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7 Jun
Story Writers

Posted by Story Team in Communication | June 7, 2015 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

Story Writing with others in real time! Story Writers is the collaborative story writing game for Android.

• Public or Private stories
• All players are notified as the story progresses
• Add an entry to the story after any other player’s entry
• Anyone can read & contribute to any public story you start
• Read/Join/Contribute to others' public stories
• Flexible public stories search
• Write private stories with your selected group of friends
• Take any of your private stories public (& vice-versa)

Thanks for your comments:
Many of you have requested the feature of having a public story community that anyone can join and contribute to. Enjoy!

Whats new

    version 1.15 & 1.16 - rebuild communications, bug fixes
    version 1.14 - device registration bug fix, notifications for new entry improvement
    version 1.13 - bug fix
    version 1.12 - Maintenance release A - rebuild communications
    version 1.11 - Can disable ads
    version 1.10 - Public Stories support
    version 1.02 - Import contacts with email addresses from your Contact List

Story Team part of our Communication and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 7, 2015. Google play rating is 65.6977. Current verison is 1.16. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download story-writers.apk 2.5 MB


Christine Ola

It's good but... The app has been full of glitches as of late. WHY? Most recently, it keeps saying: server communications error. I cant see stories or join stories. I am losing faith.

Bryce Holman

One little thing I love this app but it would be SO MUCH BETTER if you could add a photo to be associated with the story or when searching you had tags to be linked to your story(like Facebook).You also should add a way to separate the stories like a whole section spacificly for 18+ stories that way no one has to worry about acedently reading an 18+ story. One last thing. Can you add to the genre options?

Aloysius Rufus

Server fix request Although the updates did some changes, here's a few things that also needs fixing; The delays and friend invites system. Oh and also the lagging on word usage. Please notice these.

Konata Bokutachi

Well its great but... It takes a REALLY long time to load, and sometimes it doubles the message twice, and some times it won't let me get into the story's I'm in, there's a lot of glitches but its a great app

Retarded Kitty

Finally works! Thanks to the new update, everything works perfectly again. Check it out people! You definitely won't regret it.

Sophie Day

My life Thus app is my life! I love the new update!

Jeanette Alvarado

good but. . . what server error? it was my favorite app and now it suddenly says there was a server error. Noting is wrong with it. I dont know what to do. . .

Kizze YesfromRoots

cant add my i created a story that i added my friend too, but once i finished my first entry she is not notified and it keeps saying im in editing status cause no friend is connected to the story. So I started a new one just to make sure and the same thing. Ive had to write the same story over a couple of time cause there is no copy and paste function after finishing a entry and the is no add a friend option after a private story has started. please help like the idea of writing a story with my daughter but need help

Alisa Smovzhenko

I LOVE IT There's so many stories to join! You just post an idea - just a simple idea and then others join and weave into the story. The idea becomes vast and so much more complicated than you ever thought it could ever be. If you take a step back to look at the full story you find yourself smiling and thinking "We've just created something BEAUTIFUL. "

Amber Cameron

Really bad I would like it if I could post a plot first then chapter by chapter.. also it would be nice to add an option for pictures with the story. Use wattpad its the best! You can post pictures and videos from youtube to go along with the story. Look up LuvMeDoU if you like the Beatles and DayDreamer089

Michaela Dow

Awesome, but... I can't help but notice how unhappy some people are about the dirty RP's. Could you edit the app so that you can have more than one Genre, and make more Genres to choose from including Dirty or Smut? Also, it would be awesome if you could make more than 100 posts per story. And it'd be cool if you can write a full story and post it to a forum or something. And we need profile pages.

eshter DiAnguiano

Dear Story Writers Team, My friends and I love Story Writers and we can't get enough of it but, there's a slight problem... We can't view any stories and my friend can't log back in ever since she logged out to get it fixed. Supposedly, her friends can't see it either. It's a little frustrating trying to load in public stories. I am also not being notified when my friend made an entry to a story that me and quite a few others are joined in. Thank you for taking your time in reading this and I hope this problem gets fixed soon.

andrew cooper

Wish List for this app The app could use more features, like a chat, an improved search engine, and a hide story button. While I accept Sturgen's law, I don't want to scroll through its progeny constantly. The thing I want most is a variable word floor, where a story owner has control on how little a person can write the same way there is an adjustable word ceiling. I know the first few things on my wish list involve complex coding, but the last one is simple enough; copy and paste with some touch up coding to make it work.

Elaiza Cerdeñola

Like the idea but... Ok so basically, I like the idea and the app is good and all but half the time when I want to read a story or something, it just says that I have to join to add a part, but I cant read previous posts. though its good when it works. Ok so, I found out that since I cant see the.previous post, apparently I cant upload a post either. WTF!!!! I seriously like the app so please somebody FIX IT.

Tijana Uzelac

Addictive App I love it, but I didn't give it five stars because of the glitches. Just now I can't access it, it won't find any of the stories. Come on, this has been going on for days, FIX IT. TO ANYONE WHO HAS TROUBLES SIGNING IN AFTER DELETING: If you want to sign in with an account you already used, you have to first delete that account from your device and then set it up again. After that just sign in on SW and it will work. I had the same problem, but then figured this out.

Margaret Pinskiy

Problems I really like the app but there are constantly small bugs that never seem to get fixed. Lag while typing, no notifications, and just recently - all of the stories have disappeared. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but the app doesn't even realize that I am an old user. Please fix this.

Gryphien Mason

I love the idea. I love the idea, but it glitches so no one's story comes up but my private stories. That's vary frustrating, especially if one day your writing something, then the next you want to continue, but can't even get to it. Please fix this bug. Then I'll give you five stars. I wish I could give more. I am your biggest fan! Please fix the bug!

jumpfor moon

Great! The app that I have been looking for, well... forever. Has finally been found :) Just wish that there were ways to organize our 'series', and private chatting would be great as well :D Other than that, I honestly love it. Great job!

Cheshire Doll

It's great But sometimes it doesn't give me a notification for things.

Brikell Wilkinson

Super glitchy Okay this time it's bad - stories (yours or others) WONT EVEN SHOW UP. they are completely disappeared and takes multiple time sorry refreshing and completely logging out - sometimes deleting and redownloading app- to finally get it to show up ONCE. then it wont refresh with out disappearing again. Your entries stay of pending FOREVER and sometimes never even go and I can't get to ANY stories. PLEASE FIX ASAP. EVERYONE IS GETTING ANNOYED!!! ?

Vyktorya Schoebel

Glitchy server I love this app, it's great for sharing stories and writing, but the server wont load up my stories and hasn't worked the last few days. I hope that gets fixed soon.

curtis tinygamer

Really enjoyed it! I love it, really fun but the notifications are a bit buggy and I would like a profile system to be added, from which you can see stories people have started/ participated in, I would also like to see a 'search' function so you can find stories easier, a way to be able to chat between 'players' would also be nice, and a way to rate stories and favourite them maybe. Over wise it is a good app and great fun... Never seen an hour when I haven't been on it.. Except when I'm sleeping xD

Evan Schweisberger

Sometimes... I absolutely adore this app. It is fun, creative, and full of wonderful people. However... It can only be excellent if it works. It is constantly glitching. Full of problems. I'm sure that we would all appreciate if the owners/creators spent more time caring for the app and fixing problems.

Kassidy Litton

AMAZING but... My friends list is messed up as well as countless other things like pressing the refresh button accidentally and it DELETING MAH MASTER PEICE!!! NOT.COOL. Also, there is way to many 18+ stories. MAKE A SEPERATE APP FOR STORIES THAT WANNA BE NASTY AND DISTURBING WITH SEX AND VIOLENCE. I completely understand that you dont really have anh power over people but can we pleeeease have the powerto report them? I mean really...people who write stories called sibling rape? They are truely twisted...

Sean Hannan

Not best for aspiring authors but still fun The idea behind this app is a good one but the problem I have found seems to be with the server which after reconnecting my internet and rebooting my device a fee times still seems to be unable to find stories. I hope problems such as this are resolved quickly; it would be foolish of me to think that an app connected to the internet wouldn't have issues connecting to the server but if this is something that lasts days to weeks rather than just a few hours then I wouldn't recommend it. As well the community on here is amateurish at best, if an aspiring writer wanted to start a chain story on here they would find themselves among a den of RP forum posters and some among them who want to talk about their day or make rants than actually collaborate as authors. It isn't that I suspect JK Rowling to be on here, it's more of the potential for collaboration is ruined by the community and finding those who want to create a shared novel among strangers will have difficulty sifting through the like minded role players.

Krystal Viruet

Tiresome I used to love the app but every other day something is wrong with it. I have to keep unistalling and reinstalling it, and I'm just tired of it. It's a great app, believe me, but it lost its touch with all these glitches.

katie magers

Broken! At first it worked fine, then the notifications stopped. Then it was so glitchy I couldn't open any stories! So I un- and reinstalled. It worked perfectly. Then today, no stories would load! I unintalled it, an then reinstalled it. It says I can't connect to the server! Fix it, please!

Story Writer753

I like it but nothing is working now. Ive had this app more than a year and the past couple mnonths ive bearly been able to see any stories.

Emma Mask

Love writing! Cool a app I can look forward to playing! I love to write about warriors, if you have heard about warriors.

Verner Hodge

Fix it I love the app but its recently messed up. I dont get notifications, stories dont update unless i refresh them, and stories that i joined have vanished. Plz fix this or im gonna have to uninstall it.

Cassandra Molina

WTF!!! What's with the Registration page?? Earlier today I tried to post in my stories but the whole app.said no.service even when I had WiFi access, so I restarted my phone, and nothing. Then I deleted the app and NOW it won't let me get in. I'm stuck at the register page. Every time I enter a name, a little box keeps popping up at the bottom saying REGISTERED, and that's it. Nothing happens. I can't continue forward or anything.

Felicia Low

FUN GAME BUT STUPID CREATOR For four months I have been complaining, trying to get you to fix the glitches. You never did. I have been playing for 10 months and the glitch is still the same old shit.

Shamila Mohamed

seriously , fix this problem This app is great , absolutely awesome, great way to create and develop stories, that is , until it glitches out and you can not receive notifications , none of the stories you joined or started are updating . Its not anything on my end , I checked , because my friend updated hers and mines didn't receive it. please fix this problem. I have three stories to finish and I haven't been able to add anything for a week.

Nira Jones

Think this is only me but.. It's like that massive glitch we had awhile back. None of the stories are loading for me but, this time, I choose not to uninstall...Fix please?

Nakeythia Burton

It would be wonderful... If it would actually let me read the story after I post my entry. Can you please fix this? Thank you.


Hmm Brilliant app, needs an edit button though. And bold/italics. It's really frustrating because after a while it doesn't update notifications. And if you have to re-install? It deletes most of you contacts and peivate stories. But it's really awesome for connecting with other authors.

Hannah Stanphill

Omg It was good until it glitched. Pleas fix!!!!!!!!! Its annoying

Xiana Lee

Fix please I'm not getting any notifications. Would give it a 5 star rating if it was fixed...

Mimi Denniston

A great invention I would just like to express my gratitude for this app. It is so wonderful to have somewhere to explore my imagination and meet new people to write with. You are do a great service to all aspiring writers in the world.

Sophia Avery

It's Alright But... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the app and it's concept. But... I think the data is processed to slowly, I shouldn't have to constantly refresh the page. Also, the quality of the graphics in the app would attract more users. Maybe posting story covers? Or the app could be like wattpad except with your concept!

Gabi Anthony

This app certainly has its ups and downs. But if we work throught the slight problems we do get an amazing writing experience through it

Sophie Day

Besides the bugs... This app had kept me going through what emotional stuff I thought would bring me down. Thank you Story Team for your recent updates!!!

Chloe Alexander

Problems Sometimes things are broken, please fix! It's getting better so I changed to 4 stars, just make it better and most of us will change to 5!

Naomi Kho Yining

It's certainly a great app but I hope that there's a chat function where you can discuss your ideas :) ID 34472 the name is Naomi Kho Yining.

Bryce Holman

Better options and Bugs I love this app. The only few things I would change would have to be an option to add a picture to the story and maybe a profile page that displays the persons chioce of story or stories. There are also some bugs that need to be fixed for better communication and story writing. I know that most app designers may be to arrogant to read comments on there apps but I truly hope you aren't like them.

Miner 1210

I love this app. The only few things I would change would have to be an option to add a picture to the story and maybe a profile page that displays the persons chioce of story or stories. There are also some bugs that need to be fixed for better communication and story writing. I know that most app designers may be to arrogant to read comments on there apps but I truly hope you aren't like them. There is only one last thing. My phone was broken and I was given a new one sadly my new phone is an apple and I can not install this wonderfull app. If possible could you make it compatible for the apple?

Lil Lexie 18

I love love looove this app thank u so much cuz I really njoy wrighting story's n out of all the apps this one is da best

Rebekah Wood

Its a love hate relationship I love the set up and the entire look and concept. But the fact that it takes literally forever to load and crashes sometimes halfway through it ruins the experience. Also the library usually loads and says I have no stories in my library, etc and stories will glitch and only show the last entry or the like. I have highspeed internet so it must be something on your end. I have tried my 3g and there is no difference. Please fix and I'll give Story Writers the five stars that they are capable of.

Dark Cursing

Need chat window Rather than we all have to like (......) is better to have side window for chat so we don't have to add that to our entry.

PaiThan M.E.

One big disappointment You need to have a friend to get your story private. When finally have your story private, another must add an entry in YOUR story before you can write further. Too the choice of genre is way to limited. You can not set the rights of your story. The settings are way to limited. Also when you want to remove the add the app crashes. So one big NO NO

Monkie La

What the Hell lol I open the app and this thing asks to have access to my Gmail account? I use Wattpad, n it's like any other social networking site/app, where u read other people's stories n write ur own. U can vote for ur favorites, keep a personal library. N wattpad is completely free (literally no crap here) U have a profile u can personalize nicely n can even create ur own book cover, add pics/vids/audio to your stories. Can chat and the ppl are all awesome, no hate. Search me up- Themonkeymakesdrafts

Michelangelo Namwali

Fun creative writing Please increase the limit. 100 characters is not a good limit. Let's say 500+. From madcat5xx. Please remove ads

tha Dankfish

"Registration failed"? Every time I enter a name and hit the "register" button, I get a message telling me that the registration failed...I don't know if this iis the app or my device, because this is the first time I've had this issue...Two stars because there's a LOT of issues with this app, but overall I dodo enjoy it. When I can use it...

Taara Muhammad

I Am Having One Hell Of A Problem I have this story called "I Can Never Stop" and after having it up for a good long while, all of a sudden it doesn't show up on my stories created list anymore. I can't find it with search and even after rebooting my devices IT STILL WON'T SHOW. Give me my story back! I mean seriously?!?!

Shea Harrison

I love story so this must be cool and it is Love story so I love this app

Zeyad Ahmed

Not working Every time I write my Name to register in the app I get an error "" ... please fix it.

Kylee West

Awesome This is a great app in general but I wish you turn it into a book like hard cover or paper, and text styles ,paper styles,and font colors

sparkle Pearl

It's okay but..... The app does not allow me to delete my story

Reuben Lazar

If you are an aspiring author, this app is a good start for you. This app is ULTIMATE. The idea of letting multiple people write a single story, turn by turn is really awesome. 5/5. Helps you connect with people around the world. Helps you improve your vocabulary. A good past time. In all, this app is really cool if you are an aspiring author.

Jeremy Fett

Awesome Love this app, you actually write stories with other people, this app is very addicting.

Anna Arendelle

Wattpad I was looking for Wattpad and this app is the only one that came up. I WANT WATTPAD BACK PLZ!

Jibril Adamu

Galaxy Recently downloaded.

Siphesihle Dzula

Need help I like the app but how can you delete a whole account or story, especially public stories without the need to connect with someone?

Debbie Mcreavy

Like but... I really liked it but the only thing i dont like is you write then someone else writes so its not really your own story

Amalia Yates

It won't let me sign in It said to type my name in and then it'll get started. This will be the second time I've downloaded this app and it STILL won't let me sign in. What more do you need besides my name?


Ads Overall this app is great mind the glitches there's just one problem that's been bothering me. The ads. I paid for them to be disabled and they're back. Now whenever I press the 'want ads gone?' button it says unfortunately story writers has stopped and logs me out of the app. If you could please fix this that would be awesome.

Jonah Leigh Ramos

Actually, I haven't even tried it. It's taking years to load. But I like the concept.

bobbi page

Love it a way to express ur feelings????

firefly 16

Love it, love it, love it???? My suggestions for a better SW experience limitations for entries and characters 2.we should be able to make more than one entry weather another writer has added or not because it's just not fair

Parijat Mukherjee

Uninstall from play store option or Uninstall from play store besides open option or go into app settings and uninstall it from there @susan

Emma Sharp

Great Its a awesome app?

Patrick Walker

I love this app I would like to suggest 2 things an interior messaging system and I think it would be cool is we each a had profile page were we could see our friends currents and completed works

Amy Furlonger

One thing... If you're working on a story with only 1 other person, if they go away for a while (for work or a holiday or something), you won't be able to write again until they come back because you can only write another entry after someone else has. Or if no one else wants to join your story, you end up waiting forever because you can't do anything more until someone else has joined and made an entry. Also I was hoping to make a private story by myself. But no, you have to have another player! You can see why this doesn't work very well. Please can you change this? It is the only downside.

Kate G

It is ok It is ok

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