Download Stop Barking! (FREE) apk 1.0 free for Android smartphone

2 Aug
Stop Barking! (FREE)

Posted by cnsmith in Tools | Aug. 2, 2012 | 62 Comments

Apk file size: 4.8 MB

Stop Barking! Is a simple app that allows the user to play different frequency sound samples that last for 3-4 seconds at a time.

Typically dogs & cats react to high frequencies which allows us to use sound samples to stop bad behaviour and habits, in particular barking!

The samples in this app range from 1000MHz to 15000Mhz which is close to the limit of the human ear and also close to the limit of most mobile devices. Dogs can hear frequencies up to 50khz!

Turn your phone up, get within 20 meters of your dog and try some different frequencies.

Unfortunately this app may not work with some dogs as there are many variables. The developer makes no guarantees. This app should only be used as a means to change bad behaviour and not to tease.

cnsmith part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 2, 2012. Google play rating is 51.8293. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 4.8 MB.

Download stop-barking-free.apk 4.8 MB


Skyy Hammett

sucks the app won't open. . just keeps saying the app "stop barking" has stopped.. restarted my phone multiple times... removing the app..

Michelle Guerra

A God Send! My two sweet little furry babies are the barking masters but this app did the trick immediately! I used it in conjunction with the "quiet" command and now that's all I have to say to get the barking to stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mindy Payne

Does not work This app does not work. I don't mean that it was ineffective with my neighbor's dogs; I mean that the app will not open and I continue to receive a message that "the app has stopped working." (It never started working) Uninstalling.

A Google User

Excellent My neighbor's dogs all have been horrible barkers and this worked wonderfully!! And ive used it as a training tool for my dog that jumps on everyone and after 2 times she doesnt jump anymore!!! Best app, most effective. Im really happy i didnt go out and spend $50 on one.

Android Rumi

Shit app This app doesn't work shit. Dont waste your time.

A Google User

My puppy finally stopped barking and whining We just moved and he has seemed to develop separation anxiety. I can't even leave him for 1minute and he starts whining. Everytime I leave he gets luders and louder until he is barking and whining so loud you can hear him from the drive way. I tried "No". Doing the leaving for a few minutes , toys, food, 1hour walks in the morning he still wouldnt stop. So far this has been the only thing that stops the whines and barks. Hope it last for more than a day.

Sarah W. Price

INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! This is a truly amazing app for helping me curb both of my dogs' barking. Of course, this is NOT a panacea & it WILL take some practice and patience on the part of the user to figure out which tones work best. My small dog (spaniel) responds best to the low pitched frequencies & my large dog (lab) responds best to the high pitched frequencies. Any training takes time & patience. Give this a chance. After all, it's FREE! What do you have to lose? :-) <3

Kiril S

great app this app works! with right dog training techniques, the dogs start listening after few tries. but I'd advice that you'd wear proftective ear gear and use in don't use more then few seconds when using this app on full volume since LF and ELF waves can damage human ear drums and other tissue, so use with care and take precationary measures when using it.

Matt Courtney

Works I have a 13 month old beagle and she is a terror with barking her head off for no reason, eating our mulch, and anything she can get her teeth into. I've used this app for 2 days and only had to use it 3 times. Anytime she starts to bark or eat my mulch, I tell her no a couple times then play the noise. I'm sure the mosquito app is similar but this is the one I chose. I'm on my way to training this dog. Really excited!!!

Susan Beers

MY PIT BULLS This is AWESOME my sweethearts BRUTUS AND NAKITA think they should bark at everything from dog's to cat's people squirrel's ect this app worked instantly great app worked give it a try you won't be disappointed

Rahul Sen

Mhz? I dont even have a dog but 5 stars for the witty reparte. LOL'ing. Fix the units.

tiffiny wood

To Renee about... This app is awesome!!! It worked on the 2nd try for our dashound! also Renee...the dogs are called dashounds....they are not retarded maybe you dont know how to use this app...thats why your the neigbbor of the dashounds!! and not a proud dashound owner! Too bad it doesnt work on you Renee....anyways people that dont own dogs dont need this app obviously. it works for your pet only.

Teresa Corbet

Must be in the disclaimers range. Does NOT work. Dont get your hopes up :( Way to react to negative feedback, assmunch. I wasn't attacking you personally. Whether the neighbor's dogs are in the range of your disclaimer or not, it didn't work. Expect to get negative results and feedback. Your attacks on users are lame and immature. What are you, 12??!


Did the trick I am in shock.!! I really didn't expect it to work but it does. My corgi has started barking at everything lately. I don't know what made me look for an app but Stop Barking was the first one. Even with some bad reviews I thought I'd give it a try. First shot at 15,000mhz, he stopped immediately and even laid down. I've used it several times now and he is settling down every time. This is my new favorite app. Thank you!!!

Brian Hamilton

Works fine. Works fine for my roommate's lab mix. 5 stars for creator's response to bad reviews. Please make an app that shuts whiney people up.

Frank P

Samsung 4 active updated and now app does not work it worked great before update.

Eric Brown

Does a great job of crashing! Was hoping to see if the dog reacted. This isn't the place to submit bug reports so that's what I will be doing. Stops responding on Nexus 5 as soon as I open it.

christy leedom

Doesn't work at all I open the app, it closes. Deleted.

helen bartlett

Works great just downloaded it today n my dog is not barking as much already

Thomas Nails

Barking I live in a apartment house the dog bark day and night I install this app on my phone and bluetooth speaker and the barking stopped (thank you for good work)

Joel Hurley

Incompatible! The app doesn't convert "20 meters." I keep ending up too close or too far from my puppy. Please release an Imperial version of the app.


Stop barking Tried different frequencies and one seemed to hit the spot after a few tries. Certainly made me feel better & in control!

Dustin Robards

Inappropriate This app has been flagged for hateful/abusive content. IF YOU CONTINUE LEAVING NASTY REPLIES TO USERS YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Jeanette Farrier

Giving 5 stars to the owner of this app. For being tolerable of all these blind app users that dont read about this app before give negative feedback. Dont even give negative feedback if it doesn't work. Its not for every dog! READ PEOPLE. .

A Google User

THANK YOU!!!! I can sleep again thanks to your app!!! I don't get how owners can be so deaf that they don't hear their dogs whining all day long. I went 2 years sleep deprived because of annoying dogs and their owners, but never again. Thanks!

Fiona Fisher

Awful I tried it then moments later my poor dog was sick. This also hurt our ears.

Renee Guerrero

It sucks My dog kept on barking! Now its worse. He just kept on barking, barking ,and barking

Allyson Little

thanks worked immediately on my chiweenie. I had it on lowest. this will help so much

Raiza Rampas

Not working It didn't stopped my dog from barking!

Laila Allen

This a is so cute I like um love it It is a cute app

Dave Conn

I tried it on a few dog it made them pretty vicious. Lol

Diana Rowell

Stop neighbors dogs barking It works ok. Just wish it were louder.

Matt S

Terrible app This app gave my dog cancer. Avoid.

Fast Familia

Note 4 Doesn't open anymore

Nicolas Finn

What? Works so well it even got my wife to stop barking!

Krystal Randles

Doesn't work My dogs won't stop barking

DC Nesbitt

Outstanding Worked great on the first shot. It'll save us some $ spent on excedrin.

Sheri R

So great to find. Worked great till the lollipop update. Will down load again if they update it.

Valerie Samons

Worked immediately! My 2 fur babies were arguing and this app stopped the barking instantly!!!!

Joniette Hunter

Didint work On my dog that hardly ever barks and didntbwork on the neighbors dogs


Doesn't work I have an android and it won't even open. Grrrr

Deanne Riley

A waste of a download I've tried several times(8 to be exact) to open this app and try it out for the first time and It won't open. I will try a few more times but after that, I will uninstall if it doesn't work

Erin Lazzarini

Won't open. Like other users I just immediately get the "app stopped working " m3ssage. Very disappointed as my friend uses it without issue and said it really helped

Nadaline Baez

WORKS I have 8 hunting dogs,and this really did the trick!!!?

Guy Wilson

Awesome app App is awesome and definitely works. I work out of my house. There's a dog in the yard directly behind me that barks for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day nonstop. I installed the app on my phone and put my bluetooth battery powered puck speaker out on my back porch facing the direction of the dog. Every time the dog barks I hit the low frequency and then the high frequency. I was very careful to only hit it when he was barking. I would have to do this for about 2 to 5 minutes.... it is so quiet and peaceful

Jonathan Rivera

Amazing! I have a small and very energetic dog. Tonight he was barking a lot in the other room. I played once the 1000mhz sound, and peace and quiet! Oh and my door was closed, so the sound traveled from one room to the other with a closed door. It really is amazing how he has not barked any more. I highly recommend this app.

N Yang

Does not work Literally, does not work. Can't open the app.

Megan Wesby

Won't Open This app doesn't open on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Disappointing.

Elizabeth stamey

It really works I have a pug and bassed hound and they bark constantly and when I did a sound they shut up and has not barked for an hour now

Janae Brooks

Don't work It don't do anything don't download it

Gavin Muench

Sucks It keeps kicking me out it won't even let me in. It keeps saying app has stoped

lps 27

Shhhh So good beacuse princess, my cavalier king Charles spainal , all ways barks but with this she os a quiet as a mose ??

Eliza Johnson

Not good Instead of this app you should go waste your time buying a dog whistle

Ian Denny

It doesnt like the S7 Edge Everytime I try to open the app it comes back saying it has stopped. Sorry but no option but to only give 1 star and un-install

Shannon Watson

Crashed upon install and glitched my phone It wouldnt open..crashed and in background it showed screen of my phone dialer.. Glitched it

Natalya Corcimiglia

Fix this I would like to be able to use this the app won't even open. It's really annoying

Renee Lanning

Weenie Dogs bark more My neighbor has 5 weenie dogs who bark all night. I tried this app on them w/ in a reasonable distance and they went ballistic. Barking more. Maybe this breed of dog is impervious to this app or maybe they are just a mentally retarded breed of dog.

Joquan Solomon

Works! my lab usually goes crazy when i put him in the cage, but using 7000Mhz stopped him almost instantly .

Samuel Clay

Closes instantly After reading the reviews I figured I had maybe 50% chance of it working. Seems like all of the people that can run it really like it. I don't think I've ever read so many reviews that were so split.. either a 1, because the app won't run or a 5 because when it does people like it.. Unfortunately, I'm one of those that don't get to test it because it just closes. Brand new Samsung S7 with latest updates..

Alley Cat

It needs to lock position Hard to use when you have the app ready to go for training and it rotates screen. Plus the options fall off the screen when it goes landscape.

Jonas Ibarra

I hate this app it doesn't work it tell me that stop barking has stopped

lps 27

Shhhh So good beacuse princess, my cavalier king Charles spainal , all ways barks but with this she os a quiet as a mose ??

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