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2 May
Super Sleep Sheep Count

Posted by SocioLabs SpA. in Casual | May 2, 2012 | 66 Comments

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***Discover the soothing experience of Super Sleep Sheep Count***
***Ad-Free App!***

Relaxing music... a nice little farm after sunset... and cute little sheep going your way, asking you to gently toss them to the other side of the gate, where they can fall asleep after a hard day of grazing. What else do you need before going to sleep?

This amusing little app will entertain you, your familly and kids while fighting insomnia. Help the sheep get to the other side of the gate, so they can cuddle all together for a good night sleep.

Hey, there’s more! If you toss enough sheep, you will see how different and surprising characters will suddenly appear for you to toss.

Super Sleep Sheep Count Features:


With just one flick, relax your way to a good night sleep with Super Sleep Sheep Count!

SocioLabs SpA. part of our Casual and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 2, 2012. Google play rating is 67.6821. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 5.6 MB.

Download super-sleep-sheep-count.apk 5.6 MB


mollye may

Amazing Its soo good I have reallh bad sleeping issues and this is great I cant get to 150 without falling asleep

Kymm Bear

Wow! I can't believe it, I actually got super sleepy and fell asleep a few moments after starting this app! Haha, how do you do it!? Oh but you might want to make a lil tutorial or something for this--some people can't figure out how to make the sheep jump over the fence and get fustrated and give you a bad review. It took me a bit to discover I had to swipe the sheep. Also another thing--sometimes the sheep come as pixeled boxes instead of cute sheep. Maybe thats a bug/glitch you could fix? :)

rachael day

Love it! I have tried everything to help me sleep in the end I'm left laying in bed awake at 3 o'clock still. This app is amazing I find myself trying to get to 200 before I eventually nod off and if I can't sleep I do another 200 and my eyes close sometimes while playing love it! And to the people saying it's boring it isn't ment to be fun how do you expect to get to sleep if your having fun? Just keep going and eventually you will shut your eyes.

Birgit Schumacher Nohr

This app is amazing! It was about midnight and I didn't feel tired at all when I decided to try this app, but just after about 400 sheep, I stopped looking at the screen, then after a few more, I let my hand fall, just listening to the relaxing music, and shortly after, I fell asleep. And that usually takes me several hours! The only thing that could be better, is the way the music loops. You can very clearly hear that it stops and starts again. If it's possible to make the music loop a bit smoother, that would make it perfect.

Reba Mcgee

Relaxing! This is the most relaxing game I've played! It may not put me to sleep but it relaxes me better than anything else I've tried. Only thing is the music good be better. 5 stars amazing

A Google User

Ummm.... Didn't work... froze up...had to restart my tablet. After several tries I could finally play it but all I saw were jumping brown blocks on a farm background...Were those the sheep?

Ella Mears

Froze My phone froze up when i stared to go onto this app. It didnt help me get to sleep at all. Also the sheep didnt even jump.over the fence. It was a complite waste of time downloding this app.

Zak Y

Meh... U have to flick your finger to make the sheep jump and the response is about 1 in every 4 flicks. Definitely doesnt help soothe you to sleep, more like leaves you frustrated at bad programming. Could be worse though

Akemi Tsutsui

Relaxing, effective and very cute I always use this app when I'm having trouble falling asleep and sure enough counting these sheep put me right to sleep. The music is very relaxing and the design of the app is very cute. I love the moon and waves that move suuuuper slowly and the sheep are adorable.

Kelsey Jones

Only one issue I like the app and it did make me a little sleepy, but I don't like having to swipe the screen to get the sheep over the fence. I'd rather just tap or watch them hop over the fence. Other than that it's pretty cool!

Lori-Ann Tonte

adorable The sheepies are super-cute, and the music and visuals are very soothing. It's sweet how the flock tucks themselves in (literally!). "Keeper" app.

Katrina Brown

It is ok I love it but the second time I used it the gold sheep was a block of blur and that made me quit

Angela Jones

It works! I was joking with my husband when I said they should make a counting sheep for sleep app. And here it is AND it works!! Between the colors and music I'm amazed and grateful for the sheep!:-) only thing that would make this a 5 is if you could aloud and the sheep jumped over the fence. That would be sooooo awesome!

Abby Paresky

Amazing I fell asleep at 25!! This app is just amazing. Before I got it, I would be falling asleep at lime 4:00 am. Now I'm vetting perfect rest!!!!!

A Google User

I recommend Just lay your head down, start playing and you'll be asleep in no time. And the best part about it? It's ad free. It's not just Another "free" app. Thank you dev

A Google User

Ok Really cute but hardly gets you to sleep... Stopped when I first opened it but worked on the second try. Doesn't really do what it's made for

Alexis Niska

I yawned a few times. The music was very annoying and I never fell asleep and after a while it got boring

A Google User

Lovely & Soothing The landscape is soothing, the soundtrack atmospheric, and the sheeps actually wait for you patiently to jump. And then they turn into fluffy clods. A+++++

Martin Wright

Um... I like the concept but realistically I don't see how this could possibly help. Why does it require you to flick the sheep manually and not just loop? That isn't relaxing or helplful to inducing sleep. I got to 17 and then out of utter stubbornness gave up trying to sleep all together and got up to do some writing instead. I'm not sure that was the intended effect it was supposed to have...

Alexis C. Texidor

I like it. Pretty awesome. Felt myself getting sleepy around 150. Definitely recommend installing F.lux on your device as it blocks blue light, which prevents sleep. Probably why some people haven't had any success with it. As a suggestion, it'd be nice to turn off individual sound elements instead of just muting everything.

Russia Lux

Worked great! I went to sleep quickly watching the sheep's bounce

Jade W

Awww Every 50 you get a gold sheep love it soooooo much

Joy David

Aww Super addictive and adorable. Here I am counting sheep trying to get to sleep but having no success. This game is awesome. I always try to set myself targets then go to sleep and it sometimes works. But usually I end up playing til 3 in the morning. My point is that this is a game that never gets old and I totally recommend it.

Mikaela Adams

Simply no The Title of this app will say super sleep sheep count, when it should relly say, putting sheep over a fence, to dumb music. And u dont even get to count it your self, it does it for you........ Why? Most pointless app ever!!!! Jst a waist of my mb.

Kaitlyn Anne Mueller

It was exactly what I wanted Boring quiet game that makes you tired. Perfect

Misty Evans

Changed my life! This app is amazing for chronic insomniacs like myself... I just deactivate the sound and enable a pink noise app in its place... I've never made it past 350 sheep.... (usually no more than 200)...This is actually my first review on the Play Store and you deserve it! Thank you!!!

Guus Goossens

Poor quality and crashes Looks low res on my 1080p screen. Sheep trowing isnt dynamic as in they all fall in the same way. The game has a menu button... And when I press it the game crashes.

Winter Edwards

I love it no bugs and the music is so calm and peaceful I have to get up at 6:00am and I have some problems sleeping and I usually get to sleep at 3:00 or 12:00 so when I get about to 170 sheep I'm out. the creators should be awarded thanks for making this ????? ?

Srikrishna Das

Cute sheep Nice graphics work. Nice music. I think the game is broken though.. that occasional ram or wolf people are talking about here.. are shown as broken images in my install. Please fix :)

John Forrester

Cute I thought the sheep were adorable but the game was kinda boring. I did 237 sheep just waiting for something to happen. Like a new level or something. But overall it was adorable and made me sleepy. :)

A Google User

What's the point? Perhaps the most pointless app ever. It's literally just you, making sheep jump over a fence. No point in counting; it does it for you. Why?

River Martin-hay

Amazing!!!! Omg\ oh my gosh this app is literally amazing I fall asleep fast

Kitty Dyrdrek

Amazing I've always had problems with insomnia and this helped me, I'm only at 100 sheep and I can barely stay awake

Constance Brown

Sheep counting sleep aide! Great way to quiet your brain so you can go to sleep. Amazing

Amiru chndrasena

It dont work I went up to 200 hundred and I didn't call sleep it doesn't work for me

Gwyn Willough

Relaxing..... but, There were some graphics issues. Please fix and I will give 5

LadyMelissa Townsend

Soothing & Fun Cute sheep (and the occasional goat? Or maybe a ram?), nice music, tranquil setting. Especially like the rising & setting of the Moon. A keeper for this insomniac.

Yazmin Toledo

This actually works try it for your self and you'll see it actually works!!

Incineration Arts

Love it I have trouble sleep due to my stress issues, and this really helped me. Thank you :)

Jasmine Rodriguez

Good but.... Making go to sleep good but racist I was counting white sheep then one black sheep comes one but it still good never mind it sucks

Jacqueline Whittington

Sleep Ok i have a big prob i cant go to sleep at night and i look for millions of sleep apps and this one worked ☺???

Nastiti Andini

i'm So amazed I don't like to sleep in the afternoon, but with this app im sleepy and im fall a sleep

Jessica Roberts

Works great for a moment. . . I really didn't think that this app would work but it really does make me tired, up until the freaky unexpected goats pop in the picture. I was feeling sleepy and then I got startled by the ugly goats. Please remove the goats and it will be perfect.

Laura Vos

Cute, but not effective It's a cute app, the music is nice, but it's not cure for the insomnia I have. Played to over 200 sheep and then the game crashed. Also swiping to make the Sheep jump isn't very good. Simply tapping would be more mindless. Nice effort though.

Eve Medvetz

Amazing! This is the best game ever although I one suggestion to make it better. 1: looks, sometimes I see blurry white blocks are those sheep? And please take out the black and gold sheep +goats because right when I am dozing off BAM! That ugly goat pops up and startles me and then it takes me back to wide awake plus golden sheep is scary and unnatural.

Charlie Ducharme

Bad game her bad game I would tell you all the reasons I hate this but I am only going to tell you 2. 1 I got to 205 stopped playing because game was stupid. 2 I was NOT sleepy worst game ever how ever like this game you are crazy

Hailey Rogers

It really does work I fell A sleep really fast but u should add a rainbow sheep with rainbow sand that wold be great and u should also add a level so that is u are board I will keep u up and happy and entertained I is so a some u should make mor games love it so much it solved my sleep problem

Jessica Hill

Amazing and brilliant This game is brilliant because it's hard for me to get to sleep but this made me go to sleep better I got to 160 before I fell asleep.secind time I got to 250 without falling asleep yay Im Tring ro get to 1000.

sadie strawder

Kyocera waterproof/lifeproof The game works great on my phone. I love the concept of the game. It does make me sleepy, not like I expected. I thought it wouldn't work. Not that I don't like the game, but if there was an update, then it would be great if after about 1 minute, it would go to the home screen, clear the app, and turn off, that would be awesome.

Ivy Nash

Pretty good Relaxing music, dark background, gets you sleepy. Only problem is that it does not make me go to sleep, but really relaxes me. While playing this, make sure to blink slowly and squint while doing so. Trust me. It may work for others, but not me. There is nothing that you have to change though. Perfect how it is.

Charisma Lombardo

Was good It worked well for a wile but then the sheep started to be pixelated boxes befour that it was perfect plz fix

Arabella Mckellips

It's ok The game is practically flipping sheep over a fence and it plays music. It makes me sleepy but you must be in a completely dark room for it to work I suggest it to 15 under for anyone older its hard to work

Mayonaka Bubble

Insomniac I'm an insomniac that has trouble falling asleep. This app helped so much! Although it didn't actually put me to sleep it did make me sleepy enough to fall asleep. I got to 220 before I was able to just put the phone down and fall asleep within a few minutes. I was really skeptical of this app and its reviews at first, but it really does work!


523 sheep later.... I'm still wide awake Figured I'd try it. Golden sheep ruins the relaxed feel every 50 sheep

Shannon Pogue

Creepy. Would be nice, if the music and the sheep weren't so creepy. Also it crashes on the first sheep. Horrible.

Terry J

Best sleep app ever Dont know what i would do without this little sheep app

Victor Sandoval

Useless but cool song I managed to get to 151 without falling asleep but thank you for trying to make me go to sleep o and the song is soothing thanks again

Georgia leigh Carrington

Not bad but It doesn't make me feel sleepy

Jeanne Lyons

Cute This app is so cute i got to 103 sheep and still wasn't tired but overall this app is sooooooo cute the one little sheeo was so tiny then there was one that was gold overall i thought the app is so cute

Sam B

Awesome It's really very effective. D music n d monotonous task really makes u sleepy. Well done guys fr such a wonderful app. In our imagination counting is nt dt easy. U hv used d old method wd all new package n it's fantastic.

Search For Science

Distracting goats Over 250 sheep and nothing. The random goats were too stimulating. Made me think of goats leading sheep to the slaughter.

Jelanie Williams

Freezes! This game is good and relaxing but sometimes there are brown and white blocks instead of sheep. Bad programming. But this is a good game. Helps me sleep

Jolwin Dias

Awesum app Within 20seconds i started feeling sleepy

Zennifer Rahman

What you need when u in desperation Its good! Cant sleep the whole night desperate for some sleep.

Stacey Hunt

Didn't work for me. Simple as that. Got to 200, and nothing. This is after it crashed 4 times... Didn't help me.

Susie Ford

Crashes! Doesn't work on Galaxy S6 Edge. ..the screen just locks & says Unfortunately has stopped working ?

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