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20 Jan
Snark Busters

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Adventure | Jan. 20, 2015 | 76 Comments

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You'll know the Snark is nearby when you find the clues it left behind. Catching it won't be easy, as it moves quickly and uses mirrors to jump between the real world and the world where time and space are turned inside out. If you believe you can decipher these hints and piece together the objects you need to track down your target, then join Kira Robertson as she sets out to earn a place in the elite Snark Busters Club! Along the way, you'll tackle over a dozen mini-games, enjoy colorful visuals, and explore 30 amazing locations!

◇ Seven chapters
◇ Thirty animated locations
◇ 13 mini-games
◇ A captivating story
◇ Bright and colorful graphics

PLAY FREE before you buy. Try the 1st full chapter to be sure you like the game. You can buy the full game using in-app billing

Whats new

    minor bugfix

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Stacey Weaver

Hooked on it! I can't get enough of this game. I come back to it every other month and play it again. I love that it's similar to the adventure games I love while totally different than anything I've played. My first time through was really confusing with the back and forth through the mirrors, but once you've got it down it's like entertainment junk food. Give it a shot!

Ruby Rose

Clock needs fixing Enjoyable but annoying that like others I can't get passed the clock puzzle. Please fix

Brandon Clemmons

Not to bad Butt wen I try to get on it my tablet screen it turns black people make it for tablets to.

Katz Lucas

Fix the clock. Not working. And i see that the comments here concerning the clock issue has been going on for months. This is bad. Please fix.

Laurin Finney

Too many bugs I got stuck at the clock puzzle like everyone else, so I tried to delete and reinstall. Now I can't even get past the phone in the first level. It won't let me dial. I'd like a fix, but if that's not coming, I'd like a refund.

Kim Gunter

Kim The click puzzle does not work!!! I've tried it almost 20 times. Wth? I want a refund!!!!!

Christy Regenhardt

It's buggy. I can't get the light cover to catch the fish, and googling it tells me this is a common problem. If I could play it, I might like it!

sara carrico

Clock puzzle not working still.

Donna Brown

Fix the clock Either fix or remove the clock puzzle. Way too frustrating to just get stuck due to a glitch.

Yogie Ysiano

Snark busters Please fix this game it is stuck on the camel drinking water, no camel drinks that much!!!!!! ASAP!

Danny Heaslip

Loved it till... The clock puzzle. Like so many others I can't get it to work. Please fix. I'm obsessed with this game.

Natasha Long

Fix the clock Can't get passed the clock at train station. Deleted and reinstalled 4 times. I want a refund!!

Donna Maynard

Stuck on clock puzzle!!!

Cathy Potter

fix the clock i want a refund !!!!!!!!!!

A Google User

Cant get, past the clock at train station. Keeps reading, (on one of the times a 0 then the minutes) fix an you vet a better rating.

Christine Kovic

Disappointing! I didn't find the train station clock any problem like so many others did, but many of the dialog boxes didn't remain open long enough to read them through, and there was no option to replay them. Very annoying! The puzzles were good, but the whole game is way to tightly structured, and the ending .....sux!!! All THAT, and for what! }:/

Zelma Miller

Good game You fixed everything even the clock. Love the game now...

Anant Maher

Bug on the clock level When trying to light the dynamite, you have to enter the train times on the clock. It does not take the Times to open the face of the clock up to give you the final piece. This has been a known bug on all platforms of the game, should have really been resolved by now! If you just made it where you move the minute hand to set times I don't think you would have such a big issue.

Millie L

Not fantastic I‘ve played this a few times now (once I've paid for a game I believe in giving it a few tries before rating) - wouldn't recommend it if you're not already a big fan of hidden object games (and definitely don't buy the sequels, they're even worse). As others mention, the train clock is a massive frustrating road-block, and any hidden object game without a pinch-zoom option is.....missing a fundamental tool. Considering they have released two sequels, they could have done an update to at least fix the train clock. Don't bother.

A Google User

Great game Very good game. Just took waaaay to long to download

Chris Arnold

What the CLOCK!!! Sheesh. The darn CLOCK.. Fix it!

Emily Burkhart

Pretty interesting. But kind easy. The only problem is I can't get past the train clock. I put in the time over and over but it still wont work. Even after the new update still the clock at the train station won't let me pass. Even after starting a new game. I want my money back.

Genevieve Dearing

Are you going to fix the clock can't get past it.

Sasha fuentes

Stuck at the clock, frustrating I want a refund, the game is stuck

Kira Hester Airhart

FIX IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Fix the fish bowl i want to move on in my favorite game! I have played it before and I want to continue! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Moorehead

FIX IT Fix the stupid clock puzzle. I know what needs to be down, but it is glitchy and doesn't work.

Ma B

Eye Strain! Colorful and bright-so you'd think it would be easy to find things. No. Frustrating, stupid. a complete waste of time. I've been stuck in one section (the caves with the gongs) for hours, I know exactly what I need and where to get it but can't get to the pieces. I'm done with this.

Samantha Butler

FIX IT!! I've played this game before and loved it. I bought it again on my new phone but I can't get past the train clock. I've tried everything to include reinstalling but still doesn't work. Please fix because I love this game!

Brooke Young

Doesn't work! I can't even get past the first room. I've even looked at walkthrough for the game and I can't move the pillow or use the sledgehammer on the mail chute. Waste of time!

A Google User

Snark 2?? This was guite an enjoyable game. My seven yr old grandson was over and we played this game. He generaly plays action games, Kung Fu Panda, war games, etc. This was his first time playing a game that he had to use his brain to figure out what to do in order to win. He is hooked.....He cannot stop talking about it. He wants to play his grandma's games. He needed some help to solve the puzzels but he understood the process of the game and how to get from room to room or planet to planet. We need some adventure games with hidden objets, puzzels and arcade games for the younger folks, 4 +..... Thanks

Valerie Howard

3 times I have put in every code to the lock and it still want open the lock I have restarted the game 3 times and still no change..... Not Happy About it....I want my money back.

A Google User

Great game. Love the game and it has great graffics. Keeps you addicted. The only issue is that the game wont let me put the weights to get the fairy. I even tried the walkthrough and i still cant get it. Hit even stopped working. Fix this and the game gets 5 stars from me

nathen wade

Almost Would've given it top marks if it weren't for a glitch in the game where i had no choice but to skip a puzzle due to the train car layout picture puzzle, i had collected all the neccesary pieces but when it came to assembling them the bottom left piece had vanished making it impossible to finish the puzzle without skippinh. Fix this and will bump to 5 .

A Google User

Loved this until frustration set in! Stuck at train station clock and help desk was no help. Tried everything and cannot get past this point. This has ruined the game for me. Anyone care to offer a solution?

A Google User

Love it Great game. Beautiful graphics. Best game on google play. Well worth the money. Challenging but fun!! Snark busters is #1. Please come out with a 2nd and 3rd. For those of you that give it less than five stars just because you can't figure it out, why don't you look up a walkthrough...

Vanessa Tatum

Snark Busterz I can't get past the clock it won't work. I've restarted the game twice and both times it gets stuck at the clock

Bridgette Frederickson

Clock puzzle needs dev t.l.c Im not really into hidden object games.i tried other players suggestions.for the train clock puzzle but nothing.had to uninstall

Tina Brophey

Arrrrghh Loved the game...until.... I opened the vault, can see the piece I need but can't pick it up. I hit the hint button and it shows nothing, just flashes :( I know what I need to do, just unable to do it!! So close to catching the Snark...sigh.... help??

Jen Golus

Train schedule times make it impossible to finish game. I loaded and reloaded game with hope it would fix itself. In both instances, when I need to set the clock to the train schedule times, I only get three valid times. The fourth time reads 0 as the hour; 0:30 specifically. I'd appreciate a refund.

Michelle Costello

No problems Enjoyed it, different to others

R Darin

Fantastic Very enjoyable and great game. Runs great on my Samsung Galaxy pro tablet 12.2

christina ferrie

Clock puzzle is broken!

Becky Burris

No maintenace? Where are developers? Will go back to five stars if clock ever gets fixed. I will uninstall after waiting for a week. I stopped playing this game for almost a year and the clock still isn't fixed!!!!!!!

Cedar Erickson

Wonderful This was a new style of HO-Adventure game than I'm used to - I was apprehensive at first but it was refreshingly different. Overall it was great fun. One complaint: the graphics when it came to characters/people. I get that you were going for the cartoony thing but I just didn't find the result appealing. Thanks!

Teresa Weisinger

Clock wont work Just like everyone else I get stuck on the clock puzzle. No matter what I do it won't work. Please fix asap or give refund. Thanks

Tiffany Thompson

Clock puzzle help It's not a glitch. You have to set the clock the way it would read on an actual clock. Meaning if its 7:45 the hour hand would not be directly on the 7 it would be closer to the 8. Once you have it set correctly, the clock opens immediately.

A Google User

Great game Thrilling and enjoyed the game really loved the colors worth the money thanks

Heather Hudson

Loved it! Clock Help Here The first time I played the game the clock would not work... So I took a chance, started over. I only clicked the train schedule after clicking the clock, on the 3rd train time it opened. You must pause between times and it can open in any order. All puzzles after were skippable. Good Luck!

Brett Collison

Cant get past the ringing of the bells As I cannot complete the building of the ladder which will enable me to reach the bell to ring it!!! Can anyone help? Where is the final piece of the ladder? Clock was easy and completed. I want to finish Snark and leave a good review but being stuck is a problem!

sarah vigliotti

Train clock I'm stuck at the clock just like every other person who has tried playing this game.... please fix this already!!!

Amber Oliver

Would give this 4 starts but massive glitch The level with the clock doesn't work, I have tried everything. Please can you fix the bug

N.L. Cronin

Fix the clock! I'm joining the chorus about this issue. WTH!

Ankha Pritchard

Lots of fun Like this one...makes you think and unique story. Cute design overall.

Heather Brown

BLOODY CLOCK Yep like everyone else, can't get past the clock. Set it to every time possible, but nothing. Very annoying.

Elayne Purdy

Good game till you get to train clock should of listened to reviewed instead of wasting money on this stupid game

Matthew Parnis

Useless Buged CLOCK. I paid for this??? I am going to make bad review on every alawar game. Not fair as i paid real money and i spent 48 hours playing with this damn clock stuck.

Susan Matthews

Not bad An okay game. I prefer the layout & game play of their other games. This is a bit tedious & hard on the eyes, & that music!!? Oy.

christian naar

Ok thank u for fixing the problem with the clock I finish the game and it was funny but I like it. The problem doe the puzzles on the game are good but with it freezes up. It makes it hard on me knowing that I ain't wrong I got the answers right. So I could only give it 3 stars I like your games doe

Nathalie De Greef

The clock Not possible to pass the scene with the clock. I'll give it a five hen it's fixed

Georgina Schofield

Loved it! Wasn't sure to start with as a little different to the usual games I play. Great game though & I liked that it was a bit different ?

Kyle Hyndman

To much of the same thing . Not my cup of tea.

Dawn B

Ok Got on sale. Not typical hog.

Serina Enriquez

Fix the clock. Want a refund

Suzette Edwards

Stupid clock Well, like others I'm stuck at the clock. Time to request a refund.

John S

Great game Lots of fun to work through. The clock worked for me.

emily thor

CLOCK PUZZLE HELP You have to set the clock to the way it would look on an actual clock. I struggled with this for like an hour. I had 5:15, instead of putting the hour hand directly on 5 I put it slightly past five and the minute hand directly on 15 and it opened. Also, if you get a time like 0:35 the zero is supposed to be 12.

CoKo Shaw

Come on now..seriously?!? I paid for this game straight out and it's forceclosing. Fix or please refund my money

caroline bentley

Enjoyed until I got to number box,the one with the 43213 and 0-2+2+2:0 any help please!

Meadow Jones

Could not catch the carp When I tried to catch the carp with the light cover it would not work. Kept telling me to try something else. Restarted the game and my phone and even tried walkthrough. Nothing worked didn't pay much for the game but not the point. Why buy a game I can't play?

caroline bentley

Enjoyed until I got to number box,the one with the 43213 and 0-2+2+2:0 any help please!

Once I'd turned off the annoying music, I found that the gameplay was very long drawn out and repetitive, in that you have to find several parts of items before you can actually use them. I should have tried the trial version first, but I paid for this and now wish I hadn't, as it's not a game for me. Good graphics, though.

Natischa-ann Lalonde

Want to give it 5, but.. It keeps crashing as soon as she gets the cops hat, in the very beginning. Would like to know what to do since I'm paying for it.

Gina Becerra

Puzzle of a problem solver. Like an escape game, but you're actually chasing after something. You have to collect the pieces in order to solve your way out in each level. Kept me engaged.

Georgina Schofield

Loved it! Wasn't sure to start with as a little different to the usual games I play. Great game though & I liked that it was a bit different ?

Fina Tanielu

If it's about the clock.I was stuck at first but I was able to get through by looking at the schedule then clicking the right time on the clock for each time schedule. Hope it helps.

Jen Jen

Even better... The second time! I played this on pc before but had to play again on my phone. I love these games

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