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16 Aug
Swipeup Utility

Posted by Adrian Campos in Tools | Aug. 16, 2016 | 135 Comments

Apk file size: 2.0 MB

Swipeup Utility allows you to customize your phone's assist fuction.

It'll give you super quick access to voice search! And camera! And calculator! And whatever else you might need.

In fact, you can:

• Do nothing! Swipeup Utility's first priority is to get that annoying swipe gesture out of the way, so if you choose to do nothing, your swipes will- do nothing!

• Assign the gesture to any app- Launch Bing instead of Google. Or start your music. Or messages.

• Swipeup Utility's Actions- Trigger recent apps, voice search, home button press, quick search, long-press search, or video camera.

• Shortcuts- Standard shortcuts that you'd find on a launcher. Navigate home with Google Maps, open up Google Translate to start listening, or get quick access to someone with a contact shortcut.

With Premium:

• Switch to last used app
• Lock screen
• Toggle flashlight
• Expand Notifications
• Expand Quick Settings
• Toggle Wifi
• Toggle Bluetooth

Swipeup Utility builds on top of the assist functionality, so if your device doesn't have an on screen navigation bar, look for a G or search icon somewhere in recent apps or a long press of a button, depending on the manufacturer skin.

For more information, check out the How-to & FAQ.

To get a chance to try new features early, participate in the beta program! Join the community on Google+ ( for updates and click to join. You'll be among the first to receive bugfixes and new features, but you might experience little quirks or (hopefully not) crashes.
If you have any comments/suggestions, or for more information, feel free to check out the github page at

Hey! Want to see the app in your language? Head over to to help out!

Note: This app is a continuation of Google Now Swipe Disabler.
Another Note: Due to restrictions baked into android, Swipeup Utility is unable to hide the semicircle that shows when you swipe up from the bottom. Personally, this doesn't bother me and I hope it won't bother you.
Yet Another Note: Some device manufacturers change this swipe up action to reduce or even eliminate Swipeup Utility's functionality. Some galaxy devices require a long home button press instead of a swipe, and some require the long home button press and a tap on an icon. Lg and Sony devices add their own icons in the semicircle, so you need to swipe towards the magnifying glass.

Whats new

    *Fixed crash upon choosing action :o
    *Android Nougat compatibility!
    *Mutli-select mode has been completely reworked with better database management, a drag and drop ui, and the ability to add multiple shortcuts.
    *Addressed GitHub issues 5, 6, and 16.

Adrian Campos part of our Tools and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 89.1599. Current verison is 2.0.6. Actual size 2.0 MB.

Download swipeup-utility.apk 2.0 MB


Jonathan McFarlane

Really useful Very simple to setup and removes that really annoying swipe gesture. I also like how it counts the number of times that it has saved you from Google now! It's a shame that the Easter Egg which made fun of looking for Easter eggs is no longer there as it was quite amusing.

philo dusk

Very handy. With its basic functions, it's pretty good. I use this to help with work another app that requires me to swipe up from the bottom. It became a nuisance when i wanted to open something like chrome or Gmail, but instead get google search, so this helps a lot. Now i can actually give the l nav swipe up action for pulling up my music.

Ed Jenkins

Still Assessing I am giving this a 3 until I have time to assess if it resolves the home key and google now issue. For S5 users, this is a huge shame that we need this app at all as I believe this is an attempt by Samsung, Google and AT&T to roll out a flawed update that will cause enough issues to push us toward the Galaxy S6...

Chelsea Fultz

Thought I would have to get a new phone The S5 has a dumb issue where the home button brings up Google Now and it was so frustrating! I thought I would have to return my phone. But the Swipe Up Utility fixed the issue and now I can use my phone without fits of rage. :)

Pramod Nugaliyadda

Best app to disable Google Now Downloaded this to get rid of Google Now popping up when I hit the home button on galaxy s5. Worked like a charm! ! Excellent! !

Andrew Nguyen

good but the voice search takes me back to my home screen before doing the search, unlike the "ok google" voice command which searches on top of the running app

Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh

Absolutely Amazing! This is the best thing ever! I hated the annoying Google swipe up feature.. Thank you!

blitz macalma

Swipe up notifications not available Needs donation to activate the notifications feature. Many other free apps can already do the basic swipe up shortcuts like this one can do. So I'll just get another app which has all features already unlocked.

Carl Lazarraga

Best app ever Exactly what I was looking for. Now I have an extra shortcut on my phone. Wish I could give this 50 stars.

Quinton Baudoin

Thank You! As everyone who downloaded this app i had the infamous Google Now home button glich. I dont even know if it should be called a glich... acks more like a virus to me! Haha. Hope its fixed soon. 'Till then thank you swipe up and i wish i found you when it first started and didnt almost throw my phone against the wall or worse. Ps. Nice touch telling us how many times you stopped the viru~ glich.(It doesnt stop the vibration you get.(you know the one that fills you with paranoia?

Josh Haggerty

Thank God for This! That Google Now BS I never use is finally not bugging me with that gesture. Google wouldn't let us stop it but this developer did. Woohoo! I can game and browse again! Take the hint, Google. XD

Louis SS

Very handy Especially effective in disabling the irratating google swipe thingy

M Matyjewicz

Fixed my S5 active home button issue!! If you were having the issue with you home button bringing up Google, this is your solution! I was ready to buy a new phone before I found this app. Completely worth 99 cents that I will be donating. Free version was a nice trail. Thanks for your app!

Curtis Sylvester Jr.

this did the job so far so good. on my device the only thing that shows up when i swipe is the magnifying glass. good news there is that i have no defaults set. i did try setting this for a long-press on the search button hoping i can get the one feature that another app removed a 6 months ago and never put back..... sadly that option wasnt there. instead i had to configure this to the app shortcut instead. of course that means i cant set a default because what if i want something else? in any case at least i was able to use this as a workaround to force that shortcut to act as the feature that was removed.

Jo Marie Ziegler

You need this to fix home button issue It works to fix your home button constantly calling up google.

Sarah Shaw

Good bandaid It helped me with my home button/google now issue with my S5 that was driving me insane. The only downfall to the is the upwards animation of returning to the homescreen makes me dizzy.. for now, its a good temporary fix.

Dakota Elliott

Thank god This fixed my home button issue. Thank the lord

Jacob Corrigan

Best app to fix AT&T'S Galexy series home button issue.

Marek Kadlčík

Good It does exactly what it should do. Some features require a donate.

Sonya Larry

Just thank you so much. It a good application for my phone.

Lealcy Tardelli Belegante

Does not show the icon for the selected app. Almost there. Must show the icon for the selected app when only one app is selected. It shows an empty circle here.

Justin Baker

Awesome Quick fix to my home button now I don't have the quick search and see voice.

Richard Pashley

Perfect Exact my what I required allowing me to change the Google Now swipe up to whatever I want with minimal access required.

John Szczerba

I don't use Google Now, nor do I need easy access to search so this app is a godsend.

Ali Bukhamsin

I really like the idea! It works perfectly! & reduced the tap needed to reach apps.

Curt Maximus

Works ATT doesn't understand we want lolipop so they release a bugged 4.4.4. Good thing there's a great community out there. Thanks!!

VelvetShadows ‌

Simple but very useful app. I never use Google Now so it was wasted on me, now with a quick gesture I can set it to whatever I want.

Adam Bosworth

Great! Downloaded this to get rid of the annoying error with my S5 on 4.4.4 where pressing the home button brings up Google now. I didn't want to disable Google because I use it for voice to text so this app is perfect for me.

Justin Hearn

Simple app to "patch" Android's greatest flaw Like SO MANY other frustrated Android users, I use this app to disable the infamous home button shortcut for Google Now. Brilliant!

briah lewis

Amazing! ! This app has made my phone absolutely bearable again. I was having problems with the Google home crap! Nothing worked!!! But I haven't had any problems since I downloaded swipe up!!

AntoineLouella Ortaliz

What a relief!! Att customer service advised me to download this app to get rid of annoying google search. I came close to swapping my S5 to iPhone 6.

Edward Bozin

Wish I could pay This is the best thing I could do for an amazing app

Kenny Fusting

Super useful This app takes customization of my Galaxy to the next level.

Ray Bars

Very nice app All I'd improve is adding the functionality to have up to 3 actions happen, one from each of the menu buttons

Joe Miller

I have my own Tasker menu (a scene) Now I have my own custom power, volume, settings, etc menu pop up. Works great and is easy to use.

Ryan Mervin Lopez

Helped me a lot! Awesome app and idea. No problems at all!

Emmanuel Jones

Amazing The app has a ton of different features

Suraj Pathak

EXTREMELY useful!!! Thanks a lot for making this app. I'll recommend this to all my friends. Now I can launch an app from any screen with just a swipe! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Marsh J

Great app This app fixed the problem with my home menu button but it doesn't work for everyone but I say if you're having the problem of hitting the menu button and it taking you to the Google now screen or the Google search screen download this app and give it a try like I said it fixed my phone I haven't had any more problems

Ilya Beylin

Great thing!!!

Eleazar Perez

I love this app so much it helped me with the headache of not getting to where i wanted to be. I definitely want people to get this app and donate for the extra stuff it makes this app worth while.

Jared Oller

I think I'm in love This app fixed the issue on the s4 with the home button always going to google now, no matter how quickly it was pressed. This app is a gift from heaven and I hope its creators live long and happy lives.

Roy Childress

It works! I installed this because I kept getting knocked out of games that used swiping controls. I just set the gesture to "do nothing" and everything is fine now.

Matt Anderson

Not necessary The app works to solve the Google Now problem, but that problem should have been fixed already. I gave this app 3 stars because instead of sending you to the home screen when it would otherwise launch Google Now, it just does nothing. So either way, you're going to have to mash your home button several times to get home.

Rawad Semaan

Android M Its not working with android M every time I swipe up from the bottom I got the now on tap feature. Nothing else. Try to fix it, because I really like it and its too handy

Wil Parkin

Just downloaded and... Just downloaded and tested. New app that fixes that swipe up motion that gives us all problems. Easy fix. Free cost. Give star.

Jordell Shumway

Very convenient! It helps to make a feature that I don't need to use into one that is actually convenient :) I personally use it to get to my music faster!

Richard Hartsell

Nice concept.. But doesn't actually prevent the swipeup bar from appearing and blocking touch input

S Page

Works well, paid version crashes I really need this functionality for games (curse you Google for not implementing it in Google Now) and wanted to reward the developer, but on a 2013 Moto X the "Swipeup Utility - Donate" version crashes, so I'm running this free version instead.

chaitanya bezawada

Very useful app I searched entire google play for this kind of app. Finally i got it. Thanks.

Utsav Arora

It's kind of cool But needs too much donation for every other action! But rating gives you some access.. So i just did

Dharmendra Dubey

Nice one Was searching it this type of app from many days!

Shahnawaz Dagada

Donations still dont add more features... Just donated to get extra features..still dont work..DONT WASTE UR MONEY!

Dylan K. Taylor

Perfect Google Now was driving me up the wall with the STUPID home button swipe. This app sorted it no trouble. Thank you!

Braden Foley

It's good I hate the Google now thing, so this is perfect

Carl F. Cascaddan

Excellent Samsung hard-coded their S5 Active physical Home button to turn on the screen / wake the phone causing many butt dials. This utility let's me disable that behavior without a lock screen. Recommended

Mikael Karlsson

Awesome, now even with Android 6. Get it now, it's so good! :-)

Aries Maoy

It didn't disable totally the swipe up feature

Hugo Pienaar

Cool app Waiting for the awesomemess

Peter R

Great app Love how it stops that Google crap. Also love how it does not ask for any permissions A+

Jonathan McFarlane

Really useful Very very simple to setup and removes that really annoying swipe gesture. I also like how it counts the number of times that it has saved you from Google now! It's a shame that the Easter Egg which made fun of looking for Easter eggs is no longer there as it was quite amusing.

Dakota Mullins

Useful but a few bugs When activating a theme, the action bar becomes weird, kinda like the app forgets it's there, then going back to another theme turns it white. When changing an icon, I always have to reset the swipe, which is annoying. Please add more options for the icons and themes. I really love the app, I have the paid version

Maki S

FANTASTIC ! That Google Now swipe was driving me insane on my nexus 7 II. Each time it happened my frustration level grew and grew. Thank you SO MUCH Mr Campos :-D :-D You are my swipe angel :-) Wish more devs would follow your example and really think about what we need to make life easier... Would like to donate to show my appreciation but don't feel the need for the (very good value) paying version, I have Lollipop, maybe later, meanwhile, how can I donate ?

Đoàn Tem chống hàng giả DAC

Yes i super love it I want to have the quick search, the keyboard appears and i search for contacts. I love using one hand with the big screen phone. And i changed google now search to quick search. Im very pleased!

Max Völkel

Broken since marshmallow, was 5* before -- still don't get it running on Android 6. Swipe up gesture is just not doing anything. Reinstalled swipeUp app, no luck.. Update: There is no "Set Default Assist App" menu item in SwipeUp. Hmm, probably totally not your fault. Seems to be related to Google Now.

Lee Jones

Had to donate! What a great app. I can keep my OK Google and Commander and enjoy the features of a useless space made useful! inco Aurora II 4.4

Dan Fedida

Very good Love the functionality and customisation. Took me a while to work out the issues with marshmallow and going to the assist settings. This does have the side effect of deactivating OK Google entirely. But this is worth it.

brandi minor

Perfect! I love my new phone but hate that swipe up Google. I always do it by mistake. Thank you so much for this app. It gives any app to replace Google with, some useful tasks, or nothing at all. Love it and nice job!

steve saenz

Good but could be better When I slide my home button it still pauses the videos I'm watching would be cool if it did absolutely nothing but better than opening Google by mistake ?

Adam Rosales

Perfect! This is an incredibly helpful app! I wish I had known about it earlier. I struggled with the swipeup action on my phone for years, so finding this was an absolute blessing. I was so sick of having to navigate in and out of things because that swipe had taken me away fromcwhere i wanted to go. This app is extremely well done and I have had no problems with it at all. This was such an annoying problem that I don't have anymore. Will be donating to see what the creator has to offer. Will recommend

martin levasseur

Great app! Before when I played games on my device I would always swipe up and Google launcher would open. Now nothing! Thanks very useful + no permissions

MrBurntYoghurt _

I'm scared Have you been killed by Android 6.0?.. You saved me from Google now 7,179 times, now it seems nothing can save me. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

F Ehrhardt

A little miracle worker Thank you! I never got the point of Google Now, and thanks to this app, I have banished it.

Daniel Ting

Best app to disable annoying Google Now Not only can you disable it, but you can choose if it launches an app of your choice!

Tavarius Collier

Stops Google search option I had to install this app after updating my galaxy s5, holding the home button or even tapping it would cause a Google search option to appear. Fixed my problem quick.

Berk Arel

Not Enough Everything is great but there can be some improvements about swipe technics. Right swipe and left swipe can open different apps directly. So users will be able to access both Google Now services and their selected apps.

Jeremiah Harding

Does what it should. The only beef I have with this app is that there isn't a feature like "change Now open requirement to long press" if there was that, I'd five this. All in all though, good stuff.

Rohan Moradian

Great app Helped me get Cortana back as my assistant when I try to swipe up/long press on Android 6.0

Michael K. Adu-Yeboah

Great Dev. Could you add two or more swipe options like on blackberry priv.

SL Carrtel

Htc one m8 Could not get the Bluetooth swipe up shortcut to work. Unistalled

Tai Lah

Finally works great with Marshmallow! Thank you very much!!!

Tracey Savage

Excellent This is a excellent app. Everyone should use it. Well done keep up the good work.

D Wright

Perfect (agree with DK Taylor) Very well designed, works as described, and free!

Matt Roberts

Nice. Works to replace Google on tap also.

Haroon Khan

Brilliant! No more annoying google swipe up! This app allows you to fully customise the panel

Bence Gál

Lovely, perfect, just what I was looking for!

Nicholas Rivas

Great app Awesome!!!

brenth miras

not working

bil Jeschke

Nice idea but... Installed on my Blu life one x, but still get annoying Google pop-up when my finger brushes up from the bottom of the screen.

Andrew Perez

Ding dong the witch is dead Definitely happy not to have to worry about Google now popping up accidentally.

Tim Aries

I love it It works! And I haven't seen an ad yet. That's a solid 5 start.

Greg Chan

Not working after MM App doesn't work after upgrading to Marshmallow. Please fix!

shamonte knight

Awsome I have no word for how AWESOME THIS APP IS AND ITS BETTER THE. HAVING THAT STUPID GOOGLE SEARCH CRAP COME UP ALL THE time i.. I do t even use that Google stuff cause its erelavant

Daniel Brown

Kinda fixed my problem I wish I could turn off the Google swipe up function really

Gavin van Wyk

Okay Not sure if android really has the interface to support apps like this.


Does what it says No more annoying accidental Google launching :)

Michael K. Adu-Yeboah

Great Dev. Could you add two or more swipe options like on blackberry priv....marshmallow Problem...

L Dejazzman

How do you spell relief - Swipeup Utility?

Todor Grudev

Very usefull Best productivity app ever

Carter Heekin

Pretty cool I recommend giving this a try

Mehras Irani

Simple In its simplicity, it's supper useful

Jorge Nieto

Good job but not consistent Does the job but here and there the desire action doesn't work... edit, un installed, simple doesn't work, nice idea but maybe needs an update for MM

John Flower

Very well thought out Just what I was looking for!

Huy Tran

Do what it promises And nothing more ++++

Ritman Rovers

Best app ever I hate Google. Thanks m9 for this awesome app.

Syah Mie

My rate Should be free

marlene bielawski

????? So relieved to get rid of OK Google!!!

Stephen Rosa

I love it But you have to donate for the good stuff


Hmm, nice Very good

Segun Awotunde

Problem Solver - HTC One M8 This app combined with DropDownStatusBar app solved the issues I had pulling down the notifications area of my phone screen.

Sam Young

Everyone should have this Why haven't I known about this until now!? This app is so underrated. I have never used the Google plus shortcut in my life except by accident when I didn't mean to. It's so useful and I can't think of a single disadvantage. Everyone should have this, there is no reason not to

Vannessa Ottaway

Thank you This program help stop Google from hijacking my home button thanks again thank you

Christian Maniscalco

Almost necessary I do not understand why android OS does not have this setting more easily accessible. Thank you.

Marco DiBernardo

Marshmallow and Priv Doesn't work after 6.0 update on Priv. Only long press. Followed all instructions properly .

Ben Gorman

So great! It used to always close everything and go to Google Now accidentally, with this app I actually use the swipe up function!


Great app Can choose specific application to launch with swipe up from bottom of the screen.

Wee Kelvin

Improves efficiency and productivity Love the last app switcher on this instead of having to go recent apps and scroll through and select the last used app. However on BlackBerry Priv Marshmellow update, you will need a work around. Go settings > Google > Search & Now > Now on tap and switch to on... Now try long pressing home button and swipeup function will be activated!

John Mock

Great app for adding functionality! This app adds extract options to the Google Now swipe up from the home button action. Super useful and does exactly what the developer says it will do. Only suggestion is to see if there's a way to speed up the opening of apps through this app. For example, I'm using an email app as one of the actions. Takes almost three to four seconds to open the app. I have to believe it's the result of how the swipe up utility calls this email app. If the dev speeds up the actions then five stars all the way.

Josh Norsworthy

Finally No more google now swipe!#

Jacob Fleming

Thank you Finally this stupid feature us gone, thank you.

Michael Burt

Great app Has the functionality I need. Perfect for my Nexus 5

C Gallegos

Fantastic Stops Google's stupid search from taking over your phone on accident. Works perfect on HTC M8

Chelsea Samantha

This makes it so easy Finally got rid of the Google swipe up annoying thing thx! ?

Travis Coble

Permission Probs In Nougat, the app needs to be set as default assistant... This would be fine, except it disables all features of Google Now that I still want (Trusted Voice/voice on all screens? Gone. Now on Tap? Adios...). Please fix, and Ill consider reinstalling...

Ryan Whitaker

Thanks for the response! Great app, always been a fan! Will look forward to an update! :) Edit: The update you pushed seemed to fix it! Great support as always! Highly suggest this on an Edge+

Poncho D

Awesome app Really useful app. Had to unroot my phone for some apps to work and this brings a feature that i missed alot. Try it and you'll love it


Suggestion It would be cool if you could add in an extra action that closes all apps. --------------------------------------------------------------Edit: Thanks for the reply but It would also be amazing once you implement the close all apps feature an additional feature/setting would have the recent apps list also clear.

Nino Fioretti

A suggestion When using swipeup to do a screen lock (via Nova Launcher shortcut) it doesn't keep the current app in the foreground. When you go back to your phone you have to start the app again. Can this be fixed?

Ziad Badr El Deen

It would be good if you added a delete all recent tabs feature.

Mudasar Ali

Amazing app Please add screenshot option so when i hold it down it takes a screenshot. Thanks.

Cool app The free version works as intended

Andy Mangan

Amazing! Exactly what I needed :)

saeed lohrasb

Very good

Up swipe is one of the best It does a lot in an area barely touched b4. This app filled all potential options that could be done here. Its how every developer should view their creations, eplore all options. 5'*‘

Kevin T.

Thank you! I've hated the Google now swipe all my life and now it's gone. Thanks!

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