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23 Jan
Slender Man: The Laboratory

Posted by Vixo Games in Adventure | Jan. 23, 2014 | 36 Comments

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Slender Man: The Laboratory ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


- The most ' big and scary experience on Android !
the best game of SlenderMan on Google Play Store!

- Did you like it ? Releases 5 STARS to help us improve it and keep it up to date!

• History : Many events lead back to the mysterious Slender ! An abandoned laboratory is perhaps the key to discovering the dark mystery of this being ! It is said that in this laboratory was the league 's DNA Slender and his son ... what happens after remains a mystery to discover! Find out what happened in that lab , but be careful...
• Graphics: Amazing 3D graphics with advanced lighting effects and texture in high resolution !
• Fear ! : Feeling of fear and adrenaline to the max! Can you open the door to the lab and find the 8 pages of Slender Man before he takes you?

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Whats new

    • Better Graphics
    • Better Controller
    • Better FPS
    • Better HUD

Vixo Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 23, 2014. Google play rating is 74.7389. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 45.0 MB.

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Where is he I walked around for 2hr and nothing happens and the room with the shotgun on the table can u even pic it up and there is bulge in the floor that won't let me out of the room NOT ING THERE FIX THIS

Manuel Morales

THIS GAME SUCKS DONT WAIST YOUR TIME! Iv been walking around for like 20 min and nothing has happened also the game lags so much and u can hardly move.....Also can u even shoot the gun??

dannie rash


Jonathan Alford

Super Laggy, How do I shoot Its a great game with good graphics, and its really intense, but the only flaw is the lag. I went 20 seconds into the game and my heart was racing! You should also make it more interactive... how do I shoot the pistol and can I pick up the shotgun and shoot that too. Also whenever I shine the flashlight on something I can't see it, it glares really bright off of everything.

Mike Ellis

Awesome Graphics A+ I only played for a little bit and can tell how amazing this game is and there's room for so much potential the only thing is I'dk if it's the controls or lag but maneuvering is a little tough btw you guys should make a game with a bigger map and story

jowulu jaidah

Can slender calm down? (_) :( :) . hope? Yo this game is wack yo

Daniel Danchikk

Meh People complain that there is so much lag well u need a powerful device I have a quad core with 2gb of ram and i got easily like 30 fps and people complain that there is no slendy its true there is none because its supposed to be like that cause as you see if this game gets 500,000 download multiplayer will be unlocked which one is slendy so im just saying oh yeah the ads are awesome i luv pizza hut :3

Dane Rodrigue

Well... This isnt a GREAT GAME OR GOOD GAME its bad because 1.the controls r weak cant even find slender and cant use your gun in the beginning if u really want a good slender game get slenderman retro its way way better than this.and if u want a great slender game dont get this game

Lisa Romero

Laggy Beautiful graphics, sound, and tension building! The only thing I can find wrong with this is that its very laggy, making it a bit difficult to play, and the game continuously makes the 'Slender shock' sound, even when you don't see him. Besides this, this game is brilliant. Please just work on the lag so I can play properly :)

Steph Swaggs

This game is awesome, those of you who aren't happy probably have a crappy phone. 5 stars

Andy Garcia

Awesome job Cool and scary but i have no idea how to shoot the gun so can someone please tell me

Ellis Furby

Slender is savage The game is a bit laggy and slendy isn't always there when the sound goes off,please fix this so I can get through the game without rage quitting,anyone with me on this one?definitely worth downloading!

Southern Gamer

Slenderman This game is the worst game that you can get if you even think that it will get better at the middle well your just plan wrong played this for 6 weeks and nothing even happen if you get this YOUR STUPID AND HAVE NOOOO LIFE SO THAT IS WHY I GIVE IT ONE STAR

Jeanclaudio Rayo

Uncomplete. Ok so u cant walk through doors. Theres no keys. You move slowly and cant even use the gun that your holding. Do not download. Its a huge waist.

Sangita Nichit

Horrorest game of the world's largest and India I am looking for a game of football. But I found this great new game. This is a great time to play with the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way

Mossee Redhood

Laggs and controls u cant shoot no slender man no pages nothing nothing It had Laggs and lil bit bugs but cool plus controls are lil bit loose u know like its hard to control and how can i shoot i didnt see any button for shooting

Tucker Johnson

Switch and (not a) Scam I love the graphics with this game and my phone doesn't lag too much (other phones do, though). The only problem is that you have to be very good at finding things because neither I, nor anybody I know, can find the switch. And to those who say that it is a scam when it says five stars will get the multiplayer, it IS NOT a scam, it simply means that five stars will get more people to download it, and they will release it at 500000 downloads. Otherwise, great game, download if you're good at finding things.

Wesley Wallner

A pretty face. The graphics are phenomenal, don't get me wrong, but the interface sucks (how do you fire your weapon? How do you pick up the shotgun? Open doors?). Additionally, the sounds seem on a loop, including the player gasping and breathing heavy. Nothing happened, she just decided to freak and start hyperventilating... Why? The effect would be much scarier if she didn't do it every 20-30 seconds. The lag is rough. Aiming and looking around are painfully slow. Might be an FPS thing.

Daniel Espitia

Graphics The graphics are amazing!.But I can't find any pages or switch, i think that's part of the next update though.

Jake Dillon

I have to say, when I first saw this I was like wow that looks cool. So of course I downloaded it and played it... I'm on a s5 so I don't get to much lag but graphics are amazing. the only thing I don't understand is that THERE IS NO SWITCH, they say flip the switch but there's no action button or anything. It has such great potential but for now My opinion for a scare fix would be dark meadow:pact devs. THANKS for reading

Orion Tlumach

Almost there Found it hard to masterbate to at first but one way or another i finally did would give 5 out of 5 buy came on screen ?

anthony zabala

This game only has nice graphics that's it cool if you want to just walk around a creepy lab at snail pace. Things this game needs: easier to maneuver controls, the ability to pick up weapons and stuff, control sensitivity setting opinions, better sound and music reaction(music intensity should only build up if slender man is actually near),firing controls, and faster walking speed.

Tracy Carroll

Horrible It is the worst game ever u can't even shoot the gun and I went like 50 min. And he nothing even happened and the lag is real bro it is horrible and can someone tell me where the switch is its just a bad slender game and really the girl ur playing as is just hypervinterlating herself so really I'm sorry its not a very good slender game u shouldn't put a gun in it if u can't shoot it I can't even bieleve I'm giving this a star I'm disappointed );

Jonathan Broussard

It's not a big difference between the two of the other ones It's not scary At all But has excellent condition

Raymond Canel

Ewwwwww It has good graphics it has a good point but i cannot play it without it lagging , booting me off it really gets annoying i want to play it but what is the point to play it is you keep lagging it's no fun but i would give it 1 star but i giveing it 2 cause this fact that it's a koo game but it lags and 2 question ... how do you shoot the him and were is the switch

Chelsey Rock

Stupid Slendy When I played the game I sorta liked it but here are ALL of the problems: 1.You cant even shoot the fricking gun. 2.He pants for no reason even when I cant see him. 3.You can barely move or look (YOU NEED TO MAKE IT SO WE JUST CAN MOVE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN!!)And that is why I only gave the app 1 fricking star

Siti Rofiah

Potential Cool game awsome graphics and cant find slender cant shoot guns I found the shotgun but you cant pick it up you cant open doors and I gave it 3 stars because the graphics a bit dissapoiting but ok since its free

Steve Stonewood

Ok. This game is good and all, good graphics etc. But there are things standing in my way; LAG AND ADS!

Andrew Fannon

Cool but still buggy Very great game A+ graphics but having scary music and nothing being there and falling out of the world every time you walk into a wall it doesn't make it very fun can you please fix this

Leo McCarthy

Great game Amazing graphics I love the noises very scary :)


Its alright Its so boring cause you can't pick up guns or interact and I can't even beat the first lvl cause it won't let me but graphics are so cool

Keegan Johnson

Sort of glichy Yeah me too I looked for him for about 3_to 7 hr oh yeah I put five stars because I wanted to have the multiplayer

Jenna Campbell

Eh... Its a good game but I never saw slender. It has good graphics and controls are easy to use.

Payton Gervin

Good graphics What am I supposed do I walk around and nothing pops or anything am I supposed to kill slenderman and why can't I shoot my gun

John Samaniego

Good but lagy Its cool and all but fix the lag and the gun plz

Agito Kiske

Poor The game has great graphics, how ever you can't shoot, slender man never comes out, and so many glitches and bugs, the game doesn't deserve as many five star ratings as it has

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