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4 Sep
SWAT and Zombies

Posted by Manodio Co., Ltd. in Arcade | Sept. 4, 2015 | 151 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

SWAT and Zombies

Fight a lost battle against the zombies before they kill you!!
No time to rest!!! As the game progress the tension builds!! Suspenseful and entertaining!!

Be S.W.A.T to kill zombie for protecting your villages.
Aim for the pouring out zombies!!
Fight and shoot till you die against never ending zombies!!

This is new type of defense games. Be careful!! It is very addicted!!

-Collect weapons: Collect around 50 different types of weapons. You will feel real graphic and feeling of shooting.
-Experience unique Zombies: Skating zombie, bowling zombie, zombie pikemen, big zombie, pinky zombie, zombie dog
-Challenge healthy mode: You can’t clear the healthy mode without upgrade. But!! You can challenge it!!
-Best Weapons: The best weapon to kill zombies is Sniper. Target zombies to drag your finger and shoot it!! It will be best feeing ever!!
-Spectacle sound effect: Each weapon has different sound effect. Make the game more fun!!
-Training best S.W.A.T: You can upgrade strong S.W.A.T with stars.

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Whats new

    ***** 1.1.6 Version UPDATE *****
    - Support LolliPop..
    ***** 1.1.5 Version UPDATE *****
    - Review popup fixed
    - And some fixes.
    ***** 1.1.2 Version UPDATE *****
    - add new Stage (MAL MART)
    - add new S.W.A.T
    - add new Zombies
    - balance & minor bug fix

Manodio Co., Ltd. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2015. Google play rating is 85.0138. Current verison is 1.1.6. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download swat-and-zombies.apk 21.0 MB


Joseph Adrianus

I'm disappointed to you I know this game has great potential but after almost 2 years without update why cooldown time for purchasing advanced soldiers like machine gun, sniper etc still soooooo long time to wait??? (no change)...chatting page isn't needed cause it just offline battle maybe because of it this game troubled with force close

Chris Scott

swat v zombies loved this game but not any more,was made to update game and game will not open anymore so all upgrades i made are lost.thanks. :-(

donald rockwell

Crap It wont open. As soon as i click on it i get a black page then it tells me it has stopped and i have to force close it...

eli ralls

Good Good but not the best game ever

Michael McClenning

CANT PLAY IT I got the game when I got to the loading thing it went black then it went to my home screen

Jaime Silva

Awesome Awesome love the game wen is gunu come aute aria4 pliz rileset still love the game.

Ryan Thomas

Sucks Won't let me open or even play the app, tried uninstalling and installing, wifi, no wifi... won't let me play

Denis Dagescka

Cool game...just try it now.. Cool game..just try it now..

Brett Zaker

Good game highly adictive

Dustin Towns

It won't open keeps going to a black screen fix this and I'll rate 5 stars

Kohyn Lincoln

Awesome game

mike barlow

It's okay

prank lyn

i think so

babouble bab

Why do I have to keep rating it? Great game overall

Night Blade

Good but........... The payment in stars u earn is different and good but u cant earn more stars to upgrade if u r stuck on a level

Nate F

Not plants vs zombies This game constantly asks for a review, hence the 1 star, they shouldn't badger people for reviews and they give u no time to set up a defense and you have to buy the last 2 seat slots, it seems like they make it so difficult so u have to buy them, more trying to force u into things.

clinton Nguyen

Why so long to load units Why the flip/fudge does the loading to buy units soo long cant ye jus have place atleast/kill atleast this many zombies to buy this item other than that orsum

Eric Lin


Massimo Ferrara

Dear well.... Whoever I like the game because there's lots of wepons so there's so many things to upgrade I'm just new so thanks for the hints as well for beginners.


Pretty Good! Dont get much of a chance to play the game unless you rate but considering how much yiu can upgrade it kinda petfect for me. Killing zombies and leveling up! Awesome.

Mihr Pinga

FIX IT I cant download it.... it says i have insufficient storage but i got 200 + mb and i tried again it says package file is invalid

James Punzal

Dropped it down to 1 star, just because of the pop up asking me to rate even after I gave it 5 stars before.

Fatima Mansour

Okie doke It kept me entertained while I waited to go to work dis morning n so did kush thank the world for zombies n kush

Art Lopez

Game play is great, weapons are awesome. Its a little difficult getting upgrades though because of the lack of stars per level. I would like to be able to get more stars.

scott collins

Epic But it keeps asking me to rate and now I did but make it so you can evolve the people and make a mode where you can use the zombies

Justin Light

Fun Fun but more troops plz like just try to think of a troop that really good but it costly :D and take some time to reload

Christian Murrell

Addicting Game This is a very addicting game due to the levels and upgrading system. I find myself playing this game for hours, the graphics are decent and the gameplay is smooth. In would definitely recommend this game.

Will I am Murray

Not all that Maybe I can actually play this game now. I keep being bothered to rate this game like 2_min into the game rate the game shows right in the middle of action. Stop that n let me a least play for a while first then ask me to rate it

Leo Buring

Fun This game does have spelling errors and other odd cons but all in all it is just plain entertaining and addictive. 5/5

Anna Tribble

Lol ok hope u guys get something I would like to see you soon as you know what you want to go to hunters but the fact that you have a good time to time. . I am good how are you doing today. I have 10 tattoos and 4 piecings I have a concussion and a migraine maybe I

Evan Kaufman

3 things that need to be fixed Edit: -1 more star for still asking to post a review evry 5secs even after I post one. 1st off I think having to tap the swat officers to reload I is unnecessary and makes the game boring. They're swat officers they don't need to be told to reload. 2nd upgrades should also improve attack not just 10 points for health cuz that's also boring. Lastly stop asking us to post a review every 5 seconds in the game. Fix these 3 and ull get 5*'s but for now its pretty boring so 2*'s.

Richard VL

Good I love this game.. But it's too difficult to play since upgraded soldier needed.. I think it's imposible to finish the game if not spent money to get more stars..

sam d'Amor

doesnt work the app wont start at all... so dont waste your device storage for this game.

Ryan Lewington

Good game but... I feel it's forcing IAPS down your throat by making the game impossibly hard very quickly... you don't get enough money to buy swat quick enough before you get hit by loads of zombies and you get killed. The skateboard and dog zombies are stupid and make it even harder to defend the exit as they just jump over your hard earned soldiers -.-

Joseph Adrianus

Has this game been abandoned? Very poor cause i heavily like the concept n strategy but not managed well by the developer

Mijo M

Swat v.s zombie Cool game can you add a flamethrowers in thanks

Monica Gonzalez

Did not open when I downloaded it It didn't open when It was done downloading and it Said unfortunately it has stopped and I reported it once smh looked like a good app :/

Dante Castillo

ARE U ZOMBIES?... Improve the SWATS. By making the Weapons activation FASTER, makes your app to be PLAYFUL..can the player win if the enemies are MANY, STRONGER & FASTER? THERE IS NO STRATEGY TO PLAY IT LONGER...better make your app to be "ZOMBIES VS ZOMBIES. Because you are dead playing w/ dead..


Force Close. Disappointed. I've just downloaded the game recently but no matter what manner of sorcery I tried it just wouldn't launch. I installed it on different devices ranging from tablets to old and new phones. It just won't open, please fix this problem.

Aaron Rosas

Pretty good game, but pop ups a bit annoying

jon oyler

Just downloaded. Won't open at all on my lg g3. Such a shame because it looks really fun. From reading others reviews it appears the devs dont care anymore and have forsaken their own game.

Sharon Sanqui

The entering of the app It's hard to explain when I downloaded the app and enter it it says sorry the app has stopped and I deleted this game a year ago why u do this game it can't even open

Spicy R.09 Fall

said of my classmate, if I rate 5 stars will you give me 5 stars at my s&z?

Francis Ken Santos

Like it But when does area 4 come out I've already finished it?

Michael Altamore

It doesn't open They probably just stopped making it maybe in the alpha version cause it just won't open so if there's a way idk if its my phone I'm on the galaxy edge so not sure what's wrong

Ty M

Can't play Every time I start the application it won't work

Juan Martinez

Fix it This app does not work on my note 4

David Limbu

Dis game is pretty awesome Its similar to plant vs zombies n swat mens are da best part

John DiMarco

Doesn't work On Sony Xperia Z2 with 5.0.2 Android

Mandi Kneifl

It won't work Who ever made this game better fix it

Stephen Hoang Nguyen

App has stopped Like this kind of game, but can't open and play it. Hmm . . .

paul chant

No work Title sums it up!?

Camden Gallagher

Sucks can't even open it I can't open the game at all and every time I click. It takes.,me to a black screen and makes me wait forever

Andrew Boyce

Does not work Game won't load when I tap on the game the screen goes black and then kicks me off the app

Fagasau Taouma

The heck What the heck when I tap my troops to go out in the battle field they just stand still at the starting line

Star Long

Amazing! The game is good but I wish we get coins instead of stars and once we retry, we should get coins again.

peter keane

Terrible App doesn't even open. Force closes all the time

Nathan Gecsek

Its an epic game but... Its won't start at all on my phone, every time I tried to start it, it'll say sorry this game stopped every time and hopefully you guys can fix this problem so I can play the game, this game is so awesome and Im really hoping you'll fix this problem and my phone is Samsung Galaxy S5 and version 5.0

Phoenix Sniper

Soooo fun Dude dont even think about getting it just get it!!!!!

Dian Senia

Love this game really awesome you should try it out right now Love so awesome get it

Ang Ram

Does not work I tried to play the game but i quits me out of the game

Dhion Setio

Aww This game is keep crashing,after ads is always crash,fix pls

Jedi Knight

Crashes upon start. Unsure of ant existing issue after 3 reinstallations.

angga putra

Cool But need more improvement to make graphic more smooth..

Amr Alaa

Its run smoothly on my device galaxy E5 but grafic is low need to improve besides some levels is very hard on normal mode finaly its a good game but need more episodes & updates

Jr. Paleontologist

Good Good but swat should be able to reload themselves

Irviantanto Haditomo

Good game Wonderful for strategic games and marvelous, awesome dude

Jessie Hernandez

Its cool You can get stars easily and also its cool you can make them fit on alot of cirlcles but it takes them forever to load the big guns yea

John Matondo

I have playing my swat and zombies for along time but now I dont play anymore because my swat and zombie just restart over and over everytime I play that's why I unistalled it

Joshua Gillis

Would give it better but.. I have had this game for a few days now. I've had to troubleshoot it on and off due to random crashes with it on my LG G3. I also had some credits laying around, i utilized those credits and it crashed my game but accepted the credits. So as a measure i had to restart the game completely to stop the crashing after buying the items to find out my extra two slots are gone, as well as all the upgrades i had done to the different swat members. Due to this and ads not being gone i am uninstalling.

Andi Satria

it's all good now i can play it. but i can't pick up coin that dropped by zombies. still using ZF5

Julian Lamb

A good game I like it because u can upgrade your stuff but u need more stars to get guns

Phoenix Rain SuperYummy

Doesn't save levels My son keeps getting to level 12 or higher then it restarts the whole game over again without saving his level? This has happened several times now. What is going on?!

Carl Zer

K kkkkk,nice game but why ad to many,pls remove and change the graphic to be more hd?

Tai Mclauchlan

Fun. But You need to make it so that you have to buy swat people the you'll get that extra star!!!!plz

Jarel Gopher

Its a very good game but sometimes it freezes please fix that but any way good game


Just Started Playing and... ...Loving it so far. [Will give more updates as I progress] Update #1: I am now 20+ levels into the game and the difficulty spiked hard, now the game has become more frustrating than fun. Problem is: I need stars to upgrade so I can progress, but the only way to get stars is to beat levels, which I can't do without upgrading. So I think I think I'm done with this game now, but it was real fun while it lasted.

Joseph Adrianus

Shit Lag lag lag lag and then...hang! Still the same like before, shotgun, rifle etc are toooooooooo long waiting time and so do the weakling machine gun is totally useless...not containing multiplayer battle so what's the use of chatting page

Benjamin Lowell

So Good It's so good because of all of the good guys and so many bad guys


Awesome game!!! Loved it!!!! Shoot all types of zombies with new seat different guns... Download it is so cool!!!

Sena Randy

Bad game Cannot opened always force close , my device's asus 4s zenfone

Timmy Herrin

Frezzes every wave so I have to hit home and try again

Elias Castillo

4 stars because when I play this game on WiFi it sometimes force closes can you plz fix that I appreciate it.

James Rampo

terrible game. plants vs zombies was good. whoever made this game should be stripped of rank and title and made to live in a forest.

Antuan Duran

Awesome game love it but im deleting it but really awesome game and its cuz i have no space for other stuff but the game game is really fun ????????????

tyler bugaj

Cant play it I tap the app, the screen goes black, then it says the app had stopped working. It looks good and I want to play it so bad


Ads midgame They have ads popping up in the first mission when your tapping through the tutorial. Greedy sob un installed and removing and files from this game

Jeremy Bitzel

Edit: just started playing, but probably going to be one of my best games, since it is compatible with lollipop

Luke Denis

Thanks for the update and reply! It works now and I like it, but the graphics could be better. Thanks though!

Randy Ortiz

It better I'm still waiting for my stars I paid for.

Anthony Lara

Very fun but.... 1.This game is very fun but after 3 missions the sound mutes and i have to keep resarting the app 2.Sometimes the app doesn't even open thats why I rated 4 stars..... can u please fix this

Gustavs Hofmanis

Gustavs I loved it because it is so asome and pleace do downloud it.

Rudy Zozaya

Does anybody else realize the song they have is from fnaf 2 trailer? ;-)

Frankentein Annonymous

so many ads.. I will give 5 if you fix this idiot ads.. Thankz :)

Mario Candelaria

Meh Poor graphics and gameplay..good game maybe 5yrs ago

Andro HE

Best Zombie game This game is the best game of zombies I've ever played

Jake Slatsky

Just getting started Fun so far but the English is terrible... me no speak a Espanola lol..

Angga Raharja

Nice game but ... (zenfone2) always freezing in the midle of game. It should be 5 stars when the problem is solved

Shakil Abid

Love it cant stop playing but please fix the "Swat and Zombies has stopped" thing thank you

Andres Lopez

Fun game It's one of those games that make you buy

Brian Rosonina

Great Game This game is really good , some things i wish the would fix is that it take less stars to upgrades thing , but that my only problem

Carlos sandoval

Carlos Boo this game sucks because no matter what they won't give u good guns to be able to kill them quick

Saleh Hamdan

Best game ever Very addictive pluse I'm getting better and better

Mason Zoltowski

Best game ever I've been playing since I was 8

Precy Caya

I like two star only Because this game always stop every day

Evan Lee

DON'T GET THE GAME The game keeps freezing after I completed a level and one time it froze the whole phone I had to take the case off to remove the battery and it ended up breaking my phone case.

Doug Char

Pretty good game, some issues I like the game, it's fun and easy to play. If not for the crashing, around 1 out of every 5 times launched, I would give it 5 stars.

Tiffany Montgomery

Not bad Just started playing it, so I dont have much to say right now....

John Wick

Good game But I cant get too many loots

Wesley Hicks

Game is ok, though waiting for your troops to reload is annoying because sometimes, you only get to deploy one of that troop the entire battle, I think it would be better if the troop cool down would decrease with each upgrade. Getting enough stars for upgrades is another problem, in order for your troops to be truly useful you pretty much need to focus your stars on your units with the shortest cool down as most with long cool downs are useless. That or you Don't have enough gold to buy the unit

Juliana Barretto

Lots of lag made me HATE it. Could it be any worse? The game force closes every 5 min, it also freezes, randonly restarts and makes u loose every achievement. Plus, some units waiting time is an eternity. By the time u kill a guy the level is already over. The worst was losing all the stars that took me so long to get. That's pretty frustrating, not to say ANNOYING! Uninstalling...

Brenda Anchondo

Cool Good game it's cool

Khamara Ashby

Fix this! After spending money on this game, it wont let me open it! I click on the app to open it and it closes straight away and says "Swat vs Zombies isnt working" FIX THIS ASAP ??

Iboy Dimas Amardatu

love the game,but hate the "accident" closed..!! please fix the "not responding" and "hard close".. and create saving progress,in case the players have to reset the phone..

Conner O'Brion

This game is unbalanced The spear zombies are always out of reach from anything except snipers. The snipers die in two hits, and the spear zombies attacks can hit 2-3 swat each. So your snipers aren't even safe in the back! All in all I would not recommend this game to anyone!

Daemon Hardy Bishop

Best Buy it buy it it's awesome fun I can spend 10 hours a day on this game and not get board so please give this game 5 stars because it's worth it

Jshai Is Boss

I LOVE THIS GAME This game is awesome and addictive I used to play this all the time until my phone started acting up and I have to throw it away but now I am playing this game on my Kindle Fire.

jocelyn barce

I love it I love it so much i rate 5 stars because this is my favorite game i play it and play and play and someone delete it so i download ii again it take me a minute to download it so make another of this game swat and zombies 2 please make another one?

Perpetual Cynic

It WAS cool. I liked the game. It was fun and challenging, but it decided to stop working, and freezes my phone. It requires a restart to do anything. My phone began to run very slowly, until I removed the game. Download at your own risk.

Francis Ericsson David

LOVED IT!!!!! SO WOW Awesome game but i rated 5 star cause its amazing but when i opened the app just blackscreen fix this please i really loved this game..???? i hope you understand me and hope you wil really fix this.........☺☺☺. -Francis

ayam goreng

LAG AND CRASH This game is utter bullshit it crashes and lag like crazy useless app


Fix If I could actually enter the game, I would five star it. I'm on an Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4.5

Emmanuel Almeniana

I love this game but i want more swat and zombie new challenges and area please make it because i really love this game iam so bored because i finish it i wanT more area???

Elizabeth Gonzalez

This game is amazing becouse all the levels are for free and every 4 levels you play give you a knew gun I don't know what to say

marshia hawlader

This is dam . When I open the game it's dark and dark . Then it says are you report, wait or cancel ho it's worst

Hiwaa Go

Love this game so much even though I just started..Hope there is next version

Adnan Mujanovic

Swat zombies I love it and it's so cool and the grafikes are good

Lukem Woolcock

Enjoyable but unfair game,they stole all my stars and the gun wasn't upgraded then they stop giving me !! I am taking it off my damn phone!!

Andrew Pretty

Great game freezes often Like the game not too far in but annoyed with frequent crashes at least a 3rd of the time I play

jorge salinas

Can you Google play people start making the games 4k please ill really appreciated

Brandon Ramirez

Waste of time First time I downloaded this app,loaded the app and waiting to play a cool game...instead I see black just black...waiting for no reason. I just wasted like half an hour waiting for it to load but nothing. Plz fix this I ready want to play this game.Until I can really play this game for real I would give this game a higher rating than 1 star.

jon oyler

It works now! Won't open at all on my lg g3. Such a shame because it looks really fun. From reading others reviews it appears the devs dont care anymore about their own game. (update) well it took 3 and a half months for you to reply lol. But I'll admit i was wrong you havent forsaken your game it works on my device now. upgrading my rating.

Rassie Swarts

Advertisements and pop ups Advertisements are blocking the view as well as controls, while playing the game your playstore opens advertising another game, this is within 5 minutes of playing the game for the first time. My opinion, dont waste your time.

Phoenix Wraith

Lies and useless crap Claims to have over 8 million dowloads, when it has only 5. Game black screened and presented me with a message informing me that it had stopped. Thanks for stopping me playing this hunk of crap, Android!

Cody Sebastian

Cool game. Game crashes if you mute the sound I tried muting the game and it crashes every time. Galaxy Note 5 6.0.1

Jacob P.

Ranged zombies overpowered early game The only swat that can even target the ranged zombies when you first see them (spear and bowler) is the sniper (which is expensive, slow, and is easily killed by bowler zombies).

Micheal Jones

Won't let me play!!! This game is fun, but can you please fix it? Every time I try to play it, an ad pops up and it crashes. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!

Muhammad Akmal

Cant open,freeze,crash To the point,truely what some people said...its freeze when u want to play then crash from your phone.Dear friend,people hope so much u can fix that "problem".By the way,your game very very awesome but have a lot of problem.Dear friend,you actually want people enjoy your game but the problem let people hate much your game.Please understand what some people said..i just using broken english to let you understand :)

Aidan Kilburn

Fix my problem The game automatically closes while playing it fix this and you get that one star

Jennifer Carey

Can't really rate it.... I've tried to play it, but it immediately said "Unfortunately, Swat and Zombies has just stopped". Can you help me please? This could be a great game if it was fixed, and more people would put positive reviews instead of negative.

Joey and Owen Maguire

To Hard The spear zombies are impossible to kill 'cause they are to far away and I can't shoot them and the bombs (the ONLY way to kill them) are to expensive so fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars!?

Vincent Alder

Awsome but.. Can you remove the skateboard zombies they jump over all my swat and I never can win. Please fix!

Arvel Weda Gama

good, but... i can only use 4 slot if i use 5 slot, it will force close also, why it's so slow to purchase something? fix this then 5 star is yours

Eric Miroiu

BEST swat game I know It's very cool and I like the way you can upgrade the weapons and get new swats please add a double pistol and double baton swat but awesome game.☺☺☺?????????????????????

Jorge Frias

Game is good The ads are out of control i had this game a few years ago ads are killing me.

Si_auto Tony

Played for the third time.BORING!!?? I already played for the third time and still no area 4. Plese hurry up with the update so i'll be more happy.

Nikki Pavao

Fun simple game Great game for passing time while waiting would be 5 stars if u fix the bug that lags the game. Please update to receive 5 stars

Kevin Heeney

Lag Randomly closes, and some units have a huge waiting time. By the time u get one guy the level's over

Joseph Adrianus

good potential but being abandoned like mario balotelli if someone willing to save this game's future from manodio please, because actually i really like this game's concept than the plants vs zombies but it hasn't been managed well and even has been abandoned no update anymore for many many months by manodio :(

Tyler Thompson

O M G !!! The first time i played this game it worked fine but now every time i try to play it , it jut says S.W.A.T vs zombies has stopped . and then it takes me off of the game.

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