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14 Oct
Slender Man: Survival Hunter

Posted by Anno Oceal in Adventure | Oct. 14, 2014 | 65 Comments

Apk file size: 34.0 MB

This is a survival horror game.
The story tell about silent dark forest.
From the night hear horrible screams.
You are a hired soldier. You are sent into the woods, to understand the problem.
However, what you see there, make the blood freeze the veins!
Also in the game you can get the money to buy weapons.
The game has a gun shop.

Anno Oceal part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 14, 2014. Google play rating is 72.9095. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 34.0 MB.

Download slender-man-survival-hunter.apk 34.0 MB


Jon Galan

Lagging Great idea, but, come on . I get better fps from worst games on the appstore. If you can fix this issue, then you'll have my 4 stars. I say 4 stars because on top of the fps, I could use a better setting and spawn point . Please advise this quickly, It is an awesome idea.

HunterXD Coffman

I can walk through any thing stupid Hard to shoot and it's to easy to get money but if you really hate slender than this is the game for u???

Roman Garcia

Lets start this off Okay so first of all this game starts off by the lake and well its not that hard tbh the only problem is the sensitivity. It is way to fast to even aim at the slenderman and 3 slendermen are perfect because it doesnt make the game too easy ya know. The game started up quickly for me and ran perfectly like i said only problem is the sensitivity give either an option for it or lower it yourself overall this is a two started ranking in my eyes because a game with really bad sensitivity is not a good game

joseph ninja

Epic I battled and won 14 times it's true that there is a second slendy i killed one at a cliff but then another slender man came behind me and hit me and I noticed there's a weird crash in the game when I was going to the fourth connection tell her I was just about to hit 100 and then the game more thing it needs a better Slenderman animation it needs more maps and it needs pages and more weapons

#ch33zY rUssian

Seemed like a cool GAMe but instantly spawned me in a lake with two slender men attacking me and wouldn't let me aim my gun cool concept tho

Michael Gallotte

Best game ever I was by an explosive barrel I shot it when slender was nearby and it didn't work?!

Ron Adams

Worst Night Ever!!!! When I got the gun with all the money I had the slender man telepoted behind. The west nothern tree so I tried picking up my axe (sense its twice as stronger then o revelvor pistle)but he just started going off to other places then 3 slender man just came out of nowhere one was by the tree the first slender man was then the other two were by the lake then when its came for me to die I started shouting angry words on my pc/mac please make it where theres only one slender man thank you

Kevin Crump

Easy but weird I killed 83 slender men and then like 3 came and courned me I tried to shoot then but my thing must of jade a glitch and the slender took my gun and shoot me to death

Yaddikash 0705

Absolutely great!! In future updates, you should add some more weapons.

Teresa Clabo

2 slender men??? I was just playing it for the third time around and then there were TWO thats right Two slender men what's up with that

Michael Austin

It looks good So I'm going to play it if I like it I cep it is I don't cep it

Nick Bowen

I love th is game but... Sometimes there's two slendermen and they corner me. And when I tried to shoot it would freeze. But since I erased it and downloaded it again it works fine now

Ronin Sanati

Sh!ty My health went from 100 to 0, it froze then I died, it took over half an hour to get connected and then after that I died W+f

Steven Muguercia

Awesome Its good its just that are a couple errors popping up but graphics and stuff is awseome

محمدامين قبادي

Not bad It was hard.3 slendermans attached to me under the water! Is it fair?) -:

Thomas Sowers

Its OK I gets laggy at time and the logic of slender man, his IQ has to be les than a fly

Kendrick Pasaye

Cool Its a cool game I get the point the more u kill hime the more they keep cloning

Shaun Clayton

10/10!!! Omg this game is so awesome and great I really think that the graphics could use some fixing but besides that it is AWESOME!!!!

Johanna Toepfer

Sh!tty! Suggestion... Learn to make a game properly

Taz Robinson

When i was on the 4 round i finished the connection thing and the its said something about fatal error

Ram Saligoin

Error? I killed slenderman many times and connected all laptops and completed the mission then it suddenly said error and it crashed.. W+f does that mean? Its like the program doesn't want you to win.

Bella the Killer

Looks very freakin cool. I personally love survival games.

Maribel Vega

its actually better than i thot you have to try to connect to computers while not getting killed forreals. cool game

Regina Ridenour

Hated it The graphics sounds guns ammo computer everything about it sucked

Chris Jaramillo

Good but... Plz fix sensivity thx

Rick Chin

Its ok The graphic design is ok but the control is extremely sloppy. Plz fix

Cynthia Tomecko

Too ezy I beated it with 100 health and didn't get hit and killed him 14 times but when I finished I got an error code. WHY?!?

Guillermo Gomez

Sucks Dick When I load up the game I kill 50 sm it Freeze's and it happens again you know what F### this

RJ Sanchez

The controls sucked. I played one game and got stuck spinning around in a circle and unable to run from slender man . Fix the controls

Marqwan Weathersby

The game I'd awesome the way graphics are the way it plays its an awesome game thanks for making it for us .

Zay Joinzz

Cool When i first played it it was cool a little bit although the senstivity was bad

John Campbell

Poor Worst game ever played in the world.

Jack Burgess

Stupid. D Does not work

Ray Dozier

Slender men This is a cool game

Swag Boy

3 sounded mens I saw 3 and it was cool

Maddy Gonzo

Too much bro... Yes I hate slender but it's not like I want to kill him or anything because he has hopes and dreams... (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

Tricia Foster

5 slenders ??!! I killed 90 slenders and 5 more pop up out of nowhere. This is one creepy game. I mean like I had a gun and he got the gun and shot me to death like in the head I think. The next time an axe the slender took it away from me and chopped me to death. P.S slender has teeth. Why does he have teeth?! He has no mouth! Why teeth?!

Caden Achterberg

Game Is alright It is good but it is hard to look up and Down

Chriscross 411

This game it keep on saying unfortunately this game is stopped. I thought I would like this game but it's just being stupid and ignorant stopping and I thought I would be happy. I hated this game

Nephi Kessinger

Loved it but hated it (uninstalled) Much to love bout this game if you could get that far but the reviews were right. Decent game but the ads crashes it at times, movement is weird but workable, but the huge problem is aiming. You try aiming an it acts like a mouse on computer messing up its completely uncontrollable you can't control your aim without sweeping and swerving all across the screen trying to. Aiming needs a ton of work which makes the game both unplayable and unbearable.

Josh Hunter

Hate slender Perfect game 4 me I hate slender soooooooooo much now I get to kill him thanks anno

Andrew Imanuel

I LOVE IT BUT... Can you update slenderman because he not scary, i like slenderman spawner is random...

Tera Kluxen

Come on! Will you bring back the five nights at slender then I will rate all of your games 5 stars but for now it will be 3 stars star intell you bring back the FNAF one you are very nice I could tell but PLZ PLZ I want the FNAF and how do you get money?

Josh Bester

It just crashes Before it can even load onto the game it crashes??? Someone plz help i have an lg g3 which has never frozen???

My Phone

I cant play. When i press start it says loading then it goes to home page ill try to re-download it.I re-download it and it still don't work.?but it looks so ? cool???.

Cameron Smith

Big rip off Every time its loads it exits me out

Derek Padilla

Won't open It just kicks me out right away WTF

Jackson Hero

No gameplay When I open this app all it does is take me back here

Kenny Novak

Good game But you can walk through rocks and stuff

Daniel Allen

Every time I hit play it goes to my home screen. Y'all fix it please and I will give you five stars and a compliment.

Dum John

Game crushed When I start the game it crushed...please update or fix it!

Michelle Trahan

Doesn't work at all

Sonic X 15 *

Weird! It was alright, it's just a little bit slow and the game needs a little bit more work!

Matthew Leach

GREAT Thanks for making this game I always hated slender.THE NEXT DAY..Knock Knock "who is it" (opens door) (slender pops up out of nowhere BANG That's what u get slender

Jacob Georgsson

Creepy But it amazing slender man pops outta no where in front of you... but you should make it; get header and harder with every one you kill overall its amazing

Brian Brennan

Won't work I hit the play button on the menu and it says it has stopped working

Daniel Covey

Cool Slenderman is mean he kill me a thousand times

HunterXD Coffman

I can walk through any thing stupid Hard to shoot and it's to easy to get money but if you really hate slender than this is the game for u???

Chris & Meagan Dubie

I can't play It keeps doing the same 4 me & saying it has unfortunately stopped. I even uninstalled it & reinstalled. I wud have liked this 1, 2

Gavin Bell

It won't stop crashing This game won't stop crashing , if you fix that I'll give you a five star rate

My Phone

I cant play. When i press start it says loading then it goes to home page ill try to re-download it.I re-download it and it still don't work.?but it looks so ? cool???.

elite ghost ghost

The game lags It lags but I still like it

Ian Rittgers

Will never let me in It lets me in but tab play, loading , and it crashes fix it and I'll put 5 stars

Brianny Marichal

Stupid game Is very badd and stupid DON'T DOWNLOAD IT'S GAMES NEVEERRRRRRR

MiniPizzaPanda 80


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