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17 Sep
Stray Souls Free

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Casual | Sept. 17, 2014 | 82 Comments

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Welcome to a town where pure evil runs free; where a desperate wife will risk her beating heart to find her husband; and where a terrible secret lies buried behind an orphanage. Search for clues, solve puzzles and unlock new areas as you visit spine-chilling locations, play captivating mini-games and locate hidden objects.

Demons have twisted the town into a place where walls pulsate with evil, where the victims of a killer cry out for revenge and where a terrible secret is buried behind an orphanage. But that won't stop Danielle, who's determined to search every dark corner, brave every bloodcurdling sound and go places no human would want to go to complete her quest. Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story is more than a game; it's a heart-stopping journey of discovery!

• 12 chapters
• 41 locations
• Seven mini-games
• 21 hidden object scenes
• Bloodcurdling visuals

Whats new

    Progress made in previous version of the game will be reset in the update 1.4.
    This update is critical for stability and maximum performance of the application.
    We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!

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Alisha Torres

I wld have given this game 5 stars but I downloaded other games 3x to earn credits for next chapters and didn't get them, but overall one of my favorite games by alawar, there all pretty great and I do love the option of being able to earn credits instead of buying next chapters or game ?

amanda shearer

not nice game peeps. Bonus chapter won't give me buttons after playing mini game so I cannot continue not very nice game peaple.

Colleen Cutting

Can't progress I'm trying to play the bonus chapter and I finished the find the items mini game but it didn't give me the buttons i need so now I can't progress. Super upsetting since I purchased this and the extra content and there is no way to look at it without finishing the bonus chapter!

Bobbie Nunes

Stray Souls Fun and entertaining. Except the ads everywhere. If I leave the game I am expected to earn points to rejoin at the beginning! What?

Kimberly Walker

Stray souls I played the second one first. I like this one but I loved the second. Although they are very similar the first one's story line isn't as interesting and much darker. I like a little spooky and eerie but there is a line for me. But I was very entertained and enjoyed playing this game.

Carolyn Montoya

Waiting I downloaded 2 other apps to get credits to move onto the next map, where r my credits? ☆☆☆☆☆UNINSTALLED downloaded installed opened either played or created accts to b able to move on in game, (apps I've never had b4) was never credited. Cool game, but not worth the trouble.

Sweeney Ripper

Meh I'd buy the full version, but judging by how short the trial is, I don't think a lot of other people who like a bit more of an understanding will.

Stefanie Koblinski

So confused I really like this game. However I have run into a problem. At the current point I am at my game has shut down . it is definitely a five star worthy game but until my game starts working again ..... Please fix or tell me how to fix it

Miranda Kern

I like it but... I really liked this game, it was interesting and had caught my attention, however, when I try to play get free, it says "can't keep a profile on the server! Please check your internet connection!" My internet connection is full bars, high speed, and other devices work on the internet perfectly fine as well. Please fix this issue!

Alexandra Miller

Nope Lame main character dominated by her husband. Annoying popup characters during dialogue. Stupid door locks that self destruct to open. Saw the lock open?

Brooke Allen

Dodgy pricing Puzzles and graphics in game are smooth and fun. The only problem I have is the way its been priced. I assumed I was paying for entire game not just the next chapter. As I had already purchased a bit might as well pay for the rest. Was a bit annoyed that I ended up playing more then how much it actually cost. Refund and I will be happy to change rating

Donna Williams

I liked this game but why does it say its free when its not you get sucked in to playing this game then find you have to pay to get further why do you mislead people its a total lie as its not free

mercedes jones

Great game, but... I love love love this game. I purchased the full game without playing demo. When i started to play the bonus content, the game froze. An item i needed wasn't placed in my inventory. Game wont let me go back into area to get it again. Blaaah

JoAnn Magaro

Stray souls free dollhouse It would get a better rating if it was actually free or if downloading apps to earn chapters actually worked. I downloaded about 8 apps and it didn't give me any points. I wouldn't mind finishing the game but I'm not paying for any more chapters. Fix it and give me the points I deserve!

Melissa Alford

Froze up half way through the game. I liked the game at first, then the screen went black & wouldn't let me go any further after over half the game. Tried to restart my tablet, but still won't work. And of course they won't refund your money or let you try another game for free.

Riana Lotz

Game froze Soon as I subtract the key from the gravestone in the graveyard, my game freezes. I paid money for this, please fix this!!

Leslie Jude

Awesome !! Love it !! You can tell whoever created this put a lot of work into it! Beautiful graphics , awesome story and spooky music! On my top 5 list!! Hurry and make part 3 !!

Mary Maxon

Awesome The game is really fun to play. My question is, what happend to the daughter?.. the whole game went really well, till i tried the bonus game, went threw the first hidden object game. But it didnt give me anything, think it was supposed to give the 3 buttons for the door puzzle. Now im stuck. Plz fix

Andrew Minshull

Frustrating You won't get 5 stars until you fix what is clearly a massive problem with the buttons for the safe not being added to anyone's inventory. I think the game itself is very good I love the story and the little creepy cut scenes. I do however, also think you owe it to everyone that's paid for bonus content to be able to finish their games and wrap up the story that's been left open in some cases for more than 3 months. Please fix.

Jasmine Gonzalez

EXTREMLY SHORT DEMO The try out/Demo (yes, it's NOT Free, although it states it is) Is extremely short. I have never seen such a short demo! Other than the extremely very short demo, it plays well, no glitches, doesn't freeze ect.

Karima Johnson

Not free for long! Game play is great for 7mns, then you have to pay to play the rest of the game!

Ona Santos

The game was pretty good kept me entertained for the most part but was really easy. Making me go through things quickly.

Susannah LaGrange

I like the game!!! But it won't let me redeem the GetJar credits. I've downloaded 4 different things (that I don't really want anyway) and nothing happens. Nothing. Bullsh**.

Benjamin Grace

Paying Way not worth buying each level. The second version is ten times better

Tani Vahsholtz

Will not allow chapter advancement. Fun! The only drawback is that you do not receive your credits to unlock new chapters. No matter how many times I download the apps, Alawar does not give me credit, nor do they allow the opening of chapters. I guess I'll never finish the game.

Shealynn Avery

Wow Haven't even purchased the full version yet and already a great game. Very intense, real scare, and the story line really draws you in. Best game I've played in a long time thank you walware.

Joanna Macleod

Very good . But cant get credits to unlock the rest of the game.wont pay full pice .

Phoenix Rising

Pretty fun Fun to play and graphics good. Storyline was distracting as were the words at top that took too long to go away. Bonus chapter rather disappointing, same locations. Those were just small things tho because overall was quite fun to play!

Lori Vstick

Stray Souls Game is great, if you could play. Unfortunately it keeps closing down in the middle of the game..... I paid for the collectors edition, and I am unable to finish game. Message.... Stray Souls has stopped working. Ughhhhhh really?

Marluxia Lumaria

Only few levels are free but the newer levels need to pay and buy a full version. Its just a waste of money.

Angela Dunham

Can't unlock next chapter I would give five stars but I can't unlock the next chapter. I select unlock free and it just tells me check internet connection, my connection is fine; if it wasn't would I be able to post this??

Georgie Catchpole

Cut scenes wouldn't play! It said video file error every time. So from the start I had no idea what was going on and missed the important bits. Also the actual interaction was very buggy, I couldn't do the one mini game on the gate as it wasn't sensitive enough for me to move the circles properly. Very disappointed as it looked good and has a sequel. If the producers can tell me how to fix these I would enjoy playing it. But sorry one star for a game that doesn't even work for the 10 minutes I got to play the trial.

Kayla Bwell

Not crediting for apps downloaded in order to get rest of the game free. Please fix really want to see how it ends


Man! I really like this game! Was gonna take the free route but kept getting an error message. Considered paying - but because the error message was so weird I was very wary of paying.

Kristina Sinsheimer

Loved the storyline! Great game. Thanks for fixing button glitch. Really addicting. Great storyline and bonus chapter. The second one is even better. Amazing graphics and music.

Suzan Benefield

I enjoyed the game til the bonus chapter! Like everyone else, buttons disappeared so couldn't finish! That's money wasted!

katrina greig

Points don't work Downloaded TWO different apps and opened them, but never got the 50 points. Couldn't continue the game after the first chapter!

Herbert Dela Cruz

Great game Please give me this full version for free or teach me where to download the free full version tnx

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Ok! Good graphics, scenes and gameplay although ok, could have been better. Still worth downloading, but l did not proceed once game requested payment!

Shalyn Hilmer

Bonus chapter problem After doing 1st HOS the buttons to the safe don't appear in my inventory so I can't open the safe. Please fix. Other than that its a great game.

Vivian Rodriguez Vivian Rodriguez

Stray souls doll house story Awesome game deserve 5star I recommend it to everyone, to alawar costumer service!! It been a week now waiting for you guys to check on this game because it was telling me to purchase it again so I bought it again but I expect a refund.

Shawna Shrout

After playing the hidden object part, it would not give me what I need out of there to continue my game.

None of yourbusiness

RIP OFF So every time I complete a chapter,I have to pay to get to the next one? Not going to happen! I paid once to continue,that's it! To finish this game I will have to pay at least $5-$10. UNINSTALLED

Heather Quinn

Bonus chapter hogwash Doesnt add HOS item to inventory. The safe door buttons, so you cannot complete the game. 2 mins into chapter. Whats the point of paying for collectors editions you cant finish? It appears several others have this very same issue. FIX IT OR REMOVE THE BONUS CHAPTER SO PEOPLE DONT PAY FOR IT EXPECTING TO PLAY IT

Ed Laferriere

Bug in bonus chapter In the police station there is a hidden items puzzle. One of the things you must find is 3 buttons that turn out to be square. When i finished the puzzle there was no reward. The very next step requires 3 square buttons that are missing. Can't continue unless safe can be opened. Otherwise the game deserves 6 stars. Turned app off and restarted it and the first thing i saw was a reward dialog screen saying i had received 3 buttons. Going back to complete ****** game.

Jessica Lein

Awesome Love this game. The second one has even better graphics, but this is great too. In both you have to pay to continue, but it's well worth it. This game is worth getting. Definitely get the second one the graphics are amazing way better than the first. I love that these are a little hard and more for adults too.

shirley aloi

Story is engaging Can't get free chapters, true cost is 4.99. The bonus chapter does not work, save your money!

Laurie Krebs

Good game but don't purchase Was a great game and decided to purchase...after purchase, I had issues with the app failing and close every two minutes..bummer paid for and can't use.

Melinda King

Love this game! Was only disappointed when it was over. Couldn't put it down. :-) And I saw that people were complaining about having to pay for each chapter. There is an option to purchase the entire game, that's what I did. :-)

Nikki James

Not really worth the money. Very short game, dark hidden object areas, the doll talks to much, you can't unselect an item from your inventory, story was poor, no interactive map.

wendy webb

Stray Souls 3 I would think this game would have the voices of everyone talking. I have to read everything. I can read but it makes the game so much more fun when the characters talk. I think the 3.99 is to much, seeing that stray souls 2 had the characters talking. I think it was even the same price. So why did you not add that to this game? Maybe u could let me know why? I would like to know.

Peter Butcher

Game bug Towards the end after joining the two with the machine I'm stuck. Walk through says I should find some tongs and a book in the ward but I can't. Was enjoying the game but I've paid for it and now can't finish.

Billie Jo Beyer

Stray Souls Good game love the mini games. Good graphics. Good storyline. Wish it would tell u what object u have below so you don't have to go to inventory and click on, because it wont come off until u try using. It is also a very short game for free.

Jenny Mannella

Good game but I bought the full issue and it won't let me finish the bonus chapter the game stops itself at the same spot. Hope you all fix it soon


INTERESTING !!! Yo !... This game looks good. But just one problem. Why does it say free & you have to buy rest. Like seriously

Christine Boyle

Lenovo tablet Very good game. Great storyline. The hidden objects games are not too easy or too difficult. Great artwork.

Big Mama Bitty

Love Only issue is u can earn next chapter free by downloading certain apps for credit and I did a few and got nothing. I've never had the apps before either please help

Crystal Ross

You have to buy game before your even finished with the first part not level but part. The game is awesome but why buy when your not sure how many more levels or anything of that nature you'll even get!

Richelle Humphreys

Stray souls dollhouse It's good makes you do alot if thinking and remembering !! You gotta pay attention to the little details!! But I lived it these are my favorite kind of games

Kay Mia

Great game but only the first chapter is free then you will have to pay, thus not worth the download...uninstalling.

Courtney Figueroa

What??? I bought the stupid game get half way through and when i complete a hidden seArch it wont give me what i earned ex: the paint thinner. .. i paid for the game and it won't work what the hell... was enjoying it till then

Tracie Guy

Thought the game was really good, ,the puzzles wernt too overly complicated but good enough to keep ya interested, , wished the bonus level was longer but that's just me wanting more, , loved the story plenty to do and made so much better coz it's got a map so although ya have to to and fro it's made easier with the map,,?

number 27

So Great!! I got hooked on this game when my friend told me about it and absolutely loved it!! I love my little helper Teddy, love the storyline and love the hidden objects and mini-games. My only complaint is that in the bonus chapter, both times I've played it, I had to restart the game to get the buttons from the locker at the police station at the mini-game. Please try the sequel!!

Laurie Mersberg

Still in the beginning I hope it's not so super fast game have a feeling it will be

Lucia Torres

Awesome so far Have only been playing for 10 minutes and now I'm here making a comment. Back to the game.

Michelle Neabrey

Stops during the bonus chapter I paid for the full version and the bonus chapter, and it crashes at the children's room in the bonus chapter. Its done this 3 times and won't let me get any further.

chabonne schaecher

Frustrated I love these types of games, but I either have to earn credit which I never get or buy, and I refuse to buy just to play once. Why can't we watch a few videos to advance to to the next chapter like other apps. Don't waste your time with this game or any others by this company

elizabeth romsloe

Generally like alawar games, but I loved the storyline here. I actually wanted to watch the movies in between each level. BUT should not include "free" in the title if you have to make purchases to play the whole game.

Xtrix Catt

Not happy. I was enjoying the end of the game by means of the bonus chapter, got to upstairs police station object search and finished it but it didn't give me the number pads to open the safe. Never able to finish the game that I PAID for, and when you like a game and story and you pay to play that last little part bc you're just not quite ready for it to be's a HUGE let down to not get to finish it. Again...not happy

Amanda Powers-smith

Thank you for fixing the problem! I finished the main game then started the bonus game, when I found the buttons for the safe they didn't go into my inventory so now I can't open the safe and finish the game. Please fix this and I will gladly give 5 stars, I really enjoyed the game until now

hayley gaunt

Love it. However... Safe buttons in HOS don't appear in inventory in the bonus chapter. So paid for collectors edition for no reason! Very disappointed! UPDATE: If you completely close the app then reopen, the safe buttons will appear in your inventory.

tim meek

Brilliant I loved this game, did the first chapter and then paid for the rest, well worth the money. The bonus chapter doesn,t give you the buttons after playing the Ho game, but if you log out and then back into the game and go to the spot you played the Ho game, it will give you the buttons so you can complete the game. Puzzles not to hard and an enjoyable game to play, kept my interest all the way through, with no glitches apart from the above mentioned. Now going to download the 2nd game.

Stray Souls Free Can't progress in bonus chapter. Bought the game but still get ads. Apart from this its OK. Please can something be done so the bonus game can be completed. If game was ad free and bonus game playable would have given 5 stars!

Julie Thorn

Not so free I played for 15 minutes and then it wanted money. I was really loving it but I'm not paying for it or downloading a bunch of games I don't want just to keep playing. Uninstall

Justina Mane

Bonus level!!! This game could have easilygotten 5star rating from me, but not having the buttons saved to inventory is majority frustrating. I never pay for games, but this game kept me on edge an interested... please, please, please fix this

Farfallina Farf

I feel cheated... Why noone offering such games mentions that it is not the entire game free but the first chapter. In app purchases can mean 5y77643e5 different things. Please be more detailed and try not to trick people.

Jenny Ginger Sparrow

Bonus Chapter major bug The game is entertaining and creepy, but I payed for the bonus content and cannot finish the chapter since the game doesn't give me the buttons to the safe. It's frustrating. Fix this please.

Alisha Torres

I wld have given this game 5 stars but I downloaded other games 3x to earn credits for next chapters and didn't get them, but overall one of my favorite games by alawar, there all pretty great and I do love the option of being able to earn credits instead of buying next chapters or game ?

Brendan Riordan

I love it but I play this game a lot on my aunts computer and its awesome its also the reason I'm afraid of clowns. So every time I try to get the other places it says check the internet connection and I do its just fine please fix it I want to play it so bad!!!

Jordan Wood

Not worth paying for I've paid the same amount for much much better games. Too bad i can't get a refund.


Good game, however, I had already bought it and now it won't let me play again without purchasing a second time. Pretty bad considering all the money I've spent on their games.

Cassandra Taylor

Love alawar games. I am a huge puzzle escape game fan. I've done all their twisted island apps. This one is by far my favorite. This is the fourth time I've played it now

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