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20 Sep
STCU Mobile Banking

Posted by Spokane Teachers Credit Union in Finance | Sept. 20, 2016 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 4.5 MB

Access your STCU accounts securely--anytime, anywhere. Features include:
• Check balances and transfer funds.
• Mobile deposit. (Requires access to your mobile device’s back-facing camera.)
• Pay bills.
• Track personal budget and savings goals.
• Repay debts with fast member-to-member transfer.
• Use anti-phishing images and passphrases for greater security.
• Locate nearby branches, shared branching locations, and surcharge-free ATMs.

Whats new

    We made some bug fixes and performance improvements to our app, providing you with a better mobile banking experience.

Spokane Teachers Credit Union part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 83.5696. Current verison is 2016.04.932. Actual size 4.5 MB.

Download stcu-mobile-banking.apk 4.5 MB


Eddie Roseberry

Bugs. Please do not bump me back to the log in when I BRIEFLY leave the app. I understand security but no other banking apps do this. UPDATE: Looks like you fixed some bugs I previously complained about. Thanks

Mindy Walter

Stcu Every few times I use this app to ck my accounts, it asks me security questions I didn't pick. This has happened 4 times now. Really, enough!!

Stephanie Phillips

Newest update "Unfortunately STCU banking had stopped working" and then freezes the entire phone beyond the point where nothing works besides physically removing the battery. Really frustrating, please fix.

Thomas Murphy

HTC One M8 - Still cannot deposit checks - Camera Problem I still can't deposit a check using the app because the app is not compatible with the HTC One M8. Fidelity Investments recently did an update in which they fixed the issue specifically for the HTC One but STCU cannot figure it out. When I asked STCU about this they told me that my phone is defective. Simply not true.

Tanner Carpenter

Good and simple Just the way it should be

Nicolas Burton

I've waited forever! I've waited what feels like forever for this app. I'm so happy right now! No more going and using the browser version to look up my balance before making a purchase. This will very so much faster and easier to navigate. Thank you for finally making this. I haven't done much, just logged in to make sure I could. Seems to work just fine for me. :)

Dee-Andra Schmidt

It works great for me! Thanks for fixing the delay in alerting by text when my account is accessed, now I get notification within minutes :-) I love you guys, you really make my life easier.

Daniel Messina

Security over usability Why even have a Logout button? Anytime my phone rings, or I switch screens, or even display all windows I get logged out. The rest of the app is very good, but auto Logout implementation is so much more frustrating than the app is good.

Charles Kissler

Can't get out The app itself works pretty well on my Galaxy Express. However, after the log out, I have to use the back button about ten times or more to get the app to close on my machine. Makes me wonder if I'm really logged out. Plus the fact that it's really annoying. ...

haley goad

Won't work! It will not go past putting in my member id without force closing! I don't know what else to do. Please fix would love to use it! Thanks

Malia Noelle

Freezes my phone! Love the actual app once I sign in, but whenever I click the app on my phone it never loads to the sign in screen the first time, it always throws me out of the app and says "sorry we've encountered an unexpected error" and sometimes that screen freezes up my phone. Just a little minor issue that needs to be fixed

Gregory Woods

Didn't work Gives me the wrong security questions every time and says it's not on record when I know for a fact I have the right username.

Ashley Reyes

Same as using from the mobile browser. Please make it so it will at least save my member number. Half off the time it forgets I've given permission to use this device and I have to reanswer my security questions.

Tina M

Needs a little work This app is great for just jchecking my balance, but both times I've tried making transfers, it does it twice. So instead of two transfers from my savings, it now shows as four seperate transactions - which could be problematic with reg d.

A Google User

Good app for what it is. Only "problem" I have is that when my screen shuts off, I have to log back in; but I know that that's a security feature so no complaints. As for most other people's comments about there being no "exit feature", how about just hitting the home button on your device? That'll sign you out & close the app. I've surprised a few people that bank with the "large banks" (aka Bank of America) that STCU has a mobile banking app, that I can do mobile deposits, & make deposits at ATMs.

bradley eastham

Could use some more functions It's a pretty decent banking app, I would however like to see the remaining balance on your transaction history so you can track the money going in and out of your account. You only see the balance on the account summary page.

Ben Salisbury

Desperately needs an exit choice on the menu The app works great on my S3 until I want to close it. I can log out and go to my home screen. But when I reopen the app it I have to wait for it to error out before getting the login screen again. If I force close the app, this doesn't happen.

carly haney

Works fine for me. My only complaint is I hate how it logs you out whenever the app times out. I like to switch between my bank and my spending app to balance finances. But other than that it's pretty cool.

Thomas Rauch

I love having an app This app is great. I have been asking the cashiers for years now, when will they have an app? However I wished that instead of just showing the deduction amount it could show (like on the website) the amount left in the account after each transaction. I hope to see it in the future. Thank you STCU

Gabby Haralam

It works I like it, its fast and easy to use

Brianna Lynch

It's great but.... I keep getting an error every time I try to use the mobile deposit.....not sure why? I've tried restarting my device and uninstalling and reinstalling the app but nothing worked. Other than that I love the app.

A Google User

HTC One (M8) Camera Yeah mobile banking works, cool. But I the camera will not focus when trying to take a photo for the mobile deposit. This is an issue on all the new HTC One (M8) phones. Likely due to the fact that there's two rear facing cameras that work together. Please fix it. The only reason I wanted the stcu app was for mobile deposits, and it does not work.

Quinn Davis

Few bugs Nice format and easy to use, has problems when logging off and closing app. App will loop and not completely close unless I end all processes through a task manager.

Sherm Stebbins

Slow Even with a galaxy s5 and note 3 and nexus 7.. this is a slow cumbersome app. It needs a redesigned UI. Hope they listen.

Rosie Jo

It crashes still Still crashes, but if I hit the back button it works again. Now all we need is for it to remember logins; )

ben s.

Disappointed Well its just not working at all I've tried restarting my phone deleting the app redownloading and nothing. it just shows me a glitched out screen with like all sorts of random colors every time I start up? I'm on android is that why?

Rich Archer

STCU Mobile App Easy to use and it works!

Megan Skinner

Really?? The app closes right as I open it every time. And it's pointless to have a log out button if it logs you out automatically. Also if I log in on another device it has me answer my security questions and Keeps telling me they are wrong, which locks me out of my account.

Tim Allmand

Pointless The main reason why I wanted this app was for bill pay... and all it ever says is bill pay unavailable this app is a waste of space.

Adam Hannawalt

Logs u out It logs me out when I get a text...

Corey Douglas

Fix log out Please fix the log out. Get error everytime after logging out and trying to close app.

Vickie Nichols

STCU Mobile App Love this new App. Thank you STCU for taking the time to make it great!

evin olson

Better then using the mobile website I love this app. It works great. I can make my deposits with it and manage my finances all on my phone.

Carlos Menendez

Uh..... Seriously?! IPhone screen shoots, really?! Come on now! This is the Play Store not the App Store. This will, however, bring me back to STCU. Thanks!

Brandon Traynham

Finally! I've been an STCU member for years and it's great to finally have a modern smartphone app to access my accounts! Overall, it's really well done - clean interface and easy to navigate. And it's up to date! I've been using another general finance app that pulled data from STCU and it was always a day or so behind. Great app - thanks!

Caleb Houser

Issues with App I am glad to see that STCU has a mobile app now, but unfortunately I keep getting http 500 errors when navigating to different screens. (example: on android hitting the back button on my device when on the account home screen) So hopefully the issues can get hammered out and my bank can have a production ready app soon.

Will Hall

Impressed I see myself using this any time I need to check my balances, even if I'm at home and could use the computer instead. It's surprisingly clear and easy to use. Far better than than I'd have hoped for from my local credit union. Few problems * logs me out often - how about enabling me to select a PIN instead of re-entering a password? Frequent password reentry encourages weak passwords. * I'm guessing this is a cross-platform html application. That's fine but it would be nice if core stuff like the sidebar menu was built natively. The low framerate when activating or scrolling the sidebar feels cheap. * when you take most actions, your screen is greyed out and you get a modal "Loading..." indicator. Consider replacing this fullscreen modal with a spinning icon in the header that doubles as a refresh button. Or decrease the number of network requests in the first place.

The Foxy Maiden

Amazing & helpful I love the fact that y'all finally created an app. It's nice to have that quick access to my balance when I'm out and about. It has saved me from making an uh-oh on multiple occasions. Plus the mobile check deposit is an amazing feature to have access to. You truly made a user friendly app that was streamlined with the new and highly improced site. Its wonderful! Thank you!

Tony Iszler

Few issues Will re rate later Issues 1.Does a weird force close than reopens, which is fine, just annoying if you're in the hurry 2. It won't "remember my device" so I have to retype the questions in, which is also annoying no matter what I try I get it every time. Even if I log in, remember, log out, than relog. It's almost easier to use the browser Pros 1.YAY stcu has a mobile app 2 . it's fairly fast and easy to use 3 . beautiful interface 4. Not glitchy All in all, worth using. Phone type is nexus 5

Chris Blair

HTC M9 loading issues Do you have a fix for this. The login on the screen shows behind the loading icon. But never fully worked with my last HTC DNA.

John Zacher

Working pretty well. Can you add fingerprint login support, thank you!

Nick Anderson

Excellent Fixed now, thank you! Issue was fixed the same day I pointed it out, great customer service!

William Dreher

Basic, very happy. Use it all the time (15-20 times a week). Other than a glitch with mobile deposit not being able to read a check 1 time. All in all it's great. I love the ease of use.

Derek Kerbs

Too much downtime The app works pretty good, but only sometimes. It seems to be about a 50/50 chance that it will work for the last 4 or 5 months. Seems to always be down for maintenance or it just won't let you log in. I love stcu and will continue to use them for my banking needs but not being able to reliably check my account on my phone is somewhat frustrating. I would love to be able to load a certain time frame of transactions and go through them without it taking me to the top of the list after viewing a transaction.

Tom Backwoods

Room for improvement! Their is no need to ask me if I want to log in. If I hit the app yes I'm logging in! An option to save my user name would be nice. The password page could be on the user name page to get rid of needless reloading of the page. Simplify the log in process please. I have lost service in the time it takes to log in.

Eddie Roseberry

Much better Will update the app to 5 stars as all of my complaints have been resolved. There are minimal bugs and crashing, I can finally toggle between apps without having to re-login, and updated to Android design guidelines.

TC Bren

Useful but with problems 90% of the time I try to do a billpay from the mobile app it gives me an error because it automatically clears the Amount field when I hit submit. Frustrating.

Constance Bell

Basic, room to grow I think this is great for an "at-a-glance" status of accounts and quick basic transactions. Something I would like to see is an expansion on the budgeting tool. I'd like to be able to categorize my purchases in-app, rather than waiting till I get home. It would make the budget tool much more effective. As-is, I still need to track my budget separately. In a world on the go, no one wants to log in at their computer daily/weekly to update a budget.

Carlos Menendez

Nice Update! Still needs some Material Design, but nice work. Another thing. I know purple is your guy's thing, but maybe a light theme in, at least, the side menu would look better.

Tom Hartley

Seems to work decently, but put the login windows (like where you type the information) back on the top of the screen. It's extremely frustrating to have to start typing and then hit the screen to verify what you've typed and then get the keyboard back, then go back to click into the password window and do it all again. Just move it back to the top so irs not covered by the keyboard.

Meghan Roberts

Was nice when it worked. Everytime I try to open the application, my screen goes black and freezes.

Chanice Payne

Love it Does exactly what I need it to do

Emeri Paulson

Best bank ever!!! Its so easy and really makes everything run better

Regina Azure

i love the app!!! never had any issuses !!

Brandon Doneen

Transfer button is grey Won't let me transfer money from another bank account to my stcu credit card for payment. The transfer button stays grey and unclickable. Fix please.

Scott s

worthless Can't use to transfer money between accounts...goes to blank screen...only help from stcu was reinstall...worthless tech support

Celia Magnuson

Freezes my phone, always has error When I launch this app, it always comes up with a small black screen telling me there's an error. Usually I can hit my back button and after a minute or so it will let me login and things are fine. Lately it has been freezing my phone to the point of no return. I have a Note 4. I've Uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that helps.

Zach Moore

Great Mobile Banking Experience I love the mobile deposit feature. Generally, the app is well designed and laid out. There is only one bug that I encounter: when trying to transfer funds now, instead of being able to type in an amount, instead I am prompted with several radio buttons, one of which is the custom amount I'm used to. However, no matter what option I chose or which value I enter in custom amount, I can never progress because the confirmation button is disabled. This breaks transferring funds for me.

Grayson Brown bert

Can't transfer money. It sucks I was transferring money but all of the sudden the app stopped working. Please fix this man...we need you ur our only hope

Quinn Davis

Few bugs Nice format and easy to use. Has all the basic functions you would expect with online banking, and bugs were worked out with the logout issues.

Chris j

I used be able to make transfers in my account or from. Now that it's updated, I can't do any of that on my note II.

David Seesholtz

What happened to bill pay? I like the app but why hasn't bill pay worked the last month?? Everyone I go to it it days unavailable???

Keven Rogers

Easy to use Just fantastic. Any bugs have been dealt with fast and pain free. Will never use another banking service as long as they'll have me!

Brian Livingston

Good to hsve I love this app, no matter where I am, I can look up my account,transfer funds, etc..

Erin Freeman

It won't transfer.


It's alright. People have more than one device. Please make this app available on Windows Phone!

Gabriela Haralam

Eh Had this app before and it was great, but just re downloaded it and I can't even log in

Chris Cooper

Update killed mobile deposits I've tried 200 times with 3 different checks. It simply will not allow it now. . The pictures are flawless and then it'll argue the amount detected

James Cote

Doesn't work with two accounts

Katharine Kumangai

Intuitive Every function makes sense.

Stephanie Charbonneau

Ugh.. Won't connect half the time!! It gets very frustrating...

Ethan Bassett

New update.... The newest update screwed it up. It won't allow me to do anything other than sign in. When I go to tap on checking it will sign me out.

Micheal Lewis

Banking I havnt had a problem with the app. I have been banning with STCU since 2005. Customer service is always helpful and so have the branches I have walked in. I don't do too much on the app but it has been flawless for what I have used it for.

Jake Kottke

Crap It doesn't even have an option to sign in to the proper account. Worst banking app possible.

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