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13 Feb
Slender Man: Fear

Posted by Vixo Games in Adventure | Feb. 13, 2015 | 60 Comments

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Slender Man: Fear ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

--- Fantastic and Terrifying adventure ---

- Did you like it ? Releases 5 STARS to help us improve it and keep it up to date!

• History : Many events lead back to the mysterious Slender ! An abandoned laboratory is perhaps the key to discovering the dark mystery ... This laboratory has traces of Slender's DNA and his son ... what happens after that remains a mystery! Find out what happened in that lab , but be careful ...
• Graphics: Amazing 3D graphics with advanced lighting effects and texture in high resolution!
• Fear ! : Feeling of fear and adrenaline to the max!

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Vixo Games (All Rights Reserved)

Vixo Games (All Rights Reserved)

Whats new

    • Better Graphics
    • Better Controller
    • Better FPS
    • Better HUD

Vixo Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 13, 2015. Google play rating is 69.6827. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 46.0 MB.

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Tang Pang

Disgraceful The game is horrible.The game automatically closes every time I open it. HORRIBLE. DISGRACEFUL!!!!UNINSTALL IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Heather Sheffield

Wtf Is it just my game? The game is all swirly like a dream. Controls are unusable. Completely useless.

Alex Dunfee

Bruh When he popped up outta no where . I jumped


I cannot walk properly

Joshua Bruce

Read thiz it might give you an idea of how to improve... Love the atmosphere at the beginning but I will not get a frustrated like the others who comment on this but I will say this. The way that slender camps in that room with the chair is just bull. I found out that there are spots on the map that slender will only appear at; the room with the chair once you got the page, on the left side of the door where that the zombie comes out, the room with the fire, and the cave like room. But the page that is in the cave like room can't be picked up. :(


Sweet but... C'mon this game is twisted and creepy but I can't do anything because slender just pops up at random and its instant game over. No way to run. A great idea and I would love to see it improve.

kenneth estrellanes

Looks like daylight Hahaha... I love this game... The features looks like from daylight.... Hahaha and makes this game so scary not like the other slender games..... I can say that this game is cool.....

dark hydeist

Awesome game It works on my galaxy s4 just fine wasent glitchy or nothing ppl are just saying ot glitchy so that u can change it... but the only thing I would add to this is guns because I cant kill the zombies but other then that an awesome game an also u need better controlling I tired to trun around n couldent that be another I would change thats all

Dawn Allen

So got to download If you want to have fun play this don't spend time with trying to find out how to get the minecraft slender man when you can do some thing so terrifying and avisly fun!!!!!!!!!!! But still some places where you go slender man pops right in front of you.

Regina Velasco

Angel #qtqt This is a cool game......guys please download it and play in the midnight its so scary.....

Autumn Curtis

Uhhh... This game is scary but, on my first try, on my 3ed step there is slender man! And it wont let me walk after i see slender man

Kyle Derensis

Great potential... Like all of this guy's slender games, they look good but run slow and there always seems to be problems with completion. But let's face it, they are free, so you can't expect perfection. I don't even know how white thunder funds their work. I understand the frustration from reviews and the makers. The developer seems to have a good concept but also seems to rush. If it is only one man then it is understandable if the result of the game is not everybody's expectation, as it takes many people to help.

Simon Cloutman

What? Two stars because it looks really nice, creepy atmospheric environment, very nice graphics. But the gameplay is flawed. You sneak past the dancing man to begin, then walk past slenderman in a tube, then pick up the first note. Then on slender can appear. But not like in the distance so it creeps you out and you panic, but right in front of you! Causing instant death. I was creeped out a bit when I saw him at first but when I realised that if I saw him I died, it is not scary. Moving is too slow. Needs work!

Sunshine De InfectedWolf

It's always crashing... I tried many times to play this game,because I think it looks awesome...but when i saw those people complain about your game bugs or glitches,you replied them aggressively,like when people say "Your game need to improve" You replied them like they're an idiots,is this how you feedback people??? You stupid,you already blow your chance to get higher ratings....

DavidandAmber Carter

Looks good, but what is this? There is a slender and some other creature, both mean instant death, where is the fun? You have to skirt passed the initial scripted monster, which can be hard because it seems that the players shoes are a chore to lift. Furthermore, slender just insta-kills you. The note in the blood is unobtainable, just sits there and one or many slendermen pop up and game over.\ Because I don't pretend to be a game maker, and I a follow through on my words. You should learn from honest reviews. Instead of star begging.

Adam Horan

Your really phonies... I read some of these reviews and you guys are acting like crap! You treat people like their nothing! Im not saying names but some of these people are just saying,"Please fix this problem..." then you come back and say,"Screw you you make a BETTER game! How about you get 800 MILLION downloads...let me say something,a big FAKE. Do you not think we cant see how many downloads there are?! Also dont ask for a "5 star reviews" because 1.your being douche bags. 2.Bad service/feedback you give to people. You suck..

allie buckner

Flaws but still good I enjoyed tip toeing through the place, and graphics where amazing, but it had to much lag and when slender pops up he doesn't follow or scare you much. Try adding loud sounds when he is near and a creepy sound when his friend is near. But it wasn't as bad as everyone makes it sound.

Shahmeer Chaudhry

Poor Gameplay is lacking effort and slender is scripted poorly and 800 million downloads ? That's such a big lie... Also those are the worst games I've played. No real slenderman just insta kill.. and a weird creature in a map. And you didn't even put a rotation constraint.

Zyaira Boyd

Scary Good effects! when I first played slender got me as soon as a moved so I decided to play again and found out if you go towards the stair case instead of the room with the floating chair he won't get you. You can't pick up the page in the cave room and he appears in the fire room as previously stated. Good jump scare in that fire room. It would be nice if we could move faster. It would be cool if with the left hand we had a weapon.

Kyle Degroot

Ummm it's not awful please read!!!! I've searched for hours trying to find scary games for android and I mostly see ones that don't work or do not do as promised. So it is refreshing to see someone trying so hard to make a good horror game. I can tell that your graphics have improved dramatically, but the mechanics are no good. I would just recommend that you spend more time making sure each game is playable for everyone rather than trying to get the game out to the public as soon as possible. I dearly hope this doesn't discourage you because we need more people in the world that don't give up no matter what. But you shouldn't submit a game to the store if it is not properly working. Maybe release them as beta first and make sure the game works for everyone. It's better to take forever with the best game ever than to take just a few weeks or so for an okay game. I hope you don't take any of take his the wrong way because I just want to help. I've noticed that some comments people put as a review eye not nice, but that doesn't mean you mock them or try and put them down. If you treat them with respect they will come back for more. Good luck and I hope you take this seriously and start to finish games before release.

A Google User

Staff please reply Great graphics,scary sounds,unexpected scares. All what I look for in a game. Figured out that if you look away instantly,slender won't attack. Best thing is the speed of character. The slowness makes it more dramatic and scary. Only bad part I looking speed. Please fix this.

ManSlayer Productions

Read it whight thunder.... Look guys.....i played your other slender thing is for sure, you have a good game engine i geusse could be unity....but the game lacks all different things like that stupid insta death like what da **** in NORMAL slendy games you had the shaky camera thingy and here....nothing and its pitiful how you replied to David he pointed out all problems in this game but you just for no random reason get "frustrated" and respond some bull about millions of downlouds. And people qiut wasting time with their crappy games you better try Dementia, Garden of Fear or The Dark Meadow wiches pact....thoso games are well made and had alot of work put into....and plaese try instead of getting freaky about ratings and just slam another indea crap on goolge market than try improving the other games If you take all that stuff above in concern than you deserve 5stars and more Keep on doing bad job :D Just kidding your games need more work.

Benjamin Sliwinski

Great graphics but.... I love your concept and you put so much hard work into this game. I'm not one of those haters who complain about the slender man's AI problems. Although you should make the AI working, this is still an amazing atmospheric game. Good luck on your next projects.

Steven Mattingly

Not bad Looks like it could possibly be a great game. Me, my two boys and my nephew love slender man games. Only problem is when I found first page in the room on right slender man killed me. Awesome graphics though. Keep up the great work. Also I like how you have to touch the paper to pick it up instead of it automatically giving it to you. Makes it more realistic.

Barry Robison

3 stars awsome game ö . As soon i saw that thing iam like is that a zombie ? I didnt think a zombie was in slender ?!?!?!?!?! But iam a big fan of SLENDER so ya . Download if you dare ! :)

Golden Freddy

Great game I love the atmosphere the lighting is perfect the particle effects are incredible the only thing that I recommend changing is slender teleporting so close to you you literally walk directly into him and you die. Please fix that one thing and u might have a bigger selling game.

Monster Gamer Morales

The game is awsome but can you make it for galaxy tab 3 That the I have I have put 5 stars (just now)

Vanessa Rust

Worst slender game I've ever played. He appears in front of you instantly and it's just game over. Nice try but this needs so much more to even be labelled a playable game.

Kelvin Jeon

Needs some work. I can see the potential of the game, but it seems there are too many flaws in the game that make it unable to be played properly. I would say that the game got launched too early and could have undergone more edits/development. For instance, a few seconds after I start the game Slender man pops up and I die immediately. There was no warning, no audio for Slenderman, and no effect on me. It was not frightening at all. This kept happening to me repeatedly with no difference. More accurate developments needed.

Mary Powell

So f***** scary solo f***** scary haaaaa loved it I peed ond poor my self the fi .rst 1234;54 I what is an awesome game

Matiey Tefera

Its cool but...... I like the atmosphere and the graphics but the only thing that's wrong is that the zombies and slender man just pop out of nowhere. If they fix that then I would give the app five stars.

Eddon Deroche

Slender man! don't know if you noticed but I rated this app before playing ...knowing it would be awsome.

andrew crossey

pish cant get it to lode . don't listen to people that say its a good game it is pish. Don't listen to People that say it is good cos they are making up stuff, so you cant change it. They should let other people say and cep ther conments to ther self.hydes shut up and let us say. U don't know what wurks for me so sut your fat gob

Cris Santos

This game sucks I can even glitch through the walls, you can't even tell when slender man is coming, and there is no sound. I would give a 0\10

Kevin Cook

Terrible game. The controls lag too much. And not to mention the instant death if you move what's the point of this game, to instantly die? Uninstalled after three tries to play.

Dillon Claussen

What the.... I get to the loading screen and waste 5 min. Of my time to find out this game doesnt even work. It looks amazing but why cant i open it?!?!?!

Chris Woodley

Slender I love your games haters are going to hate you guys are awesome :)

Radin Nurul

Fear in shocked Just to tell you guys who are actually plqying this game I wish you will next time don complqin and tell wat to do u should keep it to ypur self do others will be scared because they would not.know how will the game scare them till death like me.

Genesis Lopez

Cool in pictures but... Why my slender man:fear is not working?

William Carrizo

No scenes One they don't give you a chance to look away from slender man he just kills you quick and this game is a set up there's no way of beating it

Krishanu Banerjee

Control sucks I just couldn't move anymore after I reached corner of room. It wiredly rotates while trying to move by swiping at right. The creatures just come to you and you die. No visuals to help you feel any fear.

Alicia Chelsea

CAN NOT MOVE Graphics are amazing BUT I cant move/turn AT ALL. I wish i could play it but I cant because of this problem. Uninstalling untill it gets fixed.

Lynda Rowe

No chance to play it dead before u can move. Waste of time.

Camron Jones

Scary game God scaerd me and really gay becuz you can't kill the crechers

caleb walker

Staff please reply Great graphics,scary sounds,unexpected scares. All what I look for in a game. Figured out that if you look away instantly,slender won't attack. Best thing is the speed of character. The slowness makes it more dramatic and scary. Only bad part I looking speed. Please fix this.


Excellent All is Awesome.. just a suggestion..slendys follow proximity ..he catches you very quickly... other then that ..this is still a True horror experience

Gavin McNew

Sucks at that place blocked up with boards were slender is I can go through the dang wall! And inside I saw a weird Monster!

baillie rowden

No work It won't even work on my phone it will tell me that the game is loading go to black screen and then go to the play store or home screen.

Katler Made

horrible The only thing bad about this app is It glitches and the controls sick please fix

Legendary Turnage

bad controlls and the woman comes at the bigging in the walls no fair

name me out

controles are broken its slow its bad waste of time

lexican foreigner

Crashing This doesn't go past the please wait. Loading screen. It doesn't even identify that it's crashing it just cuts to my home screen. I was excited to play then... and I guess my screen is too small because qorda are getting cut off as well

Tahyana The Queen

?? When I walked up to the chair less than 30 seconds in the game...Slender popped up. Scared me pretty badly! I'm the type that never gets scared playing Slender games..but I should've saw that coming!

Reeks Volstgalph

3/5 Because I like graphic but the game is not so good. The monster (not so similar to slenderman) walk like a zombie with a circle of light around him. A player must be so stupid to be caught...


Davidandamber Carter was right I whouldent brag about having 8 millions of downloads and a 6 chapter series if the game ain't even good.... customers always right so you shouldn't back talk our complains instead fix them you whana be low life's... the game sucks and so does your customer service don't bother downloading any games from these guys 1 star

Seitzbros HD

Needs work I like where this game could be heading but there's no point in playing it yet. The Moment you start if you left you die, same if you go right at the beginning. It has nice graphics and the music at the start is freaky, but after the song stops playing there is no sound. They need to fix a lot but it could still end up a good game.

Crimson Ripper

Not scary.. Im not that type of person who easily got scared of computer graphics. Just kidding. I dropped my phone in the kitchen sink when I got scared.

Tucker Johnson

I beat the game! I found out that slender doesn't just pop up in random areas, he only pops up in places that you don't need to go (because there is no page, or you've gone too deep into the room). The "Can't Run" page in the cave is really tricky to pick up, but I found that if you pick it up upside-down, it is possible!

Geno Longmeyer

Terrible slender cpu I understand that whitethunderproductions make games with very good graphics but you people need to fix cpu for almost half of your games including this one, im a beta tester for android and honestly you have potential I hope that you guys can fix your mistakes, but until then I give it two stars.

Adib Mifzal Mufti

Hoddie is Kate not zombie. You thing the hoodie is zombie? LOL! Is not a zombie but his name is Kate. Play slender the arrival and you know the stories.

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