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9 Dec
Sorting Hat

Posted by Blaise Huffman in Entertainment | Dec. 9, 2013 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 4.1 MB

With Sorting Hat for Android, you can sort any amount of wizards and witches into their corresponding houses at Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin) without losing count!

The Sorting Hat will decide the student's house depending on which house logo you tap on. You can also use the plus and minus buttons to assign or unassign students to a certain house, or use the random button for an unexpected result. You may as well play some music during the process to create some ambience.

The Sorting Hat will keep count, even if you minimize or close the app, until you manually reset it through the menu.

This application is intended to be used at Harry Potter themed parties or reunions, in order to split the guests into even teams resembling Hogwart's houses.

The Sorting Hat does not require any special permissions to work!


Whats new

    Version 1.0 - First release
    Version 1.0.1 - Minor layout changes.
    Version 1.0.2 - Bugfix: When the app is resumed and background music was playing before it was paused, it stops working.
    Version 1.0.3 - Bugfix: When the screen is rotated, background music stops playing.

Blaise Huffman part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 9, 2013. Google play rating is 54.6635. Current verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 4.1 MB.

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Michelle Holmstedt

Not bad The app does exactly what it says it does in the description. I use this to sort my students when creating our quidditch teams. Nothing flashy; it just keeps track of how many people you sort in to each house. Would be better if the sound bites we're louder and more dramatic.

Neelima Dubey

Lame I did not understand the purpose of this app. All you do is push the random button, it shouts out a random house. Install at your own risk.

Hande Cakir

hate hate hate hate hate hate double hate. I don't like this app.

Olga Fyodorova

Boring boring boring Dezerves 0 stars.Boring.All you do is press house buttons and it shouts the name.Make it so you can actually see the students you are sorting.Do not install! I will delete this app.I love harry potter I read 6 books but this is absolute rubbish.

Olivia Zito

Terrible I hate this app it said u could put who u wanted in the houses it just says the names of the houses btw do not get this app it is a waste!

Dakota Desimone

I am a total harry potter geek. I pretty much love anything harry potter. This app was a little lame however. All you do is push a button and the sorting hat says a random house.

Olivia Presnell

Dumb, unless.... I did not read the description before I downloaded this app, and was VERY disappointed. I thought it was a sorting app but all you do is tap to add and remove students from their houses. Pointless and stupid. ***that being said, if you are playing something that requires keeping score this would be a cute was to assign teams and do so. Put your HP twist on any game you want! (Maybe that should be the tag line for this app...feel free to use it app makers!) So just be warned.

Luz Castro

H P I love Harry potter and this app is awesome I love it well gotta go best application evs which means ever

Seth Michael

Cool graphics but it makes no sense. There is no point to it at all. Do not bother.

Maddi Sturrus

:/ Can be an interesting way to keep scores for something but for its original purpose it feels really stupid and boring.

josh collins

Five star I love harry potter when it come to harry potter the movie and every thing about it I am a very bog nerd and I tottaly love these harry potter apps

Alvira Khan

:( I thought that it ll be something mysterious or surprising but then it turned out to be nothing sorry...

Kaili Marker

Boring and lame Its horrible all u ever do is press a button that practically does nothing. Take my advise don't get the app. I'm defiantly deleting this one.

Cheyenne Glenn

Pointless Doesn't sort you. Just says the house and plays the Harry Potter theme

Minty Bright

Random houses... just random. All this does is randomly select and count. Not worth my timw, you can go online and take a quiz, which would be more worth your time.

Siobhan Rimmer

Rubbish Baddest thing ever I mean who ever thought to make this ( so called ) app/ game is the lamest person ever anyone who has this delete it now and for others don't download it

Suzy kins

Fantabulous To Any one who likes the Harry potter series this app is great for them.

Katherine Been

App sucks All you can do is tap on the name of the house and it just says the name of it. Stupid and waste of time.

Katarina Ludwick

Haven't tried it yet :-) Haven't tried it yet accept I will!! I love the sorting hat he's so serious and does anyone think it could have a sence of humor? And the hat looks so FUNNY!!! :-) :-). :-)

Paige Bailey

:) I think this app is great. A little boring, but still great.

Mark A. Wilson

Hate it This game is so horrible! All it let's you do is press the Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff symbols and it tells you how many people are sorted into there! Boring!

Munch Cook

Hp This app is okay but I think it could be better if it scanned ur finger and the told u what ur house was but it's not bad

Don Yu

Weird. All it does is add numbers but the music is music to my ears.

Connor Shanaway

Sorting hat This game is totally awesome

Mara Loder

Totally lame It has no purpose what so ever! It's really really really stupid! Do NOT download!

DollGirl Studios

A disgrace to Hogwarts This game is like horrid! There is not point, and it is real slow.

Elva O'Neill

It is very boring all you do is tap buttons

Molly Williams

Its all right I like harry potter I love draco but this game makes no sence you vote then it just calls out the one you voted for then it only calls out that one I wanted to be grifindor but I was slithering with draco but is not a bqd thing♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Inoceno Aji

Behavior You should make that what behavior that home will choose you

Lindsey Emiro

Love it!!! I love the books and the movies!!!! The app doesn't seem to be any good, but don't judge the movies, or books on this app. ;-)

Kelly Ward

Have no idea the point in this app but I love Harry Potter but not impressed with this app

Caleb Miller

Sucks, I thought it was a game

Hannah Billings

I thought that you could.................................. I thought you could cast spells and stuff but you can't.

Lilliy Slavens

Lôoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove It I am more of a harry potter geek I Read all the books and all the movies I even have a A harry potter outfit.

Kasey J

dumb. nothing at all like harry potter

DiDi supergirl.

Terrible Wow. This app has no instruction or purpose. Really disappointed.

Mollie Toth

It doesn't do anything. All you get to do is touch one of the houses to "add or subtract" the count of students in it. Nothing...

Jessica Benard

Love it I have all the movies and can't wait for the next movie

Deena sok

Hated it What the hecklers are you supposed to do

preeshaa suresh

desperate really wanna join potter more

Hey Missy

It's boring!

Lisa Stevenson

Great for House Points! My family uses this app for keeping track of house points instead of sorting. We do points with the kids as a discipline strategy. I love that the numbers stay the same even after you exit out of the app. It helps us keep track of points for our monthly family house cup. Thanks!

David Parrino

Slick interface Does exactly what you'd expect. I wish it could randomize a group of people into 4 even teams because that is what I used it for.

Richu IChooseYou

For assigning real people Its so awesome how u and your friends never know which house you get if u push the random button

Mark Hammonds

The worst What am I SUPPOSED to do?! This game does nothing, but say the house names. I thought this would be much fun, but I guess no {:(

Emily Wolf

Sorting Hat This game has no purpose. Sooooooooo boring. Would give 0 stars if could.

Brianna Britton

Horrible!!! It really has no point unless you want to here a weird voice say "Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Slytherin, Gryffindor"! Really I thought it would serve a purpose!!!

micah peterson

Doesn't work The only thing that does work is the music. Everything else I press crashes the app.

Alice Radford-Brown

Pointless. All you do is click a house logo and sort students there is only one screen.

vijeta jaiswal

Medium (not good nor bad) Its hedwing tune is nice but not for playing:(

Cjb Brooks on books

Really sucks Okay so I downloaded it and it sucks all you do is basically push the button to sort how many you know people are in the certain houses and then how you do it supposed to rain in the button for music or no no what I meant was you click on the button and it said you would how's your end but what I don't get is why I can't get it to do anything else so download at your own risk but I just f****** hate it

Zahra Chonk

Not bad!!! Now I know what my friends are on pottermore. P.s : I love harry potter

Claire Davis

I think it's awesome for harry potter themed party's

Jauhara Sanders

Cute, and very particular! If you're doing some particular Harry Potter game where you all are separated by house, then this is perfect. I don't need it now, but I hope I remember it whenever I play a game that calls for this app! ?

scott nicholson

It keeps contact of my own house and not anything else

Olivia Agyapong

What?! I don't have a clue what this is about! You don't do anything!

TROLLER Derpinator

Despised by me and many others You don't do anything but press plus, minus, music, or random, and it plays music, or shouts out a random house name

Jocelyn Remington

This works exactly like the description says. We used it at school to sort the kids into "houses". I plugged my phone into bigger speakers and it was a lot of fun for the kids.

Falisia Bailey

Stupid !!!!! All of does is call out random house names I don't under stand it! It is STUPID!???

Damla Kus

I am a RAVENCLAW. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AM I SMART.YIPPE. I love it.My brother is a GRYFFINDOR and am a raven law. I love this.Rate 5 stars,it put me in the right house.So you can get this app and see how wonderful it is

Lala Lala

What a app! This is sooooooo stupid all you do is click the button and it shout's names. 0/10!

Katey's Evil Twin

Good. It does what it says in the description. Can't complain.

Bernd KoJo

Very boring app but does what it says it does and nothing more Very boring app, some extra features such as the ability to enter names of those being sorted would be nice. Also ability to save the sorting done will be cool. It does what it says so 5 stars.

Jauhara Sanders

Cute, and very particular! If you're doing some particular Harry Potter game where you all are separated by house, then this is perfect. I don't need it now, but I hope I remember it whenever I play a game that calls for this app! ?

RICK Patterson

Read the app description The app description says EXACTLY what this app does. Don't expect anything more and then give it a bad review because you're disappointed. It was exactly what i was looking for.

Rajashri Balgaonkar

I wanted to give zero stars Toooooooo boring and really idiotic.I suggest u do not download

Nate Jones

Fun This game led to much laughter and hours of fun. Anyone who doesn't like it must be lame and boring. I'm hufflepuff/slytherin/Gryffindor/ravenclaw! So exciting!

Ivone Goncalves

I hate it Its a horrible game all you do is press the house and it says it it is nothing special so WARNING! DO NOT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK???????!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and my rating is no stars but I had to warn all of you NOT TO GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Natalie Carr

It all right. It get boring though

Jolin Chan

Stupid When I installed this app, I thought I was getting sorted. Shame, dont install. Or you can install but rate it low

Turquoise Pencilmark

I loved it, and tip to the people how are saying that it just says the name of the house, THAT'S ALL THE REAL SORTING HAT DOES!!!! THE kids your sorting are supposed to be real kids. Not kids in the game.

Hamish Webber

Not good You only press buttons and it sorts you into a house, It was a waste of time

Vandana .C

Sooo lame n boring U Jst press random n dey say a houz name .. Its so boring

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