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14 Apr
Sweet Baby Girl - Cleanup

Posted by TutoTOONS in Educational | April 14, 2015 | 105 Comments

Apk file size: 34.0 MB

It’s Sweet Baby Girl clean up time! Rush into 4 messy rooms with your favorite girls – Alice and Emma. Wash dishes, do laundry, iron clothes, mop the floor and do other cool house chores to make the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Laundry Room look nice and pretty again!

One of the best girls games!

4 rooms to clean up
8 Bathroom mini games
5 Bathroom cleaning tools
6 Bedroom mini games
3 Bedroom cleaning tools
19 Kitchen mini games
3 Kitchen cleaning tools
8 dirty dishes to wash
8 Laundry Room mini games
6 pieces of dirty clothing to wash and iron

Game features:

Little Emma will give you a sponge and bathroom cleaner. Scrub the tub and sink, then wash the dirt away. Clean the toilet, mop the floor, and you’re done!

Clean the mess in Alice’s room before her Mom comes home! Put the things to their places, wash the window, wipe the table and vacuum the floor. Sweet little Alice will thank you!

Sort out a pile of dirty laundry into whites and colors. Throw colored clothes into washer and press the start button. Hang the washings to dry and carefully iron them afterwards!

Take the dirty dishes and put them in the sink. Wash every plate, mug, cooking pot, glass, fork, knife and spoon with dishwashing liquid and sponge. Finish up by cleaning the sink, table and kitchen stove. Alice will be really proud of you!

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TutoTOONS part of our Educational and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 14, 2015. Google play rating is 66.52. Current verison is 1.2.1. Actual size 34.0 MB.

Download sweet-baby-girl-clean-up.apk 34.0 MB


Sonya Nyazema

Why do you only give us one part of the house Why do you only give us one part of the house I would understand if it were 2 parts bit it's not that is really unfair at least make us unlock the levels bit not by buying your games are the worst in the world

Margie Parrrish

Love it You do have to pay some legals but it teaches my kid how to clean

Hala Hamdouna

Not fair Why can't we get 2 parts of the house

Erum Memon

Blah U should unlock at least 2 rooms ! And the bathroom is so small

Arielle Walker

Should be free Its a game for kids why should u pay for a little kids game every single one of them

Yall Favorites

Stupid You Have To Buy Everything ON All They Games

Tammy Doan

I liked it but everything on tutor TOONS should be free then more people will get the game

Lamorna Dennett

Loved it I really loved it really enjoyed it

Beverly Morgan

You only get one room the rest are real money

Victoria Fletcher

How do you in lock everything.

Jennifer Opiela

Just like the last one

Alexus Chavira

It's ok It doesn't look that fun but I have not played it yet but it looks like you just do the same thing over and over.

Vee Dawson

I hate it !!!!! I just had downloaded and it won't even let me push play and when I do get to push play I see a back screen I am so Uninstalling.

h s

Sweet baby girl clean up I love this game. It is so fun! Everybody should play this game. You'll fell like if you are the mom and cleaning the house. It's just so fun. I love it very very much!

Andrea Patschke

Scam I installed it for my 4 year old. When she played it, we noticed 3 rooms are locked. If you clean the bathroom enough times, you can unlock the laundry with the game coins, but in order to play the other 2 rooms, you have to use real money. The object of the game is to clean, that's it. Why would I pay real money for a game that has no new objectives. Just the same thing over and over. SCAM! When my 4 year old gets tired of cleaning the 2 rooms, it will be uninstalled and forgot about.

Argh buyer Ykfhguh

First it was okay cuz I was playing playing it but then when I got to the part where I had $100 it went right off all is said is done 1010 1010 and time time time time that I'm going on and I said what he wants it it was just the game

Abigail smith

Sweet baby girl clean up If I was one of thoses girls I would of help my mom and dad a lot...

maria silva

Rooms Don't like it you can only do the bathroom unlock it and I will put 5 stars please fix

Priya Morakhiya

It's OK not full version. I can't play the full game.Plzz unlock all the things.Then I'll give you 5stars

Shannon Cantrell

Needs more. Needs more to do. And should have more unlocked. My daughter got bored very quickly. Uninstalled it.

Rory Livingston

its OK I don't mind doing the something over and over again

Joyce Giller

Stupid, when you have to pay for 3 rooms. Why would you do that? Uninstalled!!!!!!

Kariss Allam

What a shame I really was disappointed from this game it looks fun but when I wanted to play I found everything locked except the bathroom I will say this for everybody don't install this game

Alexis Bradley

Locked How many times do u have to clean the bathroom to unlock the next level i need to know

salman qasim

Loves this game I loved this game but 3 room are lock and we clean bathroom enough time so we can get the laundry and then 2 room are lock and I didn't know how to open it.

S.T.Zaidi Zaidi

Ok .Not so good Many stages are locked .In fact all r locked ecsept bathroom

Nakynzie Jacobs

? It will not let me play!

Shameekia Anthony

No It make me go back to playstore

Kaliyah Alderson

Hate the game I just installed it and three rooms are locked and only one is open

Janyia Pikes

Janyia772 pikes I want to wash the car

Akira Henderson

Suggestion This game is really cool and fun me and my sister really love this game and you guys should unlock all of the rooms

Alayjia Harris

Fraud Because when I downloaded it I only got one room unlocked

Ashna Sharan

I loved I played tthish if

Nasia Haynes

I hated it. Why can't we have at least 2 rooms? Every game you make has in app purchase. No one wants to buy something on an app for 2.75$.

Victoria Creed

Ugh????? It keep taking its precious time to load I tried yesterday and today it didn't even let me play

garima agarwal

Locked Only one room is unlocked and to unlock other rooms we have to pay money why can't we buy from game coins until you fix it I will give us one or two stars

Julianna Helm

Sweet baby girl. Clean up Why do you only let me have 1 room

John Guinn

Baby girl clean up It is so fun to play

Debralynn Bateman

Sucks It only gives you the bathroom to clean

Makayla Hicks

Ripoff This game is a ripoff it only gave us one room don't get this game??

Gabrielle Hadley

All of you are right. All of you are right we don't deserve these things if we don't have the money either

Kendall Bell123

I know right We only have one room

Greg Jones

Hate it Why does it give u one side ????????????????? bout to throw my brothers tablet

Tayla Else

Sweet baby girl clean up Liked it it was fun and all

Zainab Shirazi

????ohno the Princess is in trouble

Abul Hashem Jr

And makes sense is stupid people

Vernetta Young

Hate it One room,really

Rubina Asma

Wotst Why do you let me have only 1 room and rest all the rooms are lock

Mukul Agarwal

Only one level I hate this game because it has only one level to play...yes it is the wastage of money before I downloaded the game I thought that it is a wonderful game but it is a stupid game I hate this too much??????????<:)

Ahmed Doweidar Doweidar


Queline Malloy

I What it even know it alony One room still its olny a game I love it so much thank you. I'll buy some room im olny 9 but I have 10 dollers bye

victoria Shaunael

I remember They asked me if I liked monster closet and I said no and they asked me why not to make it better just tell why if you see it pop tell them why that's how all will be unlock

Ashley Eirls

Tryin to hard!! Tryin to hard to earn money don't try so hard if you wanna earn money make the game cost $1 don't make people pay Dearing the game I only got to clean the bathroom all the others cost real money. What's the point of having points in the game if you can't spend them????

Naveen Dua

Not so bad This game is very nice but it has only one level pls change

Gachan Tatz

Hated it! ! ! ! Hated it cause you have to buy another room again and again and if you want to have a 5 stars unlocked the other rooms

Empress Giles

It's ok I would give it a 5 star but it will not let u do every thing on it.

Nevaeh Wilson

Sweet clean up I think it is good not great at all

Deb Meusburger

It's fine game I am not sure what to do with the future pants I have

Gracie Analie

Fun but only ONE level! I loved it but I got so mad because there is only one level!!!

Tehyagrace Smith

worst game ever It is rubish you have to unlock loads. And u only get 1 room

Kaylane Runions

This is stupid It only lets u clean the bathroom and so i ask u don't download this game

marie pierre

One game Olny one game u could play and im olny 9 year this game sucks now people you hate it .........!

Jason Long

It is horrible Why does most tuto toon games give app purchaces i hate that itgives us olny the worst room the bathroom

american girl fun world

Omg this only. Has one level how can you unlock. It hate this game man

Sheriwet Amr

It's very nice I hope you have to download this game

Breanna Tucker

Hated it Because it only lets you do one room. And it only let me do the bathroom.

Lara Fernandes

Waste of money You can only do two things and the rest is paid it isn't fare because my family have to pay for a lot of things

Dawn Caufield

I hated it Because it only has one room ain't nobody won't to buy anything

Keniyah Thompson

HATE This games sucks because it only has one level

Sandy Coulter

It was okay It would have been nice to have more rooms but other than that it was really fun and helpful!(:

Bud Papa

Bad sh** I'm @8yr old girl I hate this game one lvl is some bad sh**=\??

Linda Boling

Why have a game that does not work?????????

Tashiya Wyatt

Omg only one room This made me mad who wanna only get to do one room

Shannel Salinas

Ok I would give it 100\100 but right now I give 40\100 because one thing really

Kerry Piddock

I HATE THIS GAME ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I hate this game so much , because you only have one level and it keeps on crashing I have to pour it off.

Jamai Johnson

Why do you have to wait until another room gets unlocked. That just stupid especially if u just got the game.

Kelly Kinchelow

Nobody like this game It only have one room

Chanel Viljoen

Unknown Give the full game. Nobody likes playing a game and then have to buy the rest of the game

Julianna Hanson

Do not get You only have one room its sucks

Emmapaige Carter1

I don't purchase but still love it

Kerry Piddock

I HATE THIS GAME ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I hate this game so much , because it only have one level and it keeps on crashing I have to pour it off. I'm so angry of this game

ali mukhtar

I hateeeee this game ???????? I hate this game because this game has only one level. Please don't download this game

Chyenne Kessinger


ella sabsabi

the worst game in the world this sucks it just has 1 level the bathroom wow. plus i dont think any one should download this game ( no game ) sucks no doubt *********

Cedric Whelchel

Hi good day haw you very by? did play he get go his likely!

Danielle Saucedo

Baby Do NOT get this game, you have to PAY for the other places.

Mandy Broughton

What a bummer We downloaded this and realized that you can only clean the bathroom and the other three parts of the game are locked. You have to pay to get the rest of the game

Amy Givens

I like it. It seems like a nice game but could you please make it free because kids don't have money and parents sometimes won't buy this mine won't

Kristy Keister

Sweet Baby Girl- Clean Up What's this Game??? Who even made this Game? Because it looks Very very very Fun to play.


Actually... Actually I just downloaded this app but because of your comments i will uninstall this game. But wait a second i don't believe in you guys i will do what ever i please ? ok i love this game now.

Rose Reyes

Sweet baby girl clean up This will be the best game ever??☺

Kevin Carruthers

Are u kidding me U download the game and all u can choose from is cleanig the bathroom??? You guys are so selfish cause its same with all the other games you have made...

operador principal

SUCKS this game SUCKS SSOOOOOSSOSOOO bad!!!! Who would Make this???!!! It's horibble! Creepy big headed babies cleaning the bathroom and you can't even clean the rest of the house? That sucks! I wish I didn't have to rate even one star!

Ashlynn:3 yay

Deserves a 0 It is horrible u have 1 Room and thats it i do not recommend yes you can pay a 1 for it all but ain't nobody got time for that ???

Abeeha Aamir

Hate this games I think its an awesome games but when I download it..... It was sooooo boring . hate this game

Mukul Agarwal

Only one level I hate this game because it has only one level to play...yes it is the wastage of money before I downloaded the game I thought that it is a wonderful game but it is a stupid game I hate this too much??????????<:)

Ellie O'Donnell

I hate it there is only one game to play which is to clean the bathroom if there were more games it would be better but for now it's just boring

Christina Bottomley

Dome I hate it there was two things unlocked and I did one but when I was done with that round I saw it locked so who ever made this game it is severely bad is this game supposed to be DOME?????????????????. D oes people like it O never make this game AGAIN M. E.

ady abdelwahed

I will not rate it Very bad game just 1 room all of the games that begins with the word sweet little girl is bad and with money

Bud Papa

Bad sh** I'm @8yr old girl I hate this game one lvl is some bad sh**=\??

PunkPrincess MLP

Boo If I could I would give this app zero stars only one level how wack

Angela Stanfield

Sweet baby clean up It is Ok its better than sweet baby daycare why do i have to pay for rooms its not fair ?!

Lana Shah

RUBBISH I know its rubbish u can't even do anything except clean the bathroom

Eman Amer

A very bad game I hate this game do never download it because it has only one level

Mckenzie Silva

Hate it Its the worst game I've ever played u have to buy rooms to clean inside

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