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17 Nov

Posted by Branden in Personalization | Nov. 17, 2015 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB


• This Theme does not support CM Theme engine. Your ROM must have support of Layers/RRO and Rooted in order to overlay user interface.
• Theme was tested on: Nexus 6 and One Plus One. However, should be working properly on other devices. Please let me know if a drawable(ie:icon) is messed up, so I can fix your issue.
• Questions? Visit here:

Overlayed Applications:

Google Messenger
Google Keep
Google Inbox
Google +
Google Keyboard
Desk clock
Play Store
Google Play Music
MMS(Green Icon not the light blue one)
Google Dialer
Google Contacts
Semaphore Kernel Manager
ES File Explorer
BetterBatteryStats Play Store & XDA
Nova Beta & Play store settings themed.
ZArchiver Free & Pro
K9 email
Whatsapp(Removed will update soon).

Whats new

    V4.1 - 11.17.15:
    ** Added two new styles to bring back classic look for dialogs from SUBLIMEv3.1.
    V4 - 11.16.15:
    ** For best experience use m6.0
    ** Works on lp5.1.1 and m6.0 android versions.
    ** Updated design to give you guys a unique theme.
    ** Added more themed apps.
    ** Did my best to fix bugs in regards of "black text".

Branden part of our Personalization and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Nov. 17, 2015. Google play rating is 94.023. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download sublimev2-2-layers-theme.apk 23.0 MB


Wayne Randall

Amazing. I don't believe you'll find a better set of Layers anywhere in the Store. The attention to detail and small astetic changes are perfect. Changes Cataclysm much for the better. Hat's off to the dev.

Michael M

App names now have actual clever, Super SwiftKey force closes, and a half of a dozen hard coded theme apks force close...

Nicoel Mitchell-Duff

Divine A truly complete theme.

Cordale Perry

Best layers theme. ?

Liam Atkins

Beautiful theme

Aaron Holbach

Beautiful Just gorgeous. Muted and understated instead of flashy and bright. Subdued instead of vibrant - an OS UI should never get in the way or distract the user. This is the way it should be. Thanks for this theme/layer.

Mohammed Khaliji

I really love it The only thing i don't like is the icons whatsapp, play market, etc. Please add a preview

Jason G

Branden is a perfectionist. This overlay shows it. He focuses all his energies on a project till it's awesome. So many apps themed. Dark backgrounds! Thanks!

Bauke Zwart

Great Theme Love the attention to detail. This theme is clearly made by a perfectionist. I can recomment this to everyone

Timothy Richardson

Amazing More great work could you fix the clock as you can't see anything when trying too set alarm

Hemine Sanghani

Beautiful theme Love this theme, very well done and updates are decent.

Richard Shim

Installer has stopped...

Brandon Robbins

Fantastic This is my new favorite layer theme. Everything looks great even down to the icons like the play store as well as being so extensively themed. I'd easily recommend this.

Ja Ke

Wow The most complete layers theme on the play store. If you don't purchase and try this theme YOU ARE WRONG. GREAT WORK BRO

Scott Kaforey

Awesome update New v2 is great, fixed all the problems from before

ryan yeats

Amazing! Enough said!

David nowicki

Not working on Chroma 4/17 Running the current Chroma ROM 4/17 Build, and I just installed this Layer, rebooted, but the Chroma boot logo stayed on forever. I had to force to fastboot, and then to Recovery and reflash the ROM again. And then I tried a second time to install it, then restart, but my old Layer theme is still running active, no Sublime theme applied ? Just too bad as I really wanted to try this theme out, looks so cool in the screen shots.

Ahmed Faiz

Material RRO layers effect The best colour combo and ui elements are so perfect with the new lollipop . hope to see more common apps to be layered as well.

Ethan B.

Very nice theme A well done and comprehensive theme. Love the way it looks. Well worth the price

Jeremy Brantley

Simply awesome! Sublime is the most complete theme out there right now. The quality is amazing! Thank you for this awesome theme.

John Kreps

Prefer timberwolf Nice work but really dislike light grey font used in gmail.

Testing, testing Juan, two, three

Dope! Hands down my favorite overylay theme! Thank you very much for your time and work!

michael c

been with this theme since he started... awesome on chroma rom

Jamie Frey

Well worth the price. Easy to install. Beautiful work. Excellent job developer.

Antwon Grainger

Awesome theme with a seriously devoted themer! Love this theme, should be default lollipop theme!

Dustin Fontaine

Love it. Dark but not too dark. There are several black themes and it's nice to see something that is a nice greyscale. Looking forward to the update that the Play Store makes us wait for lol. ;P

Jorge Gonzalez

Awesome I love your theme dude, not sure if you're taking requests..maybe you could also theme google drive?

Jeremy Beck

Amazing! Amazing theme, amazing guy! Nice work bud!

Kevin Brower

Great!! Best I've used so far!! Beautiful!! Edit: FC on Swiftkey...

AJ Simiele

5 Star Quality I enjoyed it previously when the text on Hangouts was white in the conversations menu. And Inbox message menu is all black text. Is it possible to have alternate versions in the zip?

Adam Caine

Outstanding! The most themed and detailed Layers around at the moment, the bar has been raised significantly, great work!

Zachary Melvin

Awesome theme as always man.

Tim Kirkpatrick

I have to say, this is my favorite theme but... Swiftkey force closes when it is applied. Also, it would be nice to have the individual layers labeled instead of 01.akp 02.apk etc. How can I tell which one to disable if it is causing fc when they have non descriptive names?

Thomas Wolfe

Boom! Nice work, bud.

Jaylan Phoenix

Excellent Theme One of the most comprehensive RRO themes available.

Braden Bley

Awesome Keep up the good work bud

Michael Phillips

Great Theme! Great theme! Looks amazing.

Russell Lowe

Awesome This theme has the most apps themed that I have seen out of any Layers theme. Doesn't get anymore complete than this!

Mr Turcot

The dollar amounts in the play store are a tad bit dark. Other than that A+ 5 Star Theme :) Thanks!!

stuart nash

Problemo can't see text in gmail when adding new email account

srivas venkatesh

Best theme there is.. Meticulously designed with attention to the smallest of details. Definitely worth the price.

Matthew Alex

Epic Title says it all

Joseph Manibusan

One word....Sexy. This app is sexy like its creator.

John Cannon Jr

!WOW! I LOVE this layer!! Oh yeah....did I mention I love this layer!??

Jesse Smith

Awesome Great layers theme. Nexus 7 (flo)


Best dark theme

Ken Stoner

Awesome Google keep menu however is dark and unreadable.

Samuel Holland

Awesome Thanks dev, I'm sure glad to have my nova settings taken care of?

Richard Shim

So.... We waited months for this? Text is nearly invisible in the appstore (white), and synapse is completely broken. Nice job!

Albert Davis

OK I like the color scheme and the window edits but you can't see text in certain apps which is a big drawback

Zyryn Rodrigues

Uglyish, IMO...& STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEV GUYS No regular uodates from the DEV. Google, please ban or degrade such Devs who sell apps and then discontinue them post a couple of updates.

David Wertz

Can not see some text areas white on a white background. Fix that and get 5 star. Thanks for the good work

ArGy Droid

Awesome theme .Can u please theme the Viber app if possible

Joqsan Gonzalez

Really like this theme I love this theme and the colors it uses the notifications are not readable on MM. Please update and this theme will be a daily driver for me!

Seth McGinnis

Great theme A true "full theme" here.

Robert Polito

Lots of same color text and background. Can't see what in tipping right now.... Needs to be fixed

Terry Vhal

The one to rule them all. Fantastic work.

Trust-No.1 -

Why discontinued?! Love this layer, I hope you change your mind

E. Gerry Murray

V4.1 rocks. Happy to use this theme.

Omar Vasquez

Discontinued It was a nice looking theme, had some issues with Marshmallow then the dev dropped it after making people pay for it before fixing those issues...thanks

Da Doc

great work as always

Zack Rouse

Great update Loving the sublime style

Visesh Prasad

Best theme in the market

Phillip Nichols

Finally Detailed with awesomeness.

Lee Mulligan

Err, its okay I guess You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into this layer theme, however, for me it just doesn't do anything. In some cases the text is unreadable (black text on dark grey) and to be honest I prefer the more colourful themes out there with a more material design to them. As I said though, kudos to the Dev for the nice touches throughout.


So where is the new one That almost 15 hours ago you said you were releasing? Yea that's right, I'm disgruntled and still rating 5 stars because you're awesome.

Steve Wilmart

Favorite theme Love this theme - easily the best I've tried. Hoping to get an update to the Hangouts layer now that the app has been updated - text is very difficult to read, now.

J. H. II

One of the best... Easily, one of the nicest, cleanest thorough themes out there. Now....if sublime red was on par with this. Thanks n great job!

David Allen

Blown Away Absolutely a masterpiece, just needs some dark text on dark fixes.

AJ Simiele

WTF? Deleted previous version for 3.1 as stated, no app shows up after download to install the theme. Forum for FAQ not responding...

David Wilson

So awesome Dude you are a machine. Nothing else comes close to Sublime. I'm not worthy!

Shanesaw New

Great layers theme Bought this after a few friends raved about it. Not disappointed one bit.

Lukasz Luszcz

Updates? Please update us! Been quiet lately.

Jonathan Zuniga

Best I've seen Killed it with this theme. Nothing else I've run comes this close in detail.

Geoff Whiteley

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! Seriously....the most thorough, and beautiful theme I've ever used. Worth every penny and then some. Will be following developer and his work. Simply incredible.

Vincent Alexander

Perfect Sublime Neat looking. But it seems I can't change the statusbar options. I choose both stock and v2 but it still v3 applied for me for some reason

Jerry Z

Most Comprehensive Dark And heme out there

Syko Pompos

Cheapskates ask for refunds 4 months later Only a cheapskate turns around and asks for a refund months later trying to claim it never worked for them and thier bs gets called out over it @Priscella

James Chase

Almost perfect I like the colors but there needs to be a way to have the quick setting icons stay stock. Would be five stars with that feature.

Tom McBride

Great theme. I like the options and icons. Keep up the great work

Yuanjin Li

Settings is white Settings is white,on SlimLP ,OPO.First Install.Last layers were uninstalled except the statusbar and the softkeys.

Billy Reynolds

Looks good but it's causing a bootloop on the OrionLP rom on Nexus 4. Now causes stuck at boot on M on Nexus 4 also.

Char G

Best theme ever Thank you for all your work on this theme and on Layers in general. Don't pay any mind to cheapskates like Steven, he should grow up

Albit Montalvo

A lot of details in this layer...

George Palomo

Definitely one of the best themes out right now!

Michael M

Incredible update...unique and complete, plays nicely with hard coded themed apps, and themes apps that few others even touch. Outstanding overall execution.


OMG! OMG this is awesome! And goodbye Priscilla, thx for the gorgeous time!

Michael Buckwheat

Great... But It breaks YouTube if you install that layer

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