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12 Sep
SongPop 2 - Guess The Song

Posted by FreshPlanet in Music | Sept. 12, 2016 | 189 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

Listen to more than 100,000 real music clips from artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction, Bon Jovi and more! Guess the correct artist and title as fast as you can. Challenge your friends and compete against music lovers worldwide! Master playlists and claim your trophies!

What’s New?
◆ PARTY MODE: Compete against hundreds of players in daily multiplayer tournaments! Can you get the most prestigious badges?
◆ MEET MELODY: Practice in solo mode with Melody, the SongPop mascot.
◆ TRY FOR FREE: All playlists are free to try. Buy your favorites and challenge your friends.

◆ Quiz yourself on dozens of music genre: Today's Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop Pop, Indie, Latin Hits, and more!
◆ Collections for every decade: 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and more!
◆ New music & playlists added every week!

Whats new

    ◆ Master new playlist releases : now with stats, rankings (be the first!), rewards and sharing.
    ◆ Chat is now FREE for everyone! Express yourself with emojis and images.
    ◆ Previous opponents : find people you played with before.
    ◆ VIPs can now challenge up to 200 people! Thanks for supporting us <3
    ◆ Practicing the same playlist with Melody is now fast and easy.
    Our biggest update to date and it’s all about improving the game for our dedicated players! Any issues?

FreshPlanet part of our Music and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 89.8346. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 37.0 MB.

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John Evans

Needs fixing It's great fun but it suffers from some issues like some music plays far too low and sometimes I've had sound issues where the sound effects are playing but the music isn't and this is annoying. The tournaments are excellent until you run out of tickets which then you are forced to watch adverts to gain some more or you can pay real money. It would be awesome if FreshPlanet released a Premium version of SongPop2 which allows players to keep playing tournaments without that annoying ticket system.

Diana Burse

Like it but Lots of being kicked off can only chat once unless your VIP or spend the winnings to chat or buy a playlist difficult choice

Barbara Gruner

This game stole 1 dollar from me I paid 99 cents for 5 tickets and never got the tickets what a rip off

Jenny Trulock

Already been kicked off and I am on a brand new Note 5. A MONTH LATER: I am losing battles because it keeps kicking me off of my NOTE 5. Not happy and sadly will be removing this from my phone. It is one of my favorite games :'(

Caroline Evans

I love music quizzes... ...but this app was lame, in the extreme. It kept crashing, about 10 seconds every time that I logged back in. What a shame. Uninstalled.

Angeleen Watts

Really love this game but in party mode when you watch videos for free tickets it freezes and don't always get the ticket pls fix

Jo Anne Wiley

Good but some issues! Really enjoy playing, it's really addictive but getting annoying with the sound cutting out when you're in a battle with somebody. Obviously makes you lose. Getting really tired of this now and thinking about un installing if it's not sorted.


STILL receiving chats despite disabling feature? Why am I getting messages from opponents when I have disabled the chat feature? I do not wish to send OR receive anything. PLEASE make it easier to scroll through playlist categories available. It's VERY annoying to open a playlist to see what songs it has, then when you click back it takes you back to the very top of the list of playlists and you have to scroll all over again. Would be handy if it just went back to the place you were at...

Sam Herman

Great. But... Great game. Would have gave it another star if they didn't use computer generated opponents. Opponents will have 86% music compatibility as you. From NY. And have the same playlists deactivated and the same level you are on a playlists. I ran into a bunch of them while trying to find new opponents as well. All from NY and usually unavailable to send a challenge too.

Dani Miller

Great...but When I watch videos to earn tickets, I have to wait a couple minutes before I can use them. Besides that, I LOVE SongPop2

Beverly VanRheeden

Great songs...why does this app keep hanging up? It's wonderful other than that.

Lewis Jackson

one of my favourite games but lags ruin it for me as I can wait 10 minutes sometimes just for the game to load up

Cathy Marie

Fun game but... Why do all the albums have the same songs? Are you guys having copyright issues? For example, Essential 90s, That so 90's, 90's Alternative, 90's Alternative Rock, 90's R&B, Bump and Grind, Ultimate 90s, and so on all have the same 10 songs circulating through each album. Then you have albums like "Top Hits" and I haven't heard half of the songs on that album. Most of what's in the album is filler music that no one's ever hear before.

Bjarni Stefánsson

Need to restart allt the time This is a good game. But the game is frozen all the time. Often i need to start it two time to get in the game. Or when im searching og scrolling up and down it freeze up. Sometime when i play the spining wheel it freeze . Dont know the reason. Is it because I have android or galaxy s3 is not good enough for this game? Plz fix this proplem. And it almost always freeze up when i whatch comercials to get free ticket!!! And I think this game were more fun if you could buy tickets with coins not real money!

michelle lopo

Love it, but keeps freezing! This freezes up A LOT on me lately. I love playing both both one-to-one and in the parties, but I hope the bugs are corrected soon!! Otherwise, it would be 5 stars!

anthony jennings

Eh it's ok I'd give it five stars but I been having issues with the free spins every time I log in it always freezes then goes to 2 tickets all I have gotten was 2 tickets every single time I don't like that I know it may be random but Idk about that if it keeps freezing for no reason also it freezes while it's loading the songs and I'm always late on songs it's annoying fix these issues I'll rate 5 stars and invite a lot of people to download your game thanks also I may wanna purchase the game.but not till issues are


Messed up Parties I love this game BUT the party system is broken & needs to be fixed. I'm not getting my tickets after watching videos, sometimes the videos aren't even available, & I've gained 3 levels without getting the 7 tickets that were supposed to be rewarded. The other thing not working is when you're actually playing a round & doing well only to lose to players who aren't online. You can tell by checking their picture & noticing their leaderboard scores don't change. However you lose on the 1st place bonus points.

Madison Hunt

So addicted It is much better than the first one! I like how there isnt really a limit on the amound of random people you can play, which is helpful for when you are bored and everyone else is offline. Theres a lot of songs that I love and lots of great categories! P.S.I noticed for some songs, you do live or different versions to throw us off! Clever!

Jon Cutro

Occasionally freezes..but BETTER THAN EVER! This game occasionally freezes on me and closes..but its rarity..overall its amazing..and its BETTER than original Songpop..Wrestling theme needs fixing BUT..playlists are FASTER and the add on of tournaments now made this game app replay value as TOP 5 imo..with so much replay value..i dont see how this isnt more popular than candy crush..angry birds and other game it! Fix the minor problems please!..EDIT: New error..every time i watch vid for free ticket and click game right after it says inval

my and I

Fun but... I had fun guessing the songs, but sometimes, the app freezes, so I have to close and reopen the app. I tapped the ad icon to get one ticket to compete in a tournament. When I went to the tournament, the app took away my ticket and I could not enter the tournament. WTF? This app tries to get me to pay money. 300 tickets cost $60. That's too much! $60 for 300 tickets? That is the price of a video game. I despise ridiculous prices. If I were rich, I would pay. Aside from the problems, I like the fact that son

Dacia Lyon

Scoring.. I really don't understand the scoring. I didn't miss a song and got a faster time than my opponent on 3 songs and I still lost. Kinda frustrating. And PLEASE stop making the first five seconds of a song just background music, use the lyrics!

Mya Person

Love but hate Absolutely love this game! This game is seriously fun. I could play it honestly all day if I had the time.... But when I play it, it freezes sooo much! Which is truly a bummer. But besides that I couldn't ask for anything else. Once that is fixed I'll be here with a 5 star rating

Sue Haynes

Songs dont play. Gives choices but no sound. Im old and know alot of music. Im being beaten by my 13yr old son because nothing plays.

Jennifer Mitchell

Love it It is a fun game to play when I'm trying to kill time also gives me music i forgot about to add to my Playlist

Asher Hammond

It would be fun if it didn't crap out so often Every single round the songs stop playing on the second to last song. I am honestly not sure if that was purposeful or not as it definitely makes it more difficult. But it makes it nearly un-playable. If this is fixed the game would be a lot better

Devina S

So great! Actually, I wanna give 5, but the opponent take song that came out before I was born!

Penny Whigham

Sucks for Android! I used to absolutely LOVE playing this on a very regular basis. Then they stopped providing support & updates on the original songpop. So, I was forced to download songpop 2. I can't even get through an entire challenge on songpop 2. The stupid record just keeps going round & round. I have a great Android smartphone, LG. This is the only app I am having trouble with. Even uninstalled the original, thinking possibly having both on my smartphone might be causing interference but that did not solve the issue.

Temeca Shupe

Love it but I play this game on Facebook and love it; but I try to download the app and I have to wait a couple of minutes before it loads.... Then when it does I keep getting kicked off in the middle if the game.

Sabhrina A

Greatt Im having so much fun with this app, but some of my favorite artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan arent there while they're really popular, why? I would love to see their songs in this game please

georgia cartwright

It won't let me open the game and when it eventually has, the screen is just white and the music is playing. I have deleted it and re installed it 5 times and it still doesn't work! I was really looking forward to playing this song pop.:-(

Jessica Goodman

Most players are obvious bots I enjoy the game, but I am matched in the parties and challenges with obvious bots with fake profiles. Their scores dont change, they follow the same patterns in every game, they are in every party I am regardless of what time I play, and they perfectly match my playlists. It's infuriating, dishonest and shady on the part of the developers.

Jaymes Patterson

No Beatles? I'm waiting for a Beatles playlist to be released, and not for a limited time. Everyone knows the band, they had a huge part in the history of rock music, but they can't have a playlist in the game? That's weak.

John Collins

#iluvSamSmith? OMG this one is even better than the 1st when I thought it could have not get better it did ( expecially now knowing that there is a look up bottom for the songs on your Playlist I got sam smith so amazing) I just can't stop playing seriously I need help well any way I love this game and so will you and if you want a strong opponent I'm girl to play with just look for the name at the top chow. #ILUVSAMSMITH

Kayla Elizabeth

Awesome game! By far my favorite game, it'd be nice if there would be some new artists/bands added to the lists. Twenty One Pilots should definitely be added, The Amity Affliction, Cattle Decapitation, Thy Art Is Murder, Lorna Shore. Death core and grind core!!

Misty Vaughn

Freezes alot I really enjoy playing this game but i get very upset when it freezes on me and it does it often. Then i have to exit then go back in and start over!

Megan Healy

Love this game! But It's annoying when you can't hear the music on the game from time to time. Please fix problem.

Cheyanne Wheeler

Great service I ran into an issue with the tickets on party mode and am HAPPY to say it was fixed right away! This is why I love the developers and this game!! Things have been fixed in a timely manner and this is the best game around. Thank you for the awesome game and the fixes when needed so quickly!

Tõnis Ivanov

Love it, indeed :-) Fast paced, fun, compelling. I find myself playing it longer then I should most of the time. Nostalgic at times, hearing songs I've listened and loved years ago. Thanks for creating such a fun game to play, devs. :-)

Muzahidul Haq

Awesome This app is awesome! I got introduced to so many new cool songs and genres!

Chris Griffin

Sucks!! I would know a certain song click it then it wouldn't count till the song quit playing so my time was all messed up I know for a fact it isn't my Internet connection. Slow pos game!!

merranda rojo

Used to lovee Not quite too sure what happened but it crashes alot takes my tickets and keeps playing in the background even though I closed the app... Please fix.

Tim Brown

Misleading categories If I'm playing 80s Mix in Party mode, and the category is Bon Jovi, the songs should come from their 80s collection, not from the 2000s and on.

jeffrey Bartreau

Great game Needs to have more common rappers like lil wayne and u shouldn't have to use coins to chat with people

Dan Rhind

Love it Great choice off music and very enjoyable works perfect as well !

János Hajdu

No sound I love the game, and i got used to the crashes(not cool though), but after last update, i can't hear the music when i want to play. I hear the sfx voices in the game (countdown, lose melody, clicking noise etc) so its not about my phones speakers. Fix this pls, and i will rate it up.

September Octavian

keeps freezing and crashing if it stayed stable, it would be great, but it wont stay up long enough.

Adrian Thomas

Wow! I thought the original was fun, but this update is seriously addicting! The tournament mode is super fun & the app moves so smoothly and quickly. I can't believe I was so hesitant to update to this one

Cindy Payne Malik Styles

Addictive When I first played it I was like do they have 1D and you did, but it's pretty fun and addicting. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

Ariel Hickmon

Was good Game was find until last update. Now I can't hear the songs. I hear the game effect sounds but not the songs. Please fix!

keirastan harris

Not playing Every time i play a challenge against someone, out of the 5 songs per challenge, it only plays the first song then goes completely silent. It only plays the sound effects, not the music. It's upsetting to not be able to play this game.

Rach B

Doesn't play It was great when I first started playing. Now it won't load my songs.

Rob Livingston

Love it but... Utterly addictive game but the app can be glitchy at times. Otherwise it would have been 5*

Charles Paro

Please fix Love this game and the new version, BUT...and it's a big can't delete anyone or turn down any new challenges. You could with the original version. This really needs to be fixed.

Dakota Hammonds

Easy nd addictive I love this game!! It's easy to play and addictive.

Kara Glass

Not letting me get rewards Good game but it's not giving me my tickets when I move up the ranks in party mode

Nadine Jerrells

Amazing This is a very fun and addicting game...great way to pass time it

Ahleah Alfonso

I love the game but I keep losing tickets! Would love to give it more stars if i stop losing tickets or given the 25 I lost.

Dotar Sojat

A bit buggy Whenever i play in the party mode, the playlist suddenly goes mute on like the second or third song until the end of the playlist. Also, some artists are labelled with the wrong genre

Mario Popov

Crashes every time you try to do anythinh I have a suggestion, take the app and shove it deep deep into developers assholes

Heather Owl

Hmmm... One time it works great and then the next time it wont play the songs :(

Lyreen Dressel

The songs don't always play so it is frustrating. Fix this issue and it would be a 5 star.

Dacia Lyon

Song sections... The sections of music selected can be terrible! Some songs only play background music for about 4 seconds, others play no noise at all for about 2 seconds. Me and my friends are getting stuck on the same songs way too many times. Please fix this!

Heather Miller

I love it except one thing. This game is very fun and addicting if you live music and competition. The only thing that I do ask you to please fix, is being able to delete games. I have A TON of games open with inactive players from when I has the regular song pop, and there is no way of deleting them so I can play games with more opponents. Could you please fix that so I can play more?

Alecia Jenkins

Funds Easier way to earn more coins to purchase playlists. Please and thanks.

Leslie szesze

I love music. I can pick most of them quick with the rap I'm not good at

Tammy Attaway

Crashes a lot !!!! Having issues with it crashing a lot am attempting the tried and true method reinstall may have to go back to regular song pop cause the crashes are working my last nerve !!!!!

mark grinberg

Game constantly crashes The game by itself is alright but it keeps crashing all the time.

Sp Romeo

Lots of problem This game crashes every now and then. When I watch vide to get the ticket, it will play the video and then crashes. And I dont get the ticket too. Pls fix it.

Matt steele

Music Not playing when I play the game so I'm failing the game when I should be wining in the type of music I pick

Darren Henfrey

Great app when the music plays. Hear the 1st song then nothing.

Amanda Lopez

Songpop I really love this game. So fun(:

cheryl gatlin

Freezes frequently. I love this game but it freezes and shuts down by itself a lot. Fix please?

Brandon Bergfield

Fun This is one of the best ways to kill time.

marianne g

S4 the greatest but hate ads If there was a way to get rid of all ads i would love it more

Brittany LeCouter

Very addicting, sometimes I lose because I get stuck singing lol.

Kotsu-chan Ross

Great game but... I'm absolutely obsessed with this game. Its so fun and addictive. The only problem with it is that it crashes constantly. Hopefully that'll be fixed in a future update.

Caroline Hicks

Enjoy it but crash's alot have to keep taking it off and putting back on

Catherine Kostka

Great game I have not played in a few years...didnt have access. I am happy I returned. Love the new layouts. Also glad you integrated the rewards and info from the last game. Keep up the great job

Jeff Johnson

Was playing song pop, when song pop wasn't cool! The only REAL game out there!

Sarah Oakley

Fun but locks up Would be 5 stars easy if party mode didn't lock up choosing the songs or whatever.

Deadly Virus

Updated my review from 4 stars to 1. Reasons? CONSTANT CRASHES, game stuttering mid-game making it think I guessed a song late and categories with AWFUL CHOICES OF SONGS!! Fix your game so it stops crashing!

jayne richards

Song pop I love the game but I cannot hear the songs half the time so waste my well earned tickets added to that recently there seems to be tickets to be earned by watching ads. Very disheartening.

Sandra Carter

Doesn't work! Downloaded songpop2 today. Will be uninstalling it. I got 5 songpop is not responding before I could even play 1 game. Decided to keep trying finally got to play a game. I thought I would try party mode waited 7 minutes for it to load a play list! I've always loved songpop but this suxs!

Sassy Aliana.

Ad's are so annoying! My biggest issue is after every round i play (note i have 10-13 people who've played me which i now need to play back), the same ad comes on that is "Checkout 51" has me so annoyed I've now deleted the game. To top it off, the ad freeezes and i have to restart the game over again. Please fix it.

Daniel Hernandez

Runs slow Upgraded to Samsung S7 and marshmallow software and the countdown timer takes forever to countdown and moving around is just overall slower than before


I love this game! Been playing for a few years now, but it's been very slow, and unresponsive a lot lately. The latest update didn't help...

Aaron Redfield

Songpop 2 doesn't work! The app lets me play one gameafter that it freezes on retrieving game? many ppl play with me so fix that!

Tenshi Narusegawa

Fun, but... Even though the new update promised bug fixes, while playing parties, the last 4-3 songs do not play. Plus, the game keeps forcing stop. Please fix

Amanda Kyzar

No sound This game played really smooth for about 6 days, then occasionally I couldn't hear the sound when a song was being played, now there's no sound at all.

Susan Ingino

Won't open in android I have been trying for months to get it to open on my LGg4. It does nothing. I'm so disappointed. I love the original song pop.

Marybeth Lawless

Would give 5 stars if you could fix the issue of some of the games having no sound, kinda hard to guess a song if you cant hear it. And if you could get rid of those 20 second suggested download ads. If I could get more than 4 or 5 out of my 20+ playlists to choose from, it just keeps shouing me the same few. And why is there no Journey playlist????!!!!!

Lisa Rangel

Addicted I love this version. So cute and fast!

Angelyna Weise

Didn't give me my tickets I got first place and should have one 20 tickets but I didn't get any! Plz fix

Tony Grenier

Fun but broken! Was only able to play it for 30 min. Started getting errors, logged out now can't log back in, email links don't work (wont load) and cant retrieve my password....been trying to log in for almost an hour with no luck.

Marie Idzikowski

It's ok I like the new version, but a lot of bugs need to be worked out for Android users - locks up a lot

Joe Kent

Songs still not playing You guys can tell me the bug is fixed in your changelog, but I have the latest version and it still cuts out after two songs.

Ainur Fadzlin

Freezes and lags but addictive I give you 4 stars. Everytime I play the game it freezes randomly and returns to home page. Also some tracks don't have sound when I press play / while playing in parties. Fix em then I will give you 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Stephanie Nunez

Awesome game!! With that pop-up immediately after pressing any button, the back button, home button, etc. Extremely annoying!!!!

Kimberly Brooks

Four Stars I'd give it five but on the last song it doesn't play the song to guess.

Marko Grbic

Nice Game is excelent, just the app freezes a lot, but you can play it on Facebook on a pc, and that works just fine

Caz Newton

Bug needs fixing How many more people need to stop playing and logging complaints before you bother to fix the party games that keep freezing on the 7th record??? 70s game tonight only has 10 people playing compared to the normal 100+ -it's too much hassle to keep closing the app and restarting it to complete each round. Please get it fixed!!!!

Hannah Tolson

It's awesome I'm having so much fun on it.

Jessica Brown

I like the game. The only problem is I don't know how to delete the games I'm playing with people who won't play back.

Sarah Britt

Freezing Sometimes the app freezes which is annoying. Too many ads in between games. And profile pic doesnt always change even tho app is via fb.

Angela Flores

cannot open Why it is still cannot open??? I think it is a great game but I can't play it please fix!!!

Debi W

Great game overall but.... I've found a few errors in categories either artist or song that is wrong by artists. Would be great if they did only original artists and had remakes with those.


Leveling up songs We all know when we get a playlist or pick our favourites and play them we can fill the little 5 star's up, but for some unknown reason whatever playlist I pick has stopped leveling up the stars.

Rachel Roper

I'm addicted! I love song pop. I'm gonna keep playing until I get 5 stars in every playlist, haha.

Kerry Workman

Fun Good game but seems to lag a little

James Carl

Fun Its a fun guessing game

Alisha Pecero

Fun I wish we got more coins for things, I just started so all my friends have more playlists than I do

eram Ansari

Best app ever! Usually I pay heed to reviews before I download an app, but I took a risk for this one. And boy, am I glad that I did! Haven't faced a single delay in the app or faced any bugs yet...and I've been playing for 3 months now. Seriously, give this a chance. The playlist collection is ginormous. Definitely will cater to everyone's palate.

Wendy Hodge

Love the challenge of remembering the music, keeps u thinkin

Mara Dobre

it's cute, although it took me a while to figure out how it works

Tabatha Antley

Keeps freezing up Song pop keeps freezing. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times but it still keeps freezing up. Pls fix this!

David Rohrer

I'm done Email me when u restore my daily streak without asking for money, ask for coins or tickets or power up, but no, $.99?!?! Screw that. I quit and u get 1 star for ur BS. Take ur game and shove it!!! ?

Marsha Cripps

Song Pop 2 Say player can't b found when I hit accept.

Humberto Albisa

Nice Game Reminds me of old songs I forgot about in a fun interactive way

Michael James

Great!! I like this much better than the original.


Very fun. Fun but dissapointed korean pop did not have an appearance in this installment. Hope it is added later.

Panic! FallTimeLow

It would be fun if... Please add more Bands like all time low, pierce the veil,sws and more.. that would be great :)

Brianna Tremblay

I love this game

Emma Bushell

loved it Can't Stop Playing

Nalani Hunter

Awesome Awesome

Allison Irias

I'm so addicted to it

Mary Beth

Need to updat songs Theres ni 2016 songs and you cant search by artisit or theres just no playlist for ed sheeran, maklemore and ryan lewis, sleeping sirens, iprevsil, and pentatonix

kevin mulack

Hours of wasted time 3+ year player, love the game, hours of fun

Jan Davis

Only game i play! It rocks!

Mary Marker

Love it I am the songpop master

Leah Bennett

Great I like it. Easy to use something for everyone

jade otero

Obsessed I'm completely obsessed with this game. If I could play all day I would. ?

fahira sulthan

Its fun and all but the ticket is a problen for me. Like i am not old enough to have credit card and my parents won't allow me to buy with theirs and my friends from facebook doesn't even play this kind of apps so it would be nice if its like wordsteak having a spin to get tickets

Heather Fowler

Music Lover's Dream Game! I'm addicted and rightly so! If you're a music lover, look no further. This is your dream game!

Tsana Eggersglusz

Tickets Why can't one purchase tickets with the coins they have earned that would be so much better

Vince Grimm

Great improvements I love the game. Awesome songs, the new features with challenges & parties are amazing.

Andrea Smale

Totally addictive Hard to put down and everyone starts singing along!!

Melissa McLaughlin

Not working Since you have updated it I can not play because it won't load anymore. Please fix it as I love this game :)

Tenshi Narusegawa

Fun, but... Thanks for fixing the issue that the last 4-3 songs did not play while playing parties. Now the problem is that the app keeps crashing constantly and forcing close

Robert Ponville

Fun It will make you think. And MuDvAyNe death bloom is not on the new game album it's on L.D. 50 album....

Beth Crotty

Doesn't open! I've waited now 10 minutes for the game to open and load. However, it has stayed on the "Songpop 2" screen for this length of time. For a higher rating, fix this and make the game have a quicker opening time.

Caitlin Schultz

Amazing Aboustelty amazing love this app so much it's even better then the 1st one. I know most of the music and have heaps of friends playing too

Lloyd Norton

Love the app till the 4 th birthday update and now it takes 3 to 4 minutes to load......Fix That Please....

Carlos Ybarra

Great Game ? It would be better if you guys put an Adele playlist, then everything will be ok. I'll rate 5 stars if you guys do. Please put an Adele playlist.??

Kate Pelley

Totally addictive In love with it but when you play with a player of a different language, you have to play your turn in their language, please fix

Rachel Siddall

Obsessed with this game but since the last update every time I attempt to try and get a ticket via watching an advertisement - it goes to a black screen, plays the sound and doesn't give me a ticket. Otherwise, it would deffo be five stars!

Adam Aaron

Great game Love playing with my wife, even though she whoops me up

Kenna Choy

Ok The games are fine but i always couldn't load the ad to win tickets

Aalihya Hawkins

It is good to use when your bored Also I am a big fan of music so it is kinda easy for me

Candice Kandhai

Song pop I love this game ?? its so addictive can't do without it lol

Rachael Gentry

Hate it! If I could rate it a zero I would. How am I suppose to pick a song if I can't hear the music? HELLO! Isn't that THE nature of the game? Can't guess if there isn't any sound! Checked message boards and I am BY FAR not the only one having trouble but yet you are not fixing the problem.

Marek Hlava

The best game on my phone not crashing anymore You don't really need to pay to play, although I do to support the devs. It's easy and the matches are quick so you can fill any spare time you have. Update: crashes introduced in the previous version fixed!

Jane Miller

Song Pop Try to name the Song Title or Band Name before your opponents. Customize your playlists and pick challenges with opponents that have the same "taste" and strengths in music categories. Accept challenges from others. Chat too.VERY ? COOL GAME! One of my all time favorites. Always fun and challenging. Great way to remember old favorites and learn about new music too. Try IT!! ?? ????????

brianna Martin

Issues with new update... But my only issue is : since the new update's been freezing screen! Where I have to go back out of it, close it down and then go back in...but love the new things u have done with it! I hope you can fix the problem with the freezing part, if so I would give u five stars... Thank u!

Haroun Ben

Great but.. You need to fix it as the app lags and gets slow to load.. Sometimes the screen flashes, it turns black sometimes when I go check a song on Amazon/YouTube and freezes then I have to force it to stop.. It also sometimes mutes as the challenges start what gets me mad to lose for nothing.

Derrick Lim

Engaging And Nerve Wrecking The only game that I have ever played that has led me to feel so eager to play and nervous at the same time. One of the best music trivia games out there but I'm giving it a 4 star because it regularly closes itself after just 1 duel so please look into that

Megan Stam

Love this game I just love the challenge of remembering some of the greatest songs in history. There's just one thing. My phone and tablet (both android) say so now and then that the game is not responding and closes itself. Can you fix this problem?

Alexander Cascio

Good game Good gane addicting to pass the time. Sadly big performance issues with android, and deleting games as described does not work, which means you upgrade or get stuck with your current opponents.

Jackie Bones

Love it Best game ever. It's the only game that I never get bored of. I played so many games but this is the one app game i never uninstalled since I started using smartphones.

Amy Apps

Great game but you should be allowed to chat to people without power ups, that's the only thing I have against it. And some songs glitch out so I can't hear them. Also it freezes every now and then.

Jim Brewbaker

Helps me make my Library With Song Pop, with my Amazon Prime membership, I am able to build large Library of music that me and my wife loves. You can't remember all songs you like but with Song Pop it brings you back in time to remember all the healing you would get when listening to a song.

Delisa D

Watching ads for tickets is glitchy. Only work half of the time. Volume fluctuates but otherwise fun to play!

Michael Packner

Worst update ever Song Pop has always been a glitchy app, but at least it was tolerable. The new update has awesome game add one but has made the app almost unplayable. I literally just watched it crash upon opening 6 times in a row. It used to crash maybe 6 times in an hour or two span, but 6 times in two minutes without being able to access anything is a bit much. Add on the fact that it lags now when it does play essentially making me guess a first song that would take 1 second in 5 seconds instead. Hope gets fixed.

carol drummond

Don't like the new scoring system. It takes forever to master a playlist. Please make the scoring better otherwise I won't be playing again

Stephen Clarke

Great fun! A good fun game. There's no need to pay for coins as you can earn enough in the game. Been playing this for ages and it's one of the few games I keep on my phone.

Gregory Hall

Update Since the update the game is very glitchy I now cant select anything on screen.

Eugenia S

Samsung 6 Active Been playing for four years. Many improvements over that time. Keeps getting better. Keep up the great work at Freshplanet!

Leslie Ashby

Glitches =( Sound keeps malfunctioning. I can't hear some of the songs.

Stacy Garwick

Grrr Still keeps freezing and forcing close but now I made it to level 25 in the Party mode and it says I get 10 tickets but I didn't get any ? I've restarted my phone and restarted the game but nothing ugh

Jesi Ernest

Doesnt work The first song plays but then no other songs will play. I've uninstalled and redownloaded 3 times...same problem. Help??

Sonny Coker

Need to fix some bugs for free tickets for videos get one video with ticket and then watch a video and don't get one don't advertise If you can't be truthful!!

Ashley Richards

No bio/location/username Doesn't display or save any profile info that I type in or it will say "ZZ, US" as my location.. lol, I live in Neb... Pretty lame, seems like that would be a simple thing to work on the game...

Eric Dravin

? Over priced $4.99 V.I.P it should be a one time fee not monthly payment this ain't Netflix ok

Mike McGarry

Gets laggy Randomly starts to lag and a 1 second tap scores as 6 or more.

Crisse Chadwick

Addicting If you love music this game is perfect.. It's challenging, you can play against people all over the world.. And it runs great on my galaxy.


Fun but hassles you with ads Gr8 app fun to play besides all the ads and phone notifications.

Kandy Mimande

I love this game but.... Why is there an ad for an update to 2.5 in the game that links externally, but Google Play says I have the most updated version? Sounds fishy

Brooke Borderick

New update is crappy Keeps freezing, and I miss the song.

Mary Cervantes

Addicted I love to play against my friends, also like the challenge mode, either way I love that i don't have to wait for anyone lol

RockBand14 Haunterguiest

THIS IS THE BEST GUESSING GAME EVER!!!!!! Please tell me that you will make a third one? YOU NEED TO GET THIS GAME!!!!??????????

Amy Butler

Doesn't give me tickets when I watch the videos for them but that Is all that is wrong it is a very fun game to play

Anthony Poroznik

Awesome Great game. Love it. Sometimes lags a little bit but has been better recently

DeAnn Marie

Obsessed!! I play this game everyday I'm so addicted!!

Dalys Miller

Love it I love this game it's so addictive my son wants to play and im like get your own lol.

Zimontral Racks

Its hard to get more tickets to play the game also it only let me ask only 1 friend for a free ticket

Patty Gallagher

Love music! I love testing my knowledge on songs, its fun, its a challenge, kinda like that old TV show, Name That Tune! Love it!

aizatul najwa

Fun!!!! Love this game so much?????

Yvette Navarro

A music lovers dream! It is a must for all music lovers!

Mary McCoy

Love the songs. It's easy to play.

April Smith

I enjoy playing against different opponents and getting my prize everyday.

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