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19 Sep
Sweet Candy Clicker

Posted by SWEETCANDY INC in Casual | Sept. 19, 2016 | 70 Comments

Apk file size: 49.0 MB

Sweet Candy Clicker!
Taste this incredible journey into the Sweet Clicker: Candy Mania world of sweets.

The point of the game is to make candies by clicking on a big Candy.
Unlock new levels, get upgrade in order to make more candies.
Compete with your friends.

This delicious endless game story will take you to the sweetest pop-ups!


- Beautiful design
- Easy to play
- Lots of tools: Tap, Elf, Garden, Plantation, Dock and much more.
- Fun clicker
- Smooth mechanics

Sweet Candy clicker is not just a clicker but fun as for kids, as for adults.
Enjoy it with family, watch who is quicker in collecting all the items.

Do not forget to comment and send us your feedback by e-mail.
Your opinion is important for us. Thanks!

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Whats new

    What's new:
    - Bugs are FIXED, guys!!!
    - A new beautiful design
    - Map achievements (you can see your buildings now)
    - Speedometer of candy (increases the speed and do more candy!)

SWEETCANDY INC part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 81.2342. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 49.0 MB.

Download sweet-cookie-clicker.apk 49.0 MB


Jeremiah Mccrary

Had to download 3 apps just to get 1 free app that might not work. 4shared you suck. 1 star b*t*h

Gereenaw Pinol

I am just doing this because of freakin 4shared It is not that good but it makes me hungry Lol and duhh that isn't a cookie it's a candy

Wondering WhereWolf

BUG!!!!! Good and Addicting hame, but i found a bug. when i started playing the map thing that would show your buildings would work normally, but when started getting these "sweet candy boost levels" whenever i open the map, the game crashes and when i reopen the app it loads a previous save and i have to restart collecting the candy again! i hope this gets fixed in the next update

Pratham Goradia

4shared Crap only reason im doin dis is coz of 4 shared this piece of sh*t s**ks f**k you developer why dont you try making a better app rather than doing all this bullshit with a lameass game sob

Florea Daniel

Llolol Forced for apk. But the game its still good. Good sounds. But its too simple. Just click a freaking cookie. And everything is expensive. The god is 100,000,000,000

Chase Baltzer

Why can't be fun? Only doing this because of 4 shared to get minecraft. haha!

Josh Day-Stewart

Facebook It wont connect to facebok because you havent set it up properly fix and ill give 5 stars

Edwin rodriguez

My little sister loved this game and said this is one of the best games she has ever played (exaggeration) best game in her life.

Kevin Haskim

I hate this game I just want sims 3 and I must download this first I hate this game but I Rate it 5 star and final its a lame game/stupid game and so be its

Reagan Ng

Big time cheating You are forcing people to install your worthless app with promises. Shame on you! Somebody gotta bring justice to you oneday you piece of junkhead nerd!

Sean Anonuevo

Useless 4shared what kind of crap do you have to throw at us :( why do you have to put these stupid sh*t in serveys god Dammit It wont even f*ck in download

Virgo The Celestial Spirit

I'm being forced I am only fling this because of 4shared and I don't know if 4shared has viruses I only want to play minecraft so yeah...

Anthony Zhelnakov

Just boring, and to big... If this app didn't exist I would probably get my games faster from 4shared!!!

Rafael Casillas

4shared This is the worst thing ever if I am getting something from 4shared for free at least make it good the 5 up their are nothing;(

Bunroeung Thong

Pretty Sweet :D Cool, sweet, and amazing!! It gets boring after a while tho.


I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app I love this app

Michael C

Doing for a game I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I hate it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

A Google User

4shared Doing this game to download MINECRAFT sad. But it James and very boring clip & clip. Make this game Better!!!! Please don't know why MINECRAFT wants be to download this game sorry if this review is really bad cuss this game is really bad! Make is better

Abdullah Kashem

Had to rate it 5 stars Had to rate it or else I won't be able to download and use another

Troy Pensuk

They made me do it Its HORRIBLE I got it because of 4 shared. :l PS:I kept the game

Mr Inji

Suck! Just have to get my virtual city playground mod, I have to download this game, thanks give me a freak suprise 4shared.

Abhishek Jetly

Pure blackmail I dnt know why this much of sweet torture.. I want to leave this planet after playing this wonderful game f***k u developer.

abdul prince

How to install any application without downloading this shit First of all download any rar opner and then open you downloaded file in it.there you see many assets folder from them and in this folder you will see a package.apk tap on it and wait for some seconds now install and enjoy your application.....( file link

Ace Chavez

Worst game ever What kind of game is this your just gonna touch the canty until you die that suck bro anyway I just download this game because i want to have a minecraft for free

Jarrod Warren

Great. Tons of fun. Great time killer. Not too easy

Abed Mryyian

Scam I had to install this to get an another app google play need to ban this game (i have not seen good comments yet)

Kady Rose

XD I'm just here to get another app. I bet y'all are here from 4 shared -.- xD this is great noone plays the app they just do it to get a free app. ?

A Google User

Just great I was soooo excited to install a file from 4shared then all of a sudden when i open it these freakin offers pop up and apps to install what a waste of my data & time :(

liam barton

its sh## i would read on only joking it s### i had 79 mb free and it wont let me download it its bullsh## the maker of this game shouldnt make games that you can not play games are for playing not just to fill up your storage on your phone i HAD TO DELETE hill climb racing which is asum and i had 20 million on and every thing on it i wouldnt download it if i was you

Louay Hazem

I am doing this for 4shared either and glitches This piece of garbage has virus and its buged and glitched And its not worth it like the game is stupid and boring

Wahyu Mulyana

Enjoyable Afer downloading this useless game, finaly I got what I want

quintino Burditte

Not really The only thing that im doing this is because I tried to download mcpe but it's not doing right but its still worth a try

Laila Ghafoor

Good Dude if u make it like minecraft ill give u 1200 dollars!!! Well not really but I did this forgot 4shared

Grace Mauro

4sheard I'm doing this coz of 4 sheard....meh its not the best game

Ancelmo Moreno

I'd really give it a 1 star It's making me download this to get my app but it says to rate it five stars -.-

Sarahy Diaz

Cool Awesome game love it keep it up guys

kenneth larita

Pretty much Good Its just ok cause my new download needs to install it first...ugh! but its just ok.

Mohammad Al Juboori

Not nice game I try to get more xp but it stopped rainig and the game was shut down g

Nikita Pestov

Shit so bad and boring but I have to put five stats so i can get the app for free

Brandi Punch

There must be a glitch somewhere , I purchased 5 candies, but I don't have them, I was trying to up grade and it says I needed the 5 candies but where did they go? And when I go back to purchase them again, it says I already have this item..... I mean I can't get it again ? ??? Please fix this. Maybe then I will give a better rating

Emily Payton

Gold I've gotten around 10 gold candies, but it won't let me but anything that needs to be bought with said candies

Devontai Seumanutafa

Its he best Its one of my favourite games

Salina Kyle

Fun out of your mind

Sonic ReyL

It still the best game ever

Ian Kiinstler

Jip Have to pay money to advance and a free app not cool got it because it was free and you can't get free gold candies. There is a reason people get free apps .

Jullian Tristanis

Awesome Best game in the world

Max Carrero

Drastic Doin this for drastic emulator

A Google User

Just great I was soooo excited to install a file from 4shared then all of a sudden when i open it these freakin offers pop up and apps to install what a waste of my data & time :(

Sonic ReyL

It still the best game ever fun and enjoy

Denise Viray

I hate it I am downloading something game at 4shared. And there was an app that I need to download it. Are you fixing it? It takes a week to wait for my game I hate this game arghhh you are so boring I will give 3 stars when you fix this. You know why it was 3 stars, because, its takes a week like I just reapeted earlier. For everyone who is interested for this game, do not download it. Sorry for that I am just dissapointed

Samhar Potato Lord

4shared the invasion 4shared is a big ad company it only makes. you download stuiped games ONLY. And im doing this for gangstar vegas they are mean. I mean the spread around the people to make games like flappy bird and candycrush and kick buddy for no reason it start here you have been warned

A Google User

I'm just doing this for a freaking 4shared app. I'm just doing this for a freaking 4shared app. Seriously you should remove this from google play and replace it with something cooler. REMOVE IT! What's the reason why this game is good anyway! People are downloading this just for a survey! You guys suck! This app does not even deserve 1 star!

John Nathan

Omg such a waste of Time I downloaded it just to get another premium software. YOU CAN UNINSTALL THIS after getting your desired software. You can rate it whatever you like, no need to rate 5 star.

Kalpesh Mavji

I wish I can give no star at all..just a trick to download the app and advertising it wrong to download this app. Is such a hassle to get one app yiur after by downloading three apps to give rating. Bullshit!!

Jacob Painter

This is really gay.... I think this app gave me aids...This is horrible... and I'm like the other 99.99% doing this for a free app. .. but now I don't even want it and I'll only have 3 months to play it before the aids shutdown my body and I die

leonardo lapuz

Wreck it ralph I love this game,but the other part of the game was not running I wish to fix the ads on this game. Well I wish more to come. After of installing these corny apps I uninstall it hahah. If I see that this app had a virus I will let my Tito ninoy Aquino to remove this in apps store

John Auer

I'm with everyone else. 4 shared is forcing this atrocity upon me. Thankfully i get my game soon. Oh, and to the dev of this mother of all dumps, please, for the CHILDREN never make another game this awful. I dub thee mediocre at best but only cuz it is actually playable.

AnA castilli

This WAS one of my favourite games! I was addicted to this game, still am. I'm crying now, I ALMOST FINISHED THE WHOLE MAP! BUT, after tapping for hours I finally stopped playing! Then, today when I went on it started me from the beginning! AFTER TAPPING FOR HOURS! I'm so angry, please fix this, and if you can put me on the level I was on before that would be great! Plus, it doesn't let me connect to Facebook...

Paresh Rawal

I hate playing kids game I'm downloading this game just because of 4shared and trust me once I will get the app..I will play few levels. If the game is interesting, will play or else uninstall...: (

Gian Ruffy

I am doing this For 4shared bcuz I want the full version of my boy emulator u must quit wasting my tîme

Cameron Swan

Really weird not like the computer Not that addicting only had to download 1 app from 4shared to get 1 free app

Jade Jarvis

Stupid 4shared I'm forced. For this of you that have this app, you know how I feel. I was able to get five nights at Freddy's 1 & 2 without having to go through this crap.

Terrell Cuz Wilder

Im just doing this fore the. For share Not that fun a relly boaring game its stupid

Hibari Kyoya

Crap How did this get on playstore ? Honestly this is fudging pointless -_-.All you do is tap a piece of crap candy for no f ing reason. Dammit the only reason im downloading this is because of 4shared

Navneet Kumar

Doing it boz of 4shared Dumbos asked my age and gender and suggested this app bullshit

Rafid Ul Karim

Stupid 4shared Only doing this for 4shared. Why don't they get better games

ReVo Shade

Soon bad Just no...this is already a app and these people stole the idea and made it their own *face palm* and everyone is doing this for 4shared

Max Koehler

The shame the also Maxandgoldy, computers etc but I'm still have your

Thuin Rmah

hated it im doing because of 4 share I do like 4 share but not that much I want it to download mcpe 0.8.1

Juheb Habib

Hate you 4Shared Now we have to download your app to get stuff without those stupid adds.

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