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28 Dec
Stratego® Multiplayer

Posted by Youda Games Holding B.V. in Board | Dec. 28, 2015 | 107 Comments

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Play the best Strategy game ever!
The classic board game of battlefield strategy, now available on Android! Do you have what it takes to achieve victory against players all over the world on the battlefield? Defeat your opponents in the official Stratego ® Multiplayer battles!

- "I had completely forgotten how much fun the classic strategy board game Stratego was!" - Kotaku
- "We’ve had a chance to play it, and fans of the board game version have plenty to be excited about!" - Gamezebo
- " Stratego® Multiplayer is by far the best digital version of the old board game classic I’ve ever played!" - Gamezone

Stratego is all about tactics, strategy and cold hard bluff, a combination of chess and poker. Millions of copies of this classic board game have been sold worldwide.

The new version of Stratego appeals to a much broader audience. From kids to adults, beginners and hardcore Stratego© players, both male and female.
Get ready for the ultimate strategy game and join the rapidly expanding group of Stratego fans!

• Challenge your friends
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer: the Stratego friends list makes it easy to challenge your friends, and you can also add players you recently met in battle to your friends list.

• Ranked Matches
Do you have what it takes to become the best Stratego player in the world?
Fight against Generals and Marshalls! You will play against people of your own level and rise on the leaderboard to challenge the world champions of Stratego!

• Unlimited Stratego battles
Play as many battles as you like free to play.

• Classic, and Quick battles
Play Stratego in the classic 40 vs 40 setup or choose a Quick battle and prove your strategic skills with an army of only 16 units.

• New unit rank design
The look of the units has been completely re-styled for a better recognition of the ranks. You can still switch to ‘classic’ style if you like. And we will add more styles in the future.

• Customizable setups
Customize your setups and save them for future battles.

Protect your flag against your enemies, and make sure to capture your opponent’s flag first! See you on the battlefield general.
Are you a strategic player? You’ll love Stratego! Don’t hesitate any longer. Install NOW and prove your strategic skills with Stratego® Multiplayer!

If you have comments or complaints please contact us: [email protected]

Whats new

    Hello Marshalls!
    Welcome to a great new update:
    - Performance improvements
    - Some small fixes
    Keep on playing!

Youda Games Holding B.V. part of our Board and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 28, 2015. Google play rating is 72.4353. Current verison is 1.9.12. Actual size 34.0 MB.

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Summer Warrior

Please fix On android, the captured pieces are not visible nor is the timer unless u click on it which is extremely annoying. Also you can't even see all the pcs like bombs captured. Also it Is so small that every game I accidentally move the wrong direction with no undo or submit button to reverse mistaken moves. I paid for this and am happy except for above. If fixed than five stars.

Nick Galante

Enjoyable Good game, plays well but clunky during set up of pieces. It does allow for saving your setups so that's its saving grace.

Jeffrey Borland

Great game, slow speed. Plays fantastic on my samsung note 3 phone, but the tiles are extremely small. Looks great on my Samsung galaxy S tablet 10.5, but the speed of the tiles and explosions are extremely slow. Should work way better on the newer tablet. All my other apps were shut off. Good game otherwise. Try and fix graphic speed issue with the tablet and the game would be awesome.

SSG A.J. Flores

Connection issues At first I enjoyed it but something has changed. I'm being told not connected even when sitting next to my Wi-Fi router. When I finally get a game to play I have problems with pieces moving the wrong way or the wrong piece moves. Then there is frequent random boots out of the game. These issues started at the end of February, and now the game is unplayable. It insist I do not have a why connection and boys me out of single player game.

Darrell Osburn

Stratego Horrible. Would not display my pieces face up so I could see my ranks. All pieces face down and blank. Support after several emails did contact me and said that this issue happens on some tablets and offered me a refund I appreciate them following up. FYI. I have a Verizon Ellitie 7 tablet. Game doest work correctly on it

Juan Tea

Make vertical The gameplay should be addaped to change screen orientation. I payed for this. Other free apps do hell of a lot more to keep customets happy.

Jon Morgan

Small Screen The screen is way to small on my phone. My tablet its fine. It cuts off part of the screen during play making it very difficult to see everything as well as place troops. Fix these issues and ill give it a 5 star rating. Thanks

Rob Lewis

Needs a lot of work. Get logged out during a match and you lose all your progress. Login screen glitchy, rarely works. Board and pieces way to small. Will someone please make a better stratego game already! !

Chad Price

connection problem please refund my money I have the very best wifi Time Warner Cable has to offer and I'm trying to play this game on my brand new Galaxy Tab s even though I am connected it is telling me that I need to connect to wifi or cellular data . I am connected to wifi the same WiFi I am using to write this review!!!!! PLEASE REFUND MY $ IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

Joost Molenaar

Fun, but cheats Pretty sure the AI on hard mode is a little too good at having its marshal go on a rampage and avoiding your bombs and spy.

D Nguyễn

Childhood Game I use to play all the time. Glad it made it to the modern age. Same game play and pieces.

Maya Smith

Stratego Medium is too easy and on hard setting it knows where every piece is. Poor AI.

Irfan Prabudi

Glitch ! I always love stratego either the classic board game till the app phone.. I download it on my IPAD and MaC and I love it.. now I download it on my android phone asus zenphone 4.. everytime I played it I can't see the picture of my pieces, it difficult me because somehow both me and my enemy pieces are hidden.. I don't know where mu pieces are and can't find out what ranl of the enemey piece that attack me.. PLEEEEASE FIX IT.. thanks..

Ryan Abella

Too many connection problems... I haven't been able to connect to play online once since buying. Single player works fine and I love how it plays, but the AI is too easy. Please fix your multiplayer!

Dominic Cipolla

Game play is painfully slow, were talking at least 45 seconds per move, i get thru 3 moves and then just quit its so slow.When you play the game there are no graphics or anythings on your pcs to see how you have setup on the galaxy tab.

DiMario Trotter

Multiplayer issues Even though im clearly connected to wifi it will not let me connect to multiplayer

Colin Robinson

Laggy and bad graphics None of the animations are fluid. The game looks like its running at like 10fps. Also, the textures are a very low resolution and look pixilated.

Larry Baker

I have nothing but problems connecting and staying connected to server. Don't waste your money! I want a refund!?????

Stefaan Boonen

The one game *every* tablet owner should have This is so much fun and eye candy is unprecedented. It is much more fun than Battle-chess and Battle-ship. It runs great, even on my more than 2 year old ASUS TF300T.

Matt Mccollum

bad connection the multiplayer does not work for me. it asks to turn on the wifi but it is enabled. need help with this please.

Paul Siegfried

No one read the rules Scouts cannot attack on the same turn they move, and the victor of a strike moves into the losers square. Those are part of the basic rules of the game, but this version ignores them. Great graphics, to bad they dont have a clue as to how the game is played.

Daniel Gagliano

You can't play offline! I can't play offline and that's why I got it. I would like a refund ASAP.

Shawn Duffy

Portait mode Yes please make a portrait mode and better ai. Other than that good game ;)

Adam Capwell

Do not buy unless on a tablet I purchased this game and while I enjoy playing statego, im unable to make it through a single game due to getting headaches from trying to play it. Everything is so incredably small that you must squint to read anything and using the interface is a problem since even my smallest finger blocks the view of what im doin.

David Sacco

This is a sick game! You need a big screen because you can't zoom in on the board.....but works fine on my galaxy mega

Jon DuPont

Love stratego But first off, I had to create a new email just to use it. Kept saying my email was already is use. Then my friend, who downloaded it the same week, is using my more preferred scouts as 9s while my scouts are 2s... His screen shows everything while I cannot see all pieces captured nor anything below the pause button. But the worst is that if someone calls u, u r screwed bc u only get fifteen seconds per move. By the time I said ill call u back my domination had turned into a forfeit...

kevin eich

crashes alot love this game and happy to pay for it but it crashes way to much for my liking. ive played 3 games and only one finished, but crashed 4 times and had to close out and re enter. would love a patch or update to help with this, i want to keep it but if keeps crashing and giving me losses im going to have to ask for refund. please help

Jason Wuori

Clearly a PC port I was really disappointed to find out that this is nearly impossible to play on anything smaller then a 7 inch screen. This is definitely a port of the PC game and was not made with mobile in mind. Worst of all, the icons do not show up on the game pieces on my phone. Which means I have to select a piece in order to see what it is. I had high hopes for the game my daughters and I play often. The poor user interface makes playing the game an exercise in frustration. This is a lazy attempt.

Paul J. Taylor

Impossible to play A darn shame, because the presentation is very attractive (see the Flash game on their website, of which this seems to be a direct Adobe Air port). But the interface — designed for a large screen — was lifted wholesale to mobile without any modifications. It is unusable on anything smaller than a 7" tablet. Furthermore, the game is apparently incompatible with the Nook HD+, so I won't be playing it on my tablet, either. I hope the developers continue to invest in the game and eventually release a version that is more mobile-friendly (and, less likely, do the right thing and list the game as incompatible for phone-sized devices until that time).

Bo Powell

Hmm. Straight to it, decent app. Boggled down by more mini transactions. Shocker there. You cant even zoom in/out and you want micro transactions... ??? Don't bother playing comp, it literally cheats by knowing all piece types. Dropped down to one star since my FIRST ranked game logged me out in the middle of a game I was winning heavily. Unacceptable.

Raymond Szulis

Hard to play on phone galaxy s4 Very difficult to play for someone with average sized fingers. Nothing seems to click or acknowledge my press. Game uninsulated would like a refund

Ronnie Bradley

Almost great I play this at the company's website and enjoy it very much however the android version is very odd. it claims that you can play a single player game offline and yet I cannot find the single player option anywhere on the app. All it seems to offer is the multiplayer whether I am offline or on so I feel a little cheated. Well the nice people did fix that problem only for another one to now appear. When you play the game all the tiles are blank. The opponent doesnt have the S on top of theirs and your own tiles dont have any graphic on them either, making it next to impossible to play the game. However I am hoping this is merely a glitch and the people are working on sorting it. Sadly it appears that not only does this app not work with my tablet, the people involved can't understand why and seem very reluctant to fix it :( i feel cheated tbh.

Tyler Berger

True to the Original Stratego as you remember it, with the addition of a quick mode (which is nice for breaks). It is offline and online; a plus. Gameplay and graphics are perfect. However, everything is much too small on a Samsung Galaxy S4 -- it appears as if it was only made to play on tablets. It would be a 5-Star App otherwise.

BoBSkiZZl e

Love Stratego Hate screen size Love the game but its almost impossible for me to setup my pieces. The tiles are way to small and makes it very frustrating when I move the wrong piece constantly. Fix that and the game will be awesome.

Matt Littlewood

Good Good. Relives old memories of a good game. But why are my tiles blank during the game? It's very frustrating.

Adam Sandoval

Shuts down and gives you a loss Pretty frustrating to pay for a competitive game to play and have it keep shutting down and marking loss after loss on my record Ive had it less than 24 hours and out of about 13 games its kicked me out and put a loss on my profile about four times I wouldve uninstalled and requested a refund but apparently its too late Ill give it three stars because it is fun but when I'm PAYING for a game that has a leaderboard of sorts the fact that it kicks me out and puts a loss rather than a draw is a huge downside

Justin K

Tiny tiny fonts The UI design and super tiny fonts make this game unplayable. Theres no way you can play it on a phone, and even on a 7" tablet its very difficult to read any of the text. The game board area is only using up about half of the screen real-estate. very very poor interface design.

Tom Baldwin

Near unplayable This is a good game and as far as I can tell would be worth getting....but ONLY if you have a tablet. This shouldnt even have been made available for anything else. Everyone understands why, but if you want smartphone users to purchase your app, at least make it playable! It is just waaaay too small. Other reviews are correct. Bad thing is, the game could have easily been laid out differently to solve this, but they obviously chose not too...

Sierra Koch

Not worth $5 Graphics are weak, animations are painfully slow and design is cumbersome. Was expecting better for such and expensive app. There is an online timer of 15s which if you fail to move during that time you automatically surrender, which is irritating if you lose your WiFi or don't notice it's your turn because there is no real indicator. Google review app gets 1/5 star for deleting review for third time now.

Razvan Copilu

waste of money I'm sorry to say that, the game looks good for a tablet, but I cannot play it, it crashes or freezes almost every time. For such a popular game you should create a more reliable app (look at your competition, there are a lot of board games for mobile that are great!).

Bill Tucker

Unable to use Downloaded for plane ride as it says it has offline capabilities. Would not open past the entry screen in airplane mode. galaxy S5.

0L3a gH0sT

Wow I don't even know where to begin on this It's a crying shame that jumbo allows this app to tarnish its good name. It's also a shame that jumbo and game devs allows the mediators of the forum to allow such name and shame of players on there. If the powers to be don't want people disconnecting then fix the game. Question? How can i request a draw or throw up a white flag when your stupid battle chat tab covers the buttons? So instead I have to disconnect then see my name blasted all over the forums! Question? What are you doing about the hackers?

Michael Hall

Crap Tiles are illegible

Tim Jarvela

Game play is fine. Sometime you have to sit through multiple ads before you get to play because your opponent quits right away. Other times, you start playing and make a few good moves against an opponent and they offer you a draw and then quit when you decline. This makes you wait for two and a half minutes before you can leave the game since they are disconnected. This game would get a higher rating if they could punish habitual disconnectors by making their disconnect time shorter.

Jumb-O- lya

Can't find match All of a sudden I can't get a match. Says please be patient but when you wait 10 min and still don't get a match gimme a computer to play against. Good grief this is terrible. I've already in installed and reinstalled. Can't register my old account. Fix this!

James Guzzi

Frustrated I was having an epic game. Said I could not continuesly chase pieces. I wasn't I was going for the flag and it wouldn't allow me to move forward on many occasions. I had to move another piece and it cost me the game. Thier have been other games where the touch response causes pieces to go in a direction you didn't swipe. Also lost due to game freeze. Please fix and I will give 5 stars

stephen reedy

How do i setup my layout I bought a layout with the coinw it gives you. But theres no option to place the pieces on a layout other than when you start a match. WTH is that? At least i can move peices in the 6 min window before the match starts. Love the gameplay

Senor R

Fine, not exceptional Lot of ads, slow response sometimes, but good graphics and gameplay

Andrew Hagadone

Won't work Won't let me log in using facebook, even though it offers that choice.

Steven Tyndall

Terrible User experience not up to par. Where are my saved games, got disconnected and lost because of it


Getting worse I'm playing this for more then a year it was never a 5 star because there was always features that u wasn't able to be in controled. But now I updated and it became worse by quick play I can't choose my own setup(I was wondering before I updated how come everybody's bords are almost the same) and have many more unconvenient features. If u like stratego maybe find a better version dont waist your time here

Sean T.

Great Game Involves a lot of strategy since you don't know how your opponent's pieces are oriented.

Robert Soto

People are bitchs Everyone i play uses the same tactic going back and forth when they know there piece is done and the worst thing is the person chasing is the one who is told they cant go back and forth otherwise the game is awesome

Dan Dan

Sucks on so many levels 1st you can't place your flag where you want it, position is randomly selected. The worst part is having to suffer through the ads again if your opponent abandons the game and you have to wait 2 1/2 minutes before it ends the game after they disconnect.

Alex Cote'

It's a decent game but I'm not dealing with the ads. Let me purchase a permanent ad disabled for a reasonable price and I might play this game.

Sebastian Buntin

Awesome game Absolutely a great and polished game. I really liked the boardgame and when I saw this I was surprised that it turned out so well :)

Jonathan smith

Fun and not too glitchy Still looking for an explanation on the timer. Its like thrres 2 and thrir not consistent

Tommy Morgan

So far so good Will have to rate it again soon

Corbin Dallas

I like this game but...... I only sometimes have problems with connecting to an opponent. More often than not they move first....let you move .....and then quit leaving you there to watch an after game add.

Chris Locke

Can't pick layouts in quick battle. Other players seem to be able to choose their layouts. (Edit->) People on computers get to pick their layouts! Super frustrating!! Otherwise 5 stars. But it is no good if it's unfair.

Trenton Woodward

Awesome Just you Should be allowed to place the petiole where you want

morgan bingamon

Good game But you need to add a report button to the menus because I've been cursed out by player in the chat while playing with my 5 year old cousin. The user name of the person is "john is a legend"

Jon Sauve Theberge

Too many adds Adds make the game not fun. I hate adds.

jeremy stover

Good classic strategy game. Simple and fun.

Moses Hernandez

Cause i cant watch infinite videos to get coins stop being tight about it.

Timothy Goodeaux

God awful game. No where close to original game. So bad. Please take off market. Omg. It's really bad.

Katie Atteberry

Great game I love this app

Raymond Conn

Great game Loved this game when I was a kid

Brandon Stanford

Love it!!! Love this game! Glad to find it has been turned into an app! Such a classic!!!

david west

Fun It is a cool turn baised strategy game.

Jason Clark

Good but long ads

agustina margiasih

love this game real battle with real strategy game ever

micah tucker

Disapointed I like the game but half the reason I got it was to be able to play against my friends in this device. So if you guys could create a way to have 2 player on one device I would greatly appreciate it.

Joe Hoffman


Shilo Lee

Difficult but fun

HiILike Denom

Too many ads


You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Paying to remove the ads is temporary and they come back.

Igor França

Not bad, who knows the board game knows, you will need patience. Advertisings are not a problem at all, it's free so

Joshua Nichols

Awesome! My dad used to have the original board game from when he was a kid and now he is 40 but he had it for over 30 years and sadly it was lost and destroyed :( but I loved it and now I can play it again THANK YOU!!! I suck but I'll get better with my strategy lol

Tony H

The games is better than nothing, but like others have said, it's Ad heavy before each game. The game play is itself is stuck in 1 mode where there is no attackers advantage. If the game offered more variation of game style, I would give it more stars.

Gary L Shelton

Solid game Players who've been online in the past couple years will notice this game is instantly different than old web version they're used to. It has more cartoon-y artwork and rectangular shaped spaces and pieces instead of the usual and customary squares shapes. Game plays well but lacks some essential elements at this time. First among these is the ability to create setups. There needs to be a page in the new app to do this. Another issue is the lack of a chat ability between friends, as the web version has.

Sean Cash

This game sucks Need not say more

Scott Gerlikowski

Was great game play until now everytime I try to play the game says connection lost game timed out I've tried Uninstalling it and really installing and it still comes up I forgot to close out of the game once and am now banished to never play again I guess

James Guzzi

Frustrated I was having an epic game. Said I could not continuesly chase pieces. I wasn't I was going for the flag and it wouldn't allow me to move forward on many occasions. I had to move another piece and it cost me the game. Thier have been other games where the touch response causes pieces to go in a direction you didn't swipe. Also lost due to game freeze. Please fix and I will give 5 stars

Preston Walker

This Sucks! Never finish a game! Opponents quit as soon as you get advantage. Better off downloading one of thousand game ads have to sit through waiting to play.

Christos Triantafyllides

Stole me the win I was winning my opponent who left with only weak pieces and he was spending the time not playing. Suddenly there is a message appearing saying you"you are kicked out" and after " connection lost". I checked my status after and discover that i lost!!! 0 star if it was possible.

Fouad Sidawi

Unable to load setup for quick game On android version it is not possible to load ad or to create your sertuo for quick match , you have to play with a random setup

Mike N

I played it all the time and enjoyed it. Now it won't load a player to play against. I have uninsulated and reinstalled it several times and nothing changed.

Brama Knox

I like it Intrusctions could be a lot better for new players. The number labeling is confusing with Ranks for new players.

Rico Nahas

Excellent game Just like the board game, can't get rid of the stinking adds

Mark H

Love it Brings back memories. Wish you could play vs. Computer.

Anders Magnusson

Good game it's working Great game especially when everything is working as it should.

Chris Locke

Can't play!!!! Can't pick layouts in quick battle. Quick games no longer work.

John Paluska

Moving sucks I often accidentally move a piece because of this crappy setup. I will press on a piece and it will automatically move it to a space I didn't press. I've lost whole games to this stupidity. Remove the sliding ability and it will be fixed.

Steve Slotten

Search in and Waiting screens Seems there is are issues when transitioning from ads to Searching for opponent and Waiting for opponent screens. I hope new ad arrangements are causing this issue. Your ad revenue will reduce if we can't play your ap. I want to play Stratego with others on this great platform.

Sabrina Flores

Good strategy game It's a fun game to play.

Katherine Andrews

Great game Love it, played it with my husband

pat nixon

Very good works great Love this game

Hannah Abernethy

AMAZING! It's a really great game, it deserves more than five stars

geenie chong

Not fair. Pc players have an advantage in setting up slots for quick play while android players does not so they always know where our flags are at.

Brian Hope

Freezes Up And You Lose During several games the app goes blank, ends the game, takes you back to the start screen. This is either a glitch that only my opponents are aware of and are using or a glitch in the game. Fix it! Also would like to see "win streak" or "loss streak" added to player profiles. If the glitch above isn't fixed, it won't matter since I will no longer be playing this version.

Erez Harari

Too many commercial videos! You open the app and before you even see the main screen you get an unavoidable 30 seconds video for some stupid game that I couldn't care less of... Uninstalling.

Shane Costigan

Was good... Until they took down the servers for a game that is exclusively online.

william donnelly

Should feature a single player v AI. Tired of waiting to play

Marco Blauwe

Works sometimes Just spend 45 minutes watching Ads, no playtime. Happens too often for me. Second time today, still not a minute of playtime ?

Ronald E. Thompson

The game is fun except the app sucks cause it gives you loses by rebooting itself when you're winning

Daniel Oberlies

Wait time was to long and players to rude.

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