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13 Jul
Solarmax 2

Posted by 小米互娱 in Strategy | July 13, 2015 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

*Requires Dual Core 1GHz processor or better

The battle for Earth is over. Now, the war for the galaxy has begun. You must win every battle swiftly, decisively, and permanently. Command our fleet and lead us to victory.

Solarmax is a streamlined strategy game of interplanetary war. Colonize planets, build hundreds of starships, and use superior tactics to overwhelm your opponents.

- Aggressive and unforgiving AI
- 36 missions of increasing difficulty
- 3 speed settings: half, normal, and double speed
- Intuitive controls and interface
- Beautiful HD graphics
- Original music score

Whats new

    Latest Update:
    1. Fix for game crashing on some devices
    Previous version:
    1. Fixed OpenSSL security vulnerability
    2. Fixed bug when selecting difficulty
    3. Lowered filesize and initial loading time

小米互娱 part of our Strategy and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 13, 2015. Google play rating is 92.3928. Current verison is 1.1.3. Actual size 37.0 MB.

Download solarmax-2.apk 37.0 MB


N. Shane Wongsriphorn

Fun but difficult Great game but needs more levels. Also the game AI is too powerful still haven't beat the last level on hard mode after a million ties.

Jac Alexandru

Holy cow That's how cool this game is! Plenty of levels and not that easy to pass them. Genius!

Matthew Edmondson

One of the best games on the Play Store! Buy it.... Its amazing. I was worried about buying the game with so few downloads, but it was worth it. Brilliant game! Well done and thank you! I hope there will be more levels!

Leo Krüger

Good, but I have a problem The game is good and addictive. But I can't seem to set the difficulty level on my S4! I kinda need to get past lvl 21, but I can't set it to easy as all!!

joshua mccarthy

Really great game Strangely has an excellent storyline, supported by amazing music and well executed controls. Great fun to play and just the right amount of challenge on medium.... Now to go for hard

Liam Sealey

Good time waster I love this game. Its quickly finished but I still love it none the less. It takes a bit of getting used too but the video for this game does not domit justice, as there are many unique elements you dont see. I hope it trends and I look forward to the next one :)

Iris Thomas

Needs more I love the game and beat it the first day I got it. I went back and kept playing the levels I thought were hard and had fun doing so. There are only 36 levels and that is it. I think if you add a multiplayer, skirmish, or custom mode that would really push this game over the top... keep the updates coming

Will Pommerening

Amazing I love this game. The gameplay is intuitive, the enemies are fun. The game tells a story with music. My only complaint is a glitch where I cannot change difficulties. If that was fixed, it'd be great. More levels would also be pretty great.

Guy Passy

Great game Played it on Newgrounds - had to have it on a touch device. Though the flash version either defaults to hard or simply has a harder setting because I played it on normal and it was the same as the hard version here...

Alex Libengood

Excellent Game A beautiful game that is refined, and a joy to play. Lots of levels that advance in abilities and difficulty. If this game had multi-player, I'm afraid I would never get anything done! Would love to see an update with more advanced levels! Thank you for the joy it has been to play this refreshing game!

Lukas Gabi

Awesome and fluid I'd give it 5 stars just for the performance, very fluid ui, no frame drops. if only all the apps were that smooth. the game is also very cool, although the game mechanics get a bit boring after a while, luckily there are different types of battlestations to keep it interesting. explanation is very short, I'm not sure if bigger planets are better or whether different sizes are there purely for aesthetics.

John Doe

Amazing It's hard to overstate the simple elegance of this game. The physics are extremely well executed. The music is perfect. The entire concept is so well thought out. This is what mobile gaming should be. If that weren't enough they found a way to introduce drama. Can you you defeat the dark swarm...?

Eric Laszakovits

Good game...but some issues This is a fun game. I can spend my time on it and enjoy most of the levels. The problem is that the difficulty buttons do not allow me to change the game difficulty from regular. If that can be fixed, 5 stars...

Chris Free

Was fun until the shadow enemies show up The shadow enemies are too difficult and greatly diminish the sense of fairness in the game. Fortunately, they don't come until the last few levels. Also, feels short at 36 levels. But, overall, I really enjoyed the game. It plays well, and is aesthetically pleasing. I also have trouble switching the difficulty on my nexus 10, but if I fast tap the difficulty I want, it eventually switches. Not sure what the glitch is here, but I found a workaround. Overall, I really liked it!

Ilya Kogan

Near Perfect Of all the mobile games I've ever played, this one stuck with me the longest. It epitomizes easy to learn but difficult to master. I can't imagine any difficulty but hard being interesting. The touch controls are near perfect, though I wish there was an easier way to split groups and notice that you're still splitting groups in subsequent moves. The game is great for longer sessions or quick attempts while in the bathroom.

Jian'an Ong

Loved it! Beautifully intriguing, stunningly captivating. This is a joy to play and the frustration for some levels makes it all the more satisfying when it is overcome. Brilliant!

Maxwell Brown

Awesome game. Worth the price Saw the game up on Steam Greenlight and thought it looked awesome, but figured it would be a hell of a lot better on a touch screen, so I got it for my phone ASAP. Honestly, from the trailer it looks simple, easy and amazing. After playing it, it may be simple, but its much more difficult than you'd guess and much more fun. And now I have all 108 stars. I want more.

Dennis van der Wal

Quick to play, fun to beat. This is by far the best game I have played on my phone. It is perfect just to pick up when commuting, although can be addictive at times. It looks brilliantly, the controls and game mechanics are really easy to get into, and yet the game itself is pretty challenging. All of this has made Solarmax 2 the new measuring stick by which I judge other mobile games. Really well done Nico Tuason.

Benjamin Kearney

Brilliant Great game, very well designed and very addictive. Hard to think a concept so simple could be so fun. only thing that could make it better I think could be a multiplayer mode, maybe on a larger scale too (im thinking 20-30 planets ) although I imagine that could be a challenge performance-wise. even just a single player custom skirmish mode would be a cool extra feature as there are only so many levels


Hidden gem! At first the decent graphics caught my eye, but that turned out to only be the icing on the cake. The game as a whole is amazing: fast paced and difficult, but not impossible if you have decent reflexes, and there's even a tiny storyline with twist near the end. However, what really seals the deal is the music. Buy this game, it's worth it!

Waine James

Blown Away Up there with Osmos and the Quell series as one of the best presented and most playable games on the platform. This deserves many many more downloads.

Randy Purcell

Puts Galcon To Shame I would gladly pay $10 for online feature and custom matches. Also please add an option to start with desired game speed and unit percents. It can be frustrating on hard having to slow the game after match starts would rather start slow and at 50% troops. Overall THE BEST SPACE RTS I have ever played by far. Edit: Every week I don't see an update I'm dropping a star. This game has no value whatsoever once it's beaten. Seriously can we please get an update. I've had this game sitting here for months while I wait for more. I'll spend money for additional features cm on dev one update and I'll put you back at 5 stars.

joe walter

Good game play, like the fast forward option Note 4. Can't s switch between difficulty levels, stuck on medium. Abby thoughts?

dill pick

Great game The music is awsome, the game play is great. I love the wayvthe enemy fights, it's not like most strategy games. The enemy reinvents itself. Please make another! Or level packs

Patrick Vaughan

Love it, but needs more content This could use a skirmish mode or even a custom battle mode. I played the original game and I have to say this is much better and I got my money's worth

Bertrand FAURE

Great game ! It's a galcon-like but with better gameplay balance, better graphics, better ambiance and more ... Buy this game, you won't regret ! It reminds me Osmos in terms of realisation.

ZeroG Xo

Must buy 1 of the best r t s games going it is simple Awesome wish they would add more levels and a level editor when you complete the game and a multiplayer option would be ace.

Johan Cortes Montenegro

One of the best games I've played The bar to select the amount of "soldiers" is sometimes hidden by your own finger. But the playability, the music and the idea is awesome

Nathanael Roome

Amazing Yep this game is one of the best in the genre. Really well made, love the game play, the graphics, the music and especially the AI. Please add a random map generator or something though I've completed on hard and NEED more :)

Jared Nunemacher

Very Clean and Simple But Challenging This is definitely an 'under the radar' strategy game, and I'm glad I stumbled across it. Very simple controls, but well executed levels. Excellent graphics and theming! Would be cool to have a level designer, but not sure if that's possible with the AI engine.

Jack Carr

The app won't let me change my difficulty. I assume it's just my phone, so still 4 stars

Alex Knox

Rad game The best game I have purchased yet. Very cool idea and super fun. I wish there were more levels though, I beat it in 3hrs playing nonstop.

Jacob Zuehlke

Great game Well worth the price. Was able to change the difficulty on my S4 by tapping on the very top of the screen above the star

Nick Chebykin

Galcon 2.0 The game is perfect. I'd only like to have little more for what i paid. Don't get me wrong, but the game is short. I lack single player with random symmetric maps. Thanks for the game!

Sal Pena

Love this game I replay the difficult levels because it's so fun. Would love if the dev threw a few new levels our way. Would probably pay for them too.


Simple but fun I love beautiful design and music. AI is challenging on hard level.

Jeff Statt

Great game It's got that perfect "complexity from simplicity" thing going. You do have to give it a few levels before you totally get the idea. Took only a few days to beat it so it could use a bunch more levels. Otherwise a really superb and refined game.

Robin Lennox

Great game. Missing skirmish and multiplayer!

vicki shepherd

You can't beat the very last levels on the hard setting despite the usual people who claim they can do it. It's a shame because a game you can never win soon loses it apeal fast and you can't recommend it to others.

Michael Elliott

Good game I would have scored it higher if there were more levels.

Vitaliy Mikhaylov

I want more levels

Richard Maass

Difficulty locked The game itself is great, fun dynamic strategy play, but the difficulty level is locked on normal. I've beaten all the levels on normal, and since the difficulty is stuck I can't switch it to hard, so there's nothing new to play until new levels are added or this bug is fixed.

Carlos Henrique

Great game, finally got to the last level today on Hard. There's a bug with the UI on my S6, I had to press like 20 times the "Hard" option before it got selected.

Hafizh Alkarim

Simple and Beautiful Can be a stress reliever. Not very addictive so can be played from time to time without getting bored. The AI's difficulty is well done. Easy for those who want to experience victory, and hard for those who love challenge.

Joshua Carlson

Best Strategy Game! So I'm a big Strategy Genre fan... "Little Starts for Little Wars 2", "Little Big War Game 2", "Blue Libra", etc... This is the best and deepest one I've played. Hard, challenging, but left me begging for more! More levels please!

Christensen. Ethan

Great game The graphics are beautiful and the game play is fun. The sound and music are also great, but when there are too many sounds playing at the same time, the music starts to crackle. The difficulty levels aren't that different from each other. Easy is pretty much just as difficult as hard. Don't let that keep you from buying this, though. It's worth every penny and more. This game rocks!

Tim Moore

Fast paced RTS Really nice game. My only criticism is that splitting forces to attack two planets is a bit clunky. Perhaps allow a drag to tag multiple targets and split the ships between them?


Great game! Was hesitant to purchase because i didn't see any info for degree of difficulty. Happy to say it has 3 selections, easy medium and hard. Appears to be identical to the online version.. I've completed all the difficulty levels on PC but i still like to replay all the levels. The music is relaxing, only change i would like to see is a timer. It would be fun to beat your previous times.

Joel Sobers

Please add more This game has the potential to be great, even spectacular. If you need any ideas on what to add ask the ones that have been playing this game and love it. We want more for this and the money we've spent on this game was so worth it. So all we ask is for more or maybe a new game mode with like 30planets. But anyways thx for the great game and I hope you keep making it better

Vojtech Pilar

Love it! The only reason I didn't give you 5 starts is because I want more lvls.

Tony Buboltz

Great game with so much room to evolve I wasnt really looking to spend my last couple bycks on my cards but i love galaxyir Nd sins of a solar empire And im really happy i did

Rob -

Awfully balanced Got to level 34, after that, the game tries to prolong the play by the black team spawning. The black team are much more faster at moving and claiming areas than you are, you have no chance at countering this enemy.

Gavin Bourge

Don't stop Don't stop adding to the game....add creating custom maps....add more campaign....add simple PvP maps ...there are more downloads and more money to be made... just continue to update and it will become great...also a fan of solarmax1 on Kongregate/Armorgames...Write back :)

Maxwell Schmidt

Favorite space stradegy game I have this on both of my devices and it's one of the funest space rts games I have ever played. Definitely worth your while! GET THIS GAME!!!!!!

Tamilore Simpson

Simply amazing Started out giving it 4 stars because I was pretty blown away from the start, now I'm updating it to 5 (it's worth every penny).

Matthew Williamson

Excellent A game which sets new highs for RTS on mobile devices and tablets.

Paul Forster

Addictive A really addictive RTS game. Final level is pretty hard too, I hope they add more levels.

Pi Tao

Want to love it Sound constantly crackles when playing and lag in later levels. Game itself is fantastic.

Jeremy Wall

Love love love this game. Please make another or add more levels.

Kevin Akin

Very nice. Please add some more Levels and a multiplayer with some ranks

Dan Levesque

Fantastic Beautiful, relaxing but a fun challenge at the same time. The difficulty levels could be a little higher, and the AI is limited, but still well workth the purchase.

Andy Cross

Loved it! Played for free on PC and still bought it for mobile this game is definitely worth.

Erin Jones

Awesome Greatly improved on the original, which was a great game to start with. Difficult but not frustrating. Keeps you engaged.

Lon Mangan

Thank you! Thanks for fixing the crash problem. It's really nice to have my game working again. I still play once in a while even having beat it several times.

Shi-ni Kanzuru

Epic Love the sounds, the fluid motion and graphics, the challenge. Awesome, simply amazing.

Matt Ford

Awesome game again! Thanks for fixing the issue! Back to being a five star game for me!

Nicholas Boxold

Great concept Great game, with surprisingly great replayability. I'd buy another version our an expansion if they come it with one!

Muninn Myrkvi

Stellar Experience The game is short; I finished it on Hard in a day. But it is well-polished and provides a fantastic experience. The music is gorgeous.

Shane Larsen

Excellent. More levels plz. Willing to pay ?

Alan Meiss

Wonderful! Great fast-paced and addictive real time strategy game.

Augusto Barreto-Molina

Amazing game Sets the standard for this genre. Loved the original and have waited so long to finally see it on mobile. Great game!

Manasseh Daughdrill

I love this game

John Markert

Great title! For the most part I do not play games on a phone but that one is an exception. Great minimalist graphics combined with that strange thing that leaves one wanting to play more of it.

Richard Maass

Fun active strategy game The game itself is great, fun dynamic strategy play... Please add more levels! (as a reward for beating all the current ones on hard?)

Michael Onatolu

Won't open on nexus 6 after latest update. Works on the nexus 7 fine.

Mitchell Anderson

Best game I have ever played You have done well. I have played through this game twice and I savor every level. I will never understand why games like ice are downloaded more. Stick with it. You are doing amazing things. Download this game immediately. Waiting for the sequel.

sean flynn

will not open on my Note 4 after latest update... I love this game but it refuses to open on Note 4 after recent update

Rob -

Unbalanced and short the game tries to prolong the play by the black team spawning. The black team are much more faster at moving and claiming areas than you are, you have no chance at countering on they've claimed enough planets. Also, the game is too short for the price. I'll update my score once there more balance and more levels.


Similar to auralux.. But this game is much better! Was hesitant to purchase because i didn't see any info for degree of difficulty. Happy to say it has 3 selections, easy medium and hard. Appears to be identical to the online version.. I've completed all the difficulty levels on PC but i still like to replay all the levels. The music is relaxing, only change i would like to see is a timer. It would be fun to beat your previous times.

Terry Krug II

Far too short Okay so, the biggest problem this game has is replayability. It's a great game, and I love it to bits, but what it DESPERATELY NEEDS is a random level generator. The same levels get very dull after a while, and it's gotten to the point of muscle memory instead of any real strategy. This is a HUGE problem. If the devs take the time to add a level generator, I might reconsider my score, but for now they have to live with it.

Joel Forman

Awesome! Beat the online version and downloaded the tablet version. Very challenging. I like how a storyline seems to take form as you play even without dialogue. The only improvement would be to make it so that multiple planets can be selected like the online version.

Simon Blackwell

Good but too easy and too short Needs a random level generator as you can compete all 36 levels in a few hours leaving very little replay value.

Kian Kazem

Too short,it has ended soon

Ken Magalnik

Absolutely love it. The learning curve isn't very linear. Once the dark ones show up, I started doubting if the game could be beat. But it can.

Alex Pace

Love it This game is challenging without being impossible and is very fun.

Josh R

There's a lot to love about this game. First off, the score is absolutely fantastic; there are times when I want to play it just to listen to the ambient music. Next is the graphics. I was blown away by how smooth and brilliant the game is without throwing too much at your eyes. The gameplay is phenomenal, though splitting ships between planets gets a little hectic on the last three levels because of Black's speed and ruthlessness in attack. Speaking of the AI, I love how challenging and unforgiving it gets at times, forcing you to really think on your toes when you start out on a level playing field. My only gripe with it, as I've said above, is the way in which you divide your forces. Sometimes a split second is all it takes for the AI to get an advantage, and the additional time it takes to move that slider about makes things a bit more challenging. Overall, this game is so worth your money. It's improved greatly on the original (which is also brilliant and I recommend playing it) and I hope the devs keep it up. It's right up there with Sky Force.

gimmieURBRAIN -

Unbalanced and short the game tries to prolong the play by the black team spawning. The black team are much more faster at moving, claiming planets, and multiplying. Also, the game is too short for the price. I'll update my score once there more balance and more levels.

Duan Joubert

Just excellent Wish there was a random level generator for some extra battles.

C.J. Golobish

Perfect For this style of strategy game this is the shining example. I wish there were more levels, but I still go back and reset my progress every few months. It's wonderful.

Shane Larsen

Excellent. More levels plz. Willing to pay ?

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