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27 Aug
Sword Of Xolan

Posted by Alper Sarıkaya in Action | Aug. 27, 2016 | 91 Comments

Apk file size: 29.0 MB

Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style.

Xolan is a young and brave man who fight for justice no matter what the cost.
Help him on his adventure to stand against darkness and bring back the peace and serenity that once was.


- 30 handcrafted adventure levels
- 9 time-based challenge levels
- 3 "End Of Act" bosses
- Over 30 different enemies like: zombies, giants and flying creatures
- 10 unique game-cards to improve Xolan's skill
- Customizable touch controls
- Controller support
- 19 Game Center achievements
- Original soundtrack by Burak Karakaş

Whats new

    Fixed IAP issues

Alper Sarıkaya part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 27, 2016. Google play rating is 89.9741. Current verison is 1.0.9. Actual size 29.0 MB.

Download sword-of-xolan.apk 29.0 MB


Cody Quinn

Rogue Legacy on Steam? Very good but is a clone of Rogue Legacy on Steam. I don't know if it's the same developers don't care really but it's the same style of art and gameplay minus a few dynamics. Pretty much a clone very fun though.

Mel Williams

Ad lovin it android didnt mind when ads only showed up if i die or finish a level but was just on it ad they started appearing duing game play!!! There a way to stop it please?

Saleh Shagala

Mario.....! This game like Mario but with some adds: man with long hair replace mario-sword replace smash with foot-a lizard replace thief

Uki Ses

Finally an actual game And a fun one to boot. It is not an annoying time waster that asks for cash to advance a level like almost all games on here. If only it didn't have ads, however they are not annoying at all.

Aaron Mullins

Great game very fun My only problem is it doesn't save progress played offline for instance I'm missing the treasure chest and villagers on all acts there stuck at 90% and getting all the cards bcuz I did it offline. Even when u sign back in it doesn't catch up so now I missing like 7 achievements...

Callum K

Great little game. I don't even know how I came across it but it's only one of the very few games on here that I've played right through. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Radhesh T R

Amazing!!!loved it Great game and I feel this game has the soul of gaming...every time I play this game it pumps me up n really a good way to relaz myself in my office hours...I feel this is the best pixel art game which has come for android...cheers to developer who single handedly built this game...keep it up and expecting more...Thank you

Shivaprakash Hande

Classy!! Amazing game.. Just reminds me of the classic Nintendo games!! Too good.. Could have increased the number of levels! I hope some update or sequel will be released. Anyways, its a great game. Amazing soundtracks, by Burak Karakas.. Thanks for a nice classic game..

Sausage Biscuit

Cool :) Is there any chance that we will see some new content for this game? Maybe some more acts, a couple more characters, and maybe a co-op mode would be nice. If you do add more characters, can you give them different abilities? Like a mage and a rogue along with the warrior already in the game. Thanks!

Max Burgoyne

Perfect Can't put this game down. Good controls, graphics, audio and no hidden charges. Easy to navigate. Not much bad to say. More levels would be good but clock beating is some extra fun

Brayden Mueller

Great One of the few real games left. Dont ask for anything and easy to pick up. Just great. Brayden approved.

Wesley Heath

Pretty Darn Fun Simple mechanics and great levels to plow through. The challenges are a great way to spend time when bored. However the thing that ruins it for me are the broken achievements. Fix that and I'd pay to remove ads.

J-Walker Official

Brilliant but needs more Acts This game is one of the best side scrollers on the play store and it absolutely addicted me but it really has a lack of content in terms of levels. I finished it way too quickly and I'm itching to play more but I just can't because there are no more levels. Please just add another 2 or 3 Acts and I'll be happy.

Greg Brown

Excellent game. An absolute must download for those who love platform games! This game has all the great qualities a good platform game has, but in a way you've never experienced! Yes, the grandfather of all platformers, Mario, taught us that timing is important, but in Sword Of Xolan, timing is extremely crucial! Waiting between fireballs and timing out your next jump so as not to land on the spikes, or an awaiting enemy is imperative, and the wrong move will cost you. Barrels of treasure, hidden hostages and baddies to attack with your sword. Get it. Now. You won't be sorry!:)

phil steinberg

Nice Perfection,has all the elements of a good old fashioned game.Only gripe I suppose is that the buttons for jump and attack are so close together I sometimes jump instead of attack but thats a SMALL complaint.Well done...five stars!

Omar Huda

You should play it!!!! Engaging game that can be enjoyed by anyone. I liked the story and also loved the challenges. There are only three chapter each with 11 levels and boss battles. I wouldn't mind playing a sequel to this. You might end up playing it 2-3 Times. For anyone who wants a good game that doesn't take too much memory on your phone this is good.

Christian Bone

Great platformer One of the best platformers I've plaited on mobile. Not like Rogue Legacy or Mario, don't listen to these guys, but it's excellent nonetheless.

Michael Reynolds

Great Side Scroller Great performance on Galaxy S5. Controls are responsive and you can change them around to your liking. I love the soundtrack, very fitting for the theme. A few ads but they are non intrusive and can be bypassed for .99 which is a good deal for this quality of game

Gage Keller

Rilly is nice I like the graphics it reminds me of castle vainia really nice well rounded game fun to play the only thing I don't like is the lack of something like a check point (will change to 5 stars if given save point ability


Could've been on the Genesis This and Volgarr the Viking are why I remember the Sega Genesis so fondly: 3 action buttons, loads of action, adventure, and discovery. Superb side-scrolling game. And thus one has dungeons! Love the handcrafted work. Burnt out on generated content. The challenges keep things fresh. Make a sequel, or more awesomeness.

Brett Wingard

An awesome action side scroller The first thing that stood out to me were the controls. They are spot on. The graphics are pixelated goodness at their finest. As the main stages progress the enemies get just a bit more challenging. A well executed platformer that hits all the right areas. Nice job devs!

Galaxy Explorer

An instant subtle classic One of the best retro action platformer I played so far, very subtle and clean, It does not have annoying complicated weapons upgrade, you use what you got with fluid controls, doable goals, and fantastic gamplay, so much fun. Highly recommend it.

Matt Siringo

Great game. Love it. This game is great. I love Xolan's comments on things. It is nostalgic, poses some challenges and plays very smoothly. I am unfortunately unable to access achievements for some reason. That's why it's 4 stars. Any help on this matter would be great. Otherwise, I look forward to more from you guys.

A Google User

Good game The game overall is good; one of the good games on Android that doesn't put ads instructive and there's no microtransactions. Besides, the $0.99 removal ad. It is the first game I've actually beaten, just the level design are put awkwardly at times and after you beaten the game, there's isn't much point continuing on unless you're a completionist. If you can bare the many deaths and don't mind starting all over, there's no checkpoints than this game is pretty good.

Kyle Wendling

Great great great! (redux) PLEASE ADD A SYNC FEATURE I GOT A NEW PHONE LOST ALL MY PROGRESS BUT KEPT ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS... (5 stars now 4) Loving it finally a game that takes you back to old school with style and class great controls and game play. You can tell this was made with passion. And the difficulty has a steady pace and I enjoy the challenging boss fights and hidden items.. It feels like so much love went into this game.. Truly feels like a game made by a classic gamer.. Cheers) Part 2 coming?

Cobus Greyling

Great little platformer Great music, simple to play but easy to enjoy, adorable voice acting and solid art style makes Sword of Xolan easy to recommend. It's a fun little time spender with the added attractions of story and progress.

Milen Yanachkov

Great little platformer with tight controls and pleasing pixel art. Sword of Xolan has one of the tightest (and simplest) control schemes around. I'd say control-wise it's pretty much on par with Rico: A Tale of Two Brothers, which is one of the few platformers on Android that I'd highly recommend. The option to move buttons around to the player's liking is a welcome addition. The art direction is a bit generic but the pixel art itself is pleasing to the eye and well suited for this type of game. The gameplay might become a bit repetitive after a while but Xolan doesn't overstay his welcome. The levels present a nice gradually increasing challenge, though the bosses are a bit on the easy side. Those “over 30 different enemies” are a bit of an overstatement, considering that many of them are simple tougher to kill reskins with an occasional trick up their sleeve. The ads are unobtrusive, in that they are displayed in place of “death screens”, and are not present during gameplay. Not to mention that they can be removed for 0.99$. Overall a great little sidescroller for Android.

Tanusree Roy

Great game Not to much lagging got da classics overall not to much rubbish but after some time it gets old and boring and why pegi 7 when the adds for walking dead are so inappropriate for 7 year olds and a bit to many adds when ever you die also a tiny bit to repetitive and to boring before the boss levels and the graphics are pretty rubbish overall it was a great gaming experience but you should at least get more than one character and weapon also armor should have some upgrades for characters please do change

Arthur De Backer

Fun, short game with nice difficulty If you are into platformers, this is the game for you. Reminds me a bit of Dark Souls - when you win a battle, it's because you got better, not because of some lucky dice roll. Starts out easy but the last levels are at a very nice difficulty. Original enemies, smart upgrade system and a fun protagonist (fat beardo with a ponytail) adds to the fun as well. Only complaint is that it's a bit short! :D

Derek Andrews

Fantastic Man, I love this game. I'm a hardcore retro gamer, and I'm right at home here. But this feels like no mere android retro cash grab, rather it is excellent in every way I expect. The art style is unique and compelling, the balance and challenge is well crafted, the music is catchy and engaging, and the voiceovers are endearing like earthworm Jim, duke nukem or gauntlet. I feel I'm playing a love letter to retro by some very sincere individuals. A masterpiece!

Jamie Bainbridge

Great! Gorgeous pixel art action platformer. You can double jump and shoot, enemies are varied, there is a power up system accessible by collecting coins as you play, there are secrets, the goal each level is to find a chest and rescue three hostages. The level design and overall game design is great. Controls are well-spaced, customizable, and responsive. My only complaint is that some enemy placement results in really hard to avoid damage, making some deaths feel cheap.

Nik the Greek

Great game.... Great game and perfect for mobile gaming..... my only criticism is that the 500 enemies and 1000 boxes achievement dont work.... and also it would be great to introduce new swords/outfits that you could level up.... overall a game worth playing (plus adds were not annoying - which is a break away from the normal free game!)

paul mathew

My hand feels numb after hours of demon slaughter The wind is in my hair..a sense of presence fills sense heightened..the cold steel in my hand...the raging demon horde..stance for an attack... Fear and doubt is numb....only a feeling of adrenaline infused intoxication...

James Shackleford

Best Game on Android TV Great handling and play control. Nice Megaman meets Castlevania feel. Well balanced enemies.

Brett Schnoor

Amazing So Far! Just finished Act I and I'm having a blast! I love action platformers and this has become one of my favorites! The controls are really tight, like seriously. I don't think I've played a game on my phone with tighter controls. The music is awesome and really adds to the mood of the game. Another thing is the difficulty. This game is pretty brutal and unforgiving in the best of ways. If you die, you have to start at the beginning of the level. No checkpoints here folks. Can't wait to play the rest!

Iean Drew

A Great Throwback! This game has beautiful pixel art and dead simple controls-- two of my favorite things. If you enjoy old school Castlevania or Ghouls n Goblins, this game will really please you! I'm very impressed. The micro transactions aren't offensive either. My only tip for the dev would be to work on the English in the opening; I'd be happy to help if need be! Overall, good game.

Mat Washburn

Xolan is in the house! You can tell the developer had fun making this game and it rubs off on the player. The cartoony baddies and endearing voice of Xolan give this game a quirky and original style. Gameplay is fun and addicting with very comfortable controls (rare for an action platformer). Stages are expertly crafted easing you in to the Xolan experience. Hope there are more to come!

Blue Jorquera

Great game overall, but needs more I played the entire game and it left me wanting more. It really got difficult as you progressed which is why I'm giving it 5 stars, because there's not enough games like that, just one problem, theirs noting else. Better make a S of X 2.

Paulo Ortolan

This game is hard! You have to know the stage by heart to save Villagers and get the Treasure Chest to complete it. This game remembers me of all those old platform Nintendo games. I recommend this game.

Stephen Giller

Great game, pretty much perfect. Obviously a lot of effort and care has gone into this game, it has responsive controls, tight gameplay and varied design. The enemy patterns are varied but never difficult to learn and it is designed perfectly for mobile play. It has full controller support and is a perfect example of a developer achieving their goals with care and attention.

Joshua Bengal

Poorly designed Would give 0 stars if able. Jump controls are terrible, 99% of your deaths are due to the game not responding to input. Dev needs to learn the meaning of the word "save points", starting at the beginning of the level is awful.. 3 hp is way to little, random power ups suck, and restarting the whole level no matter how far you are when you die is really bad game design. Truly awful game experience

Galaxy Explorer

An instant subtle classic One of the best retro action platformer I played so far, very subtle and clean, It does not have annoying complicated weapons upgrade, you use what you got with smooth controls, doable goals, and fantastic gamplay, so much fun. Highly recommend it.

Ahmed Al-Badri

Extreamly frustrating! This game is really fun however, expect to die...... A LOT. You jump, kill monsters jump again, kill more monsters, save caged people and just collect money. It costs 1500 coins to purchase 1 card which is an upgrade. You can do challenges to help get more coin as their is no iap except for removing ads (which isn't that bad). The layout and size of the buttons are perfect, I've never missplaced a button trying to do something. Try it! After all, it's free. Ps. The bosses are easier than the later levels.

Anindito Alfaritsi

Amazingly Well Designed It's a very well designed action platformer. The level design is clever, and it provides action and exploration in just the right amount. There's a couple of voices in it too, though the narration is a bit weird. The game looks nice and sounds nice too.

Amu Shakya

Great game but laggy With each ad, the game becomes more lagged.. Means. Everytime you die, the game starts lagging(delay in response).. If you could fix this and reduce the annoying continuous occurence of ads this game would really be so much fun.

Lite Knight

Great fun! Great graphics, great music & voices, relatively unobtrusive ads (but I chose to pay a mere 99 cents to disable them anyway) & plays great on a controller. Just great! Hope to see a sequel one day.

Justin Snow

Awesome Great action platformer. Very tight controls, simple addictive gameplay. Came back to this one many times. Just fully completed it and enjoyed every minute. Highly recommended!

Alex M

The best android game This is by far the best android game and free too, adds appear in between the levels so they are not annoying. Great stuff developers keep up the good work.

Folfie Lukather

well rounded few bugs, great control, fantastic pixel graphics, reminds me of castlevania, only easier, love the start over when you die, adds depth, people who complain about starting over with death clearly have never played true retro games

Eleazar Joey

Great 2-bit Action Platformer If you liked Swordigo, then you'll feel at ease with this game. The only thing that prevents me from giving 5 stars was that the ads is kinda intrusive where you need to view it every time your character is killed (which is pretty often). Great game none the less.

Mekhail Kheel

Wow. Very cool game. Love the intro story and slightly broker English aspect of the narration. VERY pleasantly surprising. Cool little vocal reactions from finding villagers, finding secret walls and defeating enemies. Greatly enjoy the action oriented aspect of gameplay. Very reminiscent of Sega Genesis indie gaming. Fluidly responsive touch controls. Fluid motions and catchy music. Best of all, minimal hit to battery life. A hidden gem!

Galaxy Explorer

An instant classic One of the best retro-feel action platformers I played so far, very subtle and clean, It does not have annoying complicated weapons upgrade, you use what you got with smooth controls, doable goals, and fantastic gamplay, so much fun. Highly recommend it.

Alex x

Would pay 5$ for +3 acts, +6 enemies and harder difficulty! Low difficulty level and too short. Game is over right before it begins to get difficult. Health and mana bottles drop in extreme excess and you earn magic cards that further ruin the challenges of the game (for example one that gives away many secrets which otherwise are fun to search for). There are time attack levels but those are also a cakewalk (especially with magic cards). Ads/IAP don't interfere with gameplay so despite the flaws the game is well-worth paying for to condone that (will remove ads).

Jordan Butler

AMAZING!!! Such a great game with plenty of challenging levels and wonderful art! It makes me super happy to see honest developers who arnt greedy, the ads in this game are entirely unobtrusive and all they ask for is a dollar to remove them if you wish however you still have access to the full game, it is an amazing game I highly recommend it!

Oscar Cooke-Abbott

Great. Everything about this game is just spot on - the platforming, the simplistic but still engaging combat, and it's music - man is the music good.


Great game! Why so few downloads and rating? This needs to be on Editor's Choice!!

Cameron Mount

The controls are some of the best touch screen controls I've ever used. I read a review somewhere that talked about them, and it was spot on. When I died playing the game, it was never a cheap death. It was always because I made a mistake. I have no serious complaints about the gameplay. I wish it was a little more robust (a few more levels, a few more cards for customizing the character), but that's just because I really liked it and didn't want it to end.

David B

Awesome Super fun game. Lasted longer than I expected. Most phone games are really short. The wide variety of enemies is cool. I really enjoyed it. Hope they make a sequel.

Shivank Pathak

Loved it.. (y) One of the best Android game ever played.. Quick response, struggling and awesome.

Alex Jazayeri

Glory to Rastan! Great game in the RASTAN SAGA style, with nostalgic graphics, good controls and very cute faux bad translation on everything. The challenge is on the easy side, so casual play for a week will see you completing it. Easily worth full price straight off the bat. Only loses a point because the accomplishments are bugged, and you can't get some of them (such as "all villagers rescued") unless you do so on the first playthrough.

Vipin Negi

Oneplus 3 Poor achievements support. Even when u clear then offline. The game doesn't check and then you have to clear the data and start all over again. Also the game is filled with adds like hordes of orcs, or like the swarm in StarCraft.

Alexander Stelfox

Really good platformer I'm always doubtful of mobile platformer controls, but they work really well in this game. Fun and challenging, the only slight annoyance is the hidden secrets with no way to find them apart from running into walls, some visual hint would be nice.

Thomas Limberger

The first game I paid money for to support the Devs. Had a really fun and challenging time playing Sword of Xolan. The soundtrack and voices are superb. The game motivated me to try again and again because of the great feedback when defeating enemies. More diversity in the level design and coloring would have made it more enjoyable. Looking forward to the second installment of Sword of Xolan!

The Kek Lord

This game is so cool. Game mechanics are good, enemy designs are creative and awesome, game is pretty hard for a casual player like me, but it's even better that way. Other companies can sell you a game like this for a lot of money, but this game 100% free, you don't have to donate or something like that to get a full experience. I love this game and the only thing I need is more levels, please.

Ravi Lacombe

Incredible at direction! The game has to be one of the best platformers to ever exist on Android. It's fun, challenging, though not so difficult, the controls are simple, but really effective and responsive and the art... Oh THE ART! The pixel art is top-notch, and bends perfectly with the gameplay and feel, and the soundtrack is awesomely done too!

Lukasz Kulesza

pretty awesome Great game, like the controller support , graphics are proper old school, the voice at the beginning doesn't match the text but that's the only fault I've found, it's one of the best platformers I've played

Sunil Kumar

Boring One of most boring platformers I have played ....none of the levels are challenging.. You do the same thing in every level ...1 star is all I can give ...sorry

nishant nizar

Excellent game.. retro feel kills it Brought back my old memories of Gameboy. Good game except some bugs. Work on it and add more levels

Dhruv Mistry

More levels.. I already have completed this game..and it's awesome are u going to ad more levels or not ? If you don't then you should BCz I love this game and I want to play more..plz inform me if you are going to ad some levels

jose montoya

Very fun and addicting game I'm having a ton of fun with this game. I can't stop playing it, it's too addicting

Christopher Oates

Stuck on level 1 can't jump high enough on mushroom to get where I gotta go !

Aye Ville

Apple iOS Can't play on my iPad make this game free for all platforms please

Daniel Vanches

Superb! Please make more games like this! Good dificulty, great controls, easy mechanics and a very fun experience.

Alban Matlia

As always GREAT I have bean playing all Alper Sarikaya's games and all of them are unique in style. I love the games of this developer. Keep up the good work (Y)

Giuseppe Gulotta

Fun times! Simple but fun retro game, smooth and responsive controls, great ost and pixel art, featuring the main Adventure mode and a Challenge mode. A must to 100%!!

Hayden Wheatley

Amazing Everything about this game is 100% perfect! If this game had a part two, I would get it in a heartbeat

Daleo Eaton

Pretty Smooth Pretty Smooth for a mobile platformer. That took me by suprise how nice the controls actually were. Nice art style. Cool card power ups.

Jarrod Womack

Real Person Completed this game %100 today. Great game offers hours of real game play. I would add an extra level after all unlocks and achievements.

Laurenths Maxairitsas

Perfect! The best android platformer I've seen so far. And the customisable controls are awesome too!

Monther Khammash

Awesome Good platformer with balanced yet challenging difficulty. Thumbs up

Anton Levkovsky

Great game Some options to resume playing after death would be very nice!

Rade K

Great game but achievments doesnt work well.

Zakk Smith

Great! Great stuff but needs a completionist bonus :)

Scott Knudson

So good It's just a great game.

hanan abi

You guys should add some character

Nilesh Kale

Osm game This game is very interesting.

Jair Flores

Awesome game.

Ikeji Uju

Smooth and Fun

Tim Kline

A Little Gem. This is one of the little known gems of a game. Great for offline play and you can pick it up for just a level or two at a time. Good controls, challenging, FREE!, replayability, bosses, game cards and more! I love that they use secret rooms not just as an extra but a main part of the game! Most games don't even offer secrets at all. The only thing I wish it had was leveling and new weapons/armor, but not a big enough deal to drop any stars. Hope to see more levels/content or a 2nd version!

Krakena Jokera

Absolutely amazing This game is fantastic. The only thing I hate about it is that there is no part 2! Let me tell you why it's awesome. 1- The gameplay is smooth and comfortable ; 2- The graphics are awesome, I love pixel games, also there are some fx that look beautiful with the sprites ; 3- Sounds and music are amazing, very funny too ; 4- The level design is good, very well done levels ; 5- Hard in the good way... I could go on a lot more bit I think this is enough. Awesome work devs pls do part2!

Nitin Gopinathan

Brilliant Tight controls, awesome music and a lot of hack and slash. I never imagined a 2d platformer would give me so much trouble finding treasures and hidden villagers! I have just finished Act I 100% and I'm happy to report that there are many enemy types and a fun challenge mode here. Another totally unexpected feature is the support for Gamepads! Didn't know this when I downloaded the game and paid for ads to be removed, but playing on the gamepad is doubly fun. This is great for both casual and hardcore gamers

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