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18 Jun
Fast Charging

Posted by blue brain in Tools | June 18, 2016 | 124 Comments

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Fast charging made easy and fast with super fast charger app. Complete battery doctor of your cell phone.
Charge in minutes, with Supercharger. Super Fast charger is used for fast charging battery. For quick charging.

When you click start , fast charging app smartly kills all the background processes and communications like wifi , blue tooth, Mobile internet which consume battery hence your charging is boosted . When you click exit , all the processes will auto resume.

Fast charging app is automatically awaken when you plug in your charger , click start to speed up the charging process and at any level you can click exit to resume all the signals.

Is your device taking hours for being fully charged? Now you can fully charge your device in minutes with this amazing app.

Fast Charging App not only improves charging time but also extends your battery time.

Now you can have a quick meal and have your device fully charged when you’re done.

Fast Charging App has the features of Fast Charger and Super Fast Charger.

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blue brain part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 18, 2016. Google play rating is 79.438. Current verison is 13.4. Actual size 4.4 MB.

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James Holler

Did not work Downloaded the app @ 25% when done it dropped 2%. There is no change in the time it takes to charge. My battery still drops fast about 10 % every 15 mins even when im not doing anything.

Oscar Reyes

Thesirknight This is so far the best and fast battery charger. I have tried several battery charger apps and this is a real fast charger and it lives up too its name. To bad that it lacks the ability to disconnect after the battery is fully charged. I always put my cell to charge at night when I go to sleep. If that ever happens then I will give this app a 5.

Derp Craft

Wow Amazing Just Amazing I used these dumb apps that say they would help you charge your battery and all they did was waste spacw this app is low storage helpful and absolutely the most helpful app you can get on a phone if possible I would even donate to help progress this app it is amazing if there are any ptoblems I leave a comment for the devlopers to read but I dont think there will be any problems this app is truely wonderful PS:Thanks For Making this app

Sushil Dahal

Awesome app 5 star for this excellent app Thie app is much more efficent for me and all people who are having the problem with slow charge this app is excellent for all people mobile. plz all friends leave positive review for this app if any problem then report to developer team for fixing the problem for it.


No difference Plugged in at 24% an hour an a quarter later I'm 60%. Does this not work for sony xperia z2? Thanks for telling me what I already know... Still doesn't work

Ryan Lee

Thank You You saved my battery life to 1% to 100%! The best app ever. I want the Premium app, at Its best..

Jimmy P

Amazing. I was surprised to find my charging time was decreased from 12 hours (?) down to... 3 hours?! My device is relatively old so the charging time had increased, but when I use this amazing app it speeds it up more than twice the original time!

Zoey Garcia

I hated it no matter what when I plug my charger. In this always pops up it plays adds when I'm not even on my phone and even though it charges. Fast it looses battery fast

N J Kendall

Excellent!! Been looking for something like this that actually works. Cut 45 minutes off my usual time. I'm telling all my family about this app. Keep up the great work.

Dj Del Chido

It didn't make a difference It makes my phone screen fall asleep every 5 seconds ugh never going to get this app again.

Emboy Lopez

It's very effective I want this application because my table is. Now ffast charging my family download this because its very effective

nathan brown

Help I reset my phone and now it charges very slow ...and if I'm on it while its charging it burns my wall plug..well it get very hot

Suzanne B

Bad Was at 8% came back from work it was 10% I did not like it plus too many ads and its just bad I wasted 4hours of my time

Keith Clark

Love it Really does what it says ?.. Finally one dat really works..I have to tell everyone.. Thanks alot...

Morgan Powell

Hated it I don't like it it's not working my phone was 30%for like 15 mins

John Lumawod

Awesome My phone charges really faster as I expected,but when it reaches 63% it did'nt move anymore.any suggestions on how you guys can help me ?! And thanks for sharing this app. It must be promoted by means of commercials on tv's.

Mark Anthony Ganotice

The same Plsss help...i really like the advertisment but it doesnt work

Bob Miller

Samsung galaxy S4 mini The data does not turn back on automatically

Sean kissane

Great Charges in 1-2 hours with the app and it took 3-4 without the app!

bailey humphries

Superb!!!!! My phone takes about 2 hours exact to charge 0% to 100% now it only take 1 1/2 to charge it completely matter of fact im going to share this on my facebook and get my friends and family to get this thank you so much

Andrian Nelson

It turned off everything It turned off my data and my Wi-Fi so i am going too uninstall this app right now

Dilane Messy

It don't work

Fepli PLR

You gotta be kidding Doesn't kill my mobile internet....

Cristian Valdivia

It sucks My phone takes 2hrs to charge and now it takes 3hrs to charge

Kevin Rodriguez

Sucks Dosent work it makes my f hone to lose more batterie

Danielle Hauge

Well I havent used it yet,hopefully it works

Justine Mateo

I love this app it make my phone better this app is excellent thank you for this app and thank you to those who made this

ThePon PL

Good My phone already charges pretty fast in 1hour I get 100% but with this app I takes only 45 min very nice :)

Shahab Abbasi

Still takes 3 hours to full charge

Blue Fusion

Looks good... Just started downloading it... I'll change my review if it doescharge in a few min I highly doubt that

Sam Tempesta

Not bad..sometimes it works n sometimes its not..

jonnabel gallos

I'm gonna try this and I hope it'll work ☺

hasan jamshaid

Did not work Faster mode was activated but all background process kept running. It only stops Wifi, Mobile data and bluetooth service. No one should install it is a fail app.

Jenny Gutierrez

It's fake This add is stupid it dose not work at all

Froy Lorenz Rodriguez

It didn't worked This is the first time I'd used it and it was already 10 minutes and it only added 1 %


Dislike it for today At once it was the fastest in charging but today it took long time for charging if it will continue I will uninstall it

Allah Yaar Khan

Best It is best application in the world. But did it works in background

Balu Bairagi

0 0 0 stars just totaly fake i am chake with time

Лилток Гусарь

Thanks:-):-):-):-) Thank you very much :-)

isaiah butler

DONT GET IT GOOD RATINGS R FAKE I looked there ar a lot of good ratings I tried it and it charged 5 percent in 10 minutes it sucks no difference at all the good ratings r fake

Bhanmatti Ramnarine

GOOD Not really lightning speed fast but works thanks for the great app guys


Very very bad firt it tells five then thirty minutes

Rio Jones

It usually takes 3 hours to charge my phone but with app it only takes 2 hours

Hiddan Laureto

Fast charger Its nice and good app,it make my charging fast.tnx :)

Riad Shami

Fake as the other fast charging apps

Sukumar Roy

Roy Simon Its really hot

Clark Kalel

MISLEADING TITLE If this is actually just another way to gain speed by dumping apps & processes (a glorified cleaning app), adding 'in few minutes' to the description is extremely misleading. This is no different from a task killer. It does not speed up charging time, and suggesting the user check out his charger because that's the only way charge time can acquire more speed (and it is), the developer needs to leave 'charges in a few minutes' out of the description, Classic Bait & Switch. A new title is in order, too.

Jay Attarde

Did not work... I m Samsung Galaxy Core 2 user.. Now my phone take more time to charge n my charger is new infact i.took a new cell day before yesterday. ...plzz fix the problem

Nima Radfar

OK It may charge my phone faster but it also turns off my data and wifi and I can't use my phone for anything else... that part is why i gave it a low rating... Time to uninstall

John Mungcal

Wow This app is inspiration to me.I tried many apps like this but don't work.Wow I was surprice I charged my phone in7% I left it 5min and its 54%

Nathan Davidson

My Charging troubles are over! This app works so well when you've turned it on! My phone would sometimes even Die while plugged in. No more! So cool! I only wish the app didn't pop up on its own every time I plug in my phone. And the ads are annoying. Otherwise it would get 5 stars. Wish I had the premium version!

Vero Getsinger

Kind of slow but can tell difference! Awesome it took only 20 minutes to go from 0 persent to 100 percent. So I recommend u get this awesome app. Its kind of slow but its faster than normal!!!

Stephen Hector

Amazing! This is amazing,charged my phone from zero% to 100% in under 2 hours,have recommended this to my family and friends,now for my workmates they will be amazed just how good this is,Thanks!

Nathan Duane Pontino

Amazing I try it then i took a 30 minute nap i think then it was at 1 to 100

Aidan Ri Aidan Richards

It worked I was thinking that it was just a ripoff . But to my surprise when I hooked it up and waited an hour and half the the thing was nearly a 100% charged .P.S. I have a Samsung Galaxy that takes like 6 hours to charge .

Hll Mnn

Superb Thank you bb for create this app please have you create the app that hack wifi password real please create the app

Chloe Pugh

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Best app ever!it charges your device sooooo even asks you if you want it to charge.

Joel Currie

GREAT! When i plug in my phone to be charged, it get's the job done quickly

Prestechno a

Bs I left my phone for maybe 30 minutes and i came back and the phone was still the same percent as if nothing happened, AND it says the battery capacity is 3042 when my phone capacity says 2100

Gem Russell Piocnacia

This app is such a waste When you look to the title SUPER FAST CHARGER, your mind sets that its fast and you didnt know the time. Its just trolling you that its fast and really it just waste downloading this useless app. Nice try

Jordan Delage

FN amazing app. Holy shi.... No joke.... Can't tell you how fast my phone charges now. It gives a 10_15 percent boost everytime I plug my phone in. Which is good not bad. It makes phone charge 30 percent_60 percent faster... Wish they could update this app even more or make a price on it and sell it for morr faster charging. Love this app thanks

anthony antes

WOW Best app ever my phone usually takes 1 hour to charge it up to 40% and in half an hour it already filled it to 73% after installing this app nice job

Nicholas Fongemie

Amazing In about 30-60 minutes my tablet went from 10% battery to 42%. Without this, I'd be lucky to get from 10% to 20%! The only thing I don't like about the app is that it my device from my wifi, apparently wifi counts as a background process. Add on: No longer works. I think it consumes as much battery as it charges now. :/

Maggie Corcoran

Honestly it didn't work Nothing happened. My phone has been taking forever to charge recently so it may just be that or the fact I left it on over night to charge and I plugged it in at 27%, came back in the morning... 19% and my phone wouldn't turn on for an hour

Harold Snead

Worked 4 me. In 1 hour this app took my battery from 39% to 71%. Without this app it would have taken 3 hours. Also I like the dark color, it helps conserve the battery. Good job BB.

Noah Bullshows

Awesome It used to take 1 hour to charge my battery to 38% now it only takes ten min

Norman Bowlding

Super Fast Charger Nice...need more time to use this app to rate it further. Also, I saw something in an online article from Battery University regarding Fast and Ultra Charging that said, " Aging cells often diverge in capacity and resistance, causing mismatch and undue stress on weaker cells." "A well-designed ultra-fast charger should have charge-time selection to give the user the option to choose the least stressful charge for the time allotted." We want to make sure that we keep our cellphones in good condition!

Blah BLah

I have the wrong charger for my tablet and I can't find the right one. So I installed this app and usually it takes 5 hours just to get from 1 percent to 50 before I installed it. But now it comes from 1 percent to 17 in just 10 min.

Lateasha Causer

This app is wonderful!! It worked great when my phone was running low and I needed a quick charge before work. Thanks so much ?

Markskie Labordo

Love it Its so beautifull app .. I'll give 5minutes and 20 % up .. Wow .. Thank you .. .

Ravi dass

Fantastic A lot of thanks to developer you give us a God gift I was suffered to long time battery charger but you solve my problem for ever heartly thanks

Louella Lumalang

Doesn't work It doesn't work in my phone. I thought it was fast. But it's a no no???

Vance Pichardo

So a waste of time!!! I tried this app and I put my hopes up for it. I gave it a chance but of course it didn't gave me a chance this app wasn't working for me and I will never get this app or an app like never again

Alan Hope

Or you could Just turn your phone off and it will charge even faster or just get the correct amp charger for your device!

Kumar Sahani

Wow wow and just wow You stupid ! Are you thinking I am made this app doesn't work don't install please I uninstall already it's your turn to uninstall

Tejas Medhi

Takes the same time as before It take me two n half hours to charge my phone it takes the same time after installing the app no change

mohammedshabbir ahmed

Because of advertisements else I can give you 5 stars. Remove advertisements please.

Craziness of Minecraft

More pls! I tried using this app while charging, it was 4%. After 20 mins. it turned to 98%

Aw5ome Gamer

Wow This did not even take 5 mins I installed it and then it turned of my tablet and I turned it on and it was 100% NO JOKE

Joe Busuttil

Really works This thing really work. I would make sure that you have a very good cable to charge with as that alone makes a big difference. With that and this app I was able to charge my S4 from 18% to 100% in an hour which was never possible before.

Theresa Edwards

Lol Really ?? Plugged n after 30 minutes didnt even move ..wack js

becky neese

Awesome works great! I'm impressed !!! Went to 92% in about 1/2 the time! No glitches so far! Very pleased

Liam Keith

Extraordinary! Fills mine by about 2% every minute :O

sagar vala

Didn't work Plz do something this app isn't working on my mobile "PANASONIC ELUGA ICON" it just starts and says super fast mode on but doesnt work

Steven Charette

Thought it was adware or bs however Few ads but it actaully does work

Joshua Johny

Awesome Its awesome because i charge my phone 5% and go to 98%

jana sawyer

Helping your overall score Get a 4.1 now a really good overall score

Biitan_c55 impossibleyouare

I am recommending it.... Really works, thank you

Kelly L

No difference There was no difference in charging speed on my phone-Moto E 2nd gen. It may work great on other phones, I don't know.

Poney Sexyman

Was working good No my battery gets really hot

Andrew Etorma

So COOL!! Look guys better to download this app thanks to this app my phone charges fast GOD BLESS #Bluebrain

vaevaeongo makitae

I like it.charge my fone super fast.

Arman Vismanos

Very good I'm impress before my phone last only 3hrs with this app it last for 1and a halfday!keep up the good work guys...

TheMaTTyGuy *

Big improvment My charge went from 12% Per 3 Hours to 41% Per 3 Hours!

Rothee Tahim

Work Just Need Beautiful UI nD or improved

Kavana Balachandra

Bt d update doesn't work. It made d app worst.

tohid godil

Its OK It just show us the percentage and no more

Travis Carvin

Very good Very good

Nicolas Garduno

It's good This works I kept checking it it got more battery thanks. because I don't have a charger and I use my dads and sometimes it takes long so thank you very much

John Garcia

Hate it I Hate it because they should move the britnes were the start butten ??

Stefany Qualls

Fix It charged to 100%, but then it went straight to 60% fix and I'll give you five stars.

Bill TrimmIII

Works great, on two phones I've had now.

Kanyae Lewis

Great My phone would be on 5% and in 60 minutes will be on around like 90 percent keep making games while apps like that and you have a bunch of likes I don't care what anybody else thinks it's great just kidding I do care other people think

A Google User

This thing sucks It is the exact same when I charge it without this stupid app

Justin Boyd

Latest update Samsung S4 latest update kicks me off WiFi and have to reconnect

nagoor vali shaik

Excellent app Really this app work well


Doesn't work When I plug my phone my battery goes down

Lavelle Loggins

This is the dumbest app ever! I hate this app delete this app now!

SoLo JuKe

Works It is so helpful

Randolph Sladen

Good for now Works good for now will try it out for a few weeks

Andrew Kalioka Kabaghe

After Update today:30/06/16 "Unfortunately fast charge stopped working." I thought today's update was going to sort this out cause it has been going on for very long time?

Peggy Juarez

Fasting charge Apps for anyone

Heaven Bissell

It don't work

Yusup Muttaqin

Not working at all!!! Just wasting time...not working for my Galaxy Note 5

Maryamm Ali

Fast charging It's really good I'm impressed

Steve Sykes

Ace ! Within an hour my phone / tab is fully charged ! Can't say better than that !

Amber Lewi

This actually works OMG

Stacy McLean

Works well...i love it the best app

Chris Walton

Reminded This is what was okay

Jaime Juarez

It works for real

Koneko Uchiha

It sucks

Jessie Marinus

Does it acutely work Is this a game or is it a app that can acutely charge your phone faster

stumpy217 7

Its works and it installed in 2 seconds for real

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