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11 May

Posted by Songza in Music & Audio | May 11, 2015 | 75 Comments

Apk file size: 3.3 MB

Working? Relaxing? At the gym? Songza plays you the right music at the right time.

* Named "Editors' Choice" by Google Play.
* Free, with no listening limit.
* Let Songza's 'Music Concierge' find the right music for your moments.
* Browse a curated playlist library organized by activity, genre, decade, & mood.
* Stream thousands of original playlists handmade by music experts.
* Save your favorite playlists & share them via Facebook, Twitter or email.
* Tablet support

Whats new

    - Lollipop support
    - Minor bug fixes

Songza part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update May 11, 2015. Google play rating is 87.743. Current verison is Actual size 3.3 MB.

Download songza.apk 3.3 MB


Tom Ferguson

Great Music! You fixed the problem with Chromecast! Thank you! Back to 5 stars and back to my favorite music app!

Phuong Tran

Best music app ever! The playlists are awesome, especially the R&B ones. I love the fact that I can listen to music nonstop without having to listen annoying ads. Keep up great work!

Julia Neuman

Songza for Galaxy Light This app installs, but doesn't work on my galaxy light phone. Force closes every time you try to open it. Very disappointing!

Brian Watson

Pauses after every song Love this app, but lately keeps pausing after the end of every song. Really inconvenient and makes the app unusable :/ *only happens when casting to Chromecast, otherwise works fine*

Todd Vaughan

This app is the business!! I love this app. It's definitely my fave music app now. I've discovered a lot of artists and songs I had never heard before on some of the stations. The music never stops playing (which i love), and I like how it suggests stations based on my mood or what I'm doing at the time. Very cool!

Cristina Jiménez

Awesome! No advertising! This app rocks! A wide variety if music and styles available. Haven't been let down by variety yet.

Marshall John

Best app ever!!!! I loved the different activities/moods. Perfect for choosing music for all my activities for the day. (And I NEED music for everything I do.) I would definitely suggest this music app.

Cory D

Not a bad app. Mainly spot on when it comes to preferances. Needs work on some play lists and categorizing certain genres of music.

jennifer anne

What happened??? This app used to be awesome, but now it stops after two songs, and says it's "loading next song" but never does. Every. Single. Time.

Shawn Wittkopf

Greatest music and excellently curated playlists. Knew about these guys before Google bought them. An outstanding service and I wouldn't listen to anyone else. I do think a shazam type add-on would be nice!

Jesse Short

Terrible app for a great service For months and months I have periodically checked in, but the Dev team seems to completely ignore the lack of support for chromecast that works. After every song it pauses, then you need to hit next when the song ends to play the next one. Once you hit the "maximum" amount of skipped songs, it is essentially rendered useless until the timeout for skips resets. For one of the first apps to support the chromecast, how has this not been fixed yet?

Andy Richards

The best for music discovery Great way to find new music! The concierge recommendations are varied and there's usually one to fit the mood. Thumbs up/down seem pointless, except to skip to next song; there's no way to see a list of songs you've liked/disliked. The 5/11/2015 update seems to have fixed the issue where Chromecast would stop playing after one song, which is a welcome relief.

Sudil Mahendra

Terrible Chromecast support Great, other than the Chromecast support. Stops playing after one or two songs.

Sarah Matezevich

Great app, one of my faves. I use this everyday. I love all the underground music you never hear about but it's so good. Sometimes I just want to listen to one artist but it won't let you do that. It's all based on preset play lists. Not a big deal but it would be nice. For a free app it doesn't get much better.

Morgan Thompson-Reid

Great source of music, but... It freezes all the time. I was just listening to it now, and it froze. I've had to reset it three times in the past six minutes. Seems to be affected by anything seeking my location. (i.e Google Maps, Messenger, FaceBook) It's really aggravating, and wastes my time restarting. Please fix this, because I love this app.

George Berry

Chromecast! Chromecast issue has finally been fixed! 5 stars! Thanks a million!

Ryan Malec

10 out of 5 stars Been listening on Chromecast for several hours now with no pausing between songs. Thanks for the fix Songza! Best music app on the web!

Chris Oryschak

Fix chrome cast play back Amazing app but no long plays songs continually when chrome casted. Please fix! The non functionality caused by this is the reason for 2 stars.

Alan Pedwell

Excellent for streaming to Chromecast Open a play list and sit back.

Tiffany Vicks

Keeps pausing This app used to work perfectly, but lately it pauses ALL THE TIME. I can't even make it through an entire song. It's so frustrating that I can't even use it anymore.

Lance Noe

Great Love the variety and the fact that it doesn't play ads and then stop every 15 minutes! One down fall is limited song selection, but to be fair most of these apps have that issue.

Zara Greene

One of the best apps I've ever used Quite possibly my favorite app ever. Definite must for music freaks everywhere!

David Grills

Great Variety I discovered some new favourites and found a long session had very few duds. Nice.

Dan Welch

A great app! Only complaint is that it will not play through the whole playlist it will recycle after an hour and a half to 2 hours and play the same songs in the same order when there are more songs it hasn't played yet. Also would be nice to make our own playlists and be all to listen to them.

Fiona Burness

Usually awesome. For some reason, this app has started pausing at the end of each song, long enough to think it has stopped working. Otherwise, awesome.

Carla Tye

Your app is the most awesome of all music apps! It's introduced me to music I didn't even know existed. And no commercials! Bravo, five stars all the way.

Ben Wallace

Good music app. Prefer it over others

Patrick Gittings

Best way to listen to music on my tablet!

Jacob Piehl

Chromecast support broken *update* As many have already pointed out, pauses after each song when playing on Chromecast. Been using it much less because of this. Please fix!!! **update** It's (finally) fixed!!

Spencer Peters

Choice So much variety in what you want to listen to

Bryan J. Harney

Good app for music discovery Songza is great for discovering new music or just for when you're not sure what you're in the mood for. As far as improvements I would like to see lockscreen controls for Android Lollipop and a song history in the app.

Fred DeFalco

SONGZA Good music huge selection of music!!

Brian Campbell

Great play lists of all genres

I Am Groot

My favorite!! This ap is easy to use, doesnt drown you with ads and is very intricate.

Maryam Haobsh

Great app! Can select music by genre, mood, or activity! Amazing selection! And no ads!

Kayne Froh

Great Its an owsume app

Terry Sammons

This is really cool , I'm enjoying the music.

Руслана Головкина

Не работает We're so sorry, but...

Дьяков Алексей

Не работает We are so soryy, but...

Пользователь Google

Awesome It's just life before and and after songza. And I tell you, the second part is much better

Tristina Sherrer

Absolutely loved this app but now songs start and stop playing a few times before playing. Happens when first starting app, skipping songs, or changing playlist.

Cecily Stephen

No option to remove ads :( I love this app. The American folk classic stations are so artfully put together. The only thing that will change this rating to 5 stars is an option to purchase an ad free experience.

Alan Tanaka

Better than Spotify IMO Great selection of songs by artists I actually heard of. No commercials every 30 minutes asking you to upgrade. UI isn't the fanciest and there are banner ads but honestly, who spends their time staring at it. I just set it & forget it.

Christina Zajic

Top recommendation I love this app on my phone & desktop. I don't know music or have any ideas for what to listen to so the guidance is PERFECT. Plus, the categories & station titles with icons make me laugh. Thank you!!!

Jarid Williams

It good but 1 flaw I love the songs but I can't skip more then 5 songs then it just stops must be a bug skipping songs but other them that it's really good

Kevin Smith

Who doesn't love free music The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it's a little repetitive and doesn't quite have the library the other music players do... No commercial interruptions during your favorite sessions is a major plus. I deleted Pandora and kept this app "nuff said"

Rikkilynn Leblanc

Great app Still my favourite music app. But since the new update you cant see the tracks that have played for the playlist youre on. You cant leave the app to play and go back to see the song you liked. Would love to see that feature come back.

Chris S

Great app, one noticeable bug.. I really like this app, but it is frustrating that every so often the skip track button stops working. Makes me want to not use the app, so hopefully this gets fixed or there is an easy work around.

Eric Hermenitt

One Problem So this is by far my new favorite music app, it's got a little bit of variety and no adds really, of course every app has its problems. Whenever I want to search for an artist, that artist sometimes won't show up, for example Twenty One Pilots, I've searched them alot but with no avail, I know they play their music but they don't show up on the search results. If they can fix this issue than this is definitely a 5 star app.

Avery Catherine

I don't even use spotifty or Pandora anymore I actually uninstalled them off my phone and I never comment on these Damon things but this app deserves a great review because it is a GREAT (no) AWESOME FREAKING APP!!!! everyone should have this on there phone and use it daily.

Sophia Matiko

Unlimited skips???? I think not! It only let's you skip a few songs at a time!! And once you change the playlist, it's like you magically get another few skips! Not sure if this is a bug? Or if it's suppose to work like that!?


Great App lots of variety however I've noticed that if I have a few other apps running as well as Songza, my phone shuts down and reboots. My issue could be unrelated but still only happens when this App is running. Hopefully the new update I just did helps!

Eame'r Cverfield

It was better before, I don't know what happened? Each time I have downloaded this app, it has installed completely. Though I can sign in, the app shuts down and exits saying its not responding.

#AshMaster Z

Seriously?? Great app, so much better than Pandora but every time I download it plays a song and won't stop playing that playlist no matter what I do. I have to completely delete the app to get it to shut up

Alexiusa Jones

I deleted Pandora This app has replaced ALL of my internet streaming apps. I fell in love with this app: from the radio station styles, genres, etc to fit every mood this is my go-to streaming app! This is the best. Good job to the makers of Songza!

Juan B

Awful sound quality. Idk what the hell are you guys thinking but the sound quality is way inferior than worst. Definitely not firing this app again until something is done to it to improve it. Compared to others like Spotify I give Songza a straight 3 (and that is only for content) while I give Spotify a round 8.9 overall.

Lydia Conatser

All around great app. The music on here is wonderful, really a great way to explore old and new music, as well as artists. My only complaint is for the past few updates, while I'm listening it will randomly stop playing. Not a huge deal but it can be bothersome at times. I'd give it four and a half stars if I could but four will have to do. Aside from that, no complaints.

Dana McDowell

Great App!! Love it More Than Pandora! The playlists seem to get it right every time. I can always find one that fits my exact mood. I love that it takes making these stations a step further based on things like mood, activity, and time of day. The concierge is great! My ONLY suggestion would be to add the ability to see the list of recent songs I've listened to. Sometimes I forget to thumbs up/down and would like be able to go back and do that so I know I'll hear it again. Other than that great job!

Felix Lin

Plays one song, then the rest of the songs stop and automatically keeps skipping without a single song being played on a station.

Amanda Grewer

This app is so perfect for me. I never know exactly what song I want to listen to depending on my moods this app hits it spot on every time!! Butt fuk yeah!!

Becca Briscoe

Usually 5 stars. Up until 10 mins ago it was working fine now it won't load anything except all of the ads. Ive reset my phone and the app several times and got no results. Please fix and I'll fix the rate to 5 stars. First problem Ive had so far. I have a LG G3

Angie Alvarenga

Love but so many glitches! I don't understand what has happened to Songza! I love this app but lately it closes on its own and skips songs on its own!? How frustrating! I wish that would get fixed because I'm getting so sick of it I'm ready to delete :-(

Aaron Malin

Great Music, Easy to Use The music selection is great for my taste and the app has been fixed. It works with Chromecast and doesn't show my phone's performance while active. Love it!

Lee Beal

Unlimited skips Please update the unlimited skips guys so u can skip songs

Mark Gurfinkel

Playback problem fixed Playback problem, whereby playlist would stop after each song when using Chromecast, is finally fixed! Back to five stars.

Nick Bigoni

Better than spotify Has more options than spotify does and also let's you discover new indie and alternative which are my favorite genres of music.

John Lewis

Better than Pandora I really liked this app till I realized once you skip a certain amount of songs you can't go back to that playlist. Only gives you genres and not artsits, but no ads and better music than Pandora. They even have a Christian rock station!!

Tabby Bengal

Glitchy What's up with the glitch it causes on my phone where the unlock keypad numbers turn into squares when I use this app? And that I have to initiate it twice to get it to work??

Ariel Harlev

Right to my mood! I love this feature. I hear my driving music on commute, workout at the gym and classical selection when I want to think.

Jimmy Lu

Good but problem with chrome cast Great service and app, but cannot play continuously on chrome cast. Have to manually skip songs. Seems to have happened only after the latest cast firmware update.

Quentin Apple

Great app for any occasion This app is spectacular and great this app is great for any occasion from chilling to gaming. I recommend this app for any music lover!

Missy B

One thing missing I like this app for when I want curated lists for specific moods/days/activities, but the mobile app is missing any kind of subscription to remove ads.

Debra Hardy

Doesn't work with Chromecast Every time I cast Songza, it plays one song and then pauses. If this gets resolved, I will love it again. As it is, I'm very disappointed.

Austin Fast

Working out Loved the work out mixes when weight training and cardio was separated. But the new mix for working out was changed to include both and I'm only allowed five skips. Also, the mixes have been having several freezing issues where I need to reset the app. Otherwise great app for its purpose.

Delia Perez

Used to love it Now it won't play anything. Not one single station. It just says that it only has licensing to play in the U.S.....ummm, hello, I live in United States of America. Please fix!

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