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16 Nov
Solar System Scope

Posted by INOVE, s.r.o. in Education | Nov. 16, 2015 | 140 Comments

Apk file size: 32.0 MB

This is free, ad-supported version of SolarSystemScope.
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3D simulation of the Solar System and night sky - real time virtual orrery and observatory
- Android version of
- Requires at least 50 MB of free space on card to open correctly
- Languages available: english, spanish, german, russian, italian, korean, slovak

- Heliocentric view with real-time positions of planets and planetary orbits
- Schematic and realistic sizes of the planets and distances between them
- Movement of the planets in time to see how they move in relation to each other - Virtual Orrery 
- Planetary exploration with info texts, images and additional views such as structure 
- Moons (Galilean moons, Deimos & Phobos, Titan and 15 others)
- Dwarf planets (Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake. Eris) and their orbits
- Comets (Siding Spring, Lovejoy 2013, Lovejoy 2011, Panstarrs, ISON, Halley, 67P, 209P) - positions and trajectories
- Spacecraft Rosetta and its journey to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

- Stars and constellation of the night sky as viewed from a given location - Virtual Observatory
- Interactive night sky: point the device at the sky to see all objects in their proper place
- Changes in the night sky during night, month and year 
- Advanced searching of the objects
- Ecliptic line, grid lines and more

Whats new

    Bug fixes
    - new languages: Portuguese, French, Polish
    - new language: German (French soon)
    - minor user interface improvements

INOVE, s.r.o. part of our Education and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Nov. 16, 2015. Google play rating is 87.3013. Current verison is 2.6.0. Actual size 32.0 MB.

Download solar-system-scope.apk 32.0 MB


Purno Limbu

Stuck on display It's taking to late to starting this app tho not use to open this app after updated . I tried many a time but can't open plz plz fixe it the bugs.

Vici Sokolov

Useful interesting Great interactive way to teach my kid about our solar system. Well done

Janek Kowalski

How did you make this?! Omg! This is the best app I ever seen. I want to give you 1000000 star rating but I can't.

Amsyar Inferno

:) I just want you to add Vesta,Juno,Pallas and Sedna. (im not forcing but I would be quite happy if u added em) Other than that,everything is OK!

Michael Pylatiuk

Froze on start up Never got to see this app work, it just freezers, btw I wondered why they needed to know my device id? Uninstalling

Android smart guy

Cool love it Please add a scope in the surface I want to see the surface of planet and add some feature like satellite,rocks,space ship :D

Samoun EL

Great! Before I studied about Solar System only in book. This app explains everything.

sherif fuad

Good But rotation of Uranus and Pluto need to be fixed,,, Eris rotation not for sure yet

George Allen

Love it,can't wait till we see the little bit of universes we can't without long distance satellites.

Keith Dawson

Love it Great idea, beautifully presented. Even those not interested in the solar system are wowwed by it. And ad free now? Fab. :)

Walhalla Dome

Bad experience No manual controls, only magnetic sensor, and that isn't even responsive. Stay fixed on southwest. Overall pretty useless. Don't know why good ratings probably impressed by graphics. Uninstalled though.

sanskar sharma

WoHHO..!! This app is tge best app for children who feel to discover the world

Farrel Keane

Good not bad Its just like solar walk but its free

Eric Fitzgerald

Might be the best app on the market. Seriously Absolutely love this app. I can't believe they didn't update ceres info!

Martin Ngambi

BEST ON THE MARKET This app is so good and the developers are so unselfish to give it for free.You could make serious money with such skills

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Cant open..... I cant open this app beacause taking too long to starting :-(

sergey T

v 2.4.0 no more work night sky mode. (Galaxy s5, android 5.0)

Jimmy Farmer

Stuck on starting screen It does nothing except set on the starting screen .


Really awesome No ads thanks a lot

Jeremiah James Mercado

GREAT EDUCATIONAL APP !!!???? But I can't see dwarf planet sedna and i can't visit other systems or other stars but realistic !!!!,.???

DjHappy Raver

Paradise to astronomy. AWESOME AWESOME and again ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT...!

T-Rex Note Edge

YOU ARE !!! You help me save money not to buy a Scope ! This is really great and awesome because it's the best Solar System displaying which I have ever seen !

Gabrielle Howell

How long does it take to start up the app?


The only minus is that there is no red display. At least I didn't find it.

Davit Ayvazyan

Telescope mode not working. Please fix it.

Ahmed Salah

Amazing Really like the concept and it is such a brilliant tool to help people understand the solar system

Ben Schumacher

Wow! Allows a perspective of our solar system that is hard to wrap your head around. Too cool.

Nathaniel Taylor

NTAY The Heavens Are Open!!

Team Edukasi

Great and excellent Make learning more exited

Raymond F. Parnell

Great app Lots of good information about the planets and stars.

joshua buchanan

Great One of my favorites keep up the wonderful work

Chris Conklin

3D Love the real time 3D perspective.

Lingathbava Shiva

Not working Hi, After updating without adds this app is not working. Kingly tell the solution for this getting stuck in starting screen... please fix the bug...

Lazar Kostic

This is by far the most beautiful and educational app regarding our solar system. Amazing!!!!!!

titi makelele

Nice Verry good app

Chris Olewnik

Please update for Lollypop 5.0.1! Please update for Lollypop 5.0.1! I loved this app but it stopped working when my phone was updated to Lollypop 5.0.1! I tried reinstalling but with no luck... I've also tried contacting the developers directly but with no response!

Barrie Squires

Solar System scope Brilliant

Kwesi Agyen

Takes too long to load

Eugene Agibalov

Its not start after last update ((( Its my favorite application but after last update I can't start it. Please, help

Seth Renigar

Best solar system app I've ever seen for a mobile device There may be better on a pc/mac. But for a mobile, this is awesome. Plus, this mobile can do things that even the pc/mac apps can't do, like real time GPS based point and view. Simply brilliant.

Manu Anand S

Superb App Kudos to the developers. This is an epic app for all those who love space and astronomy

Zidd Strife

its a good app, the only thing i dont like is that it doesn't show or give any information on things like distant stars or comets, it only gives the name and location. if that were fixed then i will rate 5 stars and recommend this app to my friends and family

Michelle Briscoe

Amazing! Now that it's working on my device I'm very excited! Worth the wait!

J6lacrant R

Great! If this was the only app availablever, then I would be okay with it. Free AND works what a concept.

Ken Ferus

Well done! Excellent app. Great learning/teaching tool, and just fun to use. Haven't had any problems with it. Also great to use to look up at the night sky and identify the constellations and visible planets on a clear night.

Siva Sankaran

Very useful! It has everything to know about our solar system..this has helped me a lot,I would gave 10 stars...please also include more such as the asteroid belt, Oort cloud etc....

james lafayette

Uhh... When you go to -9999 years, Neptune has magically disappeared. I'm starting to now formulate a theory for this. Has Neptune been nonexistent, or everything that NASA and elementary school has taught us about it a big alien home world coverup?

Shunyam Ehsaas

Very Informative My favourite at present. I used to rely on Google Sky Map but they never actually updated it. But this app needs no updates at all. Visually stunning, informative and user friendly, this app is my night-buddy when m under the starry sky. A must have for everyone. Its so educational afterall.

Jose Cruz

This app is perfect The work that went into this app is spectacular. As far as I know it is the best app for astronomy enthusiasts. You can switch between 3d solar system view and night sky view, so it is great for anyone who wants to see constellations and planet positions from their location in real time. I recommend for anyone who loves space. Still wondering if you should get this app? Get it.

Asif Raoof

A very good app.... It helped me a lot.... (Y)

obada Ayman

Magnificent app but if you put more languages like (arabic, Turkish) he will be more helpful for a lot of people's any way this app help me and help my kids today know more about our solar system fabulous app love it

Joshua Barton

Great app I really like this app but at some point it stopped working. Have tried clearing the cache and data, and even uninstalling and reinstalling and it still won't load past the initial "Starting" screen......Thanks for the update!

Leo Kaplun

Best astronomy app Just amazing what they've put into a phone app


Will not run but now running great love it It stuck on startng screen. Never really starts up. I uninstall it and re-install but it just stock on the start up screen. I have note 4. Please fix it I love to use it. After the new update the app is amazing. I did change my rating like promised.

Galuh Fadilla Rizaldi

Magnificent Great job for everyone who fix the bugs.

Jacob Tan

Can't open Jovian Planets / Gas Giants, Mars, The Moons, The Dwarf Planets, and the Comets can't show

Asa faly rayyan

Awesome I'll give 5 stars when you make orbit path more accuracy. It should be oval for earth orbit path :)

Md Hasmat

Excellent Best app in the playstore

Robert Flores

Bobby Very Good!

Abdurrahman Roshan

semply loved it :D

Alsid Prime

The best by far Easily the best solar system viewer available.

giri babu

amazing app good app and very useful for kids

shashvyn jainash

Why I can't visit mars at all while I can visit the others please fix that. :)

Ayush Maheshwari

This app is 3 starred becoz This app stops a lot nd also drains out a lot of battery

Ryan Ball

Great app! So I decided to orbit Neptune. I rotated it until the sun was right on top of Neptune. I fast forward through time as fast as it can go to see how long it took for Neptune to orbit the sun according to the app. So according to the app, when the sun returned to the top of Neptune it took 164 years according to the app. I googled it and the site that it took me to said it takes Neptune 164.79 years! I was not expecting it to be that accurate! Amazing app!

Travis Shoemaker

Awesome! Very entertaining and informative app! One thing strikes me funny though, check out Mars around the middle of October, 2014...

Simon Ashdown

I contacted the dev re: ads So I contacted the developer, and voiced my displeasure with the new advertisements.... He replied very quickly, and said that there will be a paid version of the app available soon. Too be honest, this is OKAY. This is an excellent app, and I am more then happy to pay a little to both remove the ads & support the development. I know many of us are still angry over having bright white ad banners across our screen while our eyes are adapted too the dark night sky, but we have to give the developers credit.

Guillermo Jimenez

It keeps freezing Every time when I go back I time or to zoom in or out it keeps freezing.Can u fix it I'll rate it 5 stars.

Jason Evans

FANTASTIC Awesome app, superb features, great info, love it. FANTASTIC.

Eddie Molloy

Brilliant It starts off great then the more time you spend on the app the more you'll enjoy it, has alot of information and will entertain you for hours xx to the ppl complaining about ads seriously get a life, your using a free app how else will the production staff get paid you fools, you wouldn't go to work for nothing but so quick to expect app developers too when there actually smarter than most people

Tim Riener

Possibly Great App -- can't tell Why a 1-star rating? It's the advertisements. They are essential to developers, so I don't begrudge developers for even moderately intrusive ads. But the ads in this app are so bad that I can't even decide if the app is with paying for in order to kill the ads. Too bad. App looks possibly very, very good.

weston niemeyer

Horrible! Just horrible, if you really want a good space game go to steam and buy universe sandbox 2.

Rodrigo Lopez

Solar System Scope 2.6 An astronomy app with lots of potential. Sadly ruined by very, very intrusive adds. Rather than making me want to pay for the app the ads have put me off completely.

David Brown

Good App, Ruined by Ads This is a pretty sweet app. However, the app is so intrusive that it blocks a lot of the screen. I understand that developers want to make money from their hard work, but this is not the way to do it. You can either have paid versions of the app, or allocate space for non intrusive ads.

Thomas Clowdus


Leah Dominguez

Great Sandbox Simulator Games like sandbox are pretty open and you control the world as you see fit, and for those who give it a low rating just because it freezes isnt the developers fault. Its the processor of your device that cannot handle the RAM of the application. Get better tech then give it a rating. This game is so marvellous and beautiful and there is so much science into it obviously. I recommend it to anyone with the curiosity of how the universe works.

Abdul Wasae Tariq

Can't live without it This is one of my absolute favorite applications of all time. I love the cosmos


UPDATE SUCKS! ADS SUCK! I will be uninstalling this app, due to the new update! Having ads now, really takes the whole fun out of it!

kevin harper

Accurate sky map and best since Google Sky Map. I would like to pay them for what they've done and to keep refining this app. The solar system view to see the positions of the planets is superb. I like to run the planets forward so I can see when conjunctions will happen. I marked my calendar for last October to see Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in the morning sky. I also wound up seeing comet 67p where Rosetta landed. So far there's only one small problem - when the time is not set to the present, the telescope mode doesn't work as it should. For example, pointing the north gives a much different direction on the app. This bug is no big deal though because the sky map only makes sense when the time is set to the present.

Jen A

Amazing but fine print This is a fantastic app. 3D! Colorful! Descriptive! Informative! Great for adults and child alike! One downside: I wish I could increase the font.

All Betts

Works OK under Android 4 but the sky-map won't work on either of the Lollipop devices I tried. Come on, update your apps for Lollipop - it's been out long enough!!

paul gould

s5 pointed mobile at the nearly full moon and its a pic of the sun..this app dont work..with gps on pants

Roman Furman

I love how you can learn so much about the different planets. ☺??

Owen M

Free Tried it and I liked it very much, so will keep it on my blower

karan joshi

Amazing app Thanks to this app now I can differentiate between a star and a planet :)

Christopher Rivera

I Live In Space, And Love It Too Awesome app, thanks guys!! Great information, easy to use too. I like how you can see daylight from the night on all the different planets & moons, the world clock is a nice touch too.

Kapil Sharma

Awesome Its a nice app but it only lacks 1thing.while exploring a planet,we cannot see another planet

Clyde Pubill

Wow!!! This has to be one of the coolest as appt I've seen. If you got kids that are science Geeks, then they will love this appt.

Joe Ryan

The Ads are annoying I've used this app before and loved it.Now it has ads and they're very annoying. Please remove them and can you make things more life like like.....

Slender Ying

Why ADS..... ADS ARE RUINING IT! The pluto image isnt update, it is still the photo back in 2011. Please update the new image from pluto!

Eleseo Grangos

Love it Best solar system map app thing that is easy to use... great job recommend this app to any treky fans

Jayesh Kalthe

Flashy Ads The new update has ruined this app completely. Ads keep flashing and ruin the whole fun of the space exploration.

Alwin felix abraham

Spectacular It would be even more better by adding new horizon space mission like that of Rosetta mission and moon of pluto

Anthony Gomes

Good my brothers son learned about planets by this app and my son too

karim Ahmed

Amazing Reality + educational I love it

Christopher Perry

Dude, make the ad-free version available concurrently with the ad-supported version.

Jeremy Skinner

Solar system Amazing accurate information of our place in deep dark space

Blake Downs

Looks awsome It looks cool I like space

Mike Kulasinski

I love it Please add some background music

santana ramon

Really Good Lots of Info and Cool to look at

Page Smith

Love the app, just wish I could rotate the screen when in telescope mode instead of having to spin in circles like an idiot

Silvia Vilcane

Can not open, just advertising app

Roy Britten

... and with the update comes... ... the ads. Uninstalled.

Roi Christian Barcimo

Solarific Its very useful to school?

Gavin Huynh

I rate negative stars Freezes whenever I tap something its annoying

Anju Alex

Excellent Very good application thanks

Logan Orlikoski

I'd love to look at this but... It keeps freezing when ever I do something like explore Jupiter it keeps freezing and won't stop I will give you five stars if you fix this

Ellie Chamberlain

So cool Walk outside and find ur zodiac , search for the big dipper with your family, and even try to scout out the little dipper with ur best friends at a slumber party... That's a great way to get a great late afternoon started...


Wow its Amazing App I can use it for my children's education

Lalo Gi

in love!!!! best space app ever created. Very accurate and extraordinary information even better than Google sky maps. Thank you for being free.

Michele Johnson

great app for the solar system Lots of information, including being able to see how the planets and other bodies in the solar system will be positioned in the future.

Elishs Ashiruka Lusangalu

I spent a lot of time studying these. Lovely.

Dimache Sebastian

Merge foarte bine. Nu am ce sa reprosez. This app is just wonderful already only one thing would make it even better. my idea is to make some kind of calibration option like using camera phone pointed to sun , this way should be perfectly calibrated the map with the real view of the sky from a certain point of view.

fred bearster

LOVE IT In this app I discoverd that the sun is a yellow dwarf and I didnt know that ther is more dwarf planets not just ploto : )

Steve Ball

Ads I uninstalled it when I wanted to use it but instead accidently clicked on ads. I would love an ad free version.

Tahir Bashir

Great app Great interactive app for kids. Nice 3d and information about solar system. Highly recommended!

Steve Govea

WOW Jaw dropping view. GREAT APP. Very helpful when trying to explain to my 6 year old about the solar system.

Richard Hoak

GREAT APP! Lots of fun and VERY useful too. I would give this app 10 stars if possible.

Dorjan McCant

Good game but It's a good game but I wanna destroy planets?

Norman Syarif

Great app. But sometimes it's frozen in my phone

Austin Blanchard

Crazy cool It has a gyro view feature that makes it like no other

Uzair Ahmad

Very very nice More knowledge I like very nice we happy know our universal I love it plz downloads and enjoy plz kindly updated the appa

Rohith Shenoy

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Love it. Wonderful work developers! I know the ads can kind of get in your way but hey! It also has a paid version! And it's definitely worth it. Not just for removing the ads, but for supporting the dev team as well. I just want this app to get better and better and more informative!Also I would like to suggest an addition to it.You can make the app use the phone's GPS system to find out the location as it's hard to type in the coordinates every time I open it. Or if not, maybe it can save the coordinates?

Ted LeMoine

The ad banner is insanely dumb The graphics and layout should make this a 5 star app. I don't mind watching a video or short advertisement. But to continue an ad screen that say "ad covers page?" really serving no purpose other than ruining the experience

Andrew Bayles

Really great This is the best of the solar system apps I've found for Android. It's smooth, intuitive, and beautiful! My only gripe is that the images and data haven't been updated in a while. So, for example, the models of Ceres and Pluto still use artistic renderings from before the Dawn and New Horizons missions, and the information on the Rosetta spacecraft and Philae lander are all in the future tense, even though it's already happened!

Abdul Aziz Rangrez

Can't put it down for 2 hours This is the best app I have ever seen.You can search for planet, stars,comets, and even moons, dwarf planet, also even structure of planets, time settings and much more!!!Must download

Ed Felty

Simply Amazing! What a stunning and accurate app! Stelarium and another app aren't needed anymore, so the 85mb size of this app & Pro upgrade is actually a space saver. Also, for a buck ninety, the Pro version is well worth it!

Crazzy Creeper49

This is extremely epic I can see all the planets up in the sky its SOOOooooo usefull

Corey Chambers

Very good app I see all planets and the hot sun

Danilo Medalla

Whats this When i try this app i assume venus and uranus will go clockwise,turns out they're all counter clockwise. Is it an old misconception? Or is it a bug? I bet we need accurate information.

Alexandru IVAN

I love this app... ...but if quit and come back again, my settings will change to the way they were before. Please stop changing my settings!

Carmelita Law

Great app for kids The images and facts of not only the planets but also their moons and constellations is wonderful.

xx pro gamer 2200 8

HATE IT After using this game I killed my whole family then I moved to Canada and that place is horrible like this app and my life

Keith Thornton

Really cool app I love bring able to see the planets positions and orbits as well as the handy info. Really cool that it includes the dwarf planets; I hope they add Makemake's newly discovered moon soon. *A word to the developers- please make an app like this for our galaxy and/or the visible universe

Parshwa Nita

Very nice app But one problem , it is not show 'asteroid belt' and ' kuiper belt ' in our solar system

Jesse Otero

BEST This app is really cool, But you should update the dwarf planets with the new pictures that were taken in think in April i'm not sure when they were taken but they got new pics if the dwarf planets. Other then that this app is amazing.

Robert Smith

Love this app, but... Same as other reviews, on my s5 the scope feature shows a plain black "sky" after using the app a couple of times, although them first couple of times it all works perfectly - updates have fixed this issue, thank you :-) love the app!

Im Buster6404

1 problem How do you turn off the camera thing where what ever direction my phone is facing the camera faces so please fix its so annoying

Christian Harry

Not to scale Which is the most impressive part of out solar system Jupiter and saturn are the size of our sun and the planets are about 100x farther away than depicted. What is the point in changing the actual proportions?

Basim Ali

Love it!!! A great informative app, the best one i have ever used and guess what, you do not need gps to see the planets from where you are standing, you just need to pin point your location on world map that is included in the app and voala!

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