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1 Jun
SnooZy Charger

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Apk file size: 1.2 MB

NOTE: uninstall instructions in the last paragraph!

Power connection can turn on display when unwanted. SnooZy avoids intrusive screenlight during nighttime-charging and saves power consumption.

SnooZy can be very useful with wireless, solar or dynamo chargers, where power connection is hectic! It can also be used for auto-lock or for connection history. Check Settings to make the app fit your needs…

Running in the background as a lightweight service, it saves the connection/disconnection event into a power connection history. User can also receive a notification with/out sound or vibration. This app does NOT manage any other phone functionalities, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. There are other apps for that…

It was initially developed as a fix for battery drain issues on Samsung Galaxy Nexus: some devices randomly detect a power connection without any charger being actually connected to the phone. This would drain the battery because of the screen turning on to display the "Charging" message, multiple times per hour till screen timeout.

SnooZy is an open source project, available on GitHub Source code is released under the GPLv3 license from the Free Software Foundation.

Many thanks to G&A!

Some users have asked about uninstalling the app: first you'll need to deactivate the app as a Device Manager. There's a shortcut for that in SnooZy's settings (last item). If that fails, you need to go to Android settings / Security / Device Administrators and deactivate SnooZy. Once deactivated, you can uninstall as usual. Please note that this is an Android feature, not SnooZy's!

Whats new

    - Updated to Material Design!
    - Added "Connection status" setting: power connection, disconnection or both
    - Added "Charger type" setting: AC adapter, USB, Wireless, all
    - Select custom notification sound
    - Added "no history" option part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 1, 2015. Google play rating is 69.3225. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download snoozy-charger.apk 1.2 MB



Best Application Now I can test my charger. If my friends tried to cheat me by removing the charger, I can find it. If it include charge status in status bar, it would be very helpful .

Vladimir Hoferica

OK The app is ok but why not adding a feature of turning off the display only when plugged in and turning on when unplugged? Why making assumptions that I want to turn off display only when unplugging? Why not distinguishing between wireless and normal charging (like Trigger does)? If I unplug the phone and immediately turn the display on manually, it turns off. Settings give me an option of immediate, 3 seconds or 5 seconds response time. Immediate means 5 seconds. 3 secons means 7 seconds..... Many things to improve

Trevor Thomas

Nice App Nice app, buuut. Snoozy takes over when I put my phone on the Qi charger in the car. I would like to avoid this as I have to switch the screen back on, then foolishly start the car and snoozy kicks in again so I have to switch the screen back on. So what I do is enable/disable snoozy depending whether I am doing normal charging or in-car use. Problem is, it's a pain to enable/disable easily. Open app, Settings, Settingss, Switch on/off, {back}, {back}. If there was a toggle on/off button to tap on the snoozy main screen, this could be much less of a chore. Open app, tap the on/off toggle, {back}. Job done. With that mod it would be perfect, until then 3* because of cumbersome usability.

prince olivier

Best charger app ( I've found that option thanks) Hi dev this is by far the best charger app I was looking for I like the way it turns off the display when powers off or on I use it in the car on my dash so I wanted something similar that will turn on when ignitions on and off when its off far so good but only one issue if you could the options like on (connection or disconnection) because when its detect the power it still turns the display off so I wanted it to stay up only turn the display off when the powers off :-)

Robert Franken

Work's for LG G3 - now wireless charging dropping out doesn't wake me up. Didn't work for me until I unchecked the 'Locked screen only' setting, which is activated by default.

Julian C

Great. Does what it says it does. Request... I'm looking for an app that: 1. If phone is on, when charger is plugged or unplugged, leaves the phone on until the user intervenes. 2. If phone is off, when charger is plugged or unplugged, tries to keep the phone off until the user intervenes. Can you add this? At the moment, this app most closely meets my requirements, but if the phone is on and I plug it in, it turns it off.

Evan Elder

Wokrs on Galaxy S5 I get very irritated every time I put my phone down on a Qi charging pad and the screen goes on for a minute, this works very well, however the screen still does turn on for a brief moment.

Andrew Hammond

Decent solution, does what it says. So... the correct solution to the problem of the screen turning on when connecting to a charger is to install cyanogenmod. And that's fine for my phone, but for my Mom's phone? SnooZy is a simple alternative.

A Google User

Wonderful for charge pads Keeps screen off when charging. But like Robert said you must uncheck the default locked screen setting

Stéphane Cro

Does the job simply answer to my simple issue. Thanks. Would have 5 stars if screen would not blink at all.

esj w

Rubbish It won't let you uninstall it because you have to 'Deactivate' it when you've already done it !Don't get it because you'll end up not being able to uninstall it....:-(

Michael Avanessian

Best companion for wireless charging! Yes, it works! Don't listen to reviews about people who dont know how to uninstall the app. It can uninstall just fine (after you remove it as a device administrator under Android Settings/Security

Eric Bowling

Unfortunately it doesn't work Doesn't work on alcatel onetouch fierce. I like permissions though.

Murray Bowles

eh? what I want is for the screen state to completely ignore the charger-connect state. is there a way to do that?

Rick Pargeter

Excellent This stopped the screen from turning on at night when the charging cycle was complete. Droid Turbo.

mike lawlor

Pretty good I've been using this app for a while and for the most part it does what it claims. I'd give it five stars if I was able choose whether I want it to turn the screen off when plugging in, unplugging or both.

Karl Hendrikse

OK Should not turn the screen off if the screen was on to start with (re-read Julian C's review carefully). Also, the setting about whether the phone is locked should instead be based on whether the screen is off. Phones can be unlocked but have the screen off... Also there really needs to be a "Don't keep any history" option. I don't want this app to store battery history (tip: neither does anyone else; there are other apps for that). I can't see how to access the history anyway.

Gordon Lamb

Excellent Can't understand all the negative reviews. This solves the issue of the screen staying on for minutes (or hours) when the charger is connected. Thanks!

Kyle Morganti

It didn't work and nearly over heated my phone. It also drained my battery even while plugged in.

Tim Goudie

Perfect Now my nexus 7 turns on and off automatically with my pc :)

A Google User

Xfiles I give 3 star because i no need history charger....remove history charger. I give 5 star. TQ .. .

Evgeniy Nevskiy

Option request Nice app. Please add an option to control screen off behavior depending on plugged in and plugged out events. Guess its useful to keep screen off when plugged in, and do not screen off after unplug. Thanks.

Kyle Kibby

Doesn't work Doesn't even work and I can't delete it takes up space

gerd med

Not work on samsung A nightmare to uninstall worse then any Trojan or Spyware to get rid off Yeah thanks snoozycharger for the reply so nice I knew how to remove it but it's still wasn't working go snoozycharger and figure before you make an app administration make sure it works ....

Kamil Kowalczyk

Fixes missing android feature. Great app!

Remi Daviet

Work on my Galaxy Note Now when I plug it in, I don't have to open the protective case to turn the screen off.


Speechless looking performance! Good app to keep an eye on battery discharge rate.


If could, I wouldn't give any stars! It tells me I need my charger for the app to work, and I can't uninstall it! I hate this app, a waste of time!


I also want to suppress auto wake on charging complete. and set 1 second delay, disable history.


YOU MESSED UP MY PHONE! Tell me how to deactivate it!

Orwin Etkins

Gets the job done I personally use this app to notify me when the device is or isn't charging. It would be cool if there was an option to notify when battery is fully charged

Oliver Mountjoy

Works well Would be nice to have an option to only turn off the screen when power is connected, instead of only when it gets disconnected.

Haliff Roslan

Pls add option to turn on display when unplugged

Judy Schaefer

Not working It won't let me uninstall it even though I deactivated it please help

ahmad essawy

can it mute ? Great app. thank you so much, if you can make it to mute the sound when connecting the charger too that would be nice.

Sam Lion

Nice app App is working as described. Now my screen is almost not turning on when connecting/disconnecting charger ^_^

Brandon Beltran

This is a handy little app with only one problem, I don't want it to lock the screen at all! I like having my screen only lock after an, elsewhere specified, delay. Initially I found fault when the previous version wouldn't turn the screen off after power was connected, but after contacting the developer, this option was made available! Through this discussion, I was told that turning the screen off without locking it is harder than I though. So, I really can't ask for more from a part time developer. 4 stars. I have other apps which turn off the screen but do not lock the phone, so 5 stars if that ever happens (you've gotta have something to shoot for, right?).

Tre'von Starks

Man This is stuck to my phone

Alan J

Wonderful for charge pads Keeps screen off when charging. But like Robert said you must uncheck the default locked screen setting

mike lawlor

Pretty good I've been using this app for a while and for the most part it does what it claims. I'd give it five stars if I was able choose whether I want it to turn the screen off when plugging in, unplugging or both.

Tieasha Buckner

I don't know how to deactivated

Justin Randall

Does exactly what it says Was tired of my phone coming on in the middle of the night, just because the usb charger had a blip. This app turns the screen right back off. Thanks.

Jake Edward

Amazing, Simple, Must Have Battery charges much quicker and lasts noticeably longer. Solves loose cable and battery charge issues. Stops screen coming on when charging.

Edward Peek

Works a treat, though it would be nice if it could also turn the screen back on when removed from charger.

boss kid 2.0

dont work do not download this app please

Allen Dick

Amazing. I just installed this app and use it in conjunction with No Lock so I don't have to deal with a lock screen except on startup -- and I am impressed. Why I would want my phone to come on when I put it down on the charger is a mystery to me, but that seems to be just one of those Android annoyances that the developers somehow don't see as worth addressing. I looked and looked and I could not find a solution, but so far, within moments of installing, this appears to be it!

Gary Baranowski

I want to edit my review because after removing some other apps, it may not have been the cause of my battery draining fast. I will have to try using SnooZy after I removed the other apps. Other than that, it is a great app that does what it says.

Matthew Lyon

I wanted this to stop the screen turning on when connected and disconnected to the charger. This worked however one other feature was equally as irritating. Screen lock on disconnect and reconnect. If I have unlocked my phone and then disconnect from the charger, because of this app, it will lock which forces me to unlock it again. After uninstall this 'feature' is not removed but maintains the setting chosen in the app. The app doesnt allow it to be turned off.

Andrei F

It doesn't work at all

kimmy marie

My phone just stopped charging and I really really need my phone for school and it's saying connect to charger. MY CHARGER STOPPED WORKING


Speechless looking performance! Good app to keep an eye on battery discharge rate.

Leo Arce

ok but it lets screen turn on for a fraction of a second.

Joel Cullen

No screen wake Fixed the problem of screen waking when wireless charging connects/disconnects on LG G3

Mr SonicGold

Excellent app ! Does the job as described, full of nice options for further customization. Thanks for your nice work :) Suggestion : do you think you could add the same options for turning the screen *on* after a power event ? My Nexus 5 unfortunately doesn't power on when lifting it up from my wireless charging station. Thanks again !

Chris Leikvold

Finally a solution to stop my screen activating every time I plug in/pull out the charger. Works great on my Sony Xperia Z3+ with Android 5.0.1. One minor issue, stopping it from getting 5 stars, is that the screen still activates for half a second before turning off, but at least I don't have to press the button now, and the screen will be locked by itself by the time I put it in my pocket.

Anh Quan Nguyen

simply work thank you, it does exactly what it says

Robert Farris

FAIL Doesn't do anything... Screen still turns on and stays on... Cant even deactivate this virus!!!

Billal Bah

Don't understand How do you make this work :-(

Corey Burkhart

Perfect for a work around for Android screen power. This app is perfect for what I was looking for. With Android, when you plug & unplug your device into the charger, the screen lights up and there's no setting to disable this. Now there's a work around using SnooZy Charger, just install and select the settings specific to your device and you have a fix for this particular case.

Danish Fiesta

Wtf I thought this appw as supposed to not let my dosplay wake but it just turns it off after 2 seconds... nope.

robert p

Almost there When my phone is charging wirelessly at night, it often loses the connection before reconnecting again. Every time it does this, the screen comes on, waking me up. This app turns it off again. Unfortunately, it doesn't prevent the screen coming on in the first place but turns it off after 2 seconds. Which is too late.

Lucairian McTiernan

Awesome With my charging port broken, my phone thinks I keep plugging in and our my charger, keeping my screen alive at all times. This app only makes it blink and it stays off. I'll give them a 5.

Sounan ya

perfect! Exactly what I needed, thanks a lot!

Adam Stanley

Auto Locking So, the app does kinda work... When you plug into power and the screen is locked, it still unlocks first and then the app locks it back. This is not the functionality I was looking for... I wanted to turn off the effects of plugging in the charger altogether. This would be fine for me if the app could consider screen on/off rather than just locked/unlocked, as I don't like putting a password on my phone. This means the app always turns my screen off when plugged in even if it's on. Looks like I'm rooting.

Brian Fosse

Works great! So tired of having to turn the screen back off when I plug in my phone (LG G3). Been looking for a root free solution for awhile. Finally found it. I'm running Marshmallow, so hopefully it still works after the Nougat update. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Kowalewski

Fantastic. I thought it is the stupidest thing to turn on the screen when you plug in to charge. You're just going to press all the buttons on the screen. Hopefully this can do it for low battery as well eventually. Battery low? Let's turn on the screen to drain it faster! Android!?

Natasha Machorro

I don't know if it works I have to use my moms charger Cuz I broke my charger in ONE week so yea I'm praying plzzzz.let it work

Ondřej Škorňa

Only problem it that I cannot set lock delay to none. So every time after charging I must unlock phone with code.

Lynn Colgrove

Did not work well for S7

Robin Visser

Clean and functional. Neat looking app that works perfectly.

Suyang Dong

Great Very useful in saving battery

no nick

hit and miss. sometimes i use a battery case, other times a usb cable either are "charges" but sometimes the screen comes on anyway and i might not notice for a while so waste a lot of juice

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