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18 Aug
Speaker Clean

Posted by Magi Ent. in Tools | Aug. 18, 2014 | 73 Comments

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Cleaning your speakers can be tricky. This is because there are a few parts on the speakers you have to clean. You have to be careful when you clean your speakers because some of the parts are delicate and you do not want to damage your speakers. You should clean your speakers periodically so they will give you the best sound possible.

Market Reviews:

"I saw/heard a major difference . It realy helps."

"Omg. Cant believe it worked"

"Even if it doesnt work, its good for annoying people. Seemed like it worked though"

While the old fashioned method is still the best, Speaker Clean utilizes patent pending technology and ultra sound frequencies to attempt to dislodge dirt and particles that may be clogged in your speakers. Simply lay the device on a flat surface then tap the whirlwind button to initiate cleaning. The complete cycle takes less than thirty seconds but may provide a world of difference for speaker clarity.

Free, no more push ads, just a link to more free apps after cleaning!

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Kevin Jonathan

Unbelievably remarkably excellent! I spilled water over my phone. Finding the speakers broken. So i google for the cure. I found this app. I doubt it will work. After 9-10 tries my ringer(the speaker for alarms, ringtones) works. Then 12 tries all my speakers work! And they got clarity!!! Nice work devs!!

Kostas Mitropoulos

It will work for certain faults - idea is sound - ha ha The idea is a good one, when the speaker is vibrated at high frequencies, it gives some particles on the speak a really good shaking - so much so that they will fly off the great idea, and yes probably works better with water molecules and not so good with physical damage to the speaker.

britten thomas

Amazing I don't know what happened to my phone but this app completely fixed my speakers and got it back to working better than it originally did when I first purchased the phone

Sravanti Chinta

Miracle. It really works. My speaker suddenly stopped working and I tried every method , but eventually nothing worked. I used this app daily once for five days and one day my speaker suddenly started working. Its amazing... Love it.

Tash Mcdougall

It Worked, I'm not kidding YAY!! Phone got wet, after drying speaker was horribly distorted unable to call without earjack &mic. Used this app 4 times in a row and cheche No more problem! Speaker not perfect, but it is now usable where before it was not. So impressed -thankyou!!

Yerida Gutierrez

Idk I drop my samsung galaxy in cup of juice an took out fast an the speaker sound mest up till I use this app an it worked. Happy

Gabe Cogley

Hated it It almost made me go deaf. It squealed loud like a very high pitched tone. It's a pile. All I have to say is don't get it

Antonio Stockler

Great app Tested my speaker and it had stopped working, after trying almost everything and nothing working, I find this app, in the first try it fixed my phone.

ceri-ann Lumber

Speaker Clean I have my headphones on & my music blasting nearly all day ,everyday. For me to actually rate an app on Google Play its either got to be really good or really bad & this app is REALLY GOOD.

Emmanuel C

Wonderful app Few days ago, my Sony android phone external speaker wasn't working. Now after using this it works!

John Kash

Awesome This app saved the day. I got a piece of hamburger stuck in the speaker. Turned the app on, and it flew right outta there. Thanx guys

Tammy Brown

Excellent!!!!! I love this! It really works and is SIMPLE to use. Just one touch and about 30 to 60 seconds later, your volume has improved significantly!

Rebekah Opie

Worked!!.. :D! Boyfriend get my phone wet, speaker wasn't working and after I tried this it finally worked, absolutely love it:D!

nadaraja sarathy

It's awesome It's really working.. My hp sound improve significantly.. Thanks for the this apps developer...

Ace Vergel Javier

Love it My phone speaker will shaking when my music are too much loud.but when i use this app it works great..

David Varley

My noise canceling in ear headphones started to malfunction my right side earpiece kept cutting out and sounding muffled whilst listening to music on phone. I downloaded this app used it 4 times in a row and now both sides work perfectly now. No more cutting out.

cristian luis del rosario

My s3 mini got wet fixed This app is good for minor to meduim damage

Kaushal Dayal

Superb app i am doing mixing of dj songs in my phone 1 day my phone speakers were giving very low sound on high volume but i research one day and I got this app and believe me this app repairs my phone speakers so I recommend this app for users that facing this problem speakers gives low volume and thanks to the creator of this app.

Kennedi McClinton

Mannnn I love this app ? it fixed my speaker thank u

Terrell Usher

Best cleaner This made my music atleast two times louder

Jake McCracken

Not so good in my case I believe it would work but I got candy in my speakers it was an cadbury egg someone put it in my pocket as a prank and I forgot it was there and I slept on it and with my luck it was right on the speakers and broke them and now my speakers just suck anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this issue I'd appreciate it okay thank u for now I'm just gonna rate 2 stars

kristy matney

Omg !!!! It freaking works Love this app everybody has to try it speakers working

A Google User

Nice app dude My speaker box have some bad pitched after i play high pitched sound but after i use this speaker was be fix.i would give 10 star but my cat not allowed.sorry.

Sherayah Wilborn

wtf? didn't do anything, my phone speakers stopped out of no where and i tried out this app.. it didn't do sh*t.

Tony Beal

Bullshit Doesn't work people that say it does are smoking that next level crack

keep_it_cool_gamin 21

Thank you so much I downloaded a speaker booster and destroyed my speakers and this fixed it thx

Evan Archer

It gives my headphones The right earphone for my beats blew out and I played this through it and it worked

Shevonne K

It works While washing the dishes I was listening to music on my phone & by some freak accident some water got on my phone where the speaker is. This made sound coming from my phone sound distorted after turning my phone on & off a few times I went online to see if I could fix it somehow. I then came across this app and it works you have to use it a few times but it did it's job I'm very pleased this app saved me a trip to the phone shop

Daryll Swer

Think it worked, not sure if it's just a placebo.

Sajid Miah

It's a good idea I'm not sure if it worked

A Google User

I like this app. Does actually help with speaker clarity.

Anthony Ries

Interesting The idea is sound ;-) not sure if it really actually works though. I'll give a different review after I try it on something that noticeably is working badly

Sky Fall Zeus

im still using this app ! Its the best

Kelly Mcnary

Wow I did not expect this to work at all, dropped my phone in milk and couldn't hear my phone calls I put this on it worked instantly. Very impressed and its free!

Tanja Merkle

It works great It works great on the flex phone. There's no ads with this app! And it really helps with clarity when you're having trouble hearing the other person or they can't hear you.

John Doe

Didn't work Didn't work and no "high frequency" sound. :/

Muthu Raman

Works! My speaker was damaged as I dropped it on the road and sand particles went inside the speaker.. after trying this app for 10 times it made 80% repair to my speakers! But still the sound is not clear! So 4 stars for 80% cleaning!

Nikola Stajic

Wow! Didn't expect it to work! It worked, it really worked :D I reccommend it to everyone who has a problem with the speaker.. Try it, it doesn't cost you a dime.

renee harper

Very surprisingly, it works! This really does work! The high pitch sound is annoying but only lasts 10-20 seconds so, no biggie. It actually works by using the sound to cause vibrations that make dirt, water, etc. to fly off your speakers. Seems to work extra well for water damage. Of course, it can't fix every problem but considering its free if your speakers stopped working or just not as well it's DEFINITELY worth a try! Good job devs!

shiv devara

Htc one m8 I messed up with my phone in anger and some of my sockets got disturbed and I replaced them all with 80$ but my speakers did not revoke the same sound as before but after using this app I had some hopes but eventually how can just an app do the work of a hardware silly me tho I did not like the app as it makes heavy noise with different frequency and did not fix a single solo % of my speaker.. Hence I rate one star as my individual rating..

Robert Ackerly

Dam it works Very easy to use and I'm that it made different s it might have shook some stuff from ears lol and i like the way you have set up to check out your apps presenting 2 buttons with the choice to look or not a whole lot better than jamming them in u a persons face very classy of coarse I checked them the free plan caught my eye you 3 of the big 4 and my carrier was not there maybe latter I like way you have done everything in the app alot of app builders could learn from you good job

Sarah Leafe

Good app! Really does work to clean your speakers out!

Abdullah Rano Simon

Awesome It's work on my phone,thanks developer.


Really it is good application I used this application its work amazing very nice accurate

Frederick Dalogdog

Placebo? Not sure if it made any difference. Sound level's unchanged. Will hang on to this app a bit longer to see. Until then, I'm holding off on that 5 stars.

Todd F

Holy moses My phones speakers were fused to my face during a lightning related incident. This app not only repaired my speakers but restored my boyish good looks as well! : thank you devs ! Xoxoxo

Katherine Hull

SAVED MY PHONE. I ♡ it. Long story short my phone fell in a tub of water in picked it up right away. Shook out my phone super quick. Phone was still functioning properly but the speakers sounded busted.. tried this AWESOME app and had to come back and test it... seriously thank you guys ♡♡

matt huerta

HA! Thought was fake! awesome app Thought I'd give it a chance for my car speakers off Bluetooth didn't think it would work ha it did thought I blew my speaker out turns out its cool now deff keeping this!

Josh Yarbrough

Works! Didn't know if this would work when stumbling upon it to be honest. But my bluetooth headphones lost sound quality and strength in one of the buds, so figured I'd try it. After running the 'cleaning' cycle 2 or 3 times, boom goes the dynamite! It works like a champ again! Great app! I'll be holding on to this one for a while.

HrVoje Niebed

It really works! High frequency repairs things just as Tesla said it hahaha! For real, it's great!

Dylan Hinman

Woot! Here i was thinking my Hesh 2 wireless headphones were going out on me. Used this (even though it doesn't mention headphones) and it brought them back. On top of the better sound i feel a bit more of the vibration on the deep bass like i did when they were new. Cleaned it mid song. Paused, cleaned then played again same song. Very noticable difference. * theres a 6th star cause you deserve it. Thank you

curtis hatfield

Don't know how but it worked Dropped my phone to many times and I lost most of my volume always had to a tach to external speaker. I thought this was fake but got so many good reviews. Decided to try it to prove it wronge...but it worked. ?My phone is louder and sounds better again...tho I have no idea how. I thought some of the speakers had come unsoldered. Guess not.

Julia Domski

Very good! I was getting upset with my HDMX Craze wireless headphones because one side played louder than the other and now after cleaning it three times with varying volume levels they work very well! I shouldn't put it on full blast again.. I hardly rate my apps, but this deserved it! Thank you!

delwin kuriakose

Superb. It cleared my speaker s it......super duper

Colm De Brun

Clean sound is always the most beautiful thing for ones ears to hear. This is one superb app and the clarity that is gained is so superb. This is cutesy brilliant genius idea. Well done to you and yours. You have just made the world a beautiful place. Your sincerely. Me.

Aditya Pathariya

No less than a miracle..!!! I had dropped my phone 2-3 times (heavily) and the speakers lost quality thereafter.I started hating my phone because I truly loved its sound quality.. But after using this app, they're working as brilliant as before... Good work guys.... Keep it up... :)

Josh Amery

It works! Saved my girlfriends drowning dog, but in doing so got my new lg g4 wet Luckily the dog is fine, but the speakers were very crackly when on the phone. This app sorted it out straight away

Paul Santo

Just did my Speakers & Headphones I gave it four Stars. If I see a difference. I'll come back and give it 5.....

judah courkamp

Wow! Really thought this was a bunch of BS but I was wrong. The speaker on my phone had a mind of its own working then not working. I ran this app once and it fixed the problem. GREAT APP!!!

tom hill

Cool. But lacking something Needs a way to switch to ear speaker. That's the speaker you use in phone call. It's the one that gets dirty most. Add that and it's perfect.

Jack Champagne

Awesome Speakers were getting quite. I was having to have my phone almost to max to listen to YouTube. Now I can have it under half and its loud. Awesome app

Maria Biru

Ten thumbs up! Audio distortion is gone both on external speaker and headphone....and no ads!

MaryAnn Hauck

Good App. I understand the basic logic of this app. Wish it was stronger. Doesn't work well on this phone, because of where the speakers are located I believe. May not work on all phones, but worth a try. It basically, shakes the minut particles off the speakers. Not a placebo.

Oli Pantea

I cant actually believe it My s6 speakers sounded like they were blown, had tried everything from restore to cache clean and so on then found this. Ran this 4 times and as far as i see it wont sound like dirt any more! First app for me to actually rate. Nice!

Brian Landry

It really works!! I have an HTC ONE M8 and my top speaker started to make this popping sound. I researched all I can do and stumbled across this app. After reading the reviews I deceived to give it a try. I was totally shocked to discover that after repeating the cleaning over and over all day at work that it made a difference. But my co workers were not happy with me because of the sounds. ;) I would recommend this to anyone with popping sound coming out there speakers. ?

David Salazar

Amazing I just got a new LG leon phone and its speakers lacked greatly on treble, so looked up on the internet so i can resolve my problem and i came across this app. And i tried it , now my phone sounds ?!

Anders Crane

My Krakens have been saved!!!! Thought my Razer Kraken Pros died on me! This app literally saved me from spending $80 on new headphones! I honestly didn't think it would work and I've never left any ratings on Google play ever but I feel like this one deserves it. Best gadget type app I've ever downloaded. Definitely worth a look if your headphones or speakers are toast.

Penny Waters

I just wanted to say thanks ive tried music boosters And none of them worked this makes it sound like when i bought my phone thanks so much I would definitely give y'all 100* anyday

Jonathan Bigler

Sheet rock dust! Took my jbl flip 2 to work...dust is a part of my life. This just brought it back. ...OUTSTANDING! I would pay for this. Thanks dev team.

Doc Matthews

Nope This did not work for me. Maybe you'll have better results.

Gavin Colebank

Its amazing. I actually have had this on all y phones and tablets. One problem, its not on the computer lol. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

Alfin Kresnha Adjie

This is what we need Really good app. My speaker going rock and roll like new again. Thanks bro!

Michelle Garcia

Help... K, here's the thing, im watching youtube at first it has a sound then its GONE!! I didnt even spill anything on it! But why??! How am i gonna DO??!!! This app doesnt work to make my sounds back. Pls help.. What app should i download? Im on Android.

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