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29 Jun
Stress Baal

Posted by Double Flawless in Casual | June 29, 2015 | 107 Comments

Apk file size: 39.0 MB

Stress Baal

Fact: You are stressed out.  

Scientific studies have probably shown that the best way to alleviate stress is to take it out on someone else. And while insulting loved ones and destroying friendships is technically free, we're offering a nearly free (NOW ALSO FREE) alternative.

Stress Baal is a minor devil. You get to beat him up with your finger, and yes, he totally deserves it. Baal is hand animated like your favorite cartoon sponge or rabbit. Thousands upon thousands of drawings form the game. Not just a CG doll, the ever-scheming Baal has a personality. Granted, it's a loathsome one, but a personality nonetheless. Leave him idle and the little savage will probably save you the trouble and rough himself up... Often with fire.

More reasons to play Baal:
- Like human endeavor, Stress Baal is pointless. No score, no achievements, no goals. Goals are what got you so stressed in the first place.
- This pledge: We will never try to charge for additional content. No in app purchases ever.
- We didn't do a Kickstarter.
- In a Google Play first, this game description contains no pandering exclamation points.

This game is recommended for newer Android devices.

Whats new

    - Nothing exciting here
    - Updates an openSSL thing Google wants fixed
    - Thanks!

Double Flawless part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 29, 2015. Google play rating is 82.4004. Current verison is 1.0.6. Actual size 39.0 MB.

Download stress-baal.apk 39.0 MB


Alyssa Rose

Loved it but... It's limited and u can get board with it soon if u play with it a lot more features should be added... other than those I loved it I hope fuzz baal comes soon!

Max Yohan

Love it!! Hah! I love the fool. Especially the things he does. Lol. Damn funny when he manages to land on his feet n all. Hope u guys can increase his actions and stuff. Thank you


Stress Baal spells Relief!!! So much fun. 1st. You just fling him around then, as he goes thru his emotions and reacts, a smile begins to come and pretty soon we were all laughing. Young and old, we had a good time. Thanks for that.

Abigail Melchor

Love it, Im so excited whats coming soon I pressed the button and it showed a unicorn or a narwhale stuck in a box.

Austin Whiteaker

FUZZ BAAL The little unicorn in the box was so cute lol. I like how u made him have to like eat the box. That was adorable. Lol i can not wait. Stress baal has really helped me cope alot and now i cant wait for fuzz baal. MAKE IT COME SOONER (^~^)

Jessica Pope

Greatest app ever! Lags a bit but who ever came up with the idea is a genius! I love the Dragon ball z moves like the fusion technique and gokus kamehameha wave!! Cutest thing ever! Can't wait for new features!

Frances Williams

Awesome Great game just you get mad when he falls through the floor

Radisav Cubrakovic

Great! You guys are awesome, thanks for this game it really help's with stress and gives you lot of laughter :) Keep on going with great work! ;)

Alison Cosgrove

No hidden costs or fees anywhere Beautiful drawings, and I am actually curious how long it took to figure out how many ways the demon could be squished/pushed/thrown and draw them out.

Liliya Trusyuk

Cute, but limited The little guy is so cute, I feel badly for messing with him!!! After a few minutes, you figure out all of the animations. They update it and add some new ones, but it's still not vastly different. However, I do still visit it from time to time to get a little smile or chuckle. The coming soon looks fun!

Ray K

Helped me go through my day! But laggy in my galaxy S4. Fix this and add features and it'd be perfect. Also he never came back after being smashed top the screen where he cracked the imaginary white wall background and dropped down I had to restart the game every time. Speak of bugs, I couldn't make more than one stroke at a time, no dragging or quick movements. Is the game meant this way or is it due to my serious lagging?

Yakusa Nemo

So adorable So much fun ..But boring. Need more features ... =_=' Give him some friends cuz he's too lonely in there :-D BTW it still Lag

Shian Decore

Its funny but its not fun at all It's not responsive at all, the animation is limited, yes it's funny but not fun at all

Kameron Ford

A little buggy, but the charm is wonderful. The fusion dance had me Laughing so hard I almost died. Would be 5 stars, but it would skip frames a lot.

Liana Ruthea

Super fun but seems glitchy I love the game play. And all of a little animations are really cute. But it lags pretty bad on my galaxy s4. Everythings kind of stop action. Also there are several animations that end in Baal just being stuck under a rock or turned into spiders and there's no way to get him back except by exiting the app and reopening it. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


BRILLIANT BUT STOPS SCREEN FROM TURNING OFF. Thought this app was very funny. Yes it only has a limited number of actions but entertaining none the less. HOWEVER it caused problems with the screen auto timeout on my phone, as in it would never switch itself off. Problem was only solved by uninstalling the app which is a shame as I liked it so much.

Tah LenRi

I truly adore this little app, honestly I want to give it 15 stars but 5 will have to do. The little guy, evil and heinous as he is, is adorable and I love looking forward to seeing what he'll do next. Also, it works. I always feel a little better after fiddling on this app for a bit.

Andy Henderson

Awesome He is hilarios and relieves my stress I like to throw him and his head catches on fire and I can't wait for fuss baal!

Thomas Gunawan

The game is cool,but there's one disadvantage..... The game has many things that the crazy demon which looks like a pure,but there's 1 action i hate to see,the finger blood writing part!!!!!!! Can't believe how does he feel.......hurt??? Jesus....I hate demons......need to know if finger-blood writing isn't hurt for Stress Baal....eww.....


This is AWESOME! Have the devs been fiddling with it? Cuz I noticed this little guy doing some new things that I don't remember seeing before. Well done.

Richard Caudill

Fun but limited. Loved it thought it was cute and cool but wish there was a bit more to it like maybe once u do something it tells u what to do to get certain results and behaviors and maybe a funny little voice to get angry and etc... Otherwise great concept.

Nick Kinson

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Hannah Nolan

Omg i love it!!!! I give it five stars because it is amazing!! Theres no levels, you just beat the crap out of this little dude, and it genuinely makes me happy with the way he responds to being thrown around. And yet its also not that graphic. Worth the download, definitely. :)

Elisha Reynolds

I love stress baal This is a great way to relieve some stress and just blow some time if your feeling bored. I feel like there are tons of new things I find he does each time I open it up. It definitely makes me laugh and smile. I hope to see some new animations come as time goes along. I think this is a must download for everyone.

Alexander Usselman

This thing is insane. By that I meant Baal is. The little digital prison you created is genius, yet it still has some flaws. He once pulled out a pair of chainsaws and crashed it... just gives me more reason to beat him up next time. XD Just don't let him open any portals. He goes missing every time he does. Or he gets surrounded by an electrical shield while being paralysed. In short, I love this thing.

Akash Wanjari

Awesome Generally I feel boring to rate some app ,i feel its a waste of time.. But this is for the development team m writing.. Well done, awesome, brilliant guyz.. Everyday I open Baal and I see some new actions by Baal.. Everyday I astonished by Baal.. Keep it up guys.. I want to be your student..

Julie Roberts

What Potential! I loved it before I even installed it! It's the 1st time I ever checked for OTHER apps by the same creator. Your artwork is stupendous! It drew me to look into it before others. Only problem is that I get a bit bored after a while (otherwise I'd rate 5 stars). One thing you might consider adding is a response to a tap (or taps) on the screen (like a punch in the stomach, or shooting him into the background). A touch & wiggle to tickle him would be great too. Kudos to your wit, creativity, artwork! ♡

Heather Vandiver

Wow SHAKE BAAL TO GET HIM OUT OF THE HOLE. I'm pretty picky about my apps and usually get tired of them pretty quickly but this is so much fun. Graphics are amazing! It looks 3D! And there are so many things you can do to him! I am beyond impressed! Definitely will recommend to friends! Looking forward to future additions. HINT:Draw alphabet letters with one touch (ex. cursive k instead of regular k). Try them in different areas of the screen too!

Yosmarie Garcia

Way better than expected When I downloaded this, I expected nothing more than a few generic interactions before becoming boring, but wow was I wrong. The animation is great and runs smoothly, a lot more than what I've encountered anywhere and it's simple but fun. I love this, the only minor complaint I have to say about this is that you can't actually pick Baal up, just flick him, but either way, it's great. After just 2 days of having it, I convinced a few of my friends to get it and they love it, too

Robert Barrett

Wonderful mindless fun I was enjoying it until I saw the baal do the DBZ fusion dance... The I bloody LOVED it!!!!!

Dominicus Hawthrone

Best app I have on my phone Love it the demon creature thing is one of the most simple and adorable than almost every rag doll game i have played.

alisha tilbury

I love it! I love this epic little game! Thanks to a bit of experimenting, I have discovered that you can remove the demon from the floor by shaking the phone. I recommend this app for people who suffer from anxiety or get stressed easily, such as myself. I love the text when you click "about" because it seems to be randomly generated and I love little details like that! I will definitely be downloading Fuzz Baal when it comes out :)

Pvt Moltar

I love when he's stuck in the ground or under a rock..took me forever to realize that you have to shake your phone to get him back.

Amandalee Hennessey

In love I love this app everyone should get it and after a day of wanting to strangle people it helps relieve the stress

Amanda Wetzel

Stress Baal This app is hilarious! I love all the different animations this app has. My favorite is seeing the different summons that pop out whenever Baal opens a portal. Oh my gosh! I don't think I've ever laughed some much just about an app before. Great job in the making of this!!

Bayu Alzihan

stress relieve & boredom killer I turn myself like an idiot who smile and laugh at his phone. have you guys seen the orca and black bird from fire pit? amazing app, but still less responsive, and also could be so much fun if it can be tortured with only by a tap. thank you, and I couldn't thank you enough

Tk Renau

Wooohooo This is a great app :) I love it ... I guess the only thing that I would like to see (if any changes were to be made) are weapons or more hilarious reactions and action sequences... but like I said earlier, this is a great app. Thank you Double Flawless

Vasil Pujovski

I love it I love it but PLEASE make the interaction smoother... It's really funny though...

Tashia Flores

Its good But still reay laggy on my lg g3 :s it should be running at least 60 fps... Fix and im sure to love this simple but fun little game

Olivia Birmingham

So wonderful This app is awesome and so cute! Great stress reliever!! :)

Hurby Ygoña

Loved it!!!! It's really fun and made me laugh when I'm supposed to be mad. CAN'T WAIT FOR FUZZ BAAL!!!

Radisha Gimhana

Cute devil This game is awesome guys try to put a another character in the digital prison like grim reaper cool app keep it up ;-)

Tushan Grassi

This is a very good app it's kind of cute...... The devil in this game is kind of cute and he gets angry fast. .every body please rate this game for 5 golden stars!!!!! It's worth it!!!???

Cable Woodward

Genuinely love it The animation is great and its really a quality app. On top of that it's very simply formatted and provides a lot of possibilities in what happens, so it doesn't easily become redundant. Can't wait for Stress Baal :) keep up the good work guys

Catalina Scott

I've never been happier with this app!!! This is better than any app I've ever used!!! It seems like you can NEVER get stressed out or bored!!! 10/10!!!

Luke Lane

Great Whenever I get mad I use this. But It would be more awesome if they would add items you can use on him (nothing too violent). I would be amazed to see that l in the game. But even now the game is amazing! And so many animations!

Pearl Estep

LMAO FUNNY! Best time waster cause you keep trying to beat him up more to see the different things he does. Like lighting him self on fire, I recommend this app!

Ellie Needham

I think it is revolting. Who would want to beat up someone and im sorry if you like it its just that I couldn't dream of hurting someone...

Zidanea DeSuza

I ❤ this app. I love hurting this little baby demon. One of my favorite apps. Can't wait for Fuzz Baal. (Random side note: I named mine Harrison Squishy)

Elena Stojanovska

I love it, but... I love the game, it's my favorite thing to play, especially when I'm under a lot of pressure and stress, but I'd really like it if every time Baal gets attacked by a demon or gets turned into mush you don't have to shake the screen to get him back, same thing when he goes through the ground, I'd really like to flick him out of the hole and continue playing with him. Otherwise I really do enjoy the game and how funny it is, it's absolutely perfect ^_^.

Jean Brick

Great game stress reducer love hurting the thing it's hilarious. I wish there was more ways to to kill lt. Also More Sounds. I Also really wish he Could be more than just a red creature. But this is entertaining. It's a hilarious game make another please.

Maize Alsdurf

Great as great can be but... is an awesome game totally rules I could play it all day there's only two problems and not to criticize but it would be cool if you could have different choices of what to do with him instead of slamming around like beat your boss can do and the other problem is every time he gets knocked into the dirt and put a hole in the ground I have to restart the game because he doesn't come back out other than that best game ever 20 out of 10

Madison Percevault

I love it! It is so fun, really cute, and a great app to download if you have time on your hands. I love to watch the little guy do random and funny things. I definitely recommend this. Also, I can't wait for Fuzz Baal! It looks so cute! Also, I love how each time you look at About, it says a different funny thing. Great work Double Flawless!

Kayley Arrowsmith-Porch

Love it I really want the fuz baal now it looks so cute I wish the actual stress ball can do so more tricks like going to space and street dance kinda thing otherwise it is bril

julie anne p

Hmmm... Ok but boring, with no sound and freezing when he falls through the floor (a bug i presume), it's about 2mins of fun. Would love see it grow and improve because the animation and concept are pretty cool, but at 60MB and not going on SD card simply not worth the space as it is.

Anni Black

So cute!! This game is ADORABLE!! I didn't think it could get any cuter til I saw Fuzz Baal!! When does it come out??? I've gotta know so I can get it!


Superb The animations in this are incredibly high quality, and the poor little demon is so cute I just can't help but fling him against the walls. Amazing work, Double Flawless! I can't wait for Fuzz Baal!

allison munro

awesome this is a grate app its funny and u can do almost anything to him grate to get u out of a bad mood works for me

Mehdi Ali

Great Stress Reliever A fun and calming game, with cute and charming graphics

Hannah Fehler

Cute and Relieves Stress! HE SQUEAKS. Its so cute! I love it soo much! It really helps me relieve stress! Thank you for making this game and PLEASE make more like this!

James Harris

soo much fun this app is a real life saver for us when we go to a restaurant and our 4 year old needs something to occupy himself. the good times

Cheshire Cat

I have a suggestion You should make it to where when you turn your phone upside down he'll fall, and the n you can do that with all the sides(and of course add a little extra animation per side)

Willow R

THE BEST (When is Fuzz Baal??!) Honestly can't wait for Fuzz Baal! Love the references and details of the lil guy! Chainsaw was too cute.. So creative in all!!

Maya Thao

Lance Thao It`s good.Oh I forg to tell you folks that I like it when the strees baal subins

Loki Nall

5 things... Just Ideas and things, but still. 1) Please make that Fuzz Baal thing happen it just looks so fun. 2) Stress Baal needs a bit of an update.... ? I mean, its still a really funny game, but it gets s bit boring now that I'm not seeing him do anything new. 3) Tapping the screen should do something. It just should. Like I don't know why it never does anything. 4) It should be reactive to tilting the screen. Turn your phone sideways and he falls on the wall, just a suggestion. 5) Maybe give it depth too. Not depth as in meaning, but depth.

Jessimarie Moraales

Yay Its cute, and i really really want the other app (fluff baal) to come out already

Erin Hoult


CnZ Love

This mini devil is SOOO cuuuute!!! At first I was thinking, what's the point of this? But the more I messed with the game the more fun and addicting the little evil is!!! Fun!!!!

Will Morris

He's on fire! Wow how funny can he get I do all things and he gets him self hart mor then I do wat a grate stres ball super funny?

Greg A.

Ya nothing exciting here is right. Very funny at first, but then loses its luster after awile. Needs more interactive results to different movements, alot more, or people will install just to uninstall just quick, but very cute, very funny, please update soon you can do it.

Bella Blackmist

Cute and fun. :3 PS I saw that magic carp >:3 u can't hide from mee!

Joe Pianta

My favorite stress reliever! Tease and bounce around, love the incantations too! Hope to see fuzz baal soon!

Sheetal B

Funny animations when you hurt the little guy, makes you feel better when your down. EDIT : Could the creators add more animations by any chance?

Jake Yves Aban

effective! haha it really relieves stress..hoping for more things to happen to baal haha

J Mae

Cute but Alright Its interesting but kinda boring. It doesnt reduce my stress and it would be nice if their were more ways to beat up the poor thing. I do like the pokemon , i think i saw a magikarp.

Nessness Doll

Adorbz It would be cute if you could bop him on the head or maybe tickle him!

Jessica Leigh

Love Helps me so much. Plus I can play it for hours haha

Raptor Squid

A cute keeper. Small short little demon beater. Cute animation. And is basicly something u pick up for a few mins then put down. Then pick up again.

Jessie McCreery

Lol Its funny and cute. I never get tired of it. Theres alot of reviews that say thatt he gets stuck in the floor but i guess they didnt read the description. All you have to do is shake the phone and he restores. Ive had this for a while now and i still love it.


soooo fun such a cute little thing I love this

Victoria Ponceti

Hilarious and fun It's definitely a great thing to be able to beat up the devil when you're having a bad day. Instant mood boost! Always good for a laugh with the variety of animations.


Fun Really fun and cute, a great time waster. The simple design is great too

Jay Temples

So cute I love this app. Every time I think I've seen all the animations, he does another one. And the animations are adorable.

Erica Gatlin

So much fun! Who knew that playing with a virtual stress ball would be so fun!! Its so funny. The kids love it too. When they laugh, we all laugh.

Karine Laramée

Great There is so many possibitities, I never get bored of this. Great animation. Love it.

jessica voogt

Family fun Keeps my daughter and her father fascinated. They both like seeing the new characters.

password incorrect

Love this, just some suggestions :) I absolutely love this!! This is so adorable!!!! I'm going to give some suggestions, but you can just ignore me if you don't want to put it in the game haha. (1) You can create more characters, just to have more fun. (2) Can you add a petting action?? I feel bad for throwing him around since he's so adorable. Well, these are some suggestions, use it if you want to, if not, it's okay too. Thank you for creating this though. *thx :)

Soph Lyster

Love game love the game. But can you do a friendly mode so someone can pat and play as well as torture the devil. New characters would be great. And add tools to attack the devil. These are just some suggestions I'd like to see come into the game. But other than that, its tons if fun. And I love it.


Lovin it! Giggles, laughs, and stress relief abound in this game. The about pages make it so much more satisfying to torture that poor (?) Little devil. One would think that the animations w ould get stale, but they never do for me.

Loki Nall

5 things... Just Ideas and things, but still. 1) Please make that Fuzz Baal thing happen it just looks so fun. 2) Stress Baal needs a bit of an update.... ? I mean, its still a really funny game, but it gets s bit boring now that I'm not seeing him do anything new. 3) Tapping the screen should do something. It just should. Like I don't know why it never does anything. 4) It should be reactive to tilting the screen. Turn your phone sideways and he falls on the wall, just a suggestion. 5) Maybe give it depth too. Not depth as in meaning, but depth.

Mariko San

Worked! My sister pisses me off so much. Now can you add tortue devices like knifes and chainsaws. That will help so much more!


IT'S AWESOME! But ween you launch him up and then he breaks the sealing and comes down and maces a huge hole in the ground and then dose not come out again is a bit of a bummer though. BUT I LOVE IT! GREAT JOB GUYS! ???

Squids On LifeSupport

Good app but... This app has very good anamation and I can see why others love the game although when I play and the red character falls through the floor nothing happens and it just freezes. I'm wondering why this is.

saghar naderpour

Can't wait for Fuzz Baal It's a pretty creepy and cool game. The fist time I instaled it,it just stood up and looked at me in a creepy way and then I was about to uninstal it but then after few seconds I fell in love with it. It whould be greater if you add some more movements to it like petting it or squeezing it. Thanks for this game. :)

Marcus Hopps

Love it Except a minor bug you might mind fixing, when he gets stuck in the ceiling, and then falls and makes a hole in the ground, there's no way to get him out. He's just stuck in there until you restart the app. Other than that, LOVE the game!

Cynthia Crosby

Thankful I sure like this little guy. It can be a bad day and I click on here and I can't help but to start laughing. Great stress relief. Thanks.

Ryo Stonewell

Love it, but it sometimes lags whether or not you're online, that's the only problem i have with it. On a side note… HOW LONG TILL FUZZ BAAL COMES OUT? IT'S BEEN WAY FOREVER. PLZ BRING IT OUT!!!

Xtelle Mc

Cute yet you want to kick him lol I love everything about it. Its damn cute and funny. If it cld talk a bit, lke whn it is chanting incantations, it wld hve been better. Or if it cld repeat sme wrds we say to it. Thank you.

Kieran Claxton

Maybe add more Good but needs more maybe a mode where baal. Is in a triangle etc. Or add some back ground to it like a tree he can bump into, please consider doing at least one of these.

Angie Singleton

Best game EVER!!! I love this game! It's always a good feeling when you can get him stuck to the ceiling by his horns. 10/10 would highly recommend

DJ Stewie

Absolutely Amazing! Why is this app getting so many horrible review's? This is a wonderful and entertaining app, for all ages. Thanks for making it!

Liam Taylor

Epic! Awesome game but maybe new stuff? Maybe other characters or items to play with? These are suggestions, not picking faults.

Tushan Tily

This is a very good app it's kind of cute...... The devil in this game is kind of cute and he gets angry fast. .every body please rate this game for 5 golden stars!!!!! It's worth it!!!???

Alexandra Anthony

Simple & fun Does not require any back door permissions. Offers exactly what it claims. Other Aps take note! No more frustration from ads and excess data storage.

Anna Minter

Awesome!! Very fun and awesome!! The only thing I don't like us that I can't get him out of certain places, like how do I get him outta the freakin hole?? XD

ChibiCupcake 15

It would be good, but... It's really laggy and stressed my outeven more. If this is fixed, I'll definitely redownload.

Julie Varela

Great app but... I love the concept and the art but the more I played it the more stresses I got because I eventually stated to thing how he would feel and how much pain he would be in and then I felt really guilty ?

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