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27 Aug

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Apk file size: 14.0 MB

SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.
This application will let you connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell") or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, etc...).

If you like this application, you can consider supporting it by upgrading to the pro version with more feature like:
- Extended notification controls
- Homescreen and lockscreen widget
- Shared-key authentication
- WiFi autostart whitelist
- Automation with intents support
- AdFree

q: How can I access to my device once the application is running?
Windows users:
- File Transfer: WinSCP (
- Remote Shell: PuTTY (

Linux users:
- File Transfer: natively supported by most file managers (like Nautilus or Dolphin), just enter the sftp address displayed as "Location".
- Remote Shell: run 'ssh' from the terminal.

Mac users:
- File Transfer: Cyberduck (
- Remote Shell: run 'ssh' from the terminal

q: How can I upgrade to the pro version?
a: If you previously purchased SSHDroidPro on Google Play, the new version will automatically detect it and upgrade to pro otherwise you can unlock it as in-app purchase.

q: Why my transfer speed decrease when I turn off the screen?
a: Enable the option 'Lock Wifi'. If your device is running at least Android 2.3.x, you should get full speed transfer even when the screen is off, otherwise enable the option 'Lock screen' too.

q: How can I use a shared key with Putty/Winscp?
a: You have to generate a key from the application in OpenSSH format and use Puttygen to import/convert it in ppk format. A recent version of Puttygen (>= 0.61) is required!

q: Is root required to run this application?
a: root is optional but not required.

q: How can I automate the application start/stop?
Use the following broadcast intents:

Whats new

    - Fixed the start/stop UI issue
    - Preliminary Android 5 support (may not work with root yet)
    - rsync is now included in SSHDroid (sperimental build with libiconv support)
    - Fixed a problem with importing keys >= 2048 bit
    - Fixed a problem with in-app purchase restore
    - Google Play Services updated
    - Optimized layout for tablets
    - Minor UI changes

Berserker part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 27, 2015. Google play rating is 78.0192. Current verison is 2.1.2. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download sshdroid.apk 14.0 MB


Jeff Kosowsky

Buggy and major downgrade... Upgrade lost my settings... Upgrade no longer supports authorized_keys if not in pro-version Upgrade no longer sources .profile or .bashrc.... Upgrade seems to randomly "forget" the "Enable root" preference... Haven't found anything 'new' other than UI redesign and Wifi Whitelist in the new version... Piece of junk... I plan to downgrade... UPDATE: 11/24/14: Latest upgrade again lost root capability -- do the developers ever bother to QA their latest releases? Can't believe I wasted money on the pro version. Biggest piece of junk ever! UPDATE: 12/24/14: BROKEN again for Lollipop on my rooted device. I so regret paying even a penny for this garbage. The developer took a solid public domain program (dropbear), infected it with an addware wrapper, charged money to remove the adware from the public domain program, and then still can't even seem to be bothered to make sure it work on the latest Android OS release -- which isn't even so new anymore. By far the worst maintained android program I have seen!

Rami Kattan

Best SSH Server Use it since long time, but since kit kat and now lollipop it stopped working, issues with pie... Hope this gets fixed quickly, live this app.

Richard Frost

Great App I have tried 6 different SSH Server Apps, and this is the one that works the best for me on my phone and tablet. The one thing that is kinda buggy for me is about 1 second after the server starts, it reports that it exits, but the server is still running. Its kinda annoying to see that the server is "not running", and to lose the hint/notification for the server. If that could get fixed, I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Raul Acevedo

Used to work fine This app used to work fine but is now messed up when running as root (necessary to bind to standard shipping port 22).

Matt Sprague

A solid product I've used sshdroid quite a bit over the last year. It's a good option if you need an ssh server for an android device. I do wish the login banner was customizable though.

Dino Morelli

Fantastic I use this all the time as the primary means of accessing my devices. Buy it now

Larry Bradley

Good app, but needs better documentation Works great. However, it is not obvious how to work with keys. To import an existing key from a Linux system, copy the key to the Android device, then use the menu item to manage keys. Press the "search" icon, NOT the + icon, then browse for the key. Using the + icon does something else, but doesn't import a key. The author should provide better documentation for the Pro app.

Steven De Wit

Great app Works as expected, runs in the background without any need for root privileges (some files and folders are denied access then of course). I use it to perform automated backups from certain files on my Android systems using ssh & rsync. Didn't work anymore after upgrading to Lollipop, but that's fixed with the update now!

Jan Christoph Uhde

Whitelist Broken? Whitelist does not seem to have any effect. The server is running on a not listed Network.

Phillip Wang

Used to be good and lightweight, now it's bloaty and broken The author should know when to stop. Adding more eye-candy does little to the functionality and usability of the application. In fact, after not using it for a while, the application errors out while being upgraded. This is the only app out of 30+ app that has this issue

Sudhir Khanger

Could not change permissions for sftp Could not change permissions for sftp:[email protected]/ Why do you think I get this error when transfering files from Linux to my Android phones

Rik Garth

Not working Cant get it to work on my galaxy S5. Works great on my galaxy tab. Always fails to bind port, doesn't matter what port it always fails.

Robert Hoffmann

used to work before lollipop Stopped working after lollipop. After uninstall / reinstall it worked but I could not add ssh keys. Some error message... "View...null reference". Had the pro version. Will uninstall it now for good. disappointment! :(

Michael Ratner

Good overall Lean and simple to use, but could use better documentation/help.

Scott Lewin

Just works. Never had any problems and this is always the application I turn to when transferring files.

Alex Jeffery

Can't fault it Does what it says, and the important features are not behind a paywall.

Andreas Kirchwitz

Sync your phone! Have you ever wondered how to copy data easily between phone and PC? Don't like the limitations of USB mounting (including the need for a cable)? This implementation of an SSH daemon allows you to copy, sync and backup all your data with any SSH/SFTP client. Login with password or SSH keys. Also "rsync" is supported for complex operations.


Lollipop support on Z3 Great app, using it on my set top box (android 4.2) and the app is flawless. But I think just for now, not working on my Xperia Z3. When you tap start, it is not starting at all. Hope to see the full support for Lollipop

Dean Schulze

Did not work at all Apparently this expects you to have rooted your device. I installed this on my Note Pro tablet and it says I should ssh to [email protected]:2222 but my ssh client says it cannot resolve the IP address.

Robbin Edgren

Excellent. Works perfectly. It really SHOULD show the rsa fingerprint to mitigate mitm attacks when connecting from new devices.

Richard Danis

all you need Perfect simple and it does what it suppose to. Nothing more needed

Dexter Royeras

Awesome App This really helped me a lot in my transferring and modificstion needs. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. :)

Joe Lunder

Doesn't work Starting the daemon switches to "running" and then immediately back to "stopped" with no log information

Tormen Traubstein

It just works (tm) ... ... if you set things up once then it just works (tm) ! Reliably and very neat with remote-shutdown option via the broadcasts ! Thanks ! Just hope it will survive the 5.0 changes (in root mode).

Jeffery W

great so far needs busybox update to 1.23

David Heebner

Great App Great way to get files to and fro. I'm a Linux user, so this is a great way to sideload files onto my device.

Fazle Arefin

Does NOT work on Lollipop Please release an update for Lollipop. I get this error: "Cannot generate RSA key: error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported."

James Heazlewood

Doesn't work Service stops in 2 seconds.

A Google User

Great In-app purchase was kinda b0rked, better install the unlocker app separately.

Baron VonKaneHoffen

Great app Had to reinstall it to get it working after Android update, but now back to it's former awesomeness

Thallium Selenide

Extremely useful app SSHDroid is an essential Android app for users on a LAN, particularly those interested in transferring files to/from GNU/Linux systems via scp/sftp. Remote login to an Android device via ssh is also very useful for file management.

Jamie Beckett

Worked fine till I moved to droid 5.0 - attempting to start the service now generates a only position independent executibles are allowed error. Unrooted HTC One M7

Tyler Wagner

Works on Nexus 5 with 5.0 and root SELinux on lollipop prevents dropbear/sshd from running as root. Disable SELinux by adding this as line 2 to /data/data/ : setenforce Permissive

Steve Black

WinSCP-friendly Used this for years with WinSCP with no problems. Haven't scratched the surface with keys though.

Taka Maka

Asking for root....? My device is rooted and it is asking root access but when I deny it still works.. but why it asking for root?

Brian White

Service will not start. Does not say why.

Christian V

Y doc cash Duh sob thing I've subservient

J.L. Francois

Upgrade made this unusable Have to uninstall!

ola garstad

"Downgrade". Lost features that you now have to pay for. Hate it when developers do that. Uninstalling.

Илья Науртдинов

Not bad,but not yet Can't change default password and if I change home directory in your application, then I lose connection on my PC in application Cyberduck. Works with WinSCP.

Maxim Malencoff

Is SSHDroid Pro incompatible with rooted phones? It does not work with active 'Enable root' checkbox. Service starts and immediately stops without any information in the log. Sony Z1C 4.4.4 rooted.

Ruslan Boev

Source code. Where can I get the source code of SSHDroid? You're using GPL licensed code so your code have to be open source and licensed by GPL compatible license. Provide me a link to repository please. UPD: OK, thanks.

Пользователь Google

Buggy Doesn't stop when wi-fi is off and require wi-fi option is checked.

Yuri Samoilenko

All works good

Viktor Danilov

It works! Thanks for Busybox integration:) Is it possible to disable 'root checking' during application (and server) start? Add an option, for instance:) ps. I want to start application and ssh daemon as normal user (without any asking for superuser access),... Then I want to get superuser rights by executing 'su'-command.

Пользователь Google

Segfault Segfault occurs just after successful login

Frankie Smith

Buggy, but gives me dropbear and rsync binaries The app doesn't correctly show the server status among other things (on LP). That being said, it provided working rsync and dropbear binaries, which is actually all I wanted anyway.

Colin McKay

Had an error when my phone upgraded to Lollipop. Uninstalled then re-installed. Once agin, the app works well. Allowing me to access all of my phone's files from my computer. So much so I decided to pay for the unlocker.

Stanimir Stratiev

Good app Very good app, but sometimes it stops immediately after starting it. The error is bind(22) failed.. so it can't listen on port 22, but if I change the port same error with different port number between brackets. It will be great if developers fix that =))

Shira N

Startimg the server... It is a mess... I wanted to start the server, but it randomly stops... Tried different port, update Busybox and so on, nothing worked for me.

William Maloney

Used to be great, but now non-functional I acquired SSHDroid within days after getting my first Android tablet, and used it frequently and happily until today. Now, though, the app will not start, and I find no clues in the 'Help' function nor online. I hope that whatever 'upgrade' has ruined this app is soon fixed. UPDATE: Deleted and re-installed the app, and now it's working again. Why must this be necessary?

Tim Mcgough

It was great until Lollipop introduced PIE. Please set the flags on this so that it will pass PIE inspection and work on 5.x It was great up until then. PIE has been out a while, even Titanium Backup has fixed their PIE issue. Please fix this ASAP as nobody with the official 5.x OS can run this.

Jason Weaver

Utter crap Used to work now broken. Seems Dev only interested in making money off of crap spftware.

Timothy Osterhus

It works It does exactly what it says it does. Not a technomaniac, but I know I've barely scratched the surface of this. May consider going pro.

Gilles Gravier

Not working on rooted Galaxy Note 4 with Lollypop Says only PIE executables allowed...

Jay Goldberg

Love it! Let's me rsync to and from my phone, makes it fast and easy to transfer data without having to put confidential into "the cloud" temporarily. Wish it supported keeping timestamps when copying to phone, though. "Failed to set times on...: Operation not permitted"

Владимир Владимир

Having "only position independent executables (PIE) are supported" error. Not being fixed for months.

Esminets Z

this is really good app. but why I can't perform command such 'reboot' or 'poweroff' from remote access area? I mean such execute reboot command from putty..

Emil Christopher Solli Melar

Could not test it because it looks for wifi when my android box has wired ethernet. Great customer support, and my aforementioned issue was resolved :)

Dino Morelli

Fantastic I use this all the time as the primary means of accessing my devices. Buy it now

Anggih Risdiyanto

work on settop box I've installed this application and hope that it would work and run automatically on my android set-top-box. And it run as i expected.

aurey Col-Hos

Works for me! Since cm12.1 no longer supports using dropbear I couldn't ssh until I found this app

Jonny V

Didn't work But giving it 3 stars anyway because my client is setup for iphone. So it's probably me not the app

Joe Isabella

good but minus 2 stars for annoying AD

Andreas Kirchwitz

Sync your phone! Have you ever wondered how to copy data easily between phone and PC? Don't like the limitations of USB mounting (including the need for a cable)? This implementation of an SSH daemon allows you to copy, sync and backup all your data with any SSH/SFTP client. Login with password or SSH keys. Also "rsync" is supported for complex operations.

Isaac Phillips

Best ssh server Simple, ssh server. Allows for "set it & forget it" option.

Warren Wilson

Awesome! Great features. The only SSH server that had the necessary options for my needs!

Erik Bauch

Dies everything is promises and more.

Bob Usselman

Faster and easier than MTP over USB Nice for backup of phone files

Jaijeet Roychowdhury

The best ssh server app on android Crucial for running securely tunnelled rsync, unison, etc.

Greg Spath

I love that this can be controlled with Intents from Tasker. It only supports a few ciphers/hash functions. I was unable to use blowfish.

Jay Elem

Works very well.

Alexander Rudenko

It just works.

Luca Weiss

Thanks Thanks for the SSH binary :)

Kevin Cameron

Simple to use and works!

Vivek Vetri

Perfect ! Works perfectly on my Nexus 6 !


Good Loved it

Emil Friðriksson

Works but... The pro version doesn't work on a my development platform, where I don't have Google play installed. Please fall back to pro when in app purchases are not available on a device OR allow pro users to download a pro enabled APK from within the app

Rubens Furbetta

Uncommonly lacking functions Only the "root" login name is available ? What if we need to have more users ? Also, log shows key handshake dialog for all my (failed) connection attempts. Why is that ? Sometimes we need to use simple username/password authentication.

Barry Hubble

So far so good, thanks : )

Kevin Rostek

Ssh Listens on port

Felipe Castillo

It's a good app, but useless without access to my SD card. The addition of rsync was a great progress, which allows me to transfer data between my phone and other devices, but not being able to access the SD makes it pointless. I know it's easy to fix, but I hope the developer adds this feature.

Michael Pfetsch

Must-have app for Android This app is extremely useful for managing an Android system via the underlying shell interface. Very handy for securely transferring files over a wireless or Ethernet network.

Fredrik Hubinette

Mostly works Whitelist keeps changing without me editing it.


It just works. It just works.I use it to transfer files instead of usb.

Rami Kattan

Best SSH Server Great ssh server, but sometimes it doesn't work

Artemy Tuntsov

So pretty This app is very well. Ohuenno, but adware is bullshit

Lost6feetdown Adam s.

Not bad Not bad for what it is

Keith Blow

Nice sshd app Easy to use

Antoine Aubry

Does not work When I try to connect, I can see in the logs that the connection has been established, but then nothing happens. I tried to contact the developers by email but they did not answer.

Matt Sharp

Does not work. On trying to start the server, I get: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported.

Mark Kamichoff

Works great, when it's running. Any Wi-Fi event (associate, disassociate, turn on, turn off) causes it to stop. I've tried every combination of the Wi-Fi settings in the options to no avail.

Kees Nuyt

Useful I use SSHDroid to periodically sync files (e.g. documents and keepass password database) between Unix/Linux/illumos systems [1] and my Huawei Ascend Y330-U01 phone, using scp. Works like a treat. Will try the new rsync option soon. Thanks for this great tool! [1] Also from the MobaXterm 'nix environment on MS Windows 7.

Matias Larson

Keys don't work And that's really the only reason to buy pro sooo...

Sakari Saarinen

Well thought-out sshd! Works just as you'd expect, considering paid version!

T Mst

Woo hoo! Using Dolphin to access the elusive 2nd partition which doesn't appear as a mountable partition with Android 5. It's not mass storage but close enough. I dinged it a star for using a whopping 140+ MB (!) of memory. I don't know if it's video for the ads or what, but that seems excessive for an SSH server. Perhaps it's less of an issue in the paid version. Thankfully there's a menu option to quit, which immediately releases the allocated memory so you don't have to wait around for Android to kill it when you're done using it.

B- Man

Can't connect It will authenticate but it won't open the window in winscp. I tried filezilla and that errors. If i untick use root it works but I can't transfer any files across

Andres Gazso Hazos

Does not work with Nexus 5 Android 5.1.1 :(

Simon Jones

The perfect solution to connectivity Works like a charm, allows shell access and sftp. Awesome, thank you.

Stuart Botha

A big help in working around MTP protocol issues in Linux. Works well.

Shival Wolf

Does not work due to not being fixed for modern Android versions that require PIE

CityOfSky CityOfSky

Excellent app. It works perfectly as a ssh server

Graham Bosworth

I was very impressed to see so many familiar things from GNU and Linux, most of which worked as expected - except "rsync" - and "scp" has given me the ability to transfer files easily. I might have to pay for the full version because I would like shared keys for ssh authentication.

David Woodward

Great app. I installed it on my Shield TV so that I could manage the file system more easily from a familiar ssh session and updated to the pro version immediately so that I could use SSH keys,. But, I would have upgraded regardless because the app design is great and the app "just works" and then gets out of your way. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I would like to see an actual Android TV interface (setting this up with the game controller was "fun"). If I see any evidence that better Android TV support is coming soon I'll up my rating to 5 stars. But, since the app hasn't been updated in over a year, I'm not optimistic (although that could just be because the app is so awesome there's nothing left to do to it in the dev's opinion).


Does what it says on the tin Worked out of the box, which is more than I can say for the last SSH server app I tried. Using SSH keys costs money, which would be fine, as there price is reasonable, but I don't see any option to pay with Bitcoin so I'll just go without.

Ken Irwin

Night and day difference from other SSH Server apps I've installed (and uninstalled). Even the shell interface is different, better, does BASH like command history, backspace works, interrupt works, ls outputs in columnar format with color highlighting. I haven't got that far into it yet but if it supports remote execution run and exit keys, well then it's pretty much perfect. I really downloaded this because there essentially isn't any workable SNMP agents or any other monitoring agents that work reliably like Zabbix or JNX that I've found for Android, so this is a means to roll my own, and run and exit scripts that simply output /proc data would do mostly what you need for monitoring. App claims to work on Android TV, or at least doesn't claim not to work and that is another big bonus, but so far it doesn't seem to. App is there but the settings menu is just a dead button. I need to deduct one star for that because even if another SSH server did less it'd win based on that functionality. The Android TVs really need this sort of functionality of some sort, other than local Termux which is better than nothing (and works) but they really need some kind of remote tweaking ability

Hadi Najafi

not working I try to connect to Ubuntu OS, but doesn't work?

Nitrode Twofiftysix

Insanely slow connection that constantly keeps disconnecting.

Sunder Sahayanathan

Nice App I am able to access the files in Android from my Linux mint laptop! Thank guys!

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