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7 Apr
Sperm Live Wallpaper

Posted by QUICK APPS in Personalization | April 7, 2016 | 96 Comments

Apk file size: 1.9 MB

Get sperm on your live wallpaper
With this live wallpaper you'll never get bored:)
Color of sperm, speed, amount and background are configurable in settings
Sperm move like real one - best kinematics model on android market
Sperm like interaction - play with them! Sperm follow your touch
Change your screen into game
App is lightweight and will not consume much RAM, or processor power.

Excellent for Valentine Day!

Sperm live Wallpaper set instruction:

1. On any homescreen, place a finger on the display and long press.
2. From the menu that pops up, select “Wallpapers.”
3. From here, select “Live Wallpapers.”
4. Here you will see a list of the live wallpapers that are installed on your device.
5. Select Sperm live Wallpaper
6. Tap “Set Wallpaper.”

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Whats new

    minor update due to google request

QUICK APPS part of our Personalization and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 7, 2016. Google play rating is 80.8292. Current verison is 1.32. Actual size 1.9 MB.

Download sperm-live-wallpaper.apk 1.9 MB


Helden Hoierman

Great live wallpaper I love this wallpaper, it's hilarious, entertaining, and versatile. Keep making more settings, and I'm having a problem with setting my custom wallpaper, the picture gets stretched out and doesn't completely fit on the screen. Never the less it's a great app thanks for making it. P.S. in the future I would like to see a setting to change the size of the sperm.

Daniel Sinsley

Lol Pretty freaking hilarious. I like the fact the fact that you can change the settings without having to purchase the app! Nice job

Kristen Anderson

Love it! Only complaint is when I go to the settings and this annoying ad always pops up and sometimes there is no way around it.

Laura Lucente

Love it! Hysterical! It's even better with the egg! It's really free & really great, thanks so much for the time & effort you put into it!

gabe milner

I can't use it!! I think this would be a really funny app but when I install it, it never shows up anywhere on my phone or on my apps so plz fix this!!

Rajkumar Richard

Unable to open this app after installation on my Samsung galaxy S5 Unable to open this app after installation on my Samsung galaxy S5. Please fix this so that S5 users could try this too.

Jim Morgan

Won't work on my tablet It does say for phones tho

Tisha Beedle

The egg makes it! So hilarious! I had to tell my very young children that they were fish swimming. LOL!

Kaitlyn Bedrick

Using my data I deleted this and it says I still have it on my device , it is using so much data and I never used it?

Denise B

Hilarious Description says it all u will have fun!

Alicia Davis

Good fun! You can change the sperm colors and watch magic happen!

breanna earley

Won't work Installed it but it won't work. I read more reviews and seen that alot of other people are having the same problem. And seen google responding that we had to long hold on screen and select wallpapers then live wallpapers and I tried it. It doesn't work. I have an that the problem?

Rachel Lette

Awesome, but how do you change the colors?

Gary Norman

Spermtastic It's awesome, I love it. All you muppets 1 starring it because you don't know how wallpaper works, it's wallpaper. Change your wallpaper... It's there.

Chad Krause

Nice This is a great app! Takes up little storage, runs smooth & has a lot of settings to toy with.

Jean Garrison

SO FUNNY Like it. Look like tiny tadpoles lol.

Blaire Tumpalan

OK but how do you make a lot of colors on the sperm?

joe belles

I can't open the app Every time I stall it

Ian Rice

Love it. Very different and cool settings, gotta check it out!

Lorraine Garcia

S perm live Can't install the stupid app what is up with that

Julia Nakamura

Very amusing Never boring brings a smile if ya have any sense of humor!

Justice Murray

Cool I love it! Oh and tip if you change the wallpaper to no eggs it is a lot cooler

Myonna Tucker

Cool it's so Awesome.

Caleigh Henline

Sucks I downloaded it but I can't get on it don't download this app

Libby Stevens

Can't use it :(

Christopher R

Hilarious! I almost died laughing keep up the good work

Amanda Casteel

Sperm wallpaper It is awsome

Deepan Chakaravarthy

Deepan I am not able to Installe

Phillip Pyrtle

Love the app. !

tenneille Lc

Unable to use this app after installation

Cissina Curtsinger

I loved it Its so nasty but love it

Adam Salts

Loved it

Gautam Gupta

Gautam Very funny

Jada Bullock

It seems cool But out won't download to my phone even after i tried like 5 times

Makiah Robertson

Lol... I told my mom it was just tadpoles ands she has a dirty mind...

Trinity Ray

Doesn't download It won't even pop up waste of time

Randy Ellison

This is a good app.

Fernando Ferreras

No Background paper wall. Oh wow, now you took away the choice for costume background paper wall.. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY,RIGHT!! I hope this app doesn't plummet to the bottom without that I just uninstalled the app because of that.

soccer cat

Looks more like tadpoles than sperm. I'm constantly amazed at how many people give an app or a live wallpaper a bad rating because they don't know how to use it. They're the ones who deserve the bad rating.

Rozari D

What Why won't it work? The app never shows up on my phone. :(

M Invernessity

THIS LWP DOES OPEN! READ HERE FOR DIRECTIONS TO USE IT, AND PLEASE DON'T LEAVE BAD REVIEWS FOR LWP DEVELOPERS. This fun and interactive lwp runs smoothly on both Lollipop phone and tablet, but emailed dev about prob w/custom photo. THIS IS NOT AN APP; IT IS A LWP AND MUST BE OPENED WITH YOUR LIVE WALLPAPER PICKER. GOOGLE HOW TO DO THIS FOR YOUR DEVICE (or READ the listing!). Also most lwps use custom photos that are either 1X1 (square), or the screen resolution of your device. If the lwp scrolls, the resolution must accommodate this. This lwp uses neither. This lwp has a scrolling prob so photos don't load properly. I use Photo Grid to customize my photos to res for each lwp. Or download images for that res from internet. Ty to dev!

Indrid Cold

How vulgar This application is dirty. It should be rated, "R," It features male love fluid and we put our finger in it. VULGAR!

Mickey Mouse

Love it❤? Buut they should make it available for iPhone. I showed my friends and they all wanted to get it but they couldn't cus they have iphones

Mia Nation

Confusing I dont know how to open it can somone please help me.

Gabrielle Nixon

Love it Cant stop playing with them everytime i get on my home page.???


Love it! Fun to watch and everyone loves playing with it.

Channing Simson

Live sperm wallpaper Finally pretty walpaper. Customizable


I'm sure it gets on more than just your finger. And just how is is that a substance that begins a human creation inside a womb vulgar? What makes it vulgar is the thought processes that people create in their mind to bring it to vulgarity. And those persons were created in same fashion. (Unless it was immaculate conception)

Skyler Baldwin

Live sperm wallpaper I cant find it on my phone wtf


So naughty Live wallpaper! So cute, I love`n it. Thank you

Captain Kitten

LOVE Omg. I love this wall paper. It DOES work, you go into settings, its not an app people.

Melissa Smetana

Cool as hell I hope it downloads as good as everyone is sayin cuz I think this is cute an funny asf..

Shione Moree

It's not an app.

Ben Moser

Screen saver "comes" of age :) Another amusing screen saver for the 14 year old boy in many of us.

David Emerick

The Best! Fun, innovative, and gets a lot of comments from anyone who sees it on my phone. My favorite!

Apalak Banerjee

Haha Amazing thought ?

anjali patel

Brilliant Love it love it love it


Love it It is so funny and fun to use

james bueno

I can"t customize sperm color in Nvidia Tegra Note 7. Spectacular! Can you put some abnormal sperms too like with 2 heads. Maybe you can remove advertisements in paid version.?

Tami Bohls

Lol!! I can't get over how funny this is every time I turn my phone on. Love it!

Angelina Isaacs

Awesome Effects! Wallpaper is badass! I really like the way this effect looks! The adjustable neon color setting just makes it even better! Nice job guys! Looking forward to more! (:

מיה צ'י

Um Its gross when they all together... I might play with it once in a while but i rather want a different live background

hunter reptoboy

Amazing Amazing and not dirty if you guys think its so dirty imagine a tadpole my mom is fine with this she thinks its cool and funny PS I'm 11

Epic Anathema

How to find it It does work guys you just have to go to setting then from there go to your wallpapers then live wallpapers and it should be right there.

Paige Stoudmire

Love it Funny how they are like male gongs

Donny Bravo

Omg It's just great ??

minh phat nguyen

Haha It's fun


Fabulous! I didn't expect to like the application as much as I do. I love that I can precisely adjust the colours to my liking. I would like to have a bit more than 99 spermatozoa to fill up the screen more (maybe double or even triple more). The 'random colours' setting looks great with a black background! Thanks!! :)

Inez Roling

always have sperm on my mind now if I know wutt I mean....beautiful and brilliantly simple.

Abri Proctor-Carpenter

Fairly Entertaining Sometimes I play around with it, and I love how they glow and swim all around.

Milton K Chang

Just live wallpaper that I got that is my sperm is on my screen

Angalla Shanahan

Awesome Now you just need to update it with a choice of using your own background image, sperm size option and the sperm animation smoother ♡

John W Herron

Sperm Do you reAlly wanna know

April Alvarez

Awesome It is really fun to watch?

Joshy Ballin

EVERYTHING I WANTED LITERALLY WHY ARE YOU GIVING THIS LESS THAN 5 STARS, IT'S LIVE SPERM ON YOUR F'ING PHONE ? you can seriously either have 99 sperm FUN AND HILARIOUS and actually gorgeous tbh. OR YOU COULD CHANGE IT FROM 1-99 SPERM, literally put it to 1 sperm, it feels like it's you... before you were born, that's you. Right on your phone. I personally have it on 99 sperm, full velocity, and random colors!!

Caitlyn RusselldeRyk

WTF You creeps. Why would you want sperm on your Android/iPad/iPhone? I mean seriously, I don't care what it looks like, sperm is something that I shouldn't be talking about, but anybody rating 5 stars on this is a gross creep. Don't get it. Don't listen to what the gross idiots say. Don't be sexual. But anyone who rated under three stars is a beautiful Epic guy.


Fabulous! I didn't expect to like the application as much as I do. I love that I can precisely adjust the colours to my liking. I would like to have a bit more than 99 spermatozoa to fill up the screen more. I wish there was an option of not having the sperm flocking to the egg whenever I tap the screen.


Won't show up??? Wanted to use it, got scanned, no viruses, suddenly only shows up in system settings but no icon on home screen and also doesn't show up when I'm looking for it else where. Restarted my phone and looked for a solution. Waste of my time.

Jugdish Dinesh

This is awesome! For all those that have complained about this app, you knew it was sperm by the title of the app when you installed it. That's right you installed it and now you whine about how disgusting it is. These aren't sperm, they are tadpoles. Didn't you ever have tadpoles in your aquarium as a kid? I give it find stars for ingenuity and humor. It's an awesome little app of tadpoles swimming in an aquarium. For some of you this is going to be your only shot at a pearl necklace.

Star Fall

This wallpaper is life. Not only can you have glowy rainbow sperms, but you can have MANY glowy rainbow sperm! This has got to be my new favorite thing right now. I'm so fascinated. Thank you for this. I love it, and you guys for doing it. 20/10, will always download again.

slitherioandagario goals

Weird but wonderful I like to put it on 99 and have random colours and name them all all 99 thats how i get to sleep theres jerry terry bobby speedy champ cam wesley bob ZZZzzzzzzzz

Michael Ortiz

Ripoff Doesn't even pop up on my phone menu where it shows all my apps

Mohamad Johan

My dream came true All ive ever wanted, now i can retire and stare at sperm for the rest of my life

Wallpaper Funny get asked all the time what is that I just say what does it look

Kim Bo

Doesn't work. Installs and that's about it. No open. No activate. No select. It shows in downloads and that's about it

ghost warrior00

Kool Now I can show to my friends how cool I am

Rafael Alejandro Salazar Astacio

Awesome Would we awesome if we can increase the size a little bit

Mike Pogue

Sucks I can't start the app or open the app this app suck do not get this if you are thinking about it don't do it


LIVE SPERM ON YOUR SCREEN Low energy consumption, amazing and very customizable.

kurt peromingan

I can only touch delete

Jesus Guevara

Tittle Does the tittle really have to have the word"sperm?".???

Jack Daniels

Why?? Why would you make a wallpaper out of this ?? And why did i get it??

Missy Norman

Sperm live wallpaper Live wallpaper

Lincesa Jones

Love it! Super cool, awsome and funny!! Cool colours too! :D

Cole Kennedy

Best wallpaper available lol

Funny, and entertaining!

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