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21 Jan
SocioTown: Uninvited Guests

Posted by Outside The Box Software in Casual | Jan. 21, 2012 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

Help Toby clear out uninvited guests from his apartment in this unique Adventure/RPG featuring detailed pre-rendered 3D graphics.


1. Use the on-screen D-pad to move Toby.

2. When you walk close to an object or person, an options menu will appear allowing you to choose from a list of actions.

3. Some objects you can search. As you're searching, simply tap the question boxes to reveal if an item is there or not. However, keep in mind Veronica has limited patience, so search in moderation!


1. Remove as many uninvited guests from your apartment as possible. Some guests you can punch immediately, others will require you to solve puzzles before tossing them out.

2. While you're kicking people out, try to also clean up the apartment.


1. Some objects such as Sofas have large search areas. Wait until you improved Veronica's patience before tackling the bigger search areas.

2. To improve Veronica's patience, clean up your apartment! You can cleanup the apartment by putting trash in the trash bin, dusting furniture, and several other ways...

3. If you're not sure what to do next, simply click the hint button. It will give you three types of hints, small, medium,and obvious.


If you enjoyed this game, please check out the free social MMO, SocioTown - It's a free browser-based 3D virtual world and it features many of the same characters found in The Uninvited Guests.

Whats new

    - Made the Arcade Game easier.

Outside The Box Software part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 21, 2012. Google play rating is 66.9554. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 13.0 MB.

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Anyiah Barbee

It stopped The game stopped please fix it if you do ill come back and give 5 stars please irealy woona play the game but for now im uninstalling it

A Google User

Just a tip :-) To find the Master BATHroom key - Go to the Kitchen. Search the sink. You'll find Spray Detergent. Use it to clean the couch with puke. And you can figure out the rest yourself, you're welcome :)

Nurul Anisa Yusri Bte Pirdaus

Can we have more or this kind of game please? I got stuck somehow but I realised its easy and please do more. Like in a restaurant, hotel and carnival? But I hope you can do something like it. You should do part 2 of this game when Veronica returns and more drama comes. So, thank you for this great game! I LOVE IT!

Frankie A.

Original Impressive gameplay and easy enough to understand. Felt bad for the guy at the end though. lol Hope there’s a continuation! :D

kirsty ogden

Great I liked the game but would be even better of there were more levels like school an shopping that sort of stuff :-)

Maya Trotter

Fantastic This game is so good they should like have a part 2.I've play this game twice and beat the whole game .Good job whoever came up with it.....(TIP)the master bathroom key will be on the couch in the living room with the puke on it

Maddie Coronado

I like it I like this game but don't turn off your phone when your in the game because when you go back on some times it just turns black and you can't see anything I did this two times and had to delete the game and put it back on two times.

Takiyah Hearst

S e x y g a m e I like it I won the game I can't bleave it wow I can't breath she is dead call the cops ahahah!!!!!!!!

A Google User

I want more! The only downfall to this game is that it's too short. I love the concept and the animation. It's challenging enough to keep your attention, but not so challenging were you'll get frustrated with it (and if you do, there's always the hint button). I'd totally pay for a full version if it was longer (much longer). But for now, I'd definitely recommend this! Samsung Galaxy S2.

Alex O.

Fun but... It was totally fun but each time I went on the app it either showed up a black screen or it was glitched. I was almost finished with but it started glitching so UNINSTALL

A Google User

Great.. This is a great game that I really liked.. Lots of fun looking for items.. Some items were challenging to find.. I did get stuck behind a chair and couldnt get out. But loged out of game and got back on and it was fine then.. sooo looking forward to another game like this.. Good job.. So worth playing.. Wish there were more like this game.. Fun...

emmy gones

awesome It was so funny and it was awesome I love the game and I think you should really really really really really really install it it was funny the guy and drop Winston the pics of the Hugo right he was flirting and stuff once forgot to go to go is it and they hatin his girlfriend and then the superhero girl whatever guy piranha know where or when they try to beat him up he ended up punching his girlfriend is in the go ahead in the burger guy says you still have me you supercalifragilisti install this right now

Nadine Woode-mcbean

The ads!! When people talk there's always some stupid ad blocking the last few words of the sentence so I cant see what they say FIX IT

A Google User

Definitely entertaining, but.. I really enjoyed this game. It's very entertaining the only thing I didn't like was that once the game was over, it was over ha. It stayed on the credits and wouldn't let me play again. I was hoping if I cleaned everything the girl would stay second time around, but didn't get to try it. Other than that loved it. I definitely think we should upgrade and get a different story in the mall or something else.. like another mentioned. (And for who needed the master bathroom key.. clean the couch that has puke)

A Google User

I LOVE this... I really loved this game. should have a "save progress" button. Because when I exit out of the game, it doesn't save. Please update!! Thank you!

A Google User

Motorola Atrix Great game. Only thing wrong is it needs to be longer! :-) Took me bout an hour & a half to play thru. Good concept tho. Update & expand please! :-)

Nurul Ellieya

Fun Such fun game but at the end i felt bad for toby lel......anyway its a fun game.I sometimes get confused to what to do but i finished it and loved it very much

Maddy Johnson

Awsome Might not be the best game ever but its cool lol

agil gila

Fix the lag Hello, this game is fun, and the gameplay are very creative(and a bit silly and funny). But there is one thing that made me think to uninstall this great game, its the lag. If you can fix this, i will share this game to all my friend on facebook and g+ and tell them to download from google play :) My device is xperia e, many 3D games run smooth on this device despite of its low end gpu.

Kerri Amos

Suks I would rate zero but I can't so here it is don't waist ur time it keeps on saying sorry unfortanatly it has stopped plz fix then I will re install ????? ??:'(

Caitlin Humphrey

Amazing‼ I love this! I've finished it 3 times, I wish there was more though! Like, at the end Toby punches Veronica so there should be more about that! Amazing, even so.

Kira Kashino

Game is ok.. The game protrays the female "date" as naggy, inpatient, and controlling. I think it's a bit sexist. i was annoyed by her attitude and controlling behavior. This game is developed and coded by a guy. I wished it was fixed. It also promotes violence towards women as Toby punches his date. The master bathroom key is found this way. Search sink in kitchen for detergent, use detergent on couch with puke in living room. search couch for master bathroom key.

Porter K

Decent game. If you're bored and want to pass time, this is fun! Short and easy to beat. I won't be replaying it but it was a decent game. :)

Hikmah Noerqori

I like it, its fun but... It run slow

A Google User

Gd. But... The battery usage is out of this world! I have nvr used that much battery on a single app before. However, it is still a pretty amazing game.

Wel Glory

Pewdiepie should try this! XD It's a good brain & puzzle game. The story is weird, but it was fun xD You can punch and toss people in here >:D

Kezia George

How to get the money I got the money from a guy and the pool table but the only way to get the rest is to move the delivery guy but he need the money to move I know its in the chair with the puke on it but how to get it off so I can search the chair

A Google User

Confused I beat the game without getting dude off the laptop &i didn't dust anything only cause I didn't have anything to dust with. Toilet paper is in master bathroom guys & give laxative to viking or maybe not cause I don't like that ending. Starting to think theres more than 1. & light candle with fire place the rest is easy so I'm not telling :-P

Meshell McMiller

Black Box Well I tried to play it but I couldn't even read what the people were saying because of a black box in the corner. I closed the game out multiple times, but right after they went in his room...the black box would pop up in the corner...EVERY SINGLE TIME.

A Google User

Help! Its n awesome game but how do i find bottled water for da gal in d guest room? N how do i get 30 more sobucks?

Isabel Murrell

AWESOME! Awesome game! Only problem though is its too short of a game. I would like a second game if possible and longer, but other than that MY FAVORITE GAME VERY ENTERTAINING!

Denika Jones

Its OK Its a little hard but a lot of fun. Sometimes I don't know to uninstall it or keep it on my app page to be forgoten.

Shimona Pinto

Good but short You will find difficulties in this game and it is short although it is very good. So I will rate it 3/5 coz there are two reasons why not buy the game

Raven Mcrae

Huu? Its glitching and apears a black scren fix that @ ill give u 5 stars other than that good p.s. the master bathroom key u have to search the sink in the kitchen get detergent and clean the puke couch then search it.

Daija Hines

Impressive Very addictive. Youll understand it very good graphics. Its easy once u start getting into the game.

Jordan Smith

Great game! I love it tossing and punching, but its also so confusing and I got upset because I was so far then I loss data on the game.

A Google User

Love this game! Master bathroom key is in the main couch that cant be have to spray detergent to search that red couch

Cristian Rodriguez

Online Online will be awsome especially if they r a univited guest u could punch them out and hen they wil send u a cuzzing message

charley louise Sangster

Good, Really good. Install it. Anyway, to get the master BATHROOM key, go into the kitchen, into the sink, and get the spay detergent, whipe/clean the red couch on the right. To get rid of hugo, give himn mountion ewww jew, second time put the tablet stuff the guy in the toilet had, the there u go. To get zack away, go to the left hand side of him and go right in the corner the pull out the internt cable.

Клодин Френки

Do not know I do not have free memory But I think it's interesting

charlie de castro

I HATE THIS Because its black pls fix this already so i can. Play again

Tanya Scarborough

Crashed I can't open the app evrytime I try it crashed without even loading a single bit please fix I really want to play

Venice Jane Francisco-Lledo

I can't play the game Please fix it I'll give you five stars if u stops everytime I open the app

Amber Kangas

Loved this game before I saw it and I wanted to play it but all its doing is force closing on both devices I tried it on

Ciara Mathis

IT SUCKS I couldn't even pull it up and it had a black screen don't get this game how is this even a game anyway oh yeah I am disappointed ??? VERY DISAPPOINTED MAD LIKE CRAZY I WANT TO PLAY MY GAME

Grace McCauley

AFULL I hate it I download it and hit on it and it says that it has unfortunately stopped DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT'S CRAP update it to a better one ????

Karen Smith

It says the game has stopped working and has been like this for days now. Really would like to play but if the game is not running please take it out of circulation for the games that are working properly.

Raven Mcrae

Huu? Its glitching and apears a black scren fix that @ ill give u 5 stars other than that good p.s. the master bathroom key u have to search the sink in the kitchen get detergent and clean the puke couch then search it.

April Shea

It's saying it stopped working Can u guys fix this?! I cannot get on to play it PS: FIX IT OR IM UNINSTALLING!

Kanishka Yadav

Worst game I don't what's the matter with it I just downloaded it's not opening if it would open at least I wold try it I would be giving 5 stars . I will never play this game in my life . Pls reply me Outside the box software pls

Saffron Carvell

Great game Luv this game- finished 3 times! Tried to get all awards- can't get lady's man though. Wish tere was more things to this game though like a store or something other than just tobys house. P.s search the pool table in the game room then the black sofa in the right corner in the main room. I have to uninstall this app thou coz need to make more space. Wud keep But needs more levels and settings.

Ellie Boglis

Entertaining I really lobe this game. It had me hooked for hours playing. The only problem is I don't know how you get rid of the Burger guy immune kitchen wanting money. I've gotten the 50 off Theodore for the photo but I don't know how to get the rest. HELP?

Wait_What _

Won't even open. When I got this game and clicked on it, it didn't even open. It just kept on saying it wasn't responding and closed. I don't know if it's only my phone or just a bug or something. When I looked at the reviews I noticed that their's worked. So IDK, I'm just gonna delete it. But, if it does work, then it does look like a good game, though.


Lurve this game Would love a sequel with maybe a shopping center and you have to clear out the guests from everywhere because you are like a security guard and you could bring Veronica. Also the hints could be more obvious coz I guessed to go around the back of the curved sofa.

Natalie C

Entertaining I thought maybe the man was gonna turn gay at the end hahaha. Can't believe I done all that and the girl left -_- anyway quite a good game if you wanna kill a few hours oh and I like the credits, "Chris evans" everywhere haha


Its not letting me play it since I first got this app ! IT KEEPS SAYING SOCIALTOWN Uninvited guests has stopped working when it did not barley load Fix it so i can give this app 5 stars uninstalled! !

Kateryna Mediakasya

Closed circle Nice game. But! The burger guy won`t let you to the kitchen, until you give him money, and the last 20$ is under the puked couch (as obvious hint sais), you need to clean it, but, again, the detergent is under the sink in the kitchen! It is definitely not interesting to play games with such silly mistakes!

Colby Wallwork

Please help!!!! Everytime I try and open the game the screen goes black and it force closes. Its getting really annoying. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothings working. I really want to play the game because of all the good reviews. Please help

A Google User

:) The game was fun but short. I played it twice. The second time I went right through the whole thing in less than an hour. The only annoying part was that STUPID girl ("his date"). But nice game!

Tina K

Disappointed Tried to play the game but it won't even let me open it. Keeps saying unfortunately the game has stopped. I was looking forward to playing after reading the reviews an now I don't even have the chance to.

A Google User

Motorola Droid X2 FREE! With minimal intellect, complete mini-missions, puzzles, Android tasks to gain achievements! Innovating game! Hooked from start to finish! (about 1.5-2.5 hours gameplay) **Cannot wait to see more or similiar **update and expand!

Holly Nurse

Wow.... just finished it I feel so lonley now... this game is just outstanding I know it didn't take me long to do it but its brill!! I reccomend this game to people who like myistries and are quite clever. The only thing is I WANT A LONGER GAME!!!!!!! I have read through lots of the comments and thats what people want

A Google User

Awesome but I can't use it! This is my go to game for boredom but I got a new phone (old one was stolen) and no matter how many times I download it on this one (galaxy s4) I can't even get it to open! Please help!

Angelina Bethel

Nonsense How can these trashy games make it through Google play?I mean come on so awful can't even move everything is so lame and retarded no offense but it is.... so disappointed. .!

analolcute pink

Its great but the problem is that when im playing suddenly the background and i have to quit playng i quit it then i turn back to the game but some parts of the game i do get erase and i have to do it again.

Meng Wee

I had been looking this for a year Good game though some quest are hard.I love this game so much.I love u sociotown! It's pretty fun and you can solve problems, it's like mental thinking.

A Google User

.... Good game but im stuck trying to find the key for the master BATHroom.... any ideas.? ... 2 Yasmin..20 bucks are behind the big sofa ( L shape), and take a photo of. The guy in the toilet

A Google User

Cool Game. Kinda laggy and glitchy but still playable. Game was too short but fun. Some items were hard to find but i managed to beat this game less than two hours. I would play again even if the ending was the same. Lol.

Hannah Bredlau

An amazing fun searching/kicking people out of your apartment game! I only wish there were more things to do (Like more Rooms & more People), & a 2nd one! Definitley a fun brain chalange! (PS: It took me FOREVER to finally figure out that there was a 2nd hallway! It is on the Left Side of the Apartment, near the computer for anyone who didn't know!!!! :P)

Chuyu Gaming

Love Love Love!!! I used to play this game since I was seven years old and anytime I finish the game I always restart it but my phone broke so when I came across it again I was amazed

A Google User

You mean to tell me I just spent 2 hours of my life trying to impress this girl and went through countless trials to get people out of my house (why couldn't I have just called the cops??) and in the end, I didn't even get laid??!

A Google User

Great game review & batroom key hint Great game except the only things i didnt like was a glitch were i got stuck behind a chair and had 2 delete and reinstall the game and its short an i wish it were longer but besides that its fun. Btw if ur looking for the masterbathroom key search the sink get the found item use it on the couch with puke on it and search the couch and u will find the key...

A Google User

Love love loved this game Just wish it was longer. There's not enough casual roll playing games out there. Update more level or make a new longer game that's similar!

A Google User

Great but short Great game! If ur looking for the master bathroom key use the spray detergent u find when u search the kitchen sink then clean the couch with the puke on it. Then search it and u will get it. ;-)

omaya hasnie

A bit.. I like it but ... it freeze when its eadward he said he like bug. Then I find some from the drawer.. then I give it to eadward . Then he doesn't accept it

A Google User

Good game. A bit glitchy way to short but very fun interesting game. Need more games like this. Hate the ending. Did it all for nothing. But still live it.

Skye Denton

I give it a one because it won't even let me play can you plz fix that Hate it worse game ever


I want to play but it shows blank screen and closes It looks nice, but I cannot play. It just says 'This app has unfortunately closed' everytime I open. Using a Samsung 8.0 tablet

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