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6 Jan
Solar System 3D

Posted by CyberLemons in Education | Jan. 6, 2014 | 65 Comments

Apk file size: 48.0 MB

Solar System 3D is an educational application for anyone interested in our amazing space.
Take a journey to our solar system with this app now.

- 3D space navigation
- Entire solar system with the Sun, 8 major planets and the Moon.
- Wikipedia information about each astro
- Timer setting with speed up options to learn the spinning and orbiting basics of the solar system
- Fantastic simulation of the Earth's seasonal tilt degree and day-night simulation based on your device global location.
- Fair clouds, ambient night view and atmosphere simulation for our planet Earth.
- Real scale factor on the planet size, spin/orbit speed and distance to sun.

CyberLemons part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 6, 2014. Google play rating is 85.4787. Current verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 48.0 MB.

Download solar-system-3d.apk 48.0 MB


Melanie Shaw

Looks amazing, very well made, but I think it's more of a novelty app. Gets boring after a few minutes. Not much information, just takes you to Wikipedia. Real shame. Would be amazing if there was more to it, looks absolutely stunning.

Alton Rowell

Opens ones eyes to whats going on around them. Takes my mind off the problems of life.Gives one a prospective of the universes. We or like bugs on a highabusa motorcycle. Liveing iour lives day by day , without grieving thought to iour true surroundings. U scared of flying? Read about the speeds we or moving . The dangers we or exposed to day after day. Its one persons prospective. But I see a higher power in the background. Be aware of words like (speculate, apromaxamit, around so many years).

Naveed Rehman

A sight to must see seems we are traveling into the universe. Please show pluto in it. Anyhow still an excellent display out but taking too much mbs. Very impressive.

Mark Lowry

Phenomenal Amazed at how interactive and informative this app is. Simplistic enough to show kids everything yet sophisticated in detail for adults, GREAT APP VERY IMPRESSED

Robert Toll

Nice but limited Please add solar system moons. Please also add Pluto's five moons and the other dwarf planets besides Pluto like Ceres, Sedna, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, and their moons.

Tracey Ord

Solar 3D I love this app. It's quite big to download, but you can look around the planets & the moon

John Dangelo

Wow!!! This technolgy is absolutely mid boggling tha.k for thjs amazing this technology is absolutely amazing you are absolutely geniuses thank you for this opportunity I never would have been able to have the prophet perspective on our Solar System in.which a perfect details I can only imagine and never really grasp technical engineering calculations mathematically

Marvin Frater

Could of been better. And with a little more. Attention to detail. It could well be the best Does not contain. Pluto. Which i say. I still a planet. And. I would like to. See the suns position as if i were standing on the. Distant planets like neptune!!

Mr. Lunchbox

Limited It's everything I knew before age 10. Perfect for a child to entertain themselves with for a weekend.

Bryan Watson

Educational Like the rotation aspect. Select sun and 160x and watch the planets revolve round the sun. Good photos and information. For someone who has just started to take an interest in sky watching this is a good app.

Chris Cheshire

A very good well designed program. I like seeing earth as it is in space at the present time, very informative.

Kennedi B

Kennedi berry I love it because now I can tell me teacher all about and make smile my teach smile from a 4 grader!!!!

Magaram Patel

Thanks The following pages for a long day and the rest are the same thing in my head in to see the world is going on initio and then you should know by the time I had in a couple days and times are local

Roderick Smith

Great educational tool Good app for explaining the solar system to the kids, would like to see a complete solar system,

Robert Hansel

Fantastic! I have been an amatuer astronomer from age 14 and I love the features on this app.

James Rocketman

Limited. It would be better if it showed the entire Solar System at once. Also it doesn't allow me to hold my phone portrait orientation so that I can see the entire list of planets which should include pluto until they better define what it means to be a planet.

Cher Thul

wonderful for me I hope have new information for earth sience .thanks

ernest Stajduhar

Loved It Its Good And OK Don,to Wanna Dislike

Ciara Adkins

Its OK Not bad but I think it should let you see the constellations

Stephen Burch

Solar System 3D Superb! Beautifully designed & well thought out. Bravo!

Manjari Archak

Exceptional app It is a very good app. It is very interesting for people who like to study geography. It would only had been better if it had Pluto and the moons of the other planets. Thanks.

Andrew Bedwell

Program crashes Using Samsung Note 3... as soon as program starts, it crashes when it gets to the view of earth.

Darin Wilkinson

Its out of this world I like that you can look at other planets in our solar system tha you can control the speed and all that

Mohammed Hanif

very nice could see rotating all rond sun same as time

Joshua Smith

Nice job. Would like to see all of the moon's. And it needs both asteroid belts.


Awesome Cool it could be better add more great app.

Javier Lucas

Solor system love I can See what the planets are like

dhra mang

Rat its so good. i like this program. we are like earth and this univers...

Sonny Colman

Great app... .. so far so good, graphic glitvhes some times, but this adds to the atmosphereof tbe planets view. Great app!!

James Boylan

Solar system 3D I am so pleased that you made this app because it is brilliant

Brenda Rose

This game helps you kids learn about this. This game helps you kids learn about the solar system and planets.

Hassan Al-Lawati

Very nice. But Other planets' moons are missing

Marc Wouters

Planets Visual educational tool about our Solar system.

Made Kusuma

Good This is good for learning about space. But, it will be more fantastic if the free version is completed like deluxe version....(y)

Ranjit Singh

For students,teachers n others very helpfull

Roy Barrett

I use it all the time teaching my grandchildren about the solar system

Md Anas King

It is nice..but after few minutes feeling bore...

Laurence Cuasay

FOR EDUCATION it is for our studies and education,i love the solar system ever but i see some bugs in uranus and neptune!

vaibhav kulkarni

Very good features but... This app has very good features but there is very less information available. I think you should add more and latest information on the next update.

shell harris

Almost 5 star!!! I would have given this a 5 star rating but I saw your so many things that would make it so much cooler such as; I think it would be awesome if I could get stats on each planet after double clicking on the planet that such as how big is the planet, how far is it from Earth, things like when the planet was discovered another useful information. I also think it would be great if we could also click on things like the Milky Way just kind of find My favorite place in the sky. This is a really beautiful app.

Blanding Cassatt

Loved it! I can see what's happening in outer space. When it is daytime or nighttime. What it looks like in four seasons.

Shailesh Parekh

It takes the network to guide the information.. Please fix it..So 4 stars.. But..but I liked it

Suleiman Adeyemi

Appreciation. Here is one pf my beloved Apples. All that related to knowledge about my Universes covering both Space and Time-Infinitum. Exceptionally useful in Humans understanding of Nature! Thanks Google.

miss ezz

Awesome App This app looks really amazing, great to see the solar system and to look at the planets. Only ?is there needs to be more to look at.Only cuz I love it so much!

Donna Carroll

Space the final frontier to boldly go were no man has gone before :)

Ckshitiz Chettri

Xytiz xytree It is very nice application. When I open it I fell I am at space to see all the planets.

Ananya pahwa

It is a good app for kid child can make essay from it.

Matthias Adjugah

Brilliant app Exciting,explorative educative .It make me fulfilled.

Elijah Joseph Pineda

Very helpful This can help me on my studies especially on science


Better best Best app for those who are interested in studying of space

Sam Spade

Solar System 3D Got bored with it after 5 minutes and then uninstalled it.

jose rios


Brian Whitehead

I'm not sure about it I live in England and according to this app the moon is on the other side of the earth and low but wen I look up a can see the moon right there n high?? I'm not sure that the positioning of the moon is 100% correct but is an impressive app

Ian Shaffer

Love it because my kids learn a lot o Love it because my kids learn what order the planets are in.Also ,since my daughter is in 3rd grade she can already get prepared for 4th grade. (4th grade learns about planets. ). And you can see what each planet looks like in types of speed such as 1 and more.

Kim Appelgryn

Darkness? It would be nice to actually see the other planets. Waited day and night and still nothing. Only sun and earth is visible. I agree with other comments in believing Pluto is still a planet.

John Sawyer

Awesome!!! Need more apps like this. Only 1 other exists that I know of and thats Pocket Planets. Solar explorer n Exoplanet explorer are cool but not good as this and P. P. Zooming in and out of galaxies with solar system would be the bomb!!! Go anywhere in the Universe!!!!!

miss ezz

Awesome App This app looks really amazing, great to see the solar system and to look at the planets. Only ?is there needs to be more to look at.Only cuz I love it so much!

Jean Stevens

Stupid Don't download it it its so stupid I don't even get why they have it on the app store

shawn Jacobs

Good graphics Really good graphics. I like how it is interactive. I wish that it would have a current position of the planets in relation to the sun in a map format. That would be a nice addition.

Haroon Salafi

Love it Great game but update this game so you can explore more things in space like stars and black holes

Rahul Sankhe

Solar system .. Nice to see movements of stars, planets and their moon. Very nice teaching tool for adults and kids

Mukhtar Nuur

My son is crying for it! This is beutiful.

Coco Azoitei

Not So Good Strangley, there is no 'Day' on any of the planets, including the Moon.

Wallis Adair

Its nice It only shows half of the planet but either way its really cool

raghunath naik

loved it loved it. i have deleted in 2015. but it was good. now im instaling once again to see the earth etc. it looks realistic. install this app for free.

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