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13 Aug
SoundRacer OBDII Engine Sounds

Posted by SoundRacer AB in Entertainment | Aug. 13, 2013 | 49 Comments

Apk file size: 9.0 MB

Drive with the greatest engine sounds ever heard in a standard car!

Now you can experience some of the coolest engine sounds in the world when they actually follow the engine rpm of your car!

You need a car with an OBDII (OBD-2, On Board Diagnostic) connector, most modern cars have one.
You also need to install an OBDII Bluetooth adapter like the ones used for the Torque app, ELM327 v1.5, (not v2.1) is still the best type for this app, it sends the engine rpm to the Android phone and let the SoundRacer app play the real sports car and bike sounds when you drive. Connect the phone to car audio system for a great sound experience, have fun!

The sounds are recorded from famous sports cars and a classic motorcycle.
These genuine engine sounds are included:
Big American V8 muscle car - real Shelby sound
Exotic Italian V10 sports car - real Lamborghini sound
Legendary Italian V12 sports car - real Ferrari sound
Thrilling Japanese V10 supercar - real Lexus LFA sound
Classic American V-Twin motorcycle - real Harley sound

There are 5 different driving modes. Most exciting is of course the OBD-II mode where the sound follows the engine speed in the car you are driving. You can also use the manual, automatic, paddle or tilt modes.

The OBD-II app experience is as fun and exciting as driving a car with a real SoundRacer product but there are a couple of differences:
One feature in the app is that you can change the ratio between the engine rpm and the sound rpm. If, for example, you are driving a low rpm diesel it can be set so that engine sound goes on 6000 rpm when the car engine is doing 2500 rpm.
The sound and rpm following in the app is depending on the OBD-II adapter and phone performance and may be different than in the SoundRacer FM transmitter.


The Engine screen is the starting screen. Here you can select the engine sound with the tabs.

The next step is to drive. Touch the Select Drive Mode button to reach the Driving screen. There you can select the driving mode, Manual, Automatic, Paddle, Tilt or OBD-II.

Plug in an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and pair it with your Android phone.
Connect the phone sound output to the car audio system with AUX, Bluetooth or FM transmitter.
Select the OBD-II mode in the Drive screen.
Start the car engine.
Press the Start button in the app and hear the idling sound.
Wait for the three OBD indicators to turn green, sometimes you have to select the ODB-II adapter in a pop up window.
If the third indicator does not turn green, the app may not be able to detect the correct protocol for your car. You can then select the protocol in Menu/Settings. (Some cars have a protocol that is not compatible with the app, then you can cancel the app within two days and request a refund.)
Now you are ready to go!
Always drive safely, wait until you have parked the car in a safe location before you handle the app!

Select a manual mode in the Drive screen.
Start driving by touching the Start/Stop button and hear the start up sounds. Then you can accelerate with a touch control of choice. To hear the real engine sounds, use earphones or connect the phone to good speakers.

By touching the Start/Stop button again you turn off the engine sound.

If you touch the Select Engine button, you will navigate back to the Engine screen, and there you may select another engine sound.

You can select Information, Links, Settings or Share. Under Settings it is possible to change the RPM and car OBD protocol.

Send link to the app to your friends.

The volume of the engine sound is changed with the volume buttons of the phone. The sounds in the app are the same as in the SoundRacer products, genuine recordings from famous sports cars. Naturally, the great sound experience of driving a real Super Sports car can never be achieved with an app but this is as close as most of us come.

Whats new

    2013-07-21, SRP-1.1.15: New Bluetooth routine for Jelly Bean and 21 extra OBD protocol routines. Also down to 500 RPM OBD-II idling.
    2013-02-24, SRP-1.1.11: Improved Bluetooth and OBD protocol routines.
    2013-02-05, SRP-1.1.9: New OBD protocol routines and Automatic Protocol speed selection to so solve problem with protocol detection in some cars.
    2013-01-13, SRP-1.1.7: Improved OBD-II protocol selection and reporting.

SoundRacer AB part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Aug. 13, 2013. Google play rating is 44.9604. Current verison is SRP-1.1.15. Actual size 9.0 MB.

Download soundracer-obdii-engine-sounds.apk 9.0 MB


Walid Ghanem

Walid Connects very well on the elm device and on all my phones and tablets. Rpm reads without delay but the sound is delayed so its internal to the app and not the hardware. It does not run in the background . It needs to be open all the time.

Simon Hardwick

Not working :( By time fiddled with it refund time went and does not work properly. I managed to get mustang working one time somehow but nothing v40 phase 2 2002 protocol 9141-2 5 baud. Please help. Galaxy s5 android kit kat. Torque pro works just fine on this protocol so elm 327 working fine.more stars when working.

Eduardo Gonzalez

You think this is funny, don't you? Of all the apps in Google play that plays supercar engine sounds via OBDII, yours didn't even make the grade. Of every phone I own, using the same generic ELM327 bluetooth adapter, it has worked on EVERY application downloaded that uses OBDII, EXCEPT THIS ONE, which it NEVER gone past "trying bluetooth connection" on both old and new methods, irrespectively of every OBDII protocol being configured for. Of all those 5,000 downloads, less than 1% got to work with their existing adapters and devices. But you left the rest of us in the dust. You ave two options: You fix this kind of issue, or you better pull it out from the store, for selling something that is now flagged as a total fraud.

Lee Scholl

Failed connection Using a generic elm 327 interface which supports all OBDii protocols and it won't connect. Again like the others it works perfectly fine with torque. The protocol that connects with torque is ISO9141-2 5 baud.

Derek Maher

Good concept.... Works well, but sound haves delay of about a second, some very obvious looping of sounds, sound in revs isn't always smooth, seems jumpy, could do with more engine types. Still fun and with continued Work could be great.

David Ritzema

Would be nice it it worked with ODB-II I saw the original 12V units you attach to your car, however, they were pricy. I got this thinking it would be cool it was pulling from ODB-II but the app fails to get the RPM in any reasonable time, after that it only takes whatever RPM the engine was at for that fraction of a second and stays there. I have tried on Jelly Bean and KitKat and both fail, On S3 and S4, and also two different ODB-II Bluetooth adapters. Other apps all work fine as described. Just wish this one would start working. ISO15765-4CAN11/00 and app recommended ELM327 adapter.

Pablo Elzir

Sounds are too hardcore OBD2 works well but I hate the sounds because they are almost movie-like... A plain, standard V8 as you would hear in real life (A 2005 Mustang GT with standard exhaust for example) with less video-game effects would be appreciated and more enjoyable than to ride Need for Speed on the way to work.

Cary Chan

Works OK but sound quality is poor SoundRacer works fine, but IMHO, the quality of the engine sounds are tinny and sound artificial, especially when compared to the sound quality of XLR8. Unfortunately, XLR8 doesn't support OBDII protocol and relies on GPS/accelerometer to estimate engine speed. If SoundRacer could improve that aspect, I would happily give 5 stars! Developer states that sound is recorded from real cars. This may be the case, but you cannot simply record the sound of a particular engine idling then digitally speed it up to make it sound like realistic acceleration. The quality and tone of the sound changes on other factors like load and degree of acceleration/deceleration. Sound samples also appear to be at low bitrate/quality settings with looping seam issues. Please improve the quality and make your customers happy!

Matt Hagin

Actually recorded? Maybe. Realistic? Not at all. The Muscle Car sounds like a worn out Chevy Camaro NOT a Shelby. The others sound somewhat OK at IDLE ONLY. Rise and fall sounds like a mid-90s midi chip, making them sound tinny and dreadful. Refunded. UPDATE: Gave it another try. It discovers the ODB II adaptor and sets a protocol, but does NOT talk to the ECU, despite assurances that it has all the protocols possible. Disgusted, disappointed, and dismayed, I advise you all to save your money and don't buy this app. Feel free to play with the freebie.

Omar Al mokhtar Saad

Not working Hello, im not able to get all three green icons in the obd-ll screen, the car icon keeps getting red although it recognize the obd, please help me and make it worth my money

A Chopra

Read on.. Good app IF, it seems, you are using the correct combination of hardware and android. Using cheap obd2 Bluetooth adaptor off eBay, the app works almost perfectly with a crappy old Samsung phone using Android 2.3 gingerbread. Sound of the engines need updating/improving imo (the XLR8 app sets the sound benchmark). Otherwise a good and well developed app. UPDATE; since updating phone to android Ice cream sandwich the app no longer works on Xperia Arc S!

Laksh Sankar

Does not work with my setup OS: Android 2.3.4. (i.e. old one) ; Car : 2009 VW Jetta (CAN bus) ; ELM327 adapter : the "better" one by BAFX $24. Folks seem to say that this is solid/stable. Torque App connected immediately and works perfectly. It is sensitive to throttle position, engine speed, fuel pressure, etc. SpeedRacer found the OBD2 and locked on at CAN 11/500. According to the green OBD2 icon and info displayed on screen, the app correctly identified and connected to the CAN-BUS. But the Car icon stays red and the engine speed shown by SpeedRacer never changes. I tried changing all available options etc. Nothing has worked so far. Great idea but without the rpm via the obd2 connection, this app is useless.

Matthew Jones

Does not play sound Engine startup sound fine, but nothing from then on - I'm aware that its because of Jelly Bean OS but that's a big chunk of android users you're missing out on there, so please fix as soon as possible EDIT - the sounds now work with android 4.4 kit kat but still sound unrealistic and too artificial

Bradley Atkins

Waste of money Eventually got it connected to the obd, the app would register my engine Rpm but not play any sound!

paul theuma

Waist of money This is and was my worst purchase, never connect to the OBDII, using other apps with teh same connection work perfectly.

Ondrej Homola

Could be a lot better Well I got so exited when I found this app, bought immediately OBDII waited couple of days. And yeah expectations where high but reality was kinda disappointing. It might not be entirely your mistake but the 1 second delay is too much. I feel weird as a driver that the app doesn't match the car revs :-/ it is an awsome idea but it is a pitty it doesn't work perfect. But thanks for trying.

Tucker Haslett

Sounds horrible Let me start out by saying i am not new to obdII Bluetooth apps. But this app just will not connect to my adapter. All my other adapters work without a fail, but this one. Won't work on my 2014 dart. Other cars I have tried are older but do work. Thus: The sounds do what it says, yes, but the actual sounds it produces are gawd awful. Completely unrealistic and not worth whatever price it is. Sadly, I didn't have time to refund. SAVE YOURSELF!

Matt Wedgwood

Nexus 7 Seems to be working better with the latest updates. I hope the improvements keep coming!


Bluetooth doesn't work. only reason I downloaded this app is because of the obd 2 support. but the Bluetooth can't connect to it even thought the device I have is paired with the phone. what the hell is "new Bluetooth connection" and "old Bluetooth connection"? wtf does that even mean? can't get the adaptor to connect to th3 app at all.

Steven Jones

Not for BMW's I have a 1998 BMW 3 Series, and it does not recognise the OBD protocol. Unfortunately the OBD-II was only added to the BMW 3 Series in 2001, so I had to use an adapter to convert to OBD-II. I connected the ELM327 device and it connected to it just fine. If you could update the app so that I can use it, that would be great.

Andrew Williams

Don't bother cannot get the app to work., despite driving the same car they use in their promotional video. Contacted the developer and didn't get a response. Poor.

Vedran Ikica

Good Great app with ugly and slow UI

Sadik Cane

This does not connect to my 2013 Volkswagen gti mk6 regardless of what protocol I chose. The third light never turns green

Fermin P. Cross

No Nexus 4 support Software does note work!!! "Engine" starts but immediately shuts off. Connects to OBD2 via BT but no sound out of speakers because engine is off. Guys, get this fixed because there are LOTS of Google Nexus 4 (and soon model 5) users out there!

Oliver Celino

Stupid Already bought but cannot run more than 3 times without data!!! I want a refund!!!

Andrew Fisher

Does not work with OBDII Fun idea and I wanted it to work with my OBDII adapter but through many attempts it just won't. It says unrecognised protocol? It also said to let you know. I have a generic obd adapter and a seat Ibiza 2001. It works with other apps such as torque just fine. Please let me know how I can get it to work!

Reid Moore

Love it but just 1 request I'd love if if you could also include some other types of sounds like.. an electric futuristic car sound or the Jetsons car, or a TIE fighter star wars type sound. That would totally rock!

Kevin Wong

Excellent idea Good start, excellent idea, really fun. Need more engine notes. Needs higher quality audio resolution and RPM should be recorded more incrementally It might be more work. But worth the audio experience. Adding new vehicles would be nice.. Takes a very long time to connect probably due to the number of different protocols.

Erez Ben Simon

Get the free app. Doesn't work. The free app works better.

Hhh Tcv

Yay it works now!! Working perfect on my galaxy nexus as of early august 2013. Only complaint is all the cars sound fake except the ferrari. That makes up for the others I guess.

Sam Cosgrove

Doesn't work in my mk2 punto Just found out, my punto isnt obd2 but is very similar. Diagnostics as far as I know, are implemented in a subset of ISO9141-2 called FIAT9141. It works mostly like obd2, except for the protocol, which is ecu specific and based on KWP2000. Please implement this protocol as an android app called AlfaObd works on my car so it is possible to read engine speed (rpm) and i really want to be able to use this app.

Ruud de Greef

rudy 1 second audio delay on ELM 327..not acceptable! wast of money!

Lewis John

Fantastic Everything works really well no problems at all however I do wish that you could add more vehicle sounds like a subaru, monster truck a quad bike and a formula 1 car

Facundo Rapetti

Doesnt work with all cars Please more protocols!doesnt work with my mercedes c200 cgi. Other apps work with it

cristian echeverria

Not good Is the worst money you can spend .is like somebody robbed you

Harout Terterian

Every application I have that connects to obd2 works just fine, and yet your application does not. I am able to connect to bluetooth, and the obd2 signal is received, yet the third car symbol stays red. I fiddled around with all the obd protocols but to no avail.

brandon clemons

Need 14 dodge dart protocols Doesnt connect to vehicle

hardik patel

Doesn't do anything after connecting to obd2

Ho Ruey

No idea why it doesn't work Not respond , only 2 light up the blue tooth and obd turn green icon still in to solve this problem as I already purchased this apps thanks. Car model hyundai avante 2009.

Bashar Saker

It is not connecting Your program is not connecting with my OBD 2 which I'm using for the last 6 months in my car with no problems if there is no update or solution for this problem please inform me so I can apply for refund

Randy Gaddis

Will not work with my OBDII I tried this app 2 times and could not get it to work it sees my OBDII but does not respond to anything that my car is doing please refund my purchase

Bud Reginaldo

Not working, cant find right protocol It connects to my OBD2 adapter, but fails to connect to ECU because the correct protocol is missing. Can you send me updates for ODB2 protocols?


Dont waste your time. Totally cant work and feedback got no reply at all.

Dennis Wetzler

Doesn't work with my Bluetooth obd2 Auto detect protocol doesn't work. Tried all manual still nothing. 2012 Chevy sonic. If no fix I will request refund.

Zomi Kayama

Not working Its says connected to bluetooth device, but obd2 indicator still on red., damn its so disappointed.

Leigh Bow

Well after ordering the v8 transmitter and was out of stock i thought id try the app for just £1.84 it connected up as it was shown in videos no probs whats so ever, you can choose all diffrent cars, it worked well i had a buzz in lower gears 1,2.3 its much effective . i have subwoofer 1200watt and 7x10 speakers this sounds pritty beefy.. there is just a slight gear shift adjustment needs amending but its very close to perfect..All people who have give so bad reviews are harsh. it could be the ob2 hardware that not workin in most cases. i have turned heads , its not meant to be serious its a fun app ITS ONLY £1.84 if you dont like it or not working you get your money back YOU CANT LOOSE . Kenneth gets my thumbs up congrats.

Sean Kernohan

Poor quality sounds The engine sounds are synthetic and really fake sounding. It seems to just have two different sounds for each engine which vary in pitch depending on rpm, then it suddenly cuts between them when the rpm gets high enough.

Wes Treihaft

Please fix this! I can get it to connect however it constantly stops reading the data stream and updating my RPMs. Its basically stuck. In this state its a waste of money.


Works alright It took about 5 mins to setup all of its settings after that it seemed to work flawlessly, sound dynamics could be improved though.

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