Download Spirit Box "Real IP ghost box" apk 4.5 free for Android smartphone

28 May
Spirit Box "Real IP ghost box"

Posted by AppyDroid in Productivity | May 28, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 5.9 MB

Now features brand new complete redesign, New UI Updates with problem free connectivity, and no Lag Thanks to the new redesigned connection system, Even android 5.0 and Up can enjoy the new release.

No complicated controls, Its all now taken care of automatically to suit your device.

Dubbed the creepiest app on google play by thousands has returned for the worlds first True live spirit box on android, Using real radio broadcasts using IP Internet radio.

Contains no audio banks Except 4 White noise files which blend and emulate a old radio sweep, These contain no words, "May have inaudible human utterances" But no spoken words at all!!
making whatever speech coming from this app completely random bursts of audio, Exactly what happens with a real spirit box radio!

Whats new

    New complete redesign, Now stable on android 5.0 + However loading times will be increased on Lollipop devices.
    Brand new IP Database added,
    New look to celebrate 2 years in production.
    45 new IP Stations added, Mixed nation,
    Removed settings as the app now auto configures everything based on device performance, This removes lag and ensures a problem free session.

AppyDroid part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 28, 2016. Google play rating is 68.3589. Current verison is 4.5. Actual size 5.9 MB.

Download spirit-box-ip-based-scanner.apk 5.9 MB


Etherial Flame

Total crap It didn't do anything. I have at least two ghosts in this house and nothing. Don't waste your time.

Lostsong Echo

Um..... I was listening and all of a sudden i heard "help ". This has happened on many apps, and usualy is strongest near my window.

James Hamilton

This is amazing This is such a cool app, it really works. I got some good responses using this app and I am looking forward to seeing what other great apps AppyDroid can come up with in the future. Some of the voices on the radio stations are scary, but the voice I listened to the most is the one that told me to +1 this app and share it with all my friends on Facebook and Twitter :) thanks for making this awesome app :)

Rick Castillo

Lol funny Its funny that you hear nothing but radio noise until you hit the record button. Then you get a whole bunch of stuff coming through and dont even have to ask a question

Brian Splane

This app has a lot of potential! For now I give it 4 stars until there is tutorial ! I got some great hits and personal messages from loved ones who are no longer with me! I'm a big fan of your apps and this app has a lot of potential! Just was a little confused when it came to recording! Other than that this app rocks and its free! Great job and look forward to more of your apps!

Cave Guy

It's great I was trying to contact John lennon and George Harrison and i think i heard some one say McCartney.

Tabby Stringham

Whoa man... O_o Oh my gosh... So, I was curious as to using one of these things, because on of my hobbies is ghostly stuff, so I downloaded this and I turned on two of the signals and I swear I heard a deep, gruff male voice and a soft female voice! It gave me the chills!!! But I wish it didn't need WiFi...

time keeper

Not even gonna lie This is so creepy but AWESOME!!!it scared the carp out of me at first but I love the app

Ashleys Show

Omg I just downloaded it and put the white noise all the way up and the rest a little up. I asked "is anyone there?" And I got nothing. I was just about to end the recording and something said "hello" and I freaked and left the app ? omg

Linsey Laws

Properly working app, FREE! This is a great app. I've had great responses. I asked if this thing even works and the spirit responded my name loud and clear! I will post my research soon on YouTube. Great job and most of all thank you puggster.

Darren Elderkin

Crap I think not This works much better than the gb1 and that other crap Steve huff has out for 50 dollars. But then again ghosthunter apps are rip offs. Just saying?

Kevin Colin

Great app Its really good except I'm having trouble with the theme it restarts the app in the same theme and doesn't let me custom images is there something I can do ?

Mystic Hazard

Best box yet! Free, adjustable, I love all these apps by appydroid. The creator is amazing!

Erin Thames

Wow I turned it on and within five minutes of my night session I asked hello and got yo, what's up pretty interesting appydroid you might have something here. Me and my boyfriend do investigations all the Time needed a good box

Kayla Fleurant

I like the app I like the app, except I'm new at this ghost box thing and not sure what I need to be doing as far as each button to set myself up.

Erica Odom

It's alright Not sure I'm using it right but i swear i heard my uncles voice *say hey my baby girl* I was satisfied with that.

Matt Tucker

Still having problems Still not working on lollipop, waited over 5 mins to start on IP burst and nothing bud. And when I use it w/o burst it is spotty and lags. Is there a fix? Loved it before the new updates. Please find a way to fix. Ty

Haunted World of Claire Wilmenson

Great app! Best spirit box on here! Would love to feature it on our show sometime.


Best App! Awesome app. ? I think I heard some "Hellos" thank you for adding the recording option ??? last couple times I've tried using the app stops working I don't if it's the app or the ghosts making it stop lol. Also had anyone has heard a cat?

Josh O'day

Oh wow It actually worked! Holy shiz! I'm impressed

John Zchef Usa

why? every time i run the app it crashes why???? it'a good app but

Paul Rayburn

Crapp This is a wash of time

Joline Brown

Instructions please I can't figure it out. This is definitely not an easy app to use.

muzz brudr

excellent very good too thanks again

Patricia Gore

How does it work

Chris Walkowiak

Says it has a virus My virus 360 says this is malicious and it slows down my Polaroid tablet

Shane Ross

I downloaed this last night I got a response when I did I felt someting near me and I got cold all of a sudden for no reason then heard tapping on the wall near me im like time to get my bible to send it back where it came from

Bree Presley

This is an amazing app.

paul tidswell

I can't find my recordings but this application has a lot of potential it needs a good update and then I will give it 5 star's

James Somogyi

Ghost box This app has potential to be useful however I don't know an awful lot about ghost boxes and would just like to clear something up. I've tried on 3 different days and every day the noises I hear through the box are always the same noises on each audio bank if it was sweeping radios wouldn't it always be different everyone? ? Eg I can hear the same drumbeat loop it's self on bank 3????

Austin Ponder

Fake to real At first I thought it was fake and then I asked if my grandpa was here then I heard the nickname he used to call me

Katherine Fagan

Really great but I have an idea What if you add a new feature on a new version where you can record your EVP sessions & be able to slow down the speed of the audio so we can better understand & communicate with any spirit you come in contact with I think that would be helpful for anyone trying explore the paranormal.

Timothy Cruse

Strange but great app So I was using this app and, I like to know about aliens and stuff. I asked it can I speak with a grey or any alien being willing to talk with me. It went silent for a few sec's and then started saying stuff like don't and stop also loud angry rock music on almost every time if it wasn't a word. Great application. ***Update please***

Carmen Arvizu

Scary My brothers house is known to have a dark entity in it. Before he moved I decided to use this app. On 2 separate occasions the app brought through the word "Trouble" 6 times

jennifer grzymala

it's legit!! Excited heard my name three times different voices one male one female Can anyone give me a few setting tips and what is the best way to understand words that are fast or not crystal clear is there a tool or app to playback slower? He advice is appreciated

Jazzy Nunez

Nice app.... but do i ask the question before i toggle the button above or after? Thank you

Jon Styles

Not working anymore since lollipop upgrade.. Still waiting for a fix doesn't work due to the new lollipop upgrade. Still not working. 04/27/2015.

acir earthfry

Awesome than Echovox 3.0 This app is simply the best! and out off this world I.T.C, acir endosing it, eliminating sound barrier communication between our human world and the spirit world. Try it yourself you will surprise

Kevin Mcintosh

There's a bug in this app My phone won't let me use this app is there away I can bypass the malware bug that my phone keeps finding.. got to use it for 10 mins and got my name which was creepy as fook

cliff mccray

App works great if using it properly. use a seperate recorder and run the app while asking spirits questions, the vibrations, noises from your app allow us to hear spirit voices. I will upload a video on how good it works, thanks for fixing app, its perfect, im making a new video today showing how it can be used and how awesome is. Thanks!

David Ybarra

Love you friend This is an awesome app thank you so much for making it so proper you took a lot of care into designing it , stay cool and thank you again you made my ford into a roll's Royce with the new upgrade its not even Christmas thanks so much

Firas Musleh

Love it It freezes my galaxy note 4 for few seconds. Overall good job. Keep up the good work.

Elise Maloney

This is creepy Demon? Wicked men? June, In the middle of June? Coincidence? I don't know. Are the spirits aware of the seasons/month?? As for demon and wicked men the heck is this? Some sick joke my therapist is playing on me? I don't know what to say

Kadence Church

Don't get anything I keep trying....I even recorded it I still got nothing I'm reading everyone's thing and they seem to be talking to ghost?!?!?

Matt Carpenter

How u do it?? Umm I tryed but plz ytell me what to set it to I can seem to do it right!!

Mike Smith

The real deal I never had a cap like this that works that is creepy they always call out my name.

Kevin Rivera

Don't know how to use it I don't know how to use it I hear like music and radio stations

erin huria

Very cool it works I just heard. Someone say my name an house number wtf

Ashley Mcgill

Is it real The best way to hear ghost voices is to have sweeps because you can tell how many sweeps in a word . if this is a prank I'm uninstalling the game because I'm a ghost expert.

Hayley Seward

Wow Is it possible for them to use the radio frequency to speak? I have always known my house was haunted & it's really bad in the basement. The spirit box came through with "don't go into the basement" but it was done through the radio frequencies. Not gonna lie.... I'm totally freaking out!!!!

rainbowderp so oosome

WORKS Awesome it scares the crap out of me good job ?

Jo Oresman

Radio? I just downloaded this app. After reading many good reviews, I had high expectations but I am only able to tune into local radio stations. Is there a way to change the frequencies from radio to more paranormal frequencies? If I can get the app to work for me, I wilm rate it 5 stars!

Nansye anonymous

? Definitely works. You only need patience.

Dave Gillis

Seems cool Seems cool but All I get is radio stations in small blurbs....

Avari rawe

I tried Nothing came out but static. Is that a normal?

Calvin Parks

Heard don't do it as soon as I said hello great


Amazing This app is awesome and REAL but i only have gotten one voice that said 'puppy' and that kinda got to me because i was laying with my dog

Skevi Papamiltiadous

Best spirit box ever! It always say my name and when i say it that i will go it answer to me noo pleasee and it say me too to play ounja board i wasn't sure what it say so asked him if it say me to play the ounja board and it shouted yes!

Anthony Atherton

This app is awesome Every time i use this app i keep getting a spirit named Henry not really sure why but it's awesome.

Emma Burkel

Scary.... Well,while i was using it i heard somebody say "Help..." then my phone shut off and turned back on and i had to download it all over again. That is freaking scary dude. Thats never happened and the worst part is that my house is haunted??

Anwar Saleh

Junk Nothing but crap


Froze constant. Wouldn't shut off.

will cannon

Liking it! Really seems to work! It is scary alot!!

SlitThroat Official

Nice Luv the app

Chris Sievenpiper

Is this a prank app or real? Because a demonic voice said "i will kill you" in the static

cristina rivera

It did really work

Aaron Grote

It crashed when I press record

Vata Loca

Freakin awesome I love this app it has helped me communicate with spirits in my home as well as my husband's son who passed away in infancy he feels better knowing he's in a better place

Rose Brinkerhoff

Please Fix Freeze Up Whenever I Try Ask Something Question Thanks

Austin Vincent

Ip burst u get ridiculous amounts of different voices coming in at once. my whole body's covered in chills and it brings tears to my eyes. how do i get them to stop talking and take turns? Im being 100% serious.

Dellie paracrazy

Spirit box Love this piece of paranormal equipment for FREE I'm very happy with this thanks ?✌20/5 New add also she updated's like a dream I have her on auto still V V V happy thanks again ??

Taylor Gesmundo

Just wow So I am naturally a skeptic, I have watched numerous videos of people communicating with spirit boxes. I downloaded about 10 different apps and none worked. This was the last one I tried and just wow. I had a full intelligent conversation with a man named Marcus who died in Iraq. Being a veteran myself and it being memorial weekend this was a crazy experience . I cannot think of any logical explanation to explain what just happened. 1st bars all the way to the left and the last bar all the way to the right.

Alice Tea

Ridiculous All this app picks up is 2 secs of random radio broadcasts. I heard radio show hosts, intro to a Maroon5 song, and Latino music

kara wedgeworth

Best ghost box I love this Spirit Box it works wonders to find out if my psychic friend was right that I got a Human good ghost that protects me from an incubus sex demon. I heard both of their voices. I actually experience incubus attacks once in awhile. I kept hearing the good ghost say. "No Lorenzo" Lorenzo is the incubus name. Then the incubus would say... "F#ck you. " the two would say that back to each other for more than an hour then the good ghost would say "I love you" I am his rencarated wife...

Up Lift

Voices are foreign, sounds like prerecorded & fake loaded You have to wait so app can load, sounds fishy if u ask me

Scott Lutz

It's not random I have listened for two separate days and I hear the exact same sequence, this is not random in a continuous fashion. The creator has stated it only has a few ms/X amount of time and I assume you have to click the rebuffer to get fresh sequences? I study Metaphysics and Parapsychology and was not seeking to "ghost hunt" but wishing to listen to true randomness for Divination usage rather than a Q&A from disembodied intelligence yet not suppressing any notion it could happen...having to rebuffer for fresh sequences is suspect and especially when each day of use I heard the exact same sequence from the start. I believe this is a recording on loop and at any rate , not useful for any good investigation. It s a fun gadget I suppose but in my mind just more fuel for skeptics.

Natasha Krementz

To much background... Not enough static. Also gets stuck on loading IPs.

Andrew Haigh

This is amazing,it so clear and mentions things that only you your self would know.i I've never known a communication app to be so clear and exact with its knowledge of a user before as this .I urge everyone to give this ago you won't be disappointed Its just updated.tbh the new update as messed up the responces and no longer as rapid or as clear.

natascha zehar

It doesnt work at all serously all im hearing is car radio

Lonnie AlSayed

All you idiots who thought it worked, its basically merged radio channels. Although the kinda make sense if you understand arabic

Jon Great Gothsby

Erm I think it just flipped between English, Russian and Arabic stations with nothing depicted.


Ip spirt box Looks nice trying this out ??

Nicolas Atkins

Should someone do this if they are a kid

kidMr-t Shaw

Will not let me talk.

Austin Barnard

So dumb It's all jus radio stations

Winter Heart

Nice You other retards need to learn how to use it that's all

Cindie Elle

Love it!! Thank you Puggs for all you do and for creating great tools!!

Jamie Grant

Omg... All it said was Allah and it gave me the creeps I'm too freaked out to use it anymore but it works

Aunde Casey

Ridiculous. I can't get it to work. Am I doing something wrong or is there suppose to be no noise

Gihani Syifa Joenoes

Amazing I love this app, when i ask them "do you guys have message for me?" And they talking and i dont really hear it and i said 'can you repeat again?' And they said 'never mind' and they are laughing and joking around haha. Love it

paul johnson

Fun app For me this app just for fun, as a spirit box to much radio interference, the only time you can say for sure you court a real spirit voice is when you catcher a full sentence

Gary Staub

Its STUPID! ? Idk about anyone else but..... all I'm hearing is radio frequencies & you can hear seconds of what people say. NO GHOSTS noises/vocals & such.... smh!????

Allison Romel

I liked it. I liked it, but I wish you updated this. I need you to add a Philippine country version. ?✌

Josephjoachim Deleon

Need help convince me if this is real for me this is fake.

Christina Clementia

Amazing It works perfectly I love it

Mikey Martindale

Is this app real

Anushka Kumar

Unbelievable I can't believe my house is haunted.. I got prefect responses every time. Like once I asked "where are you right now?" It said "in the house" and then "can you see me?" It said "kind of" and then "tell me more about yourself" it said "A positive". Thank you for this app Appydroid!

librado perez

I heard my grandmother she spoke to me in Spanish ik Spanish She said si she never left ohh god I have chills down my spine it's a geart app .

carrie wasdin

Have had this app for awhile before I would rate or comment on it.this is one Awesome Ghost App. one time I was asking questions and asked if knew my husband a women's voice comes through and says" cranky [email protected]@rd" .rignt there I knew it was real.also another time I askes who was here and it said my dead friends name. it seems to have intelligence when it answers. Great app

officially slitthroat

The only true ghost box on play store I use all the ghost boxes on this play store this one is the best one I had even doe it stops when u try to fix the noise when a entity speaks and the delay but great app I referred this app to a friend of mine who was experiencing paranormal activity 5 stars with no doubts #fbSlitthroat

dj skar

Don t know yet steal trying it I did a 1 1/2 hr session ask dozens of questions got only five answers Two were spot on( holding three fingers up )I ask how many fingers I'm holding up? Answer very clear three!! Immediately put two fingers up...ask again ..answer dos...which means one and two in spanish .this could be coincidence trying to get more intelligent respond sorrounding my atmoshere and ask for names dates locations etc to try to prove this work but nothing only those two answers were accurate so gonna try again

Elliot Fink

Genuine! The IP burst mode is the most effective for responses but the other frequency's do work well too but not as clear, definitely genuine, and get intelligent responses every time. Been into paranormal communication for about ten years and this has by far been the best 'tool' I've ever used! Spot on devs.

Sarahsaurus Rex

Would give 5 but I would give this app 5 stars but it crashes constantly on my Galaxy Note 4. I have gotten some amazing responses to my questions. Especially my direct questions. Many answers come in clear as day and the other I cannot understand. Which I know I should be recording to hear the others but still, wow! Thank you so much for making this and for offering it for free, I bless you for that!

Angelic Fiend

Real as it gets. This helped me get in contact with those I always knew were around me. Names and dates have been accurate and relevant and right after watching a movie with a deceased actor, it spoke saying "This is (actor's name)" I am keeping his name to myself for the sake of his privacy.


Interesting Keeps freezing on the html lock but on the second channel i hear it repeating the same question "can you see Afton" afton is my friends sister who i am living with... She is sleeping inn the other room and a male voice kept answering the question with "yes" and "kill her"

Andromeda M31

Simple app. Simple fraud. Simpletons. I cut off every connection and it was still going at high speeds. Plus, the ip addresses are completely made up. Also, these are just RF and EMF waves. Which is dumb. All cars have radio receivers, same as your phone. So unless the dead have their own radio stations and/or walkie-talkies, you are either talking to an audio file or you're talking to another ghost box app user. So simple. Why didn't I think of this? I could've made bank creating these apps!

Kimberly Kerr

Seems Pretty Legit! I got this app with curiosity, and quite alot of skepticism as well. But, upon opening it and starting to use it....I honestly believe this is legit. I seem to have many spirits in my house! There's a man named Henry, he died when he was 70. I wasn't able to get a cause of death though. There was an african american male named Tim. And, a female named Hannah as well. All in my kitchen! In my living room, there were many female spirits, Alexis, Terra, and Lauren. I mean it's impossible for anyone to fake this! I plan on using this again when I have more time to gather accurate proof, and information about the spirits living here. I even got many other intelligent replies. Like, a male spirit answered my question if anyone wanted to talk. He said "talk to me." And when I complained about the dishes, he said "I'm sorry. " another male spirit I believe also said "Get used to it." It was a great first experience using this app.

Brian Sendall

It's a fake don't be so gullible Close your eyes, listen to one slider at a time you'll hear when the sound clip restarts and soon you will notice they are just sound clips that repay over and over again. I was right in being skeptical not to mention that my phone doesn't play FM without the antenna (headphones) AND doesn't have AM either....


Can't figure out how to do it I haven't used one of these before and I can't figure it out. If I figure it out I most likely would have rated it higher. A little explanation would be much appreciated.

Dellie paracrazy

Love this piece of paranormal equipment for FREE I'm very happy with this thanks ?✌20/5 New add also she updated's like a dream I have her on auto still V V V happy thanks again ??


Worked better before the update. This worked very well before the last update. I got clear responses in multiple locations that made sense in the situations. Now with the update all I hear is talk radio, no voices besides those or if there is can not differentiate between them. Dissapointing because it worked awesome.

Michael Rose

A DJ app? I'm serious too, Wtf is this?, I'm picking up DJ techno like music with random voices. I guess you can move those volume knobs to make things come in better?, I started feeling like I was working a digital DJ turn table or trying to make beats or something. Stupid.

Misty Marie

Bs Tlk in Spanish and only understand a few words. I think it's fake it was saying it was Christian and s o on straight bs

A- ferretfanatic

Nice App I asked if anyone was there and a woman said, "You're not alone." Then there was a woman speaking in Spanish. I really wish I'd paid better attention in school. lol.

Charlotte Semler

Hate it All I hear are radio stations, with music, or t.v. shows or old movies.....I'm uninstalling it.

xandria smith

What? This did not work for me at all, I'm not impressed but it seems to be working for others so it might not be that bad.

samantha sanderson

Is this app only in Spanish? I just turned it on n immediately it keeps going between two Spanish channels?

Derrick Jackson

No This app is complete horse $h!+ do not download it its a waste of time. Your welcome

ROSE anderson

I do not know if it is for real are not I will need to try it out and see I can see and hear real ghost


Sorry for being an idiot and giving 1 star :( It is amazing

bratayley lover

Wow I hear lost of words at my house and my house is old too

Andrew Stovall

So far extremely random radio commercials Hear nothing but snippets of radio commercials

Gulnaz Patel

Naaa its fakeee

Ignacio Ramirez

Spooky Talk to Soulmate

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