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14 Apr
Slender Man: Legend FREE

Posted by Vixo Games in Adventure | April 14, 2014 | 58 Comments

Apk file size: 199.0 MB

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Slender Man Legend ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fantastic ENGLISH Dubbing!
The best game on Slender Man is here!

" You make a small store with your wife in a small village .... when one day your wife disappeared and change your life forever! "

• Compelling story
Discover a thrilling story full of twists and reveals how the Legend of slender man is born !

• Secondary Quest
Multiple quests and Easter Egg to discover and find Jeff....

• Multi-player *
Play as prey or predator mode multi-player , you Slender or Jeff the killer or escapes from them !

• Over 7 levels rich in details ! *
Fantastic levels varied among all of them!

• Gameplay various
Several types of gameplay , beyond the classic research level of 8 pages .

• Final Multiple *
Two final breath that will totally change the final mission .

• Assume the role of SlenderMan
Use the first form of Slender Man

• Mechanical Hybrid Open -world
Pseudo open-world play the missions as you want whenever you want!

• Spectacular graphics *
Spectacular graphics rich patterns and textures in high definition !

• Fear pure state
Terrifying and say all.

The game will be supported over time by adding levels and side quests in addition to be improved , this is the free demo version.
To support the development and if you liked the game releases 5 STARS as a review in Google Play Store.
* Multiplayer present only in the full version
* Final present only in the full version
* The game features a graphic EPIC enough but also very heavy , the game has been tested on the following devices

• Smartphones: Galaxy Note III / 60FPS
• Tablet: Galaxy Note 10.1 / 30FPS

Whats new

    - 4/14/2014 Update v3.0
    -Ability to take items
    -Ability to Attach
    -Ability to Equip more objects (firetorch, lantern)
    -Ability to turn off or turn on lantern / firetorch
    -Ability to Crounch
    -Ability to Run
    -Pause Menu ingame improved
    -Ability to choose from 3 different types of controls
    -HUD improved
    -Enhanced Fluidity
    -Minor Bug Fix

Vixo Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update April 14, 2014. Google play rating is 76.9618. Current verison is 3.0. Actual size 199.0 MB.

Download slender-man-legend-free.apk 199.0 MB


Mario Panggabean

Dude what happen to my screen? I didn't get what's going on but the screen lags I,m using xperia phone st23i Android v4.04 And I'm having problem like Kyle nowland Fix please

Angel Casanares

I can't play the game because he saying loading and after 10 seconds he get out and go to my main screen pls fix it I waste my time to download

xXFoxK12MasterXx Fazbear

Can't pass tutorial After I get past tutorial it just has a picture saying Loading... please wait. Then after 10 seconds of that loading thing it says Slender Legend free is not responding do you want to close it? I press wait then it happens again! Please fix

Frank Witt

Awesome Very important to have a story for slenderman instead of having to run away from him srry guys ·_· but now after i tried it out it goes through the cutscene then when i start the game it loads.for 10 sec. Then homescreen so for now 1 star

Susan Colazzo

Slender Man Legends free I saved my wife 4 or 5 times, and I was wondering if Slender Man Legends FULL was in the App Store

321 Gaming

Well I don't want to dissapoint the owner of this game but As soon as the slender man story is over on the tutorial all I see are crouch,sprint and pause. But none of them work and nothing happens

Solomon Wade

The inability to do more than wander around the village when only multilayer was started to need full version, I have been inhibited to not even be able to do chapter 1, and the looking around (right hand screen scrolling) is way too slow I have to stop and scroll for ages just to turn right, would be a good game is it wasnt just the village you're confined to without payment (which is unnecessary) and the look scroll was more sensitive, I was excited about this game and the opportunity to play as slender

Kyle Haynes

It is awsome I have all the slender games but the free ones but when I go to bed I can't help but play slender or slender or any other slender man game. But another thing is that I can't go to sleep because of the games. Make some more slender man games for free.

Haillee Brinegar

Awesome! !! I'm so impressed by this slender man game. Its the best one outta all of the ones I played. Sadly I can't find the full game n by it. Someone help me out please

mohamed arabi

ok i thought u play as slenderman but im walking through the mines looking for my wife then slenderman attacks me is that soppised to happen he got sooo scary

Marifi Coliflores

it works u guys just need a more advanceddevice my problem is turning it's so slow its like he has the stiff necks and once I go out of my house I can't see the ground, plus chapter 1 needs to be free , in chapter 3 one look in slender man I die, sucks but good progression please update , amazing voice acting :)

Ray brown

Good thought bad glitches The screen still glitches to where you can't see on my device. Is insane how you can't see because of one glitch please fix because I want to play the game because of its interesting concept

Fnaf Draws

OMG! U are slendy! I'm a big fan of slenderman games but because u r slendy it makes an amazing new difference between the other games.

Brenda Cantillano

Doesn't load Every time I go out of the house it takes to long to load, and says the application has stopped, please fix it and I'll give the game 5 stars.

Claire Oates

Totally rubbish Every time slender man appears it says game over. SO IDIOTIC ,STUPID ,RUBBISH. DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!!IF U HAVE, DELETE NOW!!!!!!!

grumpyface studios

WTF! The game when im in the mine slender always appears WTF >:-( HELP PLEASE AND ILL RATE 5 STARS AND REALESE THE FULL VERSION :D

Nicholas Koewing

Controls, Y U NO MAKE FULL VERSION?!?! Please make the turning more sensitive. Will buy if you do! And the 5th star will be given! Also where in GOD'S NAME IS THE FULL VERSION?!?!

Aly Wing

Its okay The looking around controls are REALLY slow... make them more sensitive plz

Justin zaldivar

OMG!!! This game is so awesome I Luv It So Much I Play it with all of my classmate Deserves a 1 star :D .......NOT EVEN!!!

Tucker Johnson

Controls This is a great game, but it is hard to turn around if you need to, perhaps make the controls similar to your other slenderman games.

mike texas

Its so fun this game I play this game its hard to play I always loose fast when I go to a door but then I won this game

Marshall Simpson

Really cool I like that you can be slender man I am so keeping this game

Nathan Reese

I like it but I can't see anything the screen gets blurred but all the controls work plz fix and I will give more stars

Zeina Bazzi

So scary but I think those creepy whispers are weird you don't really understand them.

Darren Jaundrill

Where's the full game Really impressed its got promise but shouldn't there be the full game somewhere because this could be a winner gameplay graphics n musicwise will rate full stars if you do the full game

Marissa Valencia

Wait! If your choice is to kill the girl your slenderman? But how did that happend kill the girl then there your now slenderman then thats it or is the story keeps on continueing (sorry im out of memory so I cant download it sorry) I dont get it? then find jeff now thats LOL cuase jeff lives in a city not in a village

Shunise dilworth

It keeps freezing I cant pass the freaking tutorial. It keeps on saying that slender man legend is not responding and I have to quit the game I will consider 5 stars If you make it stop freezing

gustavo perez

I would like it But for some reason the textures freak out like hell, fix this bug and i will give it five stars

Tristan Schmidt

Cant turn fast enough I turn fast enough please fix this

GnOstic Xenophobia

So fun The only reason I downloaded this is because I wanted to play as slender and good graphics and cool music but please make a free version of being slender im only 12 and im so eager to be slenderman

Haroco Nesso

Need to fix Who ever made this game. The grahics are good put i can not turn around. You need to make a turn button and do more updates ASAP.

The_master_ gamer215

Slenderman This game is great but im want multiplayer to come out I can't wait till it comes out ✔

Unknown auditor

Why? When I got out of the house, my screen fade to black when I was just in the outside for 5 seconds and poof I'm at my home screen. WTF? Please fix. Oh yeah my phone is lenovo

Shannon Mayfield

What wait uuuuuuuummmmm start plz??? It just takes a while to load be till you fix bugs and loading till then I'll stick with three stars ps each time it says slender man the legend it says do you whant to close the game.............

Harmony Gibbs

Grrrr Worst game ever it wont even let me play this game I wish i could negitive 10000000 stars

Kyle Santos

Il Wait One Hour For Downloading this I dont like whitethunderproduction

Jessica Blazer

It is bullcrap... Every time I watch the instructions I press start game and it just freezes!!why?

Nate Ybarra

Pretty cool Like the graphics and all but can u be as slender or Jeff. :)

Felip Flores

I can't get pass through the door without crashing Please fix the game looks amazing the narrations are cool but please fix hope you find time bros :-)

Stacy Dutton

Scary So cool thanks and full freshon is only 99sens thx so much

Alvi Hadi

Every thing is so cool but the turn sensitivity is the worst and there is no option to kill

bib and beb

Please reply Would give it 0 if I could the controls are way to slow pls fix I'd u do I will give 5

Lexus Walker

I get stuck on the "start game" screen. I can hear commands, but I can't see anything but the room with a fireplace

Tanner Wilson

Works and I think you should show how to be slender because I can't find my way arowned and the sensitivity of the joystick should be changed

Juana Jaimes

Does not work I don't know what's happening my screen is black please fix

Max Niles

It's ok....... Very scary first time I've heard scary voices in a slender game 2 stars away coz 1 there's some real weird crappy voice that I guess is meant to scare you but it doesn't and 2 you should stop people from skipping chapters coz I went inthe opposite direction of the forest and went to the mine and thought I was meant to start there and I only found out when it said "now you've found the 8 pages,.....". Pls fix those 2 and I'll rate 5stars. No other problems other than those 2 with me and my HTC.

mikey phillips

It looks like a good game But as soon as i try to go.outside at the beginning of the game during tutorial it keeps saying loading and than tells me its not.responding so i have to close it can u please fix this

Jathen Anderson

Bad game Don't waste your time all chapters have to be buyed for full version be sides chapter 6 is open which is just to teas you and there is no look sensitive which Makes things twice as hard

Emeni Kaguya

It seems good but.. The controls are really stiff and it lags horribly its almost impossible to turn

Musab Jawwad

sensitivity extremely slow it take me 6 seconds to turn right or I will run from slender man .add sensitivity option.or my rewire will never change

Julian Bacahui

Slender man I hate when it just says loading I cant seem to play it

Christina Toribio

The game freezes i can't even go outside the house D:<

Trenton Golladay

Lots of laging When you press start game it is just... its really hard to explain. Dont get just a waste of mb's

Spadraig Gaming

Bummed. Once the game loads its way to laggy to play. The game looks amazing but I can't play because its to laggy. Please help!

Eswaran Krish

Please help me All whitethunderproduction games is not working on my Sony xperia L device ... Please fix it i will give u 5 stars all the whitethunderproduction game .....all your game are really awesome but i can't play....please make me happy....i hope you will

Debbie Black

Good but..... It will not stop crashing after the tutorial please fix this.

Kenneth Lemieux

Bad Copy of other better games This guy just churns out and and hopes people confuse it with better games. Best to avoid.


Good but I hope this game,does excellent but you should make slender give us time to run because he automatically kills the player

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