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10 Apr

Posted by Halsafar in Casual | April 10, 2012 | 68 Comments

Apk file size: 2.9 MB

See NESDroid and GambatteDroid if you enjoy this app.

Does not require root.

Support true multi-touch. Can run, jump and move all at the same time. Requires Android devices that support multi-touch.

All other SNES emus on the market use SNES9x 1.4.3 which is significantly more efficient but sacrifices accuracy, audio quality and game compatibility.

SNES9x 1.52 port. This will not run well on older hardware. Works on all devices Android 2.X to Ice cream Sandwhich 4.X. This is based on SNES9xNext which is the PS3 adaptation of SNES9x. All its features will eventually appear in the Android port. Source links below. This does not run as well as SNES EX but it is using a more up to date SNES9x therefore better audio and higher compatibility.

Visit us at:

- Major update, please email issues to me or report on our forums.
- Please visit our forums to post questions or requests.

- Supports Android 2.X, 3.X, 4.X
- Multi Touch (run and jump at the same time)
- Keyboard/Gamepad controller supported (Wiimote, SixAxis, etc)
- Up to 5 player support via game pads
- Custom key bindings
- Fast Forward
- Auto Save, phone calls won't ruin your game
- Move and resize the touch input controls to your liking!
- Compressed archives (*.7z, *.zip)
- Custom ROM directory, RomFetcher support
- Shaders (mcgreen, hq2x, super eagle, 2xSaI, etc).

Copy Roms to your external storage at /SNESDroid/roms. This directory will be created on first run. You can also set a custom rom directory in settings.


- Updated to version 1.4

- Shader performance increase for all devices
- Game Genie
- Haptic Feedback
- Stereoscopic 3D (only on supported devices)
- Email me for feature requests!

This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. Nintendo game software sold separately. Nintendo© are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nintendo Corporation. All rights reserved. Company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. All brands/names/images/etc are copyrighted by their respective owners. Images are shown for documentation purposes only. Halsafar is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by software/hardware companies.

Whats new

    === 1.4.2 ===
    - small update, sorry!
    - install to sd card support
    - reduced minimum Android version to 2.0
    - no ads will ever appear during game play!

Halsafar part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 10, 2012. Google play rating is 76.5472. Current verison is 1.4.2. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download snesdroid.apk 2.9 MB


Sandman Alpha

Awesome just needs a fast forward option not just a button So you can play in fast forward mode and the start and select were a little too far down the screen almost was unable to use them but I managed to move them further up other than those two issues once of the best snes emulators out there thanks a million devs

A Google User

Can't press buttons!!! There are games on here that need multiple buttons pressed but for some reason it doesn't let me. I'm playing Chrono Trigger and its VERY frustrating. Not only that, it erased my save point so now I have redo the entire game. This is a fantastic app, I'm just frustrated by the fact I can no longer press multiple buttons when its worked before and I've lost ALL my save points.

A Google User

Very good emulator but could use tiny upgrades Great snes emulator. Runs soomthly. Only problem is that it crashes when i try to configure the onszreen keyboard. Also the should be more options to set the size of the game so that the buttons wont interfere with the gameplay.

RetroBoy PlayMe

runs well on an hackberry a10 and an 47 inch tv. simply select the screen to zoom in to adapt the display instead of stretching. i forgot it first and the games performed extremely bad,but after i selected the device to zoom in so is it one of the best i found best thing is that it can load roms from external device

Joshua Shadrick

Meh emulator I'd say its more stars, but a couple things theyve got wrong: The format of their save states isnt compatible with other emulators, so I cant transfer games over to PC. also the ui could use some cosmetic work. finally the sound quality is inconsistent from game to game, besides those things its decent for a free app, but if they charged money it would be bottom of the list.

A Google User

Almost perfect I love this app- gameplay is abouts good as it gets on a phone, only complaint is the music sounds a bit off. Does it support an external controller?

A Google User

Awesome What's not awesome about being able to play Super Castlevania IV on my phone? Great app.

A Google User

Very fun This is actually very fun, im not the best with all the tech stuff so this is amazing! One question though how can you save games I hate starting all over with games like mega man, mario, ect please help!!

A Google User

It's your phone people. This is an amazing emulator and it is flawless ON MY PHONE. Have crackling audio? Its the type of phone your using. Have video issues? Same thing! The only issue that isn't from the type of phone your using is the d-pad has a hard time telling directions sometimes but that literally the only issue with this app.

A Google User

Very nice be needs some work. A fairly good emulator, though it still need some work. Getting a gamepad helps greatly as the touchscreen has some limitations even with the newer devices with multi touch, limited to roughly two button presses. Loves to crash on screen rotation and as soon as I hit the exit button. As such the resume button can't be relied on to save your place in the game. A little touchy in 4.3,so use save states often. Newer devices don't need to use the stretch audio and can even have audio issues while using this.

A Google User

Incompatible games! Works great but one of my favourite SNES games don't work! Smash court tennis! Also would be nice to see multiplayer support

Daniel Perez

Not optimised for the shield portable Once a game is started on the emulator there is no way back to main menu to select a new game. Please fix

A Google User

TedZilla It works quite well on my 2 week old Motorola ATRIX. I found fluid game play through playing with the settings. I love the customization of buttons and it's versatility with ROMs. The only thing I could complain about is the bland save screen; it makes it difficult to distinguish the difference between saves. The inclusion of a photo or time stamp (preferably both) on save slots would be magnanimous. But hell, it is a reliable FREE app.

A Google User

awesome love it... im playing super mario world on 7" tablet but the thing is sometimes all the buttones act as 1 button...its weird lol please fix this

A Google User

Good but... It works alright...but, the sound cracks WAY too much, the games lag a bit every so often, and the controls are kind of awaward. If this was fixed Id give it 5 stars in a heart beat

Chloe McCann

Slow! This is an okay SNES emulator, plays all my games, but it is slightly sluggish on my Galaxy Ace, and sound is bad. I can't even play F-Zero or Donkey Kong Country, it just buzzes like a hoard of angry bees, so I have to mute it. Other than this, it's good, and I'm sure it works better on faster devices.

James Jennette

Sad Used to be great on my galaxy s2 now I tried using it on my s4 and you can play any game once. Then when you go to play it again you get a black screen and it freezes have to force stop to restart still freezes when you go to play the game. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall same thing happens sorry uninstalled.

A Google User

Great emu, but stopped working! :-( Worked great until last update. After that it froze often in games, on main screen and rom Rom directory. now does not load roms at all. Please fix it! Have reinstalled several times.

Phyo Hein Kyaw

Good emulator...but some glitches present... Hi.. i just tried the app and found out that it's a pretty solid app....but it fails to show some flashing animations such as when in some games, a character respawning is shown flashing but with this app the character either disappeared or found to be shown as a dark silhouette . Fix this pls and it will be the best emulator in the market .

Steven Shaw

Love it All the old favourite on my Acer tablet and as an added bonus my ps3 controller works without rooting connect via cable change function in settings and your away hours of fun...

Ludwig Heijden

Great app! I had problems with another emulator because it didn't save after an update. This one is perfect. The options/preferences are a bit of a hassle but it works fine. I can connect my BT apple keyboard that I use as controller and play secret of mana on it.

R.J. Walther

Great in a lot of ways, flawed in a couple. SNESDroid does about everything a good emulator should, but needs improvement in 2 areas. On my 2013 Nexus 7 it has trouble with pops in the sound, and the tweak that remedies the pops lowers the pitch of the sounds. So either way games don't sound right. The second problem is with the UI. "Load State" is right next to "Load ROM", and it's easy to accidentally choose the wrong one, which can instantly erase hours worth of game progress.

Ylber Velazquez

Good but tiny problem I love this I can finally see what Mega ManX was like only bad thing is it will be slow at times but other than that AMAZING

Kyle Stanfield

Near Perfect It may be a tad rough looking and has one minor bug (on my phone at least) where changing the orientation at the menu screen force closes it, but the ability to customise the size of the buttons and location as well as perfect rendering completely make up for that.

Angela Waddington

Needs game shark, game Genie supported Hey.. works well, great to use with save files and auto saves ect... only thing is lack of support for game shark codes ect. Sometimes I just want to smash a game for the story I don't want to deal with all the crap and there are some great codes to avoid this... If you could add this to your emulator it would be perfect. At this stage I will complete the game I am playing but move on to an emulator that does support this.

Alex Mcphhes

Great but save issue Excellent app until my savestates become dead 0kb files and i lost hours in rpgs like chrono trig. Yes i am on the latest verdion. Otherwise great app

A Google User

Awesome and flawless Fast easy and simple to use especially on XPERIA PLAY

A Google User

Works well on Droid Charge It occasionally skips in the sound and has little visual problems, but it doesn't seem to affect gameplay, maybe it would be worse if I was trying to play something like Megaman. Only question is, when do you expect to get Game Genie support? Invincibility codes seem like they would make phone games much more convenient considering I can be called away at a moment's notice.

A Google User

Very nice. Some minor sound glitches and crashes every now and then but the best emulator by far in my opinion especially over Super Gnes. Thanks muchly guys. Keep up the great work.

A Google User

Force close! Black screen with force close and report, WTF? Trying to use it on my HTC EVO Design 4G, you guys need new coders. :/

A Google User

Awesome Emulation is a little slow on my Galaxy S2 but that is expected. Can map the button controls to my Sixaxis controller perfectly and plays like a charm. Absolutely amazingly awesome.

Pete S.

Runs great Fantastic work devs, runs better than my old console. Keep up the good work! Can't wait for game genie and shaders update. Five stars for sure!

Elliott Ray

Best SNES emulator I have been able to find. My biggest problem with other tablet emulators is the unresponsive controls. This emulator has minimized that problem. It's still not perfect, but it's passable. Also, the music (on my rooted Kindle Fire) plays just a little slow. It's annoying at first, especially if you have an ear for that kind of thing, but you get used to it before long. I don't care for the save state system, but I've gotten used to that as well. Overall it's a good SNES emulator and I would recommend it over all the others.

Lenny Urbanowski

Great app... One change This app is amazing. It plays everything i throw at it flawlessly. I do have one small problem though. When i use this on my tablet the bar at the bottom stays visible. I dont think there is currently any way to fix this, but the down arrow on the dpad winds up behind it so i often accidentally hit home when trying to press down. An easy fix would be to add an option to resize or re position the controls on the screen. I can send you a screenshot of what im talking about if it would help. Thanks for making such an awesome app. Keep up the good work.

A Google User

Button Its great but you can't press more then one button at once. Its stopping me from playing alot of games. It really gota get fix

A Google User

Could be great but crashes When i start to play a friendly on Sensible_Soccer_-_International_Edition_(E) it crashes during the first half every time. If it could be fix it would be good alternative to Super Gnes

A Google User

Excellent Best emulator on the market Only competitor: snesoid but this one is better Pros: -every thing on the list -excellent graphics nearly perfect -Beautiful sound -good touchpad/editor gui -open source ;D cons: -gui is ugly in some places -no status bar icon when running -slows sometimes -a little confusing

david hughes

Wish it would stop crashing Every time I get a text on my phone and go to look at it the emulator crashes. Would be nice to play a game and not lose my info to check on a different app.

Antonio Barahona

Love this emulator This is currently the best SNES emulator for my Nvidia Shield. It offers the best sound (no cracking), unlike some other emulators. Plus, the save functionality actually works. It has great game compatability and all games run at full speed (set sample stretch to 0%). Again, I love that there is no annoying cracking sound in all the games. Great job development team, can't wait for the next major update. Would also like to see N64Droid.

A Google User

Great I love this app!! I've been able to play my childhood games and i feel like a kid again!!! The only thing wrong is that i can't play Mario paint on here. It'll open up but i can't move it. Can u please fix this it was my favorite game when i was a kid.

Chris Smith

When I click "Parent Directory" then click my rom folder, it takes me right back to the parent directory and doesn't even show my rom list. Anyone else having issues? Till then I can only give one star until I know it works. Edit: Ok it works, but the sound is still really choppy. If someone could please tell me the best configuration to use to cut out the lag in audio i will give it 5 stars. Droid Charge.

James Jennette

Sad Used to be great on my galaxy s2 now I tried using it on my s4 and you can play any game once. Then when you go to play it again you get a black screen and it freezes have to force stop to restart still freezes when you go to play the game. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall same thing happens sorry uninstalled.

A Google User

No video After some update in this year both this and the GENPlusDroid started to showing nothing but black screen, though sounds still good. It was a great emu but there were 3-4 updates around now and still nothing.I saw some other guys with Motorola has the same problem. I tried to go to the dev's forums but after a few days later i only got a weird monologue about Adidas shoes as answers. I soon uninstall it.

A Google User

Crashes Emulation is good but the app crashes after a few minutes. As you can guess, it gets really annoying.

A Google User

Good but crashes This is the best free Snes emulator I've found with nice options and the ability to save/load states. However, it often randomly crashes,but thats ok since it doesn't do that in game

A Google User

Unconcerned lazy dev (team?). The only update in months was to add advertisement support. I've sent emails to which I've received no response about games that don't run properly or at all. I feel like the dev only cares about whatever money is made off of the ads. I've moved on to other projects with actual support.

A Google User

Works Well For Me This app has worked just fine on my Infuse for the past four or so weeks that I've had it. No crashes or lag that I remember, buttons work well on my touchscreen, and the sound was fine when I had it on. I don't use cheats our fast-forward, though, so I can't rate them. I humbly beg the devs to make a gba emulator as well. One of the best free apps I've downloaded.

A Google User

Worked at first, update for JB? I have a nexus 7 that's rooted with the latest stock JB ROM and when I first downloaded the app it worked great, but now it is just returning to the app's home screen when I load a ROM. So far I have tried restarting, clearing the cache, clearing the data, uninstalling, deleting the files on the SD card and re-downloading the ROM zips. Also, I even put the ROM zips in the /SNES/ROM folder because the app won't accept the change of the default zip location. 5 star when working for no ads

Big B

Good emulator With touch tech the way it is. It's makes it only so useful. There is no way to fully compute full controls and input using touch devices don't like to work correctly due design faws are holding this tech back from getting full fun and full controls, can't input combos on most games. Tried variety of different games yet same scenario every time was a disappointment but it's not at fault it's just technology the way it is at the moment

will Cruz

Figured out Was very close to removing this then played with settings and my phone. Now this is my snes emu of choice. 2 things turned off frame skip then turn off battery saver mode. Sound is perfect ,control (moga) and display are fantastic on sgn2

Trent H

Lost Game Save Data The buttons work better than the emu that I paid for. However, I saved it in game, but when I tried to play again it only gives new game option. I looked in my file app and the save is there in the folder it is supposed to be. My other game has a save in the same file and still works. I don't understand why. If this is adressed I will rate 5.

A Google User

Slow games/audio crackling About half the games I tried were slow and the audio crackled no matter what setting I tried. Might need a quad core droid to handle the emulation in real time. ..........wanted to add that I am running ICS. Issues might be due to incompatibility with it.

A Google User

Laggy Could just be my phone. Can't tell for sure but the psx emulator I'm using runs flawless. This one lags constantly. It shouldn't really happen since snes games need way less processing power than psx.

A Google User

Okay It's nice to play the classics. But the sound skips, the games lag, buttons could be just a bit bigger for the d pad, also the l and r buttons need moved to top of screen so sick of hitting them when I'm attacking something.

Auhsoj Nayr Oktrab

Room for improvement... Could be cleaner, like the main image one see's when they first load the app. Wouldn't take too much to clean it up and give things a smoother look. Other than that I love it. So much so that I am ditching 'Super GNES'. I find this one to be more/better responsive to my touch control/s. And best of all this one is free! SuperGNES is over priced anyway, should be a buck, maybe 2... at most!!¡¡

A Google User

Works great! But when I was playing some games, I heard some crackling sounds. They mostly occur when I was playing Final Fantasy III. Even at the lowest sound settings, there are a few of those sounds. Would like if its fixed. Great app though!

Gamesoul Master

An excellent emulator. Runs very well, handles troublesome games right out of the box. My only complaint is if you use portrait mode, the on-screen controls are really small and can't be adjusted. Not worth removing a star though, since I'm fine with using landscape mode, which is perfectly fine.

J Ryan

Sound crackle Contrary to what others have said I've noticed a lot of sound crackle even with sample stretching maxed out. Other than that general emulation is better. I almost forgot to mention also that the fast forward function doesn't seem to work.


Not bad. Most emulators that I've used are pretty incomparable to one another. I'm use to ZSNES, but that's for the PC. The only features that weren't here that I would've loved to have seen implemented, an actual "fast forward" .. and Game Genie support. But the GG support (as mentioned in the description) will be implemented in a future release. But the Fast Forwarding is the only reason why I don't give it five stars. It's rather solid, other than that.

A Google User

Good, but can improve Should be a 5 star application, yet it has some movement control problems for me on my phone. (Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket.) It seems to be a problem with where the diagonal pad actually recoginizes a key press. This, plus the speed up key not working cause this to lose two stars. However, for free this snes emulator is definately the #1 pick. That is free, anyway.

A Google User

Awsome! At first I had trouble finding roms but once I did they work great. the sound is choppy at first but fixes itself. also it force closes sometimes, but overall it's great. Fix these issues and I will give you 5 stars.


FINALLY Better than SuperGNES!! Couldn't run and jump at the same time, because they won't change their emulator to allow multi touch, and also refuse to allow people to individually move buttons wherever they want! THIS EMULATOR DOES ALL THAT AND MORE! Audio has been clear and games have run beautifully . One thing.... could you please allow us to manually change the screen size, like how the myboy emulator does? App seems abandoned but I hope the devs see this...

Miguel Leiro

Great. It brings back many happy memory's . And to be honest with so many mobile 2d games most of which are in my opinion terrible , the mega drive and snes emulator is a dream come true for me samsung. Buttons can be sometimes a little tricky. But what would you expect when these games were designed for joy pad.

Tommy Metropoulos

Success! Playing on the SAMSUNG Note 4. Placed the rom file (.smc) in the SNESDroid folder and works like a charm. NOTE: If you want to exit your game/enter the SNESDroid menu, hold down the double-window key located to the left of the physical button on the Note 4. The only thing I have noticed so far is the audio is a little off. Will update rating after using app for some time.

A Google User

So-so Pretty good - does exit the game suddenly quite often on HTC One X though (seemingly when the ad banner changes?). Also buttons occasionally go unresponsive. Besides that, the better free SNES emulators on the market.

Tray G

Used to be perfect It played Perfectly before the update now its slow at times. It Has Ads now.. & Ive gotta say this app has really changed since the update and not for the better either. A friend told me of a emulator called "Classicboy" it emulates multiple systems including the snes and is advertisement free. Im going to switch to that emulator

A Google User

Video and sound too slow when pressing buttons in succession Brand new galaxy nexus. Video and sound Too slow when pressing buttons in succession. For most other people using this, I suggest increasing frame rate and decreasing video and sound resolution to help with crackling. Personally, not good enough quality and there are definitely better emulators out there.

A Google User

Great app This is the only app that worked correctly for my Ego 4G so far. Most of them had sound issues but this one has something to adjust the sound rate. Just make sure you get the update.

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