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8 Aug
Star Vanisher -S- [DBZ]

Posted by あくのそしき in Casual | Aug. 8, 2015 | 114 Comments

Apk file size: 8.4 MB

The new [DEADEND MODE] has been implemented!!!!
New STAGE! & New SKILL! EXTRA version!!

Blow away the star with your energy beam!!!

★How to play★
-Fire your beam by tapping the screen!
-The part of the star overlapping with the target will be blown away♪
-High score for the accurate shot!

Bonus for the perfect shot?
Your energy will become【SUPER BEAM】for the next stage and the score will double!

Earn experience points for level up!
【PWR】can be used to continue!
Level up more to enable【FINAL BEAM】☆

Dedicated to Dragon Ball fans! (o゚Д゚)r‥‥…━━━━━☆


World Ranking Challenge!

- Acquire high ranking admission ticket by achieving high score.
- All seven kinds of authorized ranks! Aim for the legendary phoenix rank!
- The authorized ranks you’ve acquired can be shared to LINE, Twitter or Facebook from the application!

Challenge Events!

- Master all events!
- Push notification for limited event news!

Deliberative and Exciting action!

- Recommended for shogi, chess, Igo, mah-jongg, Reversi, go fish, blackjack and other board games!
- Recommended for the fans of real games like casino, horse race, stock market!

Recommended for Those

- Who are sick of boring and stupid stick person games.
- Who are horrible at difficult puzzles and escape the room games.
- Who failed crosswords and minesweeper.
- Who aren’t good at online games.
- Who love manga and animation and have a lot of imaginations.
- Who are looking for funny topic to talk about for chat or fortunetelling.
- Who aren’t satisfied by horror movies or soap operas.
- Girls who love stickers and discount coupons.
- Who likes to share interesting screenshots of games and pictures from smartphone cameras.
- Who aren’t satisfied by photo hunt or card games.

Easy to Play

- While waiting for taxi, at the restaurant or karaoke.
- On the trains, buses, airplanes and transit when travelling.
- While enjoying snacks, desserts, or any food.
- To refresh from driving a car for sightseeing with a map or getting tired from car navigation.

Other Features

- Easy and simple. Fun way to kill time!
- Your favorite music can be set as BGM to play the game!
- Ideal for events like Halloween and Christmas!
- Mental training for kids who likes cute cats and picture books!
- Enjoyable for lovers and as a party game for birthdays and New Year!
- Good for New Year card and business talk topic when exchanging business cards!
- Presents happy recopies for all users!



Whats new

    The new [DEADEND MODE] has been implemented!!!!
    [RARE EGG] & [SUPER RARE EGG] feature is added!
    The treasure box frequently contains the rare item!!
    It occasionally appears instead of the TREASURE EGG.

あくのそしき part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 85.2882. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 8.4 MB.

Download star-vanisher-s.apk 8.4 MB


Jaykob Lafeber

Amazing game This game is amazing except for the unexpected pop-ups and some of the graphics could be improved

Cameron Willoughby

Great concept I really enjoy this game, even if the text is a bit difficult at times. All together it's a cool concept and well made.

Marcus Sanders

Better than I thought. On first glance, I thought that I was downloading another repetitive game. But after playing I found out that skill is required. Using your estimation skill to determine how much of the target needs to be destroyed, counting on your reflexes to hit the target at the right moment. If it wasn't for the ads it would easier be five stars, but overall great game. Well done!

Rebecca Nichols

Good concept,below average execution. This game..why? How could the execution be so BAD? Seriously,you have to aim your blasts with a green circle,not just by tapping it. Most of the time,you'll not even blow up planets! It's like they took the concept of destroying planets,and made it into a poorly made stealth rail shooter. In other words,a cheap sniper game where you can't have control over the blasts. This game can be fun,however,it's so painfully repetitive. 4/10

Dylan Roberts

I really enjoy this game! It is basic creative and a good time waster! Not a big fan of the ads and pop ups though but thats most free games for ya!

shaun westgarth

Good idea. I do like the thought behind this game, although the text can be quite difficult to read, the majority of it only being the top half of the words themselves. Could do with a little improvement so you an actually read what you have done/are about to do. Other than that, great game!

Kristian Koprivica

Really cool but... A really fun and visually appealing game, but can get repetitive after a while

Joey Wanek

Fun You shld try this game. It is fun plus I'm writing this review to get the bonus in the game, or whatever it said so help me out guys?

LaMArr Deed

Not what I expected I saw a stick figure with powers and downloaded it! Lol! To my supreme it was not a fighting game but it's stimulating and the sounds are tasteful for some reason I used the word tasteful! It's good for memory, math and probably reflexes? But over all its dope!

j sullivan

really enjoyable but.. no idea what is specifically going on cuz you apparently have no iota of a clue as to what English letters look like....

David Garcia

Fantastic At first it looked like it will be a repetitive game, but it's not. It's challenging and super addictive.

Ali Ahmed

KAMEHAMEHAAAA This game is like repeating goku's spirit bomb over and over again and I LOVE dragon ball z its awesome the only thing is the ads but I don't care!

Michael Blakemore

Pretty fun. Not perfect. Worth a play for sure.

Sergio Garces

I am amazed I am lost in this game....i wasn't paying attention and i was doing the wrong thing for the first hour ....but now i got it and i am hooked

Devonte Lama

I like it very good to pass the time and a bit addicting if u ask me lol


I want a goku skin! I like the game, its fun. A bit hard to navigate the menu.

Çağdaş Mutlu

Less advertising, easy quit Game is very fun and time killing. It is default for purpose. Cutting 1 star because of so much advertise and "end application" is not properly shown.

Dylan Heard

Needs more It was fun and all but a store or something to spend cp on would make me rate 5 stars

Mattie The Kamidere

Very fun. My uncle even took my phone amd started playing.

Justin Willoughby

Great It's one of those fun games you can easily play to pass some time. No bugs or glitches.

Chandler Rix

Great game A little hard to understand at first, but then you get the percentage range

Colton Rogers

Pretty cool it you can finally destroy planets and no one get mad

Patricia Radonic

Good game The only problem is the text thats hard to read,other than that it's amazing

Romeo Cuellar

Fun Good game to waste time

Matt Lovinski

Bang 4 yo buck Its a fun game. The challenges are challenging, colors are great and aren't seizure inducing like some games ive tried, all in all very simple yet effective.

Dion Rudolph

Nice Good way to waste time. Can get a little repetitive

Camron Blackmon

Ok Its good but why do you need us to reveiw

Anthony Pacheco

Good game Fun to kill time with

Matthew Griscom

Supta awesome I would like to see those games future

Scotty Beeman

Good little game. Partial brain work out. I like this app making company

Khalonji Bulluck

Pretty fun Just mindless fun that reminds you of dbz.

Bane LordoftheSith

Really cool I just wish I always had the option to try to blow up all of the planets

Tony Hammond

Not bad Seems pretty challenging to pass the time.

Zean Miller

It's pretty basic After you beat it it gets old

Steffan Roberts

Good, but would be better with less ads.

Shawn Brogan

Pretty good Not a bad way to kill time.. Pretty addictive.

Luis Gutierrez

Omgg!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISSSS THE BESUTO GEEMU EBAAAAAAA OMGOMGOMGOMG better than master of orion confirmedddddd

Janpierre Aquino

Excellent Its great and my rank is #1. My name in there is Janpierre.

Денис Костин

Bug on 4.2 After update android to 4.2 the game can't count points and every time i see 0 pts =(

Shaun Daniel

Star vanisher This game is truly amazing and also very addictive. ..goooood coz it's a great litter but huge game thanks. .

jon torres

Awesome This game is pretty rad, its quite addicting too

max barragan

Wow I love this game honestly Idk this is a good game maybe the only thing to make it better is probably putting like some sort of shop or something. Good job I like it

Mutahir Ahmed

My dream come true! I can become like Frieza and blast away planets with a little bomb! 10/10 :D

Avion Arsenal

Amazing This game's style is dbz no doubt. I love it

Zak Johnson

Best game ever!!! Such a good game I mean you can destroy stars for crying load!! Get game NOW!!!!!!!

Jean-Jacque Forgus

So simple and addictive...more please

Amit Mondal

Not,what I expected.

jason smith

Good game Had fun with it

Eleanor Sh

This is really fun

R'Shaun Blackwood

It's actually quite rad The diagrams may not make it look all that amazing but once you download it, you'll get to realise how fun it is. However there is a little bit of a learning curve and a few grammatical mistakes.

Daniel Jenkins

Majin Buu! Spirit bombs galore! Sick game! Worth a try. Pretty simple mechanics. Really fun!


A fun time killer Ever wanted to blow up planets dbz style? Then this game is for you. 10/10 would blow up a planet again

Paul Dixon

Strategic game :) I love it! I hope there's a new one coming up.

DeVaughn Reid

Full power This game is for those of us that can't do it like kakarot or Darth Vader. I like the challenge of finding the sweet spot.

acer newt

Hard but not to hard Loved it it was confusing at start but once I realized you had to get the anise percent it got alot easyer

Lalo Herrera

Dbz? Game is pretty sick, i like how when u get kt right the next stage he has a sayian aura around him. Maybe they can add more characters

Jessica G

This game Is amazing. Sufficiently challenging to make you want to keep playing. Ads are not annoying.

Ethan g

Really cool I love the concept and the dbz feel. Only thing I would suggest to the devs is to remove the ad banner at the bottom of the screen during gameplay mostly because it's kinda distracting and makes the screen look smaller. Besides, there are already plenty of ads in the menu so I don't think it would hurt.

Blazze 109

SLOW CLAP TO THIS MASTERPIECE Amazing I loved every second of it and im so glad I found this game because its so fun entertaining and just overall fun, also but the only thing is that you should add a story mode and or pvp or player vs ai battles and beams as a normal attack in one of the modes but I dont really know because I still havent played ALL of the game but just an amazing masterpiece and I want to see more games like this please.

Justin Williams

Super frustrating. But keeps bringing me back. The English translation distracts me at times, so fixing that would be nice. I would also pay for an Ad-free version. Awesome little game!


Cool and simple It's pick up and play game play let's me and friends play it (even the one who don't play games). My only complaint is the ridiculous amount of ads!

loves Yahusha

Not a bad casual game Pretty fun...some of the text detailing bonuses and power ups are confusing. Maybe I can't find it, but there should be an option to turn sound off.

Bucky Moore

Not bad The game isn't bad, the scoring was a bit confusing at first, and the adds are annoying. But not complaints otherwise.

Margret Lievers

Neat game Was not sure hoe to play but I am getting it didn't think I would get this far.

Apollo Goldquill

Pretty good Good for passing the time, can get pretty addicting sometimes. Graphics are pretty neat, very cool ?

Andre Jenkins

Best. Game. I swear, you guys are amazing. The perfect blend of non intrusive ads, engrossing gameplay, and such wonderful music. I love everything about this. I would donate.

mario Rebelo

Fun, simple, but not to easy This is a great game, simple and easy to play, take some time to understand the scoring but as soon as you get its great

Gamernaut Central

Its good but.... The game is extremely addicti g but id really like the ads to a little less. I understand ads are the bread and butter of all apps but not after every single game....its just too much and makes me lose interest fast...

Robert Ly

Awesome Most entertaining and frustrating.

Niraj Bajracharya

Fun game. Too many ads While the game is fun, it is overshadowed by the ads. Every time you misclick, some ad shows up. Vibe killer!

Mario Cobbs Jr did THIS IS AWSOME.....EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS AWSOME EVEN THE ADS SCREW FALLOUT 4 GAME OF THE YEAR...jk fallout 4 is way better than this but still AWSOME keep it up

jnost vlogs

Even better then the first one This game has more then just circles now it's over 9,000 #dragonballzreference


This game is awesome So yeah it a bit simple but it keeps the time flowing by quickly. But for the most part I love it

Vijay kansara

Amazing. Loved it With the DBZ theme blast power, I simply loved it. 4.5 Stars. 0.5 cut for Ads. :-D

Galex Becerra

Pretty good It's good to keep you going while being bored

Lucas Laing

GOOG Veley good I fell u try it ,it free u for nothing to loose wah cahh

Mike Belleza

It's like onergerd One of the best things I've played so far lol too good too fun too simple

Sarah Edwin

Sweet So amazing past the first whole thing so cool

Karim Essam

Great game. The game is quite great, i love the theme and the sounds. Although the ads are annoying asf.

Aaron Henely

Kind of meh Doesn't really explain right away. "Oh time to destory planets at a 100%... wait what I can't do that? Lame" it took a few tries to figure out there's an objective to the game.

Jaspreet Singh Phul

Great game Its challenging has less annoying adds and its fun playing the game

mike barber

It was a OK game need more sotory line tho But yay it was good

Mark Malabuen

Great game! It's a fun time spending app! It gets very addicting

Ricky Nelwan

Nice energy blast The ad a bit annoying tho.. but, the rest is awesome.. good job guys.. (y)

Matthew Mitchell

Good I've always wanted to destroy lonely planets. Thanks man

David Woolridge

Fun, but covered in ads It's definitely a great little game, and I'd enjoy it a lot more if ads didn't interrupt the gameplay as often as they do.

Mike Ferrer

It's not the best but it's not the worse. A good way to kill some time but the English in the game is ready bad.

Daniel Cholcher

This game is actually much more fun then I anticipated.

Nostalgic Gamer

Star Vanisher This game is what I would call a diamond in the rough. Great game.

Chris Phillips

Addicting Its an excellent way to pass time or play when there's nothing else to play

Michael Fortiche

Wow! It's actually really addictive and I can't get enough of it.

Shawn Garcia

It actually very entertaining! Really good for when your bored

Shok Omics

I like it, though was frequently confused for my objective and why I was losing. Never really knew how long the normal mode was supposed to be either. All in all, pretty fun if you like DBZ.

Louis McKenna

Nice Awesome pick up and play. But ads are insane, I would pay for as free version

Elijah Jackson

Fun and rewarding Fun destroying stars and gives cool awards

Aust TheNoob

Small bit of simple fun. Honestly something I picked up for my down time. It fills the niche I got it for. Looking forward to my breaks for a while.


So satisfying!!1! There's nothing more satisfying than blowing up planets with freakin' lazer beamss. Great game!

Asprilla Wahyu Dona Dony

hate the ads Simply addicting, cut the ads and you'll get 1 more ⭐ from me

Ezoky Siqoa

Good and adictive This games is very fun with diffrent ways to kinda have fun with. Its also repetitive in a g ood way, cause its really addictive.

Adam Hartshorn

I like it better than the first! Sometimes it crashes but I just keep trying and it works. :) this game is my shi*t.

Niko Blackette

Amazing game Not much games gives u what u want be this game delivers destruction like no other I tip hat to u developers

Lim Tye Kuan Glenn

Haha Wasn't expecting much, but it was AMAZING! It is the kind of game like, oh this sucks, but ltr like, OMG best game everrr.

Shauhan Openshaw

Haaaaa! Pretty skits game not too hard not too easy. No in your face pay to win aspects which is refreshing

Allen Schniers

Awesome game Great game, simple and addicting. Maybe you guys could add more variety in energy blasts though? That'd be great, really earn that fifth star

Ushio-kun The Otaku

AMAZING!! I was playing slash hero then saw this ad and i thought why dont i play it.. then i downloaded it and turns out its a great game


Addictive. But.... Addicting, challenging & fun but the ads need to be worked on. Pops up too much.

Great game! Thoroughly enjoyed playing the game! This game is fun not only to Dragon Ball Z fans but also to those who love a simple, yet challenging game.

Apollo Goldquill

Pretty good Good for passing the time, can get pretty addicting sometimes. Graphics are pretty neat, very cool ?

Pretty good. Just needs a better multilingual interface and another way to earn power. What would be really dope is an adventure mode version of the same game... With control style similar to Hexage's game "Reaper."

Darth Juggalus

Don't like forces reviews Shouldn't forcs a review orher than that it's fun when you can't be looking at your phone all the time.

Mark Zaikov

BADASS EXPLOSIONS That's it, and scoring JUST is so rewarding and every shot is so satisfying. ♥

Thomas Barnes

More fun than i thought it would be I actually enjoyed this game alot. Blowing up planets is fun lol.

Clarence Earley

Power Up! Straight from the world of DBZ! Great sound effects and fun to play (after you figure out how much of the planet to destroy)!

Spencer Jones

Awesome game so addicting and fun. 10/10 just one idea make more moves you can use and make enemys and bosses aside that. 10/10

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