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4 Sep
Speak and Spell

Posted by Scott Weston in Entertainment | Sept. 4, 2016 | 84 Comments

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A Speak and Spell emulator for Android. Speak and Spell is a children's educational toy from the 1980s and this app is simply for nostalgic sentiment.


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Scott Weston part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 85.447. Current verison is 1.19.1. Actual size 4.0 MB.

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Micki V

Yay childhood!! THANK YOU for making this!! This is pretty darned close to the original! The only thing missing is the happy face ( :D flipped ) ..can't remember what that did but this is amazing. This little contraption made me a better speller! Thanks again! <3

Octavio Aguilar Mondragón

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have missed my speak and spell device for years!!! Nostalgic feelings, and good memories your app brought back to me. I learned many words and practiced a lot of spelling with it on my early youth years. Great app. Thanks. Keep up the good work! Regards.

Fred Henrick

Retro learning for kids these days I grew up with this and loved it. I just DL it and my 3yr old loves it and started saying words he never did before. Sometimes the old ways are better.

Emma Buckley

Great Its still just as crap as it used to be but its given me a good trip down memory lane! Love it!

Blahblah blah

Just like the toy I had! Thanks for making this. I still giggle typing out dirty words lol.

Wilf Morgan

Like a time machine in my hand! This perfectly recreates one of the most amazing educational toys ever to grace planet earth! The sounds, the games, the colours of the keyboard are all perfect. Technically this is better because, unlike the original device, you don't have to roll your fingers around on a letter key to get it to register. Perfect.

Rik H.

Nostalgia: I'm pretty sure I didn't have as much difficulty understanding what it said back in the 80s. Maybe my ears were sharper back then. When this app said "pint" but it sounded more like kite or height. Otherwise it's still a blast from the past.

Frandora Rogers

It's awesome. No clue wht it saying "Afwell" "Spell Afwell" that's what it sounds like he's saying afwell. But its not. Idk what to do. Other than that this app is awesome XD

Iamasillyboy Yesiam

Just like the toy I don't think I ever given 5 stars to anything on the play store except you nailed it and nailed it well. I was watching et on nick and wanted for fun to see if there was speak and spell app and yep yours like having the toy all over again perfect job. Thank you

Andrew Skujins

Great start What happened to the secret code? Way off... it's on Wiki

Michelle Fetzer

Exactly as I remember! I stumbled on this app by accident. As soon as I saw it I had to download it. Its awesome. Just as I remember!

Tiana Artis

Love it! Now I just need the Speak and Math for my son!

Brad Brundage

Awesome! I'm trying to remember there used to be some codes you would press to get to hidden easter eggs. That was decades ago, can't remember!!! I'd happily pay $0.99 to drop the ads so my kid doesn't get upset and break the phone or tablet. Please offer or I will have to block it.

Darren Dunbar

Takes me back 3 decades. An I still can't understand what he says. :-D

Steve Kosinski

Speak and spell Just like I remember it thirty years ago. Will rate five stars if you put out the modules.

Nancy Scammacca Lewis

Purl nostalgia, just like the one I used to have.

Jim Powers

Child hood memories This what we has as LAP TOPS/I-pads in school

Tobiah Durham

best app this app is awesome. it has a feature to remove ads, right in the game. plus, it references wil wheatons law. gg

Bobbie Bees

What a blast Thanks for the childhood memories.

Alex B

Blast from the past! Great little app! I still have my original Speak n Spell, which is still working after 30yrs!!!! The comparison is next to none. Well done

Robert Arter

I had this Speak and Spell as a child I love this this speaking and spelling game is the greatest I've ever seen thank you very much for putting it on Android

Luana Bloom

Memories.... Great job making it like the toy I remember, voice is great!

Mick Warner

Great app Would be nice to have a tablet version with larger screen like the original but pretty close!

Germaine Walton

Great app for then and now...

David Drake

Awesome Great emulator. Just as I remember it. Thank you!!!

Steve May

Nostalgic. As close as you can get to the real thing. Thanks to the dev.

Peter Gamba

It foolishness

Steve Abbey


Timothy 542

WOW! Just like the real thing and sounds the same too!!!

Kevin Turner

Really cool! Really cool! Brings back happy childhood memories!

Darem Placer

The way it pronounces the words are confusing.

Kara A

Just like the real thing.

Antoinette Kuka

Bringin it back to the old school! Love this and so happy I found it! Exactly the same! Only thing is it seems to have the same words....needs more variety. Thank you for bringing my whole family together on a spelling app!

Grace Quaintance

Memory lane Oh boy this took me back. Speak and spell will be something my kids will be able to look forward to!

May Calica-Fajardo

Had this one I had this when i was a kid..... Now that i have kids, they too can play with it. Great to have this again.

Rc C

Reliving 1978 again, so cool!! Note: before using this type help for a quick tutorial. This was introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1978 and I got one in the fall of the same year. I loved it so much and saved my allowance for weeks to buy the ROM spelling modules. I used to drive my grandmother nuts getting her to spell with me on this thing , but after a while she look forward to it. Thank you for making this and letting me revisit my childhood. Spell EVERYONE. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. That is correct :-)

Tawny Cantu

Memories Shout out to an old friend. Just how I remember it. ♡

Dan Williams

Brought back so many memories

Aydrea Frazier

thank you i love his game!!!

Ed Nelson

Blast from the past! Had this learning program as a child. Highly recommend it for parents of today. ? Leads to a hangman type game. Spell button challenges you to spell words. All sorts of goodies. Voice is very authentic to original sounds. Sharing this with my friends who have kids.

richard howard

Great memorys I used to love my speak n spell as a child what memory's this bring

Michael Hartwig

I'm 8 again Wow, this is cool

Jeff Jones

Awesome... You nailed it. This is exactly how I remember the original game sounding and behaving. My wife, who never played with the game, couldn't understand it. I guess it's something you had to grow up with. Well done.

Brett Pelaez

Sweet Nostalgia! Thanks for making a great emulation of one my favorite childhood toys! It's perfect. My friend was teaching his son to spell and I was curious if there was a speak and spell app to teach kids without an auto correct feature. I'm not sure if kids can get past the robot voice but it's fun for me. Great job!

Amy N

Omg LOVE THIS! The developer is my hero. So many hours spent with this toy. Some of my earliest memories of rage. THANKS!

Stephen Brown

Keeping the faith! Got to do a side by side comparison with my brother's old Speak And Spell at my parent's place, this app absolutely nails it!

John Kelton

Exact reproduction of the original I am surprised (pleasantly) at how well this app reproduces the original toy. Where did you get the sounds and voice? I would think this app would be copyright infringement, but then I am no expert in that area. However, when I clicked on the video link in "Help" YouTube said the user account has been terminated due to multiple notifications of copyright infringement. What's up with that?

James B

Blast from the past. Well done! Beats the heck out of paying $100 for a vintage one on Ebay.

Willie Freeman

Heart-warming nostalgia If you had one of these, this app will is a portal to the early 80s. It has the audio, the graphics, the voice, the chastising tone for error, and all game modes. If you never owned one, this is not for you. Seriously, this is powerful nostalgia but not for the modern gamer (maybe not for the modern child either). But if you ever had one... give this app a try. Great work developer. And thank you.

Rob Hendrix

The 80's rocked! I had this game and loved it. This brought back memories :) Remember when you would get a word wrong? Sometimes it wasn't that the word was spelled wrong, it was because the speaker made some words sound weird and you spelled a completely different word. Good times, lol

Miguel Breceda

Dead on It's isn't what I was looking for but exactly what I needed. It's a dead on replication of my old speak n spell

Steven Hobbs

Speak n spell It would work better if it had bigger letters on the keys

Anna Bunch

Wow Just like the original. Couldn't ask for more if you ever played the original. Thank you my son loves it too. His spelling has improved greatly.

Dave Hodges

Could stand more fetyures like the real one but a good start!

Christian Cooper

Awesome nostalgia trip Totally brought back memories of having a Speak & Spell.

Family Elliott

Its kind of works When repeating a word it starts all over and there is no randomness to the words in base mode

Stany D'Souza

Awesome app My first app review! Love the app. So cool. My 9yr old loves it.

Keyser Soze

Spot on emulator! It is exactly as I remember my speak and spell back in the day. Thank you.

Marteen Lyon

Awesome! It makes me travel back in time =D

Alexandra Shepiro

Cool..but... I like it. It brings back childhood memories.... but a couple things. 1. Needs the E.T Module. 2. The secret code is wrong. My speak and spell, when I entered Alex it gave me Fubu.. It's different now.

Steven Dalton

Seems like a perfect emulation! Just like I remember it.


Flashback fun My 7 year old loves to play this ap with me. Thank you so much for the memories of fighting for turns with my brothers. I love that my kids gets to experience early voice technology. You did a superb job.

Kenisha Brown

Exactly how i remember it back in the 80s. Excellent for learning how to spell too.

Clint Saunders

Awsome I have my original speak and spell my daughter likes to compete with me while i play this version on my tablet. Yes they sound exactly the same !

cc t

Great but needs a modern spin Fabulous emulator, but how about adding some extra functions--maybe adding a selection of modules that add functions you wouldn't expect. How about making the Speak and Spell repeat everything it hears from your mic in its voice like Talking Tom? I also always wanted to be able to type words into it and have the speak and spell repeat them in its funny robovoice. Please consider adding this functionality. The speak and spell as an emulator though is 100% great.

Nathan Thomas

Lol Oh this brings back the memories. Awesome app

David Huenecke

Where is the mode that let's you type words and then have them pronounced back to you? I remember that on the original because I helped me learn words I didn't know.

Jason Allen

Bring back so many memories! Favorite learning device, I carried it to school with me until the screen went out... but it wasn't broke, I didn't need the screen to spell the words!!.. thanks makers of this app!!

Sammy C

I really like it! I really like it! Cool voice, fun games. But I think the biggest thing I want is the ability to type something in, and have it say it back to me. If this feature is already in, I apologize I haven't found it. But I don't think its there, and that feature would make the app absolutely amazing for me.

Garras Porgratix

Fabulous emulashion! Can this be made into a standard tts voice to replace the default female voice?

Nee Fitz

Happy Mommy I am so happy my youngest son will have the opportunity to learn from the most classic Texas instrument I know "speak n spell". I am a 70's baby and grew up using it and excite he will now use it too!!!

David Yahoda

It's just neat! Looking for a new emulator and I came across this. I truly played with it longer than I will admit.

Abraham Weiss

Thank you Oh wow this brought back memories, thank you so much for giving us this

Tina LoPinto-Spruill

Wow!!! Exactly like I remember! I have never left a review, but I had to commend you. You are brilliant. Thanks for recreating the Speak and Spell. I got the app for my daughter to try and I just spent the past hour playing it, myself! Great job on this app!! Would definitely recommend.

Michael Reno

Really awesome! I remember having this when I visited my cousins house and we played this all the time. It's a great tool to help you learn how to spell!


Memorable Had this a long time ago

Will Richardson

Practically perfect Figuring out how to play and where to press is half the fun. This toy taught me data entry and basic I/o in a proprietary system before GUI was even a thing. you can get it! Great app.

Katie Russo

Awesome app!! Speak & Spell was one of my favorite toys as a kid and I was delighted to stumble upon this app! If you didn't grow up with this toy, you probably won't "get it," but as a child of the 80s, I love it. The app even looks and sounds like the original. GREAT job!

Justin Crowe

Great memories! Only problem is that it's hard to understand the words it's saying. 5 Star app other than that

Charlotte Warr

Fun Retro Toy! Ah This takes me back to my child hood. Please could you make the Maths version too? Speak and spell was one of the best toys ever made, and it taught me how to spell words like 'Squat', 'bullet' lol. Thanks so much for bringing it back!

JL Jones

Perfection Spot on, not just from being a teen in the 80's, but also because one of my favorite music groups used Speak and Spell for software synthesized vocals, that group of course being Kraftwerk!

SuperScienceAndTech JYR

It is awesome! I put a 5-star rating on this application because I love the toy that it emulates. I like the speak & spell so much so I decided to give this application a try. It was WAY better than the normal speak & spell! Really! It is really true!

Jay Trajik

Oh good memories This brings back so many memories. The voice is exactly how I remember it. If you were a child of the 80s you'll love this. I wish I could find speak & read and speak & math as well.

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