for Samsung Galaxy S4. Please fix? I loved this game for my old iPhone!

tyler blankenship

Loved this game on PC but..... Will not start up in my phone. I bought this app and I have a Galaxy S5 but says unable to open. Would not refund this either. Help please!

Cian Mc Goona

Does not work on HTC one m8 Don't waste your money on this game it does not work nor do the devs have any interest in fixing it for android

Justin Jahner

Doesn't freakin work.... The piece of @$&! won't even load... Don't waste your money..

Anthony Fairchild

I like this game a lot but when I bought it for my galaxy s6 edge it won't even work it keeps popping up with unfortunately swords and sandals has stopped working error.

Jake White

DO NOT BUY Wont even start. I reported the problem twice and nothing has been fixed

Knight X

Can't even open it I've paid money for a broken game? What kind of scam is this ever since I've bought the game on 11/24/15 I haven't been able to play the game at all; the error message "Unfortunately Swords and Sandals has stopped." Has appeared every time I try to open it plz fix the game or refund my money because this is a rip off.

Brandon Miller

BROKEN Please explain to me how I'm level 14 on day 4 fighting a guy who is level 55 / 22 ft tall / and almost 5000 lbs??? He is hitting 5x my health bar and this isn't even a tournament match... (add on: They are now so big that I'm not even as tall as their knees, and my guy is over 7 ft. I have screenshots.)

A Google User

Horribly coded I stand by what i said below new version does very little to correct the NPC inflated stats. You come to a point very early where you cant do anything. The duel opponents stay your level but their stats inflate to 20 times yours making a win impossible. Save your money and buy something better!


Great game! I remember playing this on the computer when i was younger. It's pretty much the same thing, but still has a long way to go. Enemies need to be a little less hard and we should be able to purchase maybe not. But overall great job guys love what your doing here.

conor vanslyke

Appreciated fix A very fun game to spend time on, doesn't crash anymore on my phone and runs very well. It's awesome to see game developers that listen and care about the communities input. Worth getting if you are looking for a game to spend a couple bucks on if you like RPG style games.

Justin Dvorak

Won't work Game force closes on my s6 worked for an hour. Now nothing Uninstaller does not fix

Dylan Talarico

Disappointed The enemy's are way to overpowered at some stages, the go to 4x the size of you, kill you with taunts. That stats that they have are for a much much higher level.

matthew gawhega

Fixed and Improved Thanks for replying, it works now and can't wait for update's!!!

Anthony Giardino

Thank you! I'm so glad you guys fixed the crash issue. I love swords and sandals games and I can't wait now for the updates!

Ryan White

Good game:) much better thanks for fixing.

Caleb Crain

(PLEASE RESPOND SO I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW!! After I saw the reply telling me to download the latest version (the updated one) I swear to you I almost cried, and guess what... IT WORKS!!! So I just want to say, thanks so so so very much for the work that you did to get this game back on track. As someone that's made apps and games for mobile I can't even imagine having to fix the major "crash" bug every one was having. So once again thank you!! :)

Garrett Palm

Bug It says they fixed the bug. But on my galaxy 6s i still get the black screen when i try a load the game. I have asked google play to take them off the play store, because the game has yet to work for me, i have tried on a Samsung s5 and an s6 both crash when trying to start it. Do not download these guys are crooks. I will edit my status if it ever works till then DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP. *** update it does finally work***

Don Bohy

Very good game ! Nice to kill some time ;-) so we see to me become a champ :-)

Tucker Stewart

Crazy fun Great game, and it's hard to (this adds to the fun)! Just like I remember. Also super easy on your battery!

Kyle Donnelly

Awesome This game works again! It is fun and I am entertained for the most part. Worth your while!

That Guy That Yells

Hmm. Going to shelf this until they decide to balance the game and make it fair.

Joe Stafford

Bugged or somethin Impossible to get anywhere as when you win a few matches your opponent becomes tripple your level making the game impossible. Sort it out.

dakota thompson

Omg thank you I love this game and happy to see it fixed thanks

Iacob George

Do not buy it This is a complete scam. Its imposible to play it. NPC have inflated stats. I have read the comments and didnt belive it. DO NOT BUY. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BEAT THEM. TRUST ME. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE.

Anthony Hernandez

Laggy and buggy Its quite laggy and there are a lot of visual bugs. I want a refund!!!

Dick 44

Thanks for update Thanks for updated the game

Isaac Phillpot

Your app is broken I downloaded the game and made it to the first tournament, only to find the first battle to last 25 minutes long, then I lost. I proceeded to then lose every battle 5-6 times before being able to pass an opponent. Now i am stuck at the last opponent because he has 140 more shield damage and hits 40 more than I do. It is literally impossible to pass the first tournament. I wish i could get a refunded, none of you clearly care about customer service.

Ashton Jordan

Too unbalanced At first the game is fun. Then you start fighting guys the same level as you but they have 350 health and deal 105 damage with on spell at level 10. That's ridiculous. Its not a game of skill at this point. Its purely a game of luck. If I wanted to gamble I would have gone to Vegas. I just wanna play a relaxed rpg though.

Rhyse Crook

Over Powered Enemies Over Powered Enemies making it lucky if you succeed. No cheats (as far as I'm aware) like there is on PC and iPod versions. I could be wrong about the cheats.

Forrest Freund

Your game is broken. I started yesterday.... I've killed the emperor maxed out all my gear and pretty much beat the game.

Bruno Bastos

Fix the game please Ok so i bought this game 2 years ago i think and i couldnt play it till this new patch. Now that i am able to play i've been noticing some things that could use a fix, enemies get ridiculously overpowered after a couple of fights and their level do not match their stats, ive fought lvl 9 dudes with 545 hp, they woukd hit almost always and dish 70 damage with a stab, plus they could use spells... The rng is weird like incredibly unbalanced at times.

Joseph Makea

Just like i remember. Game isnt hard u just need to focus ur skills instead of chasing it all, wish it was longer and the weapons were classed by skill levels eg: 4 strength and 2 attack to use this blade or 4 strength and 2 agility to use this bow or 4 strenth and 2 defence to use this axe or 4 magic and 2 charisma for the teleport or 10 magic and 2 agility to use a potion. Makes a bit harder but gives u goals to accomplish and paths to upgrade. A randomised shop would b awesome too.

Abel Corral

Simple solution for the unbalanced game This game is awesome when they start to get unbalenced just close the app and reopen it and they will reset to normal poof done

callum bradbeer

Wtf How is this even fun you go to duel u get hit and you've lost the real game u lose when ur health is all gone how you making people pay for this game if it's not complete

Nad Jackson

Fix this Overpowered opponents really fix it please this is annoying

Jamie Murray

Terrible game Slow, boring, unbalanced, just all round awful

Elijah Fili

Wow ? I regret buying this crap

thomas burge

wdf thay fianaly fixed it took 6 months. but it works fianaly woot yaaaameeee

Josh Parker

Works well fun game to play would recommend buying it

Trillionaire Z

Keep it up Old but Good..

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