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22 Sep
Spaceforge FREE

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Adventure | Sept. 22, 2016 | 92 Comments

Apk file size: 39.0 MB


Spaceforge is a space based world-building, crafting, survival and exploration game. Experience strange environments, alien worlds, hostile lifeforms and ethereal landscapes in this all new block-building game.

Some of Spaceforge's features:

• Crafting
• Survival mode gameplay
• Infinite seeded terrain generation
• Varying biomes
• A host of mobs
• Blasters
• Aliens
• Robots

You haven't crafted until you've crafted in space...

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 22, 2016. Google play rating is 65.2244. Current verison is 1.25. Actual size 39.0 MB.

Download spacecraft-free.apk 39.0 MB


John Baxter

Ok i take my message back 7t is absolutely rubish i cant even get my blaster out and i cant turn around what is the point of this game!?

Amaan Ebrahim

Crap game were supossed to fly this is space for gods sake i cant even get my blaster out even i cant turn my head everybody should rate this 1 ★

Duressa Yoseph

Its so stupid I sometimes can't get my blaster out and I can't even move my head what's the point of downloading this its so rubish????

Christopher Williams

Not cool man not cool To many adds, lagging, plus it takes up to 6 shots to kill one person with the freakin laser gun

Samara Stamile

Hmmmm I know this game I had it before but I deleted it.its fine I like it and I'm only 8 years old

victor diaz

Make like minecraft like this map Make like no monsters just animals and minecraft steve skin multiplayer and minecraft world minecraft clouds and minecraft multiplayer and move fast and walk steve skin in minecraft no guns just minecraft tools multiplayer


Blooster I got my blaster out and turned my head

Ardan Mc

Rubbish Ads popping up every time I exit some thing also its so laggy I can't even get my blaster out and shoot and can't move!!!!!!! Please fix

Kimberly O'Neil

WHATS THE POINT OF THIS STUPID GAME?!? You cannot break stuff! You cannot shoot stuff out your blaster! And almost nobody likes it! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!??

Sharleen Ali

Don't know Havenot played yet

Mostafa Koriem


Lance Halma

WORST GAME EVER What's even the point of the game I can't shoot any thing and every thing is glitchy

Riley Booth

Boooooo >:) It don't look very good and it caught my nephews eye and its the worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erik Lavenburg

Nothing! I have trouble with the foaling t

Nathan Brooks

O_o WAT It's terrible you should not download this EVER what is the point of it anyway it's also very boring.

Deirdre Kirwin

LOL from the looks of it nobody likes the game y should i bother downloading it

Billie Roth

Not happy with it Bored within 2 minutes

Nathan Orourke

This game is so bad

Michelle Friedman

It iis the bomb

Thomas Doyon

Crapy It's To Dumb To play

Karen Brown

Stupid This app did not catch my attention, it caught my brother's and I hate my brother

Jeffery Campbell

ugly dude unfortunately the game is stupid

Aracely Contreras

Its too slow

Carlee Longhurst

This is soooooo dumb I was just standing then I got in this little place and know one was their only blocks then it said I died don't get it.

Kevin Davoren

Wow This is stupid I its like you can't even move and alllll you get is a gun that's all

Daniel Britton

Stupid game I ignored all the comments on this game and downloaded it but as soon as I played it a load of adds came up and the game started glitching. Terrible game do not waste your time on it

Chelle Sue

... I installed it then I clicked it and it's ALL black. I've waited for 5 mins or less than that. But don't tell me I have to wait for hours for it to be available for me to play. No thanks! So I uninstalled it. Please fix it. I don't want to get my time and my battery wasted. Thanks you. Reply soon please...

Eeveeya price

Bad It sucks you can barely even move its a not a cool game.

jason coffey

Sucks This app sucks balls too hard to get balster to fire takes too long turn and fight. Sometimes character does not jump

Pigeon Duran

Loved it then Hated it. This so much with new planet-making but,I don't like it because it stops me and I only choose 2 blocks,Fix it and I will rate 5 star-rating.

Alijah Haidary

Stupid This game sucks you can't even breaks some blocks and this a cheaper version of Minecraft don't waste your time tell the people who made this game to take it off of app store.

Justin Edwards

This is the worst game ever I came to my head it is so slow I hate it so bad what the heck are you on game whatever because you don't need is a nyan cat in space people attacking wow it is so horrible Boo boo boo boo I hate this game so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tysheed Crockton

Horrible This app looks cool but it is hard to move around and u can't craft. it is also hard to build a house

Taylor Ortiz

Do not like this :( You shouldn't play it it's boring so i give it 1 ☆.

Dayne Gano

It's not bad at all ^_^ I love it this game

Taviah Moultrie

It is poop!! I'll actually do something in the game

Lance Shifflett

I can't make a picaxe I don't know how to Someone plz tell me how to

Rowan Strahon

Spacecraft It is hard to play the game like this and a little hard and is not made from mojan!

Madeline Louis

Wow it is so cool I hate it so much it dose nothing I hate it so much

Tristan Smith

It is better then Minecraft try it out

Auvrelle Reavis

It wouldn't turn I couldn't place anything and when I first started there were adds.

Charlie Moore

Suck' s so much This game is so slow!!!!!!L can't even move without it flinching!!!!!!!!And I have perfect internet!!!!!!!!

Nilan Nathan

Suck The character does not jump.

Isabella Lord

SpaceCraft FREE I liked it because it is about space.Instead of Zombies,Witchs and Skeloton It's Aliens !

arian jaud

so laggy Somtimes I can turn around but it lags

Mustaqimah Iim

Ahhh I should be angry on it = (

theohush hernandez


Rifat Parveen

It is good You can shoot you can turn but it slow moving the screen

Cj Moore

Stupid game slow not good graphics It is stupid and boring plus slow and soooooooooo soooooooooooo boring

Miguelito Vina

Peace of crap So dum and stupid when I played it it would let me move I just got caved in by something.

Caitlyn Hardy

Really 3 minutes to load . I couldn't move.

Olive Dwyer

Hate it This game sucks so much I can't even break a frickin block

Zoey Bukis

I don't play survival I do not like or play survival. Why does it HAVE to be aaaallll survival like, REALLY!!!!!

Isabela. p

Slow turn It was slow and all around STUPID VERY DISAPPOINTED

Eddie Burrows

Cool I like space even it's in minecraft and cool graphics!

Aidan DuHack

Its hard but cool.?

Anabel Fontanella

It sooooooo fun It Is nice

Byron Scully

Its too slow

Geovanni Garcia

DON'T GET THIS READ The sucks i cant control him and turn i die in a mater of seconds. thanks creator for a worthless game.

AndrewMoises Tulalian

Fix it!!!! Why I cannot fly I want to fly pls. fix it PLEASE!!!! This game sucks and when I respawn I die!!! Plz. Noooooooooooooooo! And it is so logyyyyyy Ahhhhh boring

Anna Dorsey

Please no I thought it was going to be a very good game and well don't waste your time on it

Benjamin Myers

Mmmm. . . . I'm not sure about this game. At first it looked appealing, and it's pretty easy to control, but there are problems. First, you can only use your fingers for this, and I prefer to use my stylus with Minecraft, which is similar. But that's really a personal thing. The fact is, it's not a good game overall. You can't just "get used to it" like with other games. It was the same with Terraria. I don't like it.

Ana Gomes

It's good but fix I don't even have a blaster fix pls????

Logan Foorizs

SO FREAKING BAD You cant even place blocks minecraft is a lot better for 7 dollars to be the perfect game

family droid

LOVE IT Its just i love it I love that you put a lazier gun type thing

Trystn Lizama

Really? It is good but how do you kill aliens and how to mine? I don't have Minecraft pocket edition but i know that it is more reliable so whoever created this game PLEASE fix these problems.

Henry Wu

Amazing How come whenever I play it,it works?And you guys probably have a bad device!

Lee Rogan

This is a sh*t game Sh*t can't turn , move and fly it is space so I rate 1 because you are lazy

Joseph Williams

Nice concept but the user interface need work I like the concept of this game but the interface ruins the whole this. It is like something from an early 90's gameboy and not in a good way. There is no noticible feedback telling you where you are in the inventory or whether or not you have anything selected. Another note is digging blocks the sounds and animations are too slow I keep thinking my guy has only hit it once or simply can't break it

Faith Waetford

You guys are all wrong Don't be such crap heads

James Miller

OK I guess it's a good game... OK, some of you are right.hate game, has trees on planets.bad but it could get better.fix bugs and I rate five stars.overall, bad game :(

Gabriel Zamaripa

You guys are all losers shut up this game is awesome.

Gabe Vlogs

Can't even Can't even look around, fix and will give still 0

David Holton

Aaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!! I don't know how to flipping kill all the enimies or something. I think you should add a intro so you know how to do stuff! Trash this game! Boring!!?????

Antonio Nicolas

Only a little of ads!

Cj Moore

It is not so cool but it is dum It is slow and not cool

Ava Brandt

love it so much I love it so much I would I would never go to the bathroom again but I will go to the bathroom could you ever like this game again

Shanon Blum

I have nothing to say !!!!!!!!!!! .

Jason Bailey

To many adds Every time l hit start it will start a add to the point were l can't play.

BigBrickFiveThousand NinjaKai

Slow Can't believe it was so slow! Plus to many AD's?

Mykayah Martin

I love because it you can do x-ray vision on underground can put a block on your head

Peggy Aikens

Sucks Very dumb game. It goes to slow.

Tamra Sorrow

Great. ? Don't know the crafting recipes???

David Holton

Aaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!! I don't know how to flipping kill all the enimies or something. I think you should add a intro so you know how to do stuff! Trash this game! Boring!!?????

James Holmes

Dome Glitches to much can't brake and is nothing like mine craft

insanlord 2257

Shity It was very slow and very boring fix that please

Jory Reed

Can't save This would probably be good if you could save your game. A creative mode would be great.

Aidan PlayZ

Its hard but cool.?

Parben Khatun

There's no food ?

rogue flud

Awesomely awesome

Clash Clan

You can't even turn even with max settings How the hell can I play this game it sucks

Josh Hodges

Oh my gosh is it laggy!

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