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19 Dec
Space Ace

Posted by Digital Leisure Inc. in Arcade | Dec. 19, 2013 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 27.0 MB

Experience retro gaming at its best on-the-go with Space Ace on your Android devices! Both the phone and tablet editions included for one low price!

Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of hand-drawn animation adapted from the original smash hit arcade classic. Transferred from the original high definition master film, you’ll experience this fully arcade authentic experience right in the palm of your hand.

Simply press on the direction pad to guide our hero Ace in the correct direction. Use your ray gun to take on all that the Evil Commander Borf throws your way.

This version of Space Ace is fully compatible with Android 1.6 through to the current release. In fact we’ve included full compatibility for phones and tablets! We’ve even remastered the footage for a variety of screen resolutions so all devices can experience Space Ace in all its glory.

Please note that we recommend you utilizing Wi-Fi connection to download Space Ace. Though downloading the full game may take some time after the initial download, you’re in for an awesome retro gaming experience. Enjoy!

Space Ace is XPERIA PLAY Optimized.

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Digital Leisure Inc. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Dec. 19, 2013. Google play rating is 81.9469. Current verison is 1.040. Actual size 27.0 MB.

Download space-ace-1.apk 27.0 MB


Vic Gaitan

Great game but . . . Had a fc issue wen dl resources but that was due 2 wifi data connetion so was able 2 resolve that but then found i was charged TWICE for the game and couldnt get a refund for the overcharge so emailed the devoloper but still no response . . . finally was able 2 play the game only 2 find out some scences were left out! Hopefully theyll fix that on a future update. but the game is worth the dl minus the overcharge well see how this plays out . . . .

jeremiah oliver

Exact replica of the original Would give five stars but won't let me play past scene after climbing the ladder near the beginning of game in ace mode. All other modes ran perfectly, but you can't fully appreciate the game if you can't play ace mode. Hope you fix please.

Ninjay H

Freezes, PLEASE FIX! I love the game, but it completely freezes when he slides down the pole in the beginning. Will give it 5 stars and delete this review (if possible) when you fix it. PLEASE FIX IT! Oh, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, if that helps. Thanks!

Steve Lickman

Quite Buggy While seeing Space Ace again is a nice trip down memory lane, the game has some serious bugs. The controls often vanish when transitioning between levels, leading to frustrating deaths. Also the High Scores board doesn't work at all. On the plus side, when the game does work it runs smoothly. So the deciding factor in whether or not to buy this will be the strength of your nostalgia.

Original VGR

Very close to arcade game. All moves and their timings are very close to the original arcade game. One move in the motorcycle sequence is wrong (right instead of left, or vice versa if it's mirrored). The timing is slightly off for the moves in the final fight sequence; many of them must be made early, before you can even see what the move does.

Geoff Rolff

Disgusting app procedures I am a paying customer fix up this bloody problem I tried downloading 8 times do something about when customers complain you guys at digital leisure very poor performance 0 out of 5 Disgusting app procedures I have tried 8 times downloading it iam very disappointed with digital leisure app bloody garbage procedures all you guys deserve 0 out of five don't put a app in the app store that is rubbish

PandreoL -

Not even able to install it... ...I took the game cause i wanted to have a step back in the past....well i had it not because i enjoyed once more this beautiful game but because i have to deal with crappy installation process...after 3 days i am still unable to play the game. The APK installs correctly but when i tries to retrieve the rest of it (600+mb) it suddenly stops (and it is not the network i tried on different ones) at 20/30% of the process...i tried everything possible: removing and installing it again, deleting cashes...i am now exploring the possibility to get the "cache" from different sources, but doing so i not only have to open my device to harmful software but it looks like it does not even work either!!!! If you luck (as many below have been) you will be able to enjoy it...but if something happens you might just end up like me (and others below)... Should we try to do something or you want us all to look for "alternative" sources?

Jason Ausley

Finally You can only rate this 5 stars if you played this as a teenager. My dad owned arcades and this is the same as the arcade version. Thanks for releasing this Deluth.

M Smith

Will not work The initial install works fine, but once running it requires a second dowload. This 600mb download refuses to download and unpack. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling, but it fails every time. I sent a email to digital leisure, if they fix this problem I will update this review, and re-rate.

Humpty Dumpty

It been a year already; still nothing! Dragons lair works fine but this game does not let me past the beginning, why is that, could someone get this idsue fixed. I really want to play this game. Still does not work

Britton Robbins

Great Version! I first played Space Ace at a Golf land arcade in Escondido, CA. The first one I saw was a prototype and the manufacturer, Cinematronics, had people there watching people play the game. The game got moved to the arcade at University Town Center in La Jolla. It was there where I was the first person to beat the game. Someone from Cinematronics was there and I got invited to tour the factory. That version did not have the modes. It was just hard. This brings back some great memories. Thanks!


Great game It's a great game dont a blast from the.past buy the last time I installed it it crashed on my other phone so I will see what happenes no crash it becomes five stars

Woz M

Space Ace Good game plays well on xperia play plus control pad support thanks

Cyril Dickey

Very disappointed! When you have over 15g of space and it STILL won't download the additional resources, and after I paid for it, I wouldn't exactly call that whining! Don't be an a#$$hole to other people just because it downloaded and worked for you!

A Google User

Make -SURE, there are a few GB free...!... If you try to install this game with less than a few.Bb free on internal or scarf It will NOT install and Your gonna whine like the dip sticks that.are continually giving this outstanding classic a lame one stars of give... Omg come on people...

Dan Steiger

Great game, But need to add an option for larger buttons, for tablets. Even set to max, the icons are very small and hard to hit. Fix that for five stars.

Ewan Biscoe

Yeah This game I used to play with a Sega CD ROM. This is amazing.

Christopher Nolberto

Needs an update. It was working great but after my phone upgraded the game now lagges and now I can't get past the first scene. Please fix this game it was awesome.

Martin Smith

Bad! Got the app. BUT,cant get the game started.Was charged to get a game I CANT EVEN PLAY!!!Fix this please!I played & beat Dragons lair now I wanna try this one,help please?!

Eric Hatchell

Space Ace Pretty good. Ace turns from scrawny cadet to galactic athletic sharp shooter... etended control damsel in distress to save...props to digital leasure...cowboy toon next please


Classic Great game... Fun till u beat it then very very repetitive.

Walter Allen

Read ur reviews Fix this unpacking trash u worthless morons. Don't bother downloading if you running a Samsung product apparently. Galaxy Note II

Duane Brown

Ripped off. Bought this game n after installing wants to download more n wont just says error n try again later. Complete crap. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP GAME!

Ben Parkman

Good Memories Installation and the game runs perfect. Reminds of playing at the arcades in the 80's. The game looks even better in high def. on the galaxy S4. Look forward to the Dragon's Lair series. I had to update my review. I noticed in captain mode certain scenes freeze then I have to restart. It ran perfect on ace and cadet mode. I figured out why the certain scenes will freeze. Its because some how the space ace app is enabling default sleep mode on my phone.. So the app freezes.on a close out scene. Then I have

Broderick Karaitiana

Wicked My favourite of the bluth games! takes me back

Andrew Grytsenko

Bad I passed game in 30 minutes. in my opinion it isn't enough for game in 5 dollars.

Duane Stepherson

I'm old school.. I love the retro games.. Brings me back a lot of memories.. Kudos development team :-D :-D :-D Keep up the good work

Burton Rominger

Classic Takes me back to my youth. Classic awesomeness.

david stiefferman

Great Been waiting for this for a long time. They need to come out with CLIFFHANGER.

David Micetich

Won't install. Won't install. Fair rating of 1, no should be zero. Dragon Lair did install after 27 attempts.

Nicholas C

Excellent The arcade classic in the palm of your hands

Jason Brooks

excellente! I can remember the smokey arcades with wall of these games

Shaun sillery

Blast from the past Omg this game is cool loved it then love it now works brilliant on my note 2 thanks guys

Jason Redd

Excellent, takes me back to my childhood. Controls are easy to use, just like the game from the 80's... hope to see Dragons Lair 2 for Android soon???

ian newton

Great game Once you finaly get the resources downloaded grest game

Keith Ng

Space Ace dies on S3 downloading resource files

John Andrus

Update They fixed the freezing issues. Now game works. Thanks.

Andy Ngawhika

Orsum game thanks for bringing the memories back

Christopher J Cross

NO FIX?!!!!! S3 owners still can't get an update huh?? Refund please.

Boaz Ronen

Love it since I was a kid I would spend all my money on this game and if somebody would have told me that the day will come and I'll have it in my pocket I would say that somebody is crazy... Does anybody know why does it take about 8 hours to download the components of the game?

Kevin W. Clark

This can't be the whole game I have Nexus 9 and I believe it starts me at the last part of the game other wise it is extremely short and not worth the money. The visuals are super cool and interesting but when you have to use peripheral vision in order to watch the indication on either side of the screen then it renders the dramatic visuals pointless and most times a distraction from succeeding. It seems like there is more to the game but when I start a game it takes me to the boss hideout which I believe is not the beginning. Not sure what to do. Its an interesting game nonetheless.

Pasquale Imperato

I would love it But it is trying to download the whole internet and it seems it will need 1 day and 9 hours... Do something please. Edit: still not able to download the packages required. Still no answer.

Steve Curwood

Teenage Memories This was one game that I absolutely loved in my teens. I was one of only a few people that could play it at the time, which is laughable, as it's very simple. Plays really well on my Galaxy S6, so worth the 3 quid I reckon. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to down load the levels and this takes up to 3hrs.

Wade Kingdon

Great blast from the 80's It's actually better than the original arcade version from the 80's. It runs much smoother, doesn't freeze up. Graphics are great. I'm running it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7in with zero problems.

Chara Dreemurr

Awesome but..... 1: audio is messing up and making a wierd noise. 2: EVERY time i continue a game it shows the scenes in a opposite direction. But still sooooo cooool

Steve Hearnden

Response from developer that they are working on a fix Worked great on lollipop, not working since upgrading to marshmallow. Old time player in arcade - great memories


Great game It's a great game dont get me wrong its a blast from the past but the last time I installed it it crashed on my other phone so I will see what happens. if it doesn't crash it becomes five stars

Bruce Harkins

It worked fine on Android 5, but is not compatible with Android 6. I'm using a Nexus 7 device. It crashes when you click Play on any level.

Chris Duranceau

I enjoy Dons three games like this a lot, though can you make them so you touch the screen to do an action for example touch the glowing pieces,that would be easier to play and watch

Terry Bodega

Great game that gets no updates Does not run on marshmallow handsets like the Nexus 6P.

Zach Morgan

Not worth the $at present time on Nexus 6 Slow download after install. Glitches that lose game play. Freezes. Hasn't been updated since 2012. By the time the extra game data downloads, your refund window is gone. Edit: developer gave a refund without issue. They know of the issues with the Nexus 6 and are supposed to be updating in the future to resolve. Thanks again for the response, info and refund devs.

Mike Cascio

Doesn't work on Android 6.01, just crashes So this was a waste of money.

Steve Curwood

Teenage Memories This was one game that I absolutely loved in my teens. I was one of only a few people that could play it at the time, which is laughable, as it's very simple. Plays really well on my Galaxy S6, so worth the 3 quid I reckon. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to down load the levels and this takes up to 3hrs.


Doesn't work on the Nexus 6P Can't play on the Google Nexus 6P. Please fix!

Boone Ashlock

Nexus 5 Nexus 5 is not compatible. But how do I get my money back?

Dom Peter Lovelace

Not working! It seems this game, along with Dragons Lair and Dragons Lair 2 won't work on marshmallow firmware. Beware before you buy. Devs, please fix as I've bought all 3 and are now redundant

Steve Curwood

Teenage Memories This was one game that I absolutely loved in my teens. I was one of only a few people that could play it at the time, which is laughable, as it's very simple. Plays really well on my Galaxy S6, so worth the 3 quid I reckon. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to down load the levels and this takes up to 3hrs. Unfortunately, after having the game for about a month, it stopped working after my phones software was updated. Used to work fine on my Galaxy s6. Shame. Update would be great

Paul latos

Unable to download What is going here? I used to be able to download the game. Now, it just sits there saying "downloading" this is pitiful. I also paid for Dragon's Lair, i dont want to waste my time trying to download it.


Great Game. It brings back memories. I would give it 5 Stars but it keep freezing when you climb the ladder while leaving the stage of shooting the robots that trap you in a bubble in Ace mode on Samsung galaxy 5.

A Google User

Have same problem with space ace as with Dragon's lair. When clicking the play button it forces stop and goes back to home screen of game. Plays trailer just fine. Will 5 star once i get it to work.

Lamar Gore

Horrible, so far, as it doesn't even start. I have a galaxy S7 edge and Space ace will NOT even start any of the game modes. Neither will dragon's lair.

kris bailey

SPACE ACE I waited a long time for this and it was worth it! Just one complaint, it wont let me move it to the memory card! Still gave it 5 stars tho!

James Colossi

Don't waste your $, won't run. Paid money, downloaded large file, press play and "unfortunately....blah blah has stopped". What a shocker after taking my money. Running this on my Note 5. I see now that people have been having this problems for months. Obviously the dev team isn't interested in helping. Do not download the game or the other 2 dragon lair games. All don't work. Where's my refund for all 3 games?

stefan schuck

Freezes When he slides down the pole in the beginning. Never heard back from devs. Thx for stealing my money Digital Leisure. Great customer support too. Yech.

james hernandes

used to love this game I loved this game and now for some reason I think marshmallow update all it does is crash won't even play this and dragons lair please fix

Mangy Mutt

It doesn't work Installed space ace and dragons lair on my galaxy note 4. IT Has NEVER worked. . Games just say, Unfortunately space ace has stopped working. Developers seem to know that the games are having problems based on the several comments yet accepting peoples money or offering no fix.. This is nothing less than fraud. . I expect a full refund for these two games that I've paid for nothing.


Doesn't work on the Nexus 6P From Android 6, marshmallow to now Android 7, nougat, this app is still crashing after the type of game is selected. PLEASE FIX.

Pasquale Imperato

I would love it But I can't play with it. It crashes.

Steve Hearnden

No update for marshmallow Response from developer that they are working on a fix Worked great on lollipop, not working since upgrading to marshmallow. Old time player in arcade - great memories

Michael Kay

Please fix! First it takes forever to download all the game content on initial run after install, then crashes every time after selecting the difficulty level.

simon atkinson

Rubbish Downloaded and paid for this game, everytime I start to play theres a file it needs to download that shows as taking 3 and a half hours to download. When I start the app closes. Poo ?

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