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8 Mar

Posted by Paul Lutus in Productivity | March 8, 2016 | 87 Comments

Apk file size: 6.9 MB

SSHelper is an advanced, multi-protocol, secure server for the Android platform.

SSHelper works just fine with a normal, unrooted Android device — i.e. your device. It also offers special features on rooted devices.

SSHelper works as an application and as a service. As a service it runs in the background, providing secure communications protocols without requiring user attention.

SSHelper supports interactive Secure Shell (hereafter SSH) sessions and various kinds of transfers including scp, sftp, and rsync, on all common platforms:

On Windows, SSHelper works with WinSCP, PuTTY and similar programs.

On Linux, apart from normal SSH shell session activities, SSHelper can be used directly with file browsers for seamless filesystem browsing and transfers by specifying the "sftp:" protocol.

On the Mac, SSHelper works with Cyberduck and similar programs.

SSHelper versions >= 7.8 accepts any network type that Android recognizes -- it's no longer limited to wireless networks.

SSHelper announces itself on your network by way of Zeroconf/Bonjour, an efficient way to configure a local network.

SSHelper includes a log monitor Web server showing an activity log on local network browsers.

SSHelper also includes a clipboard Web server that permits read/write access to the Android clipboard from local network browsers.

SSHelper is free, open-source and there are no ads. It's licensed under the GPL and the source is freely available.

The SSHelper Home Page is located at -- visit for more information and configuration tips.

Whats new

    03.08.2016 Version 8.5. Updated to the most recent OpenSSL version (1.02g). This is a precautionary security update.

Paul Lutus part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 8, 2016. Google play rating is 94.7578. Current verison is 8.5. Actual size 6.9 MB.

Download sshelper.apk 6.9 MB


Kev B

Thanks for this app Works with good updates.

Mace Moneta

Needs automation support Needs Tasker integration to allow automated termination, or at least a "one-shot" option to terminate on disconnect. That way it doesn't need to be running all the time consuming resources unnecessarily.

Gerhardus Muller

Awesome app Love every bit of the functionality!

Alexx Roche

Goofy icon, great app! Works perfectly on android 4.4.2 for rsync and scp. Does NOT need to be rooted. Thank you. I now have it start as soon as connect to home wifi, (so that my server can rsync a backup of my images.)

Dieuwe de Boer

Works This app has great features and works beautifully. Even better, it's open source. Only two small complaints: 1. Even with SU granted (SuperSU) I cannot seem to set the port to 22 (permission denied in logs). 2. The sounds for config changes can't seem to be turned off and they get a little annoying after a while. Otherwise great app! Thank you.

Raman Gupta

Shell pty allocation failed, utilities like ls and uname unavailable I have a stock (unrooted) Nexus 5. The server runs correctly. I am able to ssh into the server, as well as use rsync. However, I get the message "PTY allocation request failed on channel 1" and the explanation on the web site doesn't appear to apply to Nexus. Regardless, the ssh connection is established, but commands like uname, ls, and so forth do not work. UPDATE: The developer has explained that unrooted updated androids can no longer do interactive shell sessions. Assuming this is true, this is not the developer's fault, therefore I'm updating my rating to indicate that everything that can work, does work.

Gal Lalouche

Absolutely awesome Rsync works, setting up RSA keys works just like a normal ssh server. I can't believe it's free!

Keith Ho

Listening on WiFi Hotspot interface ? I recently discovered an app (Solid Explorer) can run FTP service on Wifi Hotspot interface, another phone can read/write data on server through tethering. Is it possible SSHelper can introduce similar Phone-to-Phone features ?

Willem Bartels

Nice Very nice app! However on Android 5 busybox commands are not working: error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported. It would be great if this could be fixed ;-)

Robert Grasso

wonderful, because it *just* works ! classic ssh server, free software (!) which *just* works ! with lots of configuration options ! what a relief, being able to use known and so required tools ! a great thank you to the author !

Dan Z

Simple UI, and works on Android L Excellent. I especially appreciated that this app includes rsync.

poiščime vmestu

Best SSH server on Android. Period. *open source software *based on OpenSSH *feature rich *great documentation/user guide *written by a man that actually helped Space Shuttle fly and Apple at their first steps, sailed the ocean just by himself and photographed grizlies on Alaska... Respect!

Anton Krosnev

Very usefull app When I have problem with MTP I use for file transfers. I also use it as a terminal Android OS

Vivek Ram

Great for Phone Backups Love this app! This seems to be the only fully open-source SSH server available. I am currenlty using it for backups with BackupPC. To Developer: Thanks for this great app! I have a feature request: When I execute "ssh -l root <phone ip>" I am not not logged in as root but as the app user id instead. I have to run "su" after the shell comes up. Is there a way to login as root using the "-l root" parameter of ssh.

Faheem Pervez

Beautiful Great, finally a good, robust SSH server application (+ more) that has (*gasp*) publically accessible source, no fees for basic features and a really detailed help page. Thank you.

Mihail M

Serves exactly what it aims. Very good.

Keith Karnafel

If I could give this app more stars I would. Works great to copy files back and forth from phone and desktop.

Steven Jackson

awsome must have app

Andreas Rosander

Great And the programmer has a fantastic philosophy!

C. Conrad Cady

I wanted to find a way to periodically sync a large set of files from my computer to my phone. SSHelper's built-in rsync worked perfectly for me. My previous solution required me to tether the phone or remove the SD card, but with SSHelper, I can now use the phone at the same time.

ASM Blur

Great app! Very cool front end for SSH and SFTP. Had a couple minor issues with older versions that have since been resolved. Thanks for making and supporting this app!

Axel Roebel

Very handy this little app. Compression was not working previously, now it does. Service discovery over zeroing now also provides a sensible name for the device. Perfect! Many thanks for your efforts.

Daniel Schaaaf

Easy to use and working very well Awesome to get SSH in a nice open source package! Thanks for this great app :-)

Shailesh Patel

Totally Awesome! I've been looking for rsync over ssh to my android phone for a very long time - all the apps I tried didn't work at all or were very slow or just required too much setup. Finally came across this app today and decided to try it out --- it started up the server immediately on launch and without looking through any options, I simply decided to try ssh and rsync over ssh and it worked flawlessly! Impressive - thank you Paul for this app (P.S. read a bit about you on your website - impressive!)

Peter Holloway

So close to perfect Is there any way that I'm missing for me to use this app to allow ssh connections over a local network hosted by the phone itself (Wi-Fi hotspot)? If not are there any plans to include this feature in later releases?

Khalsa Singh

App is great... I really want it to work... I am not sure where the issue is but when i try to rsync my galaxy s2 from a centos6.4 on hpdv6000 laptop my wifi connection drops on laptop, not sure if it is centos wifi or this app. rsync session hangs and i have to restart centos to get wifi back. just wondering if anyone else having same issues. or if Devloper is aware of any issues. would love to hear back coz i really want this app to work. I have tried a lot other but none of them is as simple and straight forward as this one.

zaphod B

destroyed by samsung KNOX jerks at samsung pushed "KNOX" security policies with 4.3 update, now cannot use this to ssh or rsync to my phone. was the best ssh server app. Note that "SSH Server" still works, so there is a way around samsung's idiotic KNOX, this app just does not have it (yet?)

Petru Severin

Good but fails with compression When client has compression enabled the connection is closed immediately when attempting to login. The log displays an inflation error code. I had to disable compression for the phone in my config file.

Tommy Chang

Works great with sshfs ! With this ssh server, I can easily use sshfs to mount my note 10.1 to my Linux ! This ssh server is by far the best one I've tried. Highly recommended!!

Cameron Wood

Best free SSH server I've found, simple and works as expected!

bangari duvvuri

Excellent Works like a charm. Has no cruft. Thank you

Adrian Mollenhorst

Great app Now I can backup my nexus 7 with a single statement using Linux, rsync and Sshelper. Awesome product!

Tom Louie

excellent server, extraordinary documentation

Peter Simons

Works like a charm. Great SSH app for (non-rooted) Android devices. I'm particularly fond of the included rsync command that allows me to keep the phone in sync with stuff on my harddrive. Also, the developer is very responsive and made great efforts to smooth out a few glitches that occurred on my phone after the update to version 2.0. Thanks a lot for providing this great tool free of charge.

Erik de Castro Lopo

Use this all the time!

Elmar Klausmeier

Very good Offers ssh, scp, and rsync (and more). Works out of the box. No hassle, no ads. Easy to use. Many thanks to Paul Lutus for this fine program.

Fran Burstall

Excellent Update: v3.3. Public key login now working again. Thanks to the very responsive dev. Otherwise: works seamlessly. In particular, rsync is built in and does exactly what it should. The dev's webpage is also full of helpful information. Thanks to SSHelper, I can now sync music between my linux box and my nexus 4. I am very grateful!

Michal Sabala

Since after Oct 29, I am unable to connect to sshhelper. Since after Oct 29, I am unable to connect to sshhelper. The IP address of the phone is unchanged, settings are the same, service starts on phone boot, pubkey auth is still configured, but it doesn't listen on configured port. Please advise. Until the above date, I used this software for 6mo to keep my podcast library synced using rsync. Please fix. I'm giving 5 stars based on how well this app performed before 2013/10/29.

Eugene Dzhurinsky

Just works Great replacement for crappy MTP. rsync or sshfs over WiFi.

Leo Davis

Worked for me. Works great on Lollipop LG G2. The upgrade to Lollipop broke the SSH server I previously used.

Fer C.

Works great. It's also not just openssh (the full one including sftp, not dropbear), it includes things like busybox, rsync and a zeroconf daemon. There's probably very few things left you'd need for having usable android terminal access.

Nick Mackenzie

Works perfectly Works very well and actually seems faster (and at least a lot more reliable) than using USB and MTP.

Daniel Nastase

I've been using this app for a while now. I recommend it highly. It's very robust, customize-able and easy to understand. I would have one wish though: that the app would support the Lollipop way of being able to write to the external SD card. As it is now one would have to root their device in order to gain access to that.

Andreas Kirchwitz

Open-source GPL software for trust! SSHelper provides SSH login to your phone, SFTP, SSHfs and also rsync capabilities (e.g., transfer files from/to phone, also perfect for backups). Authentication supports password and public keys. Write access to external SD card (Android 4.4+) possible with some tricks (no need to root phone).

Jesper Almström

Just right Tried a handful of diff apps. This was just right. Simple and clean.

Felipe Castillo

Simple, easy to configure. Specially if you're looking to use rsync but with just one complain. I love the fact that I can use keys instead of passwords for authentication. The only problem this app has is not being able to access external SD cards. I've tried other apps out there but they usually have bugs and aren't stable enough, some even need rooted devices for rsync to work.

Tim Dowker

I liked the speed and simplicity of the setup/config. However the "Server address (assigned)" is an unknown IP address (probably my cell phone IP address) and I can't connect to the SSH server using it even though the "Current Network Type" states "WiFi". I have to manually figure out what my wifi IP address is and connect with it. I've tried turning off Wifi and turning it back on while restarting the SSHelper app but no luck. Any help from the dev? Running Android 6.0.1 on Nexus 6P - rooted.

Marc Robinsone Caballero

Better than the rest There are lots of available similar apps that help in exposing ssh/sftp access but this one performs the best in all android versions (rooted or not). Highly recommended

Charles Tersteeg

Moto x 2013 on cyanogenmod 12.1 Works great. Thank you very much!

Lukas Pirl

Very nice - it even supports public-key authentication!

Adam Orsag

Although the UI could use some tweaking, the functionality is outstanding

Alexander Mamonov

Update 7.9 broke rsync. Keep getting error "" not found when doing rsync over ssh. Dev please look into it.

Shudman C

This is beautiful. Not the most functional UI, but it does its job perfectly.

Kev B

Thanks for this app Works with good updates.

Arul Selvan

This is an awesome app. Period.

Julia Burdakova

Great for rsync Works with modern key exchange algorithms, works with rsync out of the box. Great app!

Patrick Decat

Just what I needed to rsync /sdcard/ with my PC.

Scott Sadowsky

The best SSH server for Android. Just needs a bug or two ironed out I tried just about every SSH server app for Android, and this one is by far the best. It's also just about the only reliable way to transfer many files, as well as large files, to and from my phone and tablet -- the USB cable connection forces me to use the retarded MTP protocol, and it drops out after a while; Bluetooth is slow as hell, and also craps out on large transfers; and I can't move my SD card from my android device to my laptop because it's encrypted. SSHelper solves all that -- it lets me use the amazing RSYNC to do all this, which is as reliable and efficient as it gets. Just two problems with the app: (1) After a while (idle time -- hasn't happened during a transfer yet) , the SSH server stops responding, and refuses connections. The only fix is rebooting. (2)The interactive terminal in the app doesn't work -- the soft keyboard doesn't ever pop up, and it doesn't recognize my hardware keyboard. Still the best alternative around!

Vincent Stemen

I think this is the best SSH server app available for Android. I tried numerous others and they were all buggy and/or lacking features I needed. This is the only one I found that has rsync, which I use to transfer pictures and other data from my phone to my computer. I could not even find a stand alone rsync server app. They all seem to be clients, which does me no good when I want to initiate file transfers from my desktop. I run FreeBSD and wrote a shell script, that rsyncs the directories I want to backup on my phone, and put an icon on my desktop to launch it in an xterm. So all I have to do is click sshelper on the phone to turn it on then click the icon on my desktop and, since it's using rsync, it backs up only new pictures and data. I also use the login shell a lot for finding, editing, and moving files around. It works beautifully. Thank you for a great app.

Daniel DC

Simply outstanding Already tried a bunch of other apps, and been very disappointed quality-wise. This app is really really good (esp if you are a programmer and have some experience with ssh), both quality and feature wise.

David Mohr

Works great but on my (old) phone the screen turning off means WiFi turns off, no matter the settings

Cool Developer

Great, but no root login This app works great, thanks to the developer. I would rate it a full 5 stars if it allowed me to login as a root user. For many cases you can just use "ssh .. su -c .." to execute a command as root. However, if you want to copy a file that can only be accessed by root via scp or sftp, there is no option. As a workaround, you can move the file to a user accessible folder, but that is less ideal for frequent use. Please implement this feature! Thanks for your hard work.

Dan Ng

Freakin love this app. It makes backing up and file transfers JUST SO MUCH EASIER AND LESS PAINFUL than using adb. This is a godsend.

Sonal Brito

Perfect Exactly what I was looking for, and fast data transfer too!

Martin Wagner

Thank you SOOO much!! this app is amazing. KDE connect didnt workwell on my machine. with this app I have a flawless connection with Krusader or Dolphin. THANK YOU

Mark Himsley

Works perfectly as a busybox based ssh terminal session. Works perfectly for rsync backup.

Bhushan Borkar

Liked it Very useful for transferring data from computer to phone and vice-versa. One problem is that, it seems that on Marshmallow, "Stop Server and Quit" does not actually stop the server - the app will continue accepting connections/not terminate existing connections.

Fabi M.

Brilliant ! Kudos to Paul - 5 stars! This is by far the best SSH server I've seen (I've tried many ... SSHdroid, Icecold SSH Server, ... , you name them). Very clean implementation, very mature and stable and fully compliant with the SSH specs. I'm even able to mount my /sdcard/ via sshfs and it works like a charm. Please keep on maintaining this excellent app! May I kindly ask you to update the helpers included (e.g. busybox).

Harry Whitecross

SSHelper Wow! Very nice setup and reconfiguration after addition of a few extra tweaks. Now K9 mail will run since it took forever to tell me it required ssh! Love your logo, BTB!

Michael Polymenakos

Works great, ideal for creating scheduled rsync backups.

Nikolaus Rath

When first opened, starts server with default password of "admin". Worst possible first impression.

Garrett Cornwell

Works great! Use it all the time to transfer data.

J.L. Francois

Used for Backup Copying sdcard to laptop for backup couldn't be easier.

Charl Potgieter

Just works Backed up by simple and clear technical documentation on website

Howard Connellan

Handy Does what I wanted without too much fuss.

Terrel Allen

Great! It does what I need it to do.

Kev B

Thanks for this app Works with good updates.

Meena Bassem

Finally, something that worked on my phone, i tried SSHDriod and some other stuff that used to work on my phone, but they stopped working after i upgraded from kitkat to lollipop.

Nosey Nick

This rocks! Contains all the busybox shell commands including vi and crond. Also has rsync, and openssh CLIENT as well as server and scp/sftp/etc. Sweet! Thanks Paul!

A Google User

The best app for developers.

James Leask

Excellent for recovery Didn't scratch the surface but what I did use worked great. I needed to recover data off a phone with a dead screen and with only a keyboard for input. This was the only app I could find that had a simple enough set up that I could do it unsighted. Pulled my precious stupidly not backed up photos and so happy customer. Many thanks to the author I'll try my best to pay your efforts forward as suggested.

Betlog Betlog

Update: Had unresolvable issue with rsync not parsing whitespace, so switched to a different SSH app. Original review: Outstanding. Truly in the linux spirit of free and good. I came across this in the quest for a 'SSH Server', WITH PUBLIC KEYPAIRING, and I'm still not sure why I overlooked it till now, maybe the icon?... After only been using it for a few hours, I can already see this is the perfect solution for setting up rsync and SSH protected filetransfer/shell connectivity to my devices. Never mind how useful zeroconf and browser-based clipboard read/write and logs are. I even like the documentation :) Thank you very much Mr Lutus!

Rohit Pande

The only one that works with modern SSH clients. However it has serious issues with user access rights. Currently the server does not allow Public Key encryption. Also any user with the password can log in. Passwords are also visible by people using wireshark, compromising this application's security. So looking for a better alternative.

Turly O'Connor

Excellent - a must-have utility which has saved my bacon more than once. If you're ever in Barcelona, Mr. Lupus, I owe you a couple of pints!

Jon Pina

Best SSH app for the platform. I have yet to run into a problem with this app. It has a good UI and is well documented. Will be checking out more options from this developer.

Paula Schwiesow

Works Fantastic Have used this for a while. Great way to connect your phone to a linux box. 5 stars.

Invaluable tool Thanks for making this

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