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31 Aug
Slugterra: Dark Waters

Posted by Apps Ministry Inc in Action | Aug. 31, 2016 | 116 Comments

Apk file size: 375.0 MB

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Enter the sci-fi world of Slugterra in this breathtaking 3D action adventure game! Based on the animated television series Slugterra, take up the mission of Eli Shane to defend the 99 caverns and become the greatest slugslinger!

In this high-tech world beneath your feet, the ammo's alive and only the quick survive. Play as Eli Shane and assemble your team of slugslingers to protect the citizens of Slugterra. Collect an arsenal of little critters called slugs — when you fire them at 100 MPH out of your high-powered blaster, they transform into powerful battle beasts!

With the help of your friends, your slugs, and your cool high-tech gear, defend Slugterra from the clutches of Dr. Blakk, who seeks to control the 99 caverns. The crux of his plan? To ghoul all the slugs with a substance called Dark Water, transforming them into mindless weapons! Track down and destroy each of Dr. Blakk's Dark Water stations before he can conquer the 99 caverns!

Simply tap to move and to target enemies. Customize your armour and blaster, equip your favorite slugs and upgrade them for maximum power. The more you play, the more gear and slugs you unlock!

* 18 levels
* 5 duel arenas
* 10 unique enemies
* 3 types of gameplay – isometric action, third person shooter, fighting.
* Controllable slugs
* Intuitive and user-friendly interface
* Unique graphics and gameplay
* Frequent upgrades and new in-game content

Whats new

    Thank you for playing Slugterra: Dark Waters! We keep making the game better and here is what’s new:
    1. New interfaces. Now it is much easier to choose the right ammo before each level starts. In addition we’ve made a video preview of how slugs behave!
    2. New survival level
    3. The game balance has been re-designed, so that players can get into the gameplay faster and easier.
    4. 3D model animation enhanced
    Enjoy the updated Slugterra: Dark Waters!

Apps Ministry Inc part of our Action and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Aug. 31, 2016. Google play rating is 85.6664. Current verison is 1.6.3. Actual size 375.0 MB.

Download slugterra-dark-waters.apk 375.0 MB


Utkarsh Yadav

It is a fake This game is not working only it says media dhx r it is a fake game and I am again downloading it again but not downloading it

Darren Glanz

Its cool I liked it,it was fun but you can make more ways to make money and all the slugs aren't there it is cool but it still needs that wow factor.

Aarunish Sinha

Nice You should make an adventure game in which we are able to catch, trade and release slugs rather than buying them. There should be no classification of slugs as offensive, controlling and special rather we can take any type like 2 offensive and one special and like that onwards.

Alice Bibby

Ami add When can you add a new slugterra game when you can control you with the d pad and create your own slug and fight with it in multiplayer and missions

Junaid Khan

Must have given analog to move Its very awkward that the game didnt have an analog but once you get use to it its been a nice game but still and at acrad battel you there should be slug power down or detonate button because of its absence target many time dogges your attack and you easily get hit while they can move while slinging.... Thank you hope this comment be mentioned for developing and we loves it so we want it yo get better.

Linda Pace

Deeznuts Cool game for some reason when i downloaded the game i got endless coins and every thing on there and all the upgrades

Cooper Dickie

PLZ READ this is a realy good game and all, but theres a few things you should add: 1. I realy think you should add more slugs withe more attacks. 2. I wish that if you go in a 1 on 1 duel when your slug crashes into another slug and they fight, you should make it so instead of just tapping, your slug has 3 attacks and u take turns eg, if you shot one of those water slugs at an infurnace you could click the first attack wich makes hkm blast water out his head, then the infurnace throws a fireball at the water slug then the water slug does the same attack again then the water slug wins. 3.i wish you could change your character eg, play as trixie exept with green hair and a black shirt 4. I wish you could make your own gang and chosse what the ppl in your gang look like and the gang name. 5. I wish you could goul your slugs and make your own base. 6. If you add attacks on the 1 on 1 duels can you make it so when you upgrade your slug you unlock a attack. 7. Can you make it so you can name your slugs. 8. Can you make it so you can choose your favorite slug and put it on your sholder 9. How do u add friend 10.can you supercharge. Other than that this is still a realy good game and i rate 5/5

leonel osahon

Good game till it started freezing at media dxl Good game till it started freezing at media dhx fix that and it'll be worth 5 stars

LLoyd Garmadon

Awesome Game but!! Why you can't add the megamorphe slugs and new missions (races with vichels) and new enemys ( Shadow Clan and dark Clan) and new Slugs!???

Akshat Mishra

It's a fake game It is not working properly it shows media dhrx and stops I again download it but its not working.

Lizzy McFadden

It works It is so much better than the other offical one. This game I can tell is not by disney but I love this one lot better. As long as you have enough space for it. It is fantastic. If this where a computer game or Xbox I would still by it. It reminds me of gaming device and not being able to use gaming devices because of a surgery I am SO happy I found this game. I recommend it to everyone who loves these types of games. Thanks for making this game. PS FOR ANYONE WHO CAN'T MAKE IT WORK TRY USING THE CLEAN MASTER APP TO CLEAN SO JUNK FILES FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE THAT IS HOW I DID IT PLUS DELETE SOME OF YOUR OTHER UNUSED APPS IT IS SOOOOO WORTH IT.

Beadini Sheap

Cool Cool but still don't have all the slugs and there need to have more armor and more free blasters too.. It needs many things but I mean you guys can fix it you need just to put more slugs from the animation film and it's done.. And I forget to say I love this game.!!

Jordan Ambris

Great I really love it but maybe you can added new slugs like armershelt and aquabeek or tormato or double barrels maybe a fleringo or hoverbug Or a tresher slug

nate hathaway

Not long but well done This is a great game with lots to get, upgrade, and play and living ammo which is a very Kool concept not used enough. Buy and upgrade guns, partners, armor, ammo and items. You have top down levels that zoom to your liking and feels very quest-like plus side objectives and daily missions to prolong it a little, duel levels where your ammo can actually fight the others. My biggest problem were control's are a lil clunky for duel levels & length made it feel unfinished, I beat before getting much of anything

Brotin Bhattacharya

Tips for you if you like Please add dr blakk in final mission and on2 on one duel and also give more containers to carry more slugs and give vehicles and more missions and don't classify between slugs

Abhijit Singh

Duels are best part of the game ... Can u make the main gameplay in close third person view and also controlling the character himself and not by tapping the spots to would be awesome.... :)

Chung Hean Lau

Slugterra: Dark Water Its fun but relatively easy to complete. However, I don't get to see the special abilities of the slugs. All of them have to hit the opponent to deal damage. Burpy doesn't spit fire and Joules doesn't shoot electricity. And another, Dr Blakk and his minions, especially Nacho, they don't shoot ghouls. Thats the strangest part of the game.

Renu Pandey

its a fake game just saying dhx media and not starting up and i unintall the game and then i download it from playstore again and again

Anuradha Singh

Please add more slugs and missions Please add more slugs and more missions.Whenever I start an old mission and want some other companion like Kord it brings Pronto instead of Kord. Please fix this and I will rate it 5 stars.

Kevin Roth

Did you come up with some loose loaded and I need to get you some new missions in there cuz I'm kind of bored now and they should put in the elementals

Leo H

When is this game going to better? Can you please freaking update the game and add some slugs like that steel slug and a bubbalone, and a bunch of other slugs. You could maybe add a place where you can trade and release slugs. PLS!!!!

Govind Vishal

Awesome game but I can't pass the level 4.3 fight with Nacho pls fix it

Lim Siu Wen

My children & me like this game. This is not boring. But please update more levels so we will play with more excited. Thank You!

Monaf Almasri

Love it But the game is very hard u have to put to champions not just one bcoz i can't win???

shingloong su

I like it I already got Kord as companion! I also got rammstone slug, neotox, even tazerlind and frostcrawler! So cool, i've got five guns. Thanks for updating it!

Javed Salam Ansari

Fake This game is fake. It does not loads. It just says media day and that's it

Rafsan Hossain

LOVE THIS GAME!! At first, I thought this game would not be that much exciting. After I played lv-2, I was amazed. Pretty good graphics & awesome battles. I really loved it.

neilao mezhatsu

Nice move Keep on running and shooting. Don't stop moving till the mission executed.

Priya Saravanan

Love it! This game is epic you can fight in Duel Arena's. It would be quite good if the controls were different.

Malani Mohotti

Cool but need things I dont feel bappy when im playing it it feels like it need some thing else and its kind of a hard game too but ilove its ok

Yaseen Khan

Legendry Loves this game please make updates for it .Who ever playes this game out there is a boss

Fionn Long

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Deserae West

controls suck I dont like, the tap to move and shoot!! Uninstaling,it is still an alright game though.

John John

Not work. Dlx media r bus please tell me solution

jamar freeman

Great but could be better It is a great game but you should make it more real by zooming in more on the person you is controlling and your duels look more real

Bee waterdrop

Love it This is the best game on my mobile device I can't wait for new updates but it needs more slugs everything else perfect

Yahia Fouad

Woah! Amazing The game is very very nice, but I wish you include more slugs like boon doc and enigmo slug and include ghouls like amperling and darkfurnus

Mriganka Shekhar Sarmah

Great game! Loved how the game pulls the Diablo feel into the mobile platform. Only a few have achieved it. Great job. Keep it up!

Jose Castanon

Best ever Game is so addicting totally fun but wish there was more slugs

Debbie Cullen

Slugterror There is new Slugterror 2 dark waters SO IF YOUR GAME DON'T END GET NUMBER 2!♥♡★

Om Pawar

One problem It takes a lot time to load and we could not take slugs we want when I was taking a tazerling my burpy switches out so can u do than function plz, and hpis also very fastly goes down

joginder kumar

Having some complaints but game is good I would say that minions especially nachos do not shoot ghouls. You should give a ability to Eli to shoot ghouls. Please add a story to game . If you will fulfill my request I will rate it 5 stars.

Anuradha L

Nice game It is a bit slow to download but it is nice. I recommend that there is a place where you can catch and release the slugs.

Yash Chakraborty

Great game mind blowing graphics You became eli Shane and there is everything which was in the anime. controls are Very easy. It's one of the best game

Tim Do

I love Slug forever! Hey Apps Ministry Inc! I really like your app that's one of my favorite at Astro and at Game but I'd really like if you add more level and add more slug! Thanks!

syarif fahmi

It's ok.... But we can use only 3 slug....noob...

Mirwais Shah

Loving the game U have to add more features to the and add more thing to character and if u do it I will rate it 5 star

Carlos Laplana

cool,amazing this game is really cool and amazing and the graphics is amazing too but is bored

Ahmed Sayed

Utkarsh the idiot Utkarsh it does work so don't make us not get it becouse it's awseome just needs multiplayer

Jazian Ruiz

Hey guys thanks for fixing it and can you add some stuff Love it!!!! Can you guys add more slugs,armors,blasters and you can make your own base and create a clan or group and add 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4 and buy your own mechs and pick your side Eli's side or dr. Vlakk's side and use any slugs you want and add more levels and you can ride your mechs and you can equip items for your slugs so they can learn new moves and make them even more powerfull and can you guys add arcade mode so you can fight anyone

allie means

Who ever said that this game is boring is weird and does not know what they are talking about because this game is the best game ever in the world.

zkyvn _

Good game The only thing thats wrong wit is add more slugs.....theres way more slugs thwn how many u got + elementals

tanu bhansali

Good game At first time, it needs more internet to on in wifi and then every section or part is download and makes game and problem is that there is not getting enough money..... and I can't make team too like broto and others together

Raghav Arora

Game hangs a lot of time In my lenovo k4 note this game hangs when playing duels. Even with 3 GB RAM and octa core processor in my phone, I can't play this game

Karmanpreet Singh

Slugterra Look like real slugterra game but one problem beast riding does not avalible

Bryan Abreu

I like it but... I like this game but why didn't you make the slugs transform make it like you tell your slug what to do and make it so that we see their powers and abilities.

akash manoj

Nice Actually it is a awsome game but the mecha beast ridding is not there it would be more fun with it but great job I like it please put more slugterra games and please make a app the allows us to see all episodes

Chhotelal Patel

Intex aqua power hd Best game reminds of my childhood

Harshit Arora

This does not work on my Samsung galaxy tab 3 please fix this problem

neha sinha

I love this game. But My game is hanged

David Cho

This game sucks I just downloaded the game and I couldn't even play it first and it just stopped at the start they told me to update it

Pranav Lawate

Game grt rewards sucks The prices of stuffs is too high like 1000 average ...and what u earn completing a level at max is 900 only if u get 3 stars otherwise less than around u hv to buy so much for even survive upcoming levels...

yuvraj singh

awwwesomme I liked this game very much good graphics , easy controls and the best part its requires no internet so grab it guys

Juan Tapia

Cool Nice concept point and shoot game.

wong jh

Great game So many slugs to choose from.Awesome

Rafid Muhtasim

difficult to play, its quite difficult to play and enemies are more powerful than hero

Vaibhav Shirodkar

Never really played this game because it did not started

Jawad Usman

Better fight mode I do not now who s shooting

Sanzida Ali

This and slug it out is the best slugterra game

Madhavi Kilaru

its good but it has slow loading

joseph raj

Very good It was wonderful

Shubhangi Amonkar

Very good Should have fusion shots of given fusion shots I will give five stars

Ethan Sampson

Not good This is one stupid game do not like it

Zunairah Hanif

Awesome... From the comments

Samuel Tay

My description This game is getting worse and worse

Khalid Khaa Khan

Yfbr good but for more

Syeda Ashrafiz Zaharia Prodhan Prodhan

This the game like cartoon


Lovely What a fantastic Game

ASHU Pandit

Its the best game

kanchan pandey

Dark waters is awesome Very awesome game thanks you made it


Just a boring game

the demon king

You could have done so much better I would have love this game if it was only pvp that would be awesome even the ability to catch slugs but it's just tap here then tap there it's so boaring booooo

Madan Bhedkut

Awesome Guys it is amazing. Thank you for a new version.but i didn't like that in 5.1 gaurd are so much and in the map or intel pack it shows that there are 5-6 gaurds.otherwise game is fantastic

rishi guria


chathuka adikari

It's better if we can ghoul our slugs even that's what Shane gang fighting for. Please add fusion shot and elemental slugs hope you guys will develop it

Good but You should also add ghouls slugs, double barrel shots and megamorph in the arsenal so I wil rate 5 stars

Sheil Schaffer

BEST GAME EVER BUT... i already completed the hole entire game so can you add like 10 more levels or something anyway still love the game.

Mohammad Shayan

Awesome Superb game but u should add more slugs and u should also make something in which two slugs breed and make a new one and also u should make it like 3D. HOPE U WOULD RESPONCE GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Sarfaraj Khan

Hate it.... When I play tha first version of this game... I think it's a good game......when I update it there r no levels to plzzz......Nd no slugs.....

Basmala Abdelkader

Loved it!!!! I adore the game!!!! I'm like a burning fan of the slugterra cartoon series so I love this game :-D, but the others, not do much :-\

Kuljeet Singh

Love it!! Love this game but black boxes keep appearing over all the options, help pls, I'm using xperia Z

iyas stylo

please fix After update, I have to playback this game from the beginning!! Bullshit...

Brayden Lambson

Worst game ever This game is was so boring my first task thumbs down

Sapna Solanki

Amazing But no coins r available for free but again outstanding and amazing ........good graphics

Tim Do

Update to version of 1.7x Update their version to 1.7x cause there is no more mission and slugs

jagjeet singh

Cool This game is really good ,I like it please add in double barral shot

Rashmi Prakash

What the hell is this game ,whenever i tried to play this game it hanks.And it thanks so much that i can't tell and this is my only first problem,mine second is that from two-three days whenever i tried to run this app it brings me back to the home screen and this game also have poor graphics.If you these fix these problems, i will give you 5stars

Shaun Titus Geevarghese

Best game ever Can you please add the ability to catch slugs and to ride in megabeast on coming version please...

prasun das

Nice game I love it Those who said this is boring, go to hell

Brij Brij

Good game There is no hop rock nor any ghoul but it is very addictive

Nikhil Tidke

Cool But the storyline should be extended and there it should be hard to get new slugs and there should be a storyline also for slugs like in real slugterra series

Slugterra I love it but it need more slugs torpado 's feature is incorrect it should be a tornado not a wind shield and it needs time to reload slugs but in real slugterra it does not happen plzz respond and get more slugs

gaurav srivastava

Awesome game ? It is an awesome game l have ever played . I loved it missions , graphics and all the things in this game ????

Vaishali Bedade

Very nice The people should download this game . those who like to watch slugterra for those kids this game will be perfect

Anas Mohamed

Anas I Love this game but should have infurnes

Muhammad Talha

Bad game It is not working fine


Good Less slug option,like only one electric type.

Yash Allabadi

My game was not started when I play the game it is pause on dhx media what I should do

Isaaq Mubiru

Add more slugs and put ghouls

Viren Duggal

So.....bad game I have download it and wasted my time because it is not working....

Ananda Roy

Bhujj I recommend you please take gueals

Pierre-Neil Clemmings

Coolest game ever made It's the coolest game ever made in the world

Dragon minecraft pixelgun gaming Play

Its good I will rate it 5 when my game stops taking ages to load

Logan Miller

Lavalynx Please add the lavalynx in your next update.

Maaz Zaki

Powerful game Please give a more levels

Archana Chandel

Great but This game is not working

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