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29 Oct
Squeeze Ctrl

Posted by angryGoat in Music & Audio | Oct. 29, 2016 | 84 Comments

Apk file size: 6.5 MB

Remote control for the Squeezebox system. Control your Squeezebox players from your Android device.
This app controls Squeezebox players connected to a Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox Server) or (including the server in the SqueezeBox Touch). Replicates almost every function of a Squeezebox Controller with an interface optimize for a touch screen.

*Screenshots do not show album covers to avoid copyright violations, the app itself will still display the album covers.

Formerly Squeeze Control.

Owners of the previous app, please email me for a refund of the original purchase, if you want to purchase this one. Currently Google will only allow me to refund orders as old as October 24th, 2013.

NOW AVAILABLE: Tablet Mode, requires an In-App purchase (US$1.00)

Requirements: Logitech Media Server version 7.7 or better (tested with versions up to 7.8). A account is required if you don't use a Squeezebox Server. You can create one from within the app or on the website. And of course Squeezebox players to control.

- Replicates almost all of the functionality of a Squeezebox Controller, including the context menus and plugin apps.
- Incremental list loading for fast navigation through the menus.
- Works with both and Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox Server) as the music source.
- Automatic server discovery.
- Customizable backgrounds for each player.
- Works with multiple servers, players can be switched between servers.
- Mini controls in the notification area lets you control your Squeezebox even when the app is in the background.
- Song Downloading - download songs from your server to the device.
- Player Manager for easy syncing/unsyncing of players.
- Customizable Home menu.
- Pebble Smartwatch support.
- Android Wear Support
- Chromecast support (Now Playing display only, no audio)
- Can pause music during a phone call.
- Support for device docks.
- App Widget (home screen and lock screen)
- Tablet Mode (requires In-App purchase)
- Can be controlled by Tasker. For more info:
- Available in English and German

- For users of Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, there is a bad tip floating around about ways to speed up TouchWiz. It tells you to go into the Developer Options of your phone and setting Animator Duration Scale to Off. Please Do NOT do this. Doing so will prevent this app from functioning properly and possibly other apps too.

- This app can be quite demanding on the server compared to other controller apps and as such may not work well with a server running on a NAS. Complaints in the reviews about slowness is likely due to having the server on a NAS. This is especially true if you have a large library (more than 10000 songs)

- Use a wifi connection if possible. A mobile data connection would work if the server is setup correctly, but the performance may not be acceptable.

- When connected, this app is constantly communicating with the server. If you're using a mobile data connection, this may incur a significant data usage fee.

- Tested with the Squeezebox Receiver, Boom.

Whats new

    Added ability to add a song to a stored playlist
    Added ability to create a new favorites folder
    Added option to match the playlist highlight color with the background
    [Fixed] Widget was occupying more rows than necessary on some devices
    [Fixed] Default Network Timeout value wasn\'t being saved.
    [Fixed] Server Message popup text color for Android 7.0.
    [Fixed] App crashing when hiding in Android 7.0.
    [Fixed] Various app crashes

angryGoat part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Oct. 29, 2016. Google play rating is 91.9298. Current verison is 1.9.6. Actual size 6.5 MB.

Download squeeze-ctrl.apk 6.5 MB


Pascal Kronenberg

Great replacement for Squeeze Commander app Great app, especially the tablet mode. Please improve speed by creating a local cache of the server database (like in squeeze commander). There seems to be a bug when selecting the artist-year-album sort mode (no albums visible).

Sarah Danks

WOW! My Nexux 7 (2012) would no longer run the Logitech Squeezebox Controller app after I let it upgrade the OS to Android 5.1, and there's no way to tell Logitech to fix it, of course. Turns out, I got a good thing out of that obnoxious glitch. This app not only does all the things I need to run my Squeezebox devices in the house over my wifi, but it does it slickly. Nice screens. Excellent controls. Customizable in ways that I wish other apps would be. This just may be the best $7 I've spent in all my 60+ years. Seriously. Dude. Nice job. I hate spending money on an app with no trial version, but I'm not sorry I did. Highly recommended.

Erik Gulbrandsen, D.O.

Can't link players I'm using orange squeeze, which let's me sync different players into groups. I can't get this app to sync players, though I've tried the manage players link. I have multiple players and this feature is a deal breaker for me. I love the look screen controls, however. Requesting refund.

Bernard Lust

Saved the day Logitech's 2012 app does not work with Android 5.01. This new Squeeze CNTL app saved the day. Improvements, too, compared to Logitech's app!

Damian Knight

Great app I owned this on my palm pre so when that finally died I am glad I could find this on android again. Would rather not have paid for it again but it works well and better than the Logitech one.

Bart Conrath

Fantastic and quick support The app is great especially in the Tablet Mode with Jukebox view. Also I suggested a few features to enhance the usability of the Jukebox view and the developer was very responsive. The new features were available in a day or two. That is great service. Well worth the money.

Richard Trinkner

Superb Works like a charm on my Galaxy S5 running Lollipop 5.0 with both my Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio devices.

Chris Hopp

Best Squeezebox App I've tried every Android controller for Squeezebox and this one is the best one. The developer is awesome too! Fixed up an issue I had pretty quickly.

Mana Coste

Good replacement fos SQ Commander Tried it to replace squeeze commander that has become flaky on lollipop. Very pleased with it so far, I like that you can add Alarm to the home screen, you can adjust single click on a song to play next rather than play and replace the playlist (nice during parties when I hand the phone to friends to add their own selection of tracks)

Alex Altman

Stop your squeezebox client hunt This is the best squeezebox app! Stop your search, buy it, sit back, and enjoy the music!

martin Kroyer

Great! Worked perfectly. Immediately after purchase with zero setup required. Well worth the money.

Brent Vogl

Awesome app and fast customer service Really great squeezebox controller. I had an issue after updating and my chromecasts didn't see show up. Customer service replied within minutes. Turned out i had to restart my chromecasts

Jim Butler

I purchased this app last July, found I wasn't very fond of it, and walked away. Revisited it last week, and I'm really impressed. Running on my nexus 6, it's smooth as glass, and is a real pleasure to use.

Darren Rose

Great App! This app is so fluid and so smooth. It handles huge Squeezebox libraries and is super fast. Developer is always quick to respond to questions and concerns. Please keep updating this!

Gold Silver

One of the few apps I use everyday If this app had come with the Squeezebox..maybe Logitech would still be selling them.

Leong-Hwee Teo

Tried all the squeezebox controller apps and Squeeze Ctrl is the best IMHO: great design and layout especially the tablet mode for larger screen sizes, stable bug-free performance, and under active development for new features and bug fixes. This app makes my squeezebox system much more powerful, flexible and faster to control. Two thumbs up!

Paul Gallaway

Full of Useful Features I've been running the venerable Squeeze Commander for nearly four years but without recent updates, it is starting to show it's age even if it is still functional in Lollipop and LMS 7.9. So when Squeeze Control was removed from the market and quickly returned as Squeeze Ctl, I thought now would be a great time to show appreciation to a developer that supports the Squeeze community. It's a positive upgrade in functionality and features from SC. Want to test test the Chromecast feature when I locate it ;)

James Littlefair

Best app for squeeze box there is. Much better than Ipeng for those that have used that!

Rick Harley

Does everything, looks good. Wanted a replacement when Logitech's app broke on 5.1 and this baby is the best of the bunch! Very straightforward but has loads of functions. Looks way better than it appears in screenshots too.

Volker Then

Best squeezebox controller out there!

Michael Dawson

Great for Galaxy S6! Been using Squeezebox to stream Pandora throughout my house for years. I was sad to see my Squeezebox App no longer worked with my new phone. Fortunately I found this app! My *only* complaint is the interaction with the pandora app - not as easy to thumb up/down songs.

Guy Barry

I really like this app, it's the best of its kind by far. There is one irritating glitch though, which is that often when I open it up, it says "error, unable to connect". Then it connects anyway. I think this happens if it was connected, then the phone moves out of range of the WiFi signal, and then is moved back in range before being opened up from the background again. Not sure how this can be fixed, because the connection had been lost, but once the phone is back in range, that error should clear itself without being displayed. It appears the solution is to switch off the connection when the app is in the background (from the settings), but this is not as nice as having it running in the background. It would be better if the lost connection notification popup cleared itself in the background as soon as the phone is back in range, without the need to bring it into focus, observe the error, then watch it clear itself. Alternatively, for the error not to trigger if the connection is lost, unless an attempted action of some kind is taken (such as switching view, play, stop, fwd, search, etc).

Jacob Skriver

Ok app Was looking for an alternative to the old Squeeze Commander. This does the job. Tablet mode needs to be improved with local artwork cache

Wilfred Helmig

Superb!! Really a excellent tool - works perfectly

John Gruesen

Unable to get app to work phone or pad. Lack of technical documentation makes troubleshooting difficult. Only lost $7.00, could have been more I guess.

Stephen Casey

Excellent app I used to use Squeeze Commander, but reliability had become an issue. Squeeze Ctrl has so far been 100% reliable, and very easy to use. I particularly like the simple player synchronisation. Very happy with this app. It's done a great job of keeping Squeezebox current. Thank you Angry Goat. Logitech, you should hang your corporate head in shame for what you've done to the Squeezebox line.

Peter SM

What is happening? Just blank screen when trying to connect to my Squeezbox Touch. It is not good when paid version is not functioning. Reinstalled and still the same.

Nick Campbell

Nice! Worked first time no setup needed. Connects to raspberry Pi running Max2play squeezbox server. Can even use phone volume buttons!

Ray Khechen

LOVE IT Definitely the best Squeezebox controller app I've ever used. Loaded with features and easy to use. This app actually works while the original Logitech Squeezebox app does not.

Nick Bandy

Very nice, very quick Found all my players immediately, controls Spotify, nice interface, looks worth the money so far. Much better than the free app I was trying to use. I used to have this windows phone app that searched on Google images for a background image for the artist and that was super nice (if you wanted to add luxury features)

Dave Cochrane

Very good controller This is the only SB app I've actually paid for, and I really like it. Unfortunately, all the freebies are badly flawed - they tend to lump various tags into Artists (composer, conductor, band, etc) which makes browsing cumbersome. Happily this one behaves just as my SB Touch does. I also like the customisation of menus. The choice of background colours is a bit garish; it would be nice to be given a custom colour pallette. Black is good, though. There's a "tablet" mode that costs an extra quid, but you can trial it for an hour for free. I personally didn't find much useful in that mode, so opted out. In fact I prefer the less busy look of the standard mode. Anyway, this app is worth a fiver, I guess.

Guy Barry

Excellent I have used 2 other apps for controlling my Squeezeboxes. The "official" one is not very good. I switched to this one from Squeeze Commander, which was great 4 years ago, but appears to be very neglected by the developer now and was not working so well. Squeeze Ctrl on the other hand is current, and clearly a huge amount of attention to detail has been made by the developer. If you read this review and can't make up your mind between the other two commercial apps (forget about the "Official" Logitech one),

Eric Smith

Excellent Controller Have been looking for an app like this to control my squeezebox duets. Works great. Very smooth and responsive interface. Recognized my devices right after installation. Definitely worth the money.

Stuart Rubringer

Good Application. Very smooth. I think that this will be a good purchase. Finding my way round what seems to be an intuitive programme. Thank You. UPDATE - Been using it for a few weeks - Good application and worth the money.

Andrew Richardson

Superb Excellent. Having moved over from iOS, I was worried I wouldn't find an app to match iPeng on that platform. This surpasses it in every way. Thanks for developing!

David Moore

Top notch Does the job very well. Much better than the official app.

Atanas Christev

Worth the money Classes above the free Squeezer app. Really has everything. Well done.

Robert Gerrits

A pity that the old beautiful icon has been replaced by a rather ugly one.

Sunny C

One of the best paid app I've paid for. Thanks.. Love this.

William Hudson

Double charging A bit miffed that I bought this app on my tablet, but when I ran it I was informed that the tablet version cost still more.

David Gadd

Really nice and well thought out remote, tablet mode makes it even nicer. Using it to control daphile running on a headless pc. Would be nice if it could be used to create playlists on the remote device it controls, not found a way of doing that yet. Definitely recommended. Ta for advice :)

Jeremy Brooks

Extended the life of my squeezebox system I had my squeezebox server and players on life support and was considering replacing them until I found this app. Now I can control many squeezebox players from my phone or tablet again. Has all of the functions of the original software by Logitech. Runs great on Lollipop and Samsung S6. This keeps squeezebox devices as best in class for media streaming. Worth every penny!!! Still an unforgivable shame that Logitech has abandoned this product line. They should never have bought Slimdevices.

Kevo B

Up there with the best Squeezebox remotes I have been using this app for a while now and I think its probably the best remote on android for LMS. I have used this alongside Orange Squeeze to access my Vortexbox music server and Qobuz streaming services and I prefer this: Better tablet UI, integrates with all the LMS plugins I use very well. More adaptable UI features would be good but I appreciate that LMS sets many of the restrictions. Offers similar features to the best streaming apps from Linn and Naim but without the need to buy their hardware (the expensive route) and the limited streaming subscription services they use.

Paul Sirianni

This is a great squeezebox app and deal especially considering that it gives you most of the functionality of the $400 Duet.

Lu Ka

It works on Lolipop as well. Android 5.1. Great app. Recommended

Dana Archer

Beautiful App! I appreciate the time and effort you took to pick up where Logitech left off. Great attention to detail! Well worth the six bucks.

Owen Davies

Perfect Well worth the money, best layout of all the squeezebox apps

Geert Goossens

Works fine also with lollipop while the official logitech app is broken on lollipop :(

Matthew Maguire

Great app Does everything the original Logitech app did, and more. I use this app daily.

Chris Hopp

Best Squeezebox App I've tried every Android controller for Squeezebox and this one is the best one. The developer is awesome too! (He quickly fixed up an issue I had)

Angela Chavez

Best app I have Absolutely great app. Worth every penny and then some. Great job...

Christoph Haug

Wear control still not working Thanks for the update, but the control with my Huawei watch still doesn't work. Now the watch manages to Starr the app on the phone, but the controls on the watch no longer work ( they don't show up). In fact, trying to start the app on the watch doesn't do anything except launch the app on the phone.

John Kelly

Great app It works unlike many of the other apps. I like it's usability and look and feel. Nice features to mute when phone rings. Worth the money to extend the ease of use for my aging squezebox.

Lincoln Island

Better than the original In the beginning, there was the official Logitech app. It was OK: had all the major functions I needed. Then Logitech abandoned the product and it didn't work on new Android. I tried about 5 recommended alternatives and none really worked for my usage, which is a single Squeezebox Radio rather than some complex self-hosted server. Finally, I stumbled upon this app and was sold. It does EVERYTHING the Logitech app did, with a better interface, and more customization options.

spencer green

The only one! This was my last chance for a decent phone based control of my players. Its much better than the rest and the only one i found to support the actual album artist tag from lms. Thank you!

Tom Fordham

Worth the £ Initially perturbed by the price of this app I finally purchased after reading other reviews. The app mirrors the functionality of the LMS web interface and maybe adds in some other bits too. Works effectively and is sufficiently customisable e.g. photo background images for different players.

Alex Smith

Simply superb for Squeezebox It's a rock solid solution for controlling your squeezebox audio systems. I've been happily using it for many years and yet still the dev manages to roll out subtle improvements and keep it fully up to date and compatible. I use it on phone, tablet, wear and occasionally cast the UI to a big screen. I wholeheartedly recommend this app to Squeezebox users.

Jacob Skriver

Love it! Only thing missing is easier sync between players with common volume

Matt Conkle

Works great! A perfect solution for my unsupported player. Well worth the price! Works better than the original Squeeze Box app. Thanks!

ken e B

Best squeezebox app Hands down the best squeezebox app out there. Don't waste your money on anything else. Buy this one!

Kevin Salter

Very good Does every thing the official Squeezebox app (R.I.P) did with some additional features. I especially like the jukebox function, enabling you to scroll through albums and artists. Bit of a shame that you have to fork out an extra 80p for Tablet compatability but overall seems a great app.

Bertram Joseph

Love love love this app

Adam Bennett

Fabulous! (on Nexus 5) Remember to check/change the Mac address setting to the SB player if app won't connect to SB player. Once you figure out where everything is at, easily the best "one stop shopping" app for the SB player.

Rafal Gaik

Best squeezebox app ever. This is most valuable app I have purchased so far. It's fast, very well designed and intuitive. Thanks to this I have resurrected my squeezeboxes gear. Lot of additional options you can't find in similar apps.

Stuart Rubringer

Good Application made better by regular and thoughtful updates. Very smooth. I think that this will be a good purchase. Finding my way round what seems to be an intuitive programme. Thank You. UPDATE - Been using it for a few weeks - Good application and worth the money. FURTHER UPDATE . April 27. Thanks for the regular support and updates and keeping these wonderful gadgets alive. The application is in danger of becoming excellent!

Antony Hubbard

Does the job very well Very reliable in my LMS setup. Full featured and consistent UI. The best Android controller app.

Jacob Skriver

Love it! Only it would be great if you could adjust volume for all synced players on the same time just using the volume buttons

John Kelly

Great app It works unlike many of the other apps. I like it's usability and look and feel. Nice features to mute when phone rings. Worth the money to extend the ease of use for my aging squezebox. If you notice any issues with the app, try replicating the action with the Logitech online remote. You may find its the player not the remote. It may just be me, but it seems much more user friendly than the Logitech remote and seems like it allows me to do more actions (or just easier to figure out how to do it)

Eric Drum

Works good It has nearly any function I would need. Sometimes it can be stubborn switching from my work server to my home server, but eventually it gets it. For someone such as myself with multiple squeezebox's and servers, this app is the best.

Chris M

Great app. Thank you so much. Any chance of making available to family so I can add to family tablet?! Currently because I purchased before July I can't use this great feature.

Tim Pointon

Looks like the one I've been looking for. This is the best app I've found to control my Raspberry Pi Logitech Squeezebox players (obtained via Max2Play). Free Squeezer nearly did it, but searches for tracks etc. on Tidal gave results matching "Query" instead of the contents of the Query variable inside the app. This app returned query results as expected. And it has great functionality, including a sleep timer. Purchasing a good app makes sense; the challenge is finding good ones before comitting bucks. Cheers!

Dan Andersson

Switched to this when logitechs app stopped working

Andras Ferencz

Not perfect (nothing is), but quite close to it! I'm glad to finally have a nice remote for my SqueezeBox 2 player and RaspberryPi server. So much better (and more stable) than the Logitech remote app. What was surprising that when I moaned about (admittedly) small issues, I got quick and friendly replies. Not from an angry goat, but from a friendly Wayne. I know this should be a norm, but unfortunately nowadays it isn't anymore. Refreshing!

aaron quantz

Setup issue. Get screen overlay detected go to settings shows off. Can't get any further. Screen overlay detected. Then device settings then what? Sq ctrl is turned off. Am I supposed to turn ALL my apps off? What will this do to other apps?

Alan Ballagh

Now perfect! I was getting 'connection broken' a lot before the update, that's fixed. Also with the update the best thing about this app now for me is the option to 'always ask' when a song is selected. There is an option on the server for this but I've found it only works on my Touch and not on the Duet. Now this app is my go to squeezebox controller. Thanks for the update guys! Actually it still keeps saying connection broken, reconnecting. Minus one star. Almost perfect, still the only app for my squeezebox though.

Josh Leiderman

Far superior to alternatives App makes livable the fact that Logitech inexplicably abandoned the platform. Angry goat is singlehandedly keeping squeeze alive. Bought sbplayer to show support.

Mana Coste

Good replacement fos SQ Commander Tried it to replace squeeze commander that has become flaky on lollipop. Very pleased with it so far, I like that you can add Alarm to the home screen, you can adjust single click on a song to play next rather than play and replace the playlist (nice during parties when I hand the phone to friends to add their own selection of tracks). + keeps getting better

Denise Lyons

Love this app! I had the WebOs version and when I switched to Android there was no doubt what squeezebox app I would use. I downloaded other apps just to check them out and none compare.

Brian Brinkman

Great and getting better all the time It is very rare that you find a developer like this. This app does everything that you expect from a Squeezebox controller. And does it very well. And looks pretty good doing it. And it has plenty of extras that you might not expect. And he keeps updating the app. And finally, he is very good on support.

Dorkus Schmleck

Works extremely well! Better than the remote that came with the system originally.

Risto Louhi

Good work! Powerful, yet easy to use.

Wojciech Bederski

Worth every penny Everything works as expected. No strange crashes or compatibility problems. Tablet mode is nice and reasonably priced. The only small thing missing is support for multiwindow mode on samsung devices.

Bram van Oploo

Not perfect But by far the best remote available, and getting better with every update. Well worth the money!

Great app Works smoothly, has plenty of features and a clean and very usable user interface. Well worth the money.

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