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17 Jan
Slender Man: Amnesia

Posted by Extra Games in Adventure | Jan. 17, 2014 | 50 Comments

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Slender Man: Amnesia ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

- The most ' big and scary experience on Android !
the best game of SlenderMan on Google Play Store!

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•Story: In this new chapter , you will be catapulted to the whole of an abandoned castle , precisely in a prison ! You were investigating the disappearance of some children when you wake up with a severe headache , you do not know what happened, you just know that you have to escape before anyone ..... or something you take !
•Graphics: Great 3D graphics with advanced lighting effects and texture in high resolution !
•Fear ! : Feeling of fear and adrenaline to the max! Can you break out of prison and find the 8 pages of Slender Man before he take you?

You could also affect the previous chapters !

•Slender Man: Unborn
•Slender Man: The Laboratory
•Slender Man: Haunted School
•Slender Man: Area 51

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Whats new

    •Small Bug Fix
    •Better FPS

Extra Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 17, 2014. Google play rating is 71.7704. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 32.0 MB.

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shaulonda triplett

How come How come I never got to see slender man in real life he probably aint real. That is what all the lil kids get for going in the woods and never came back. As for me I'm black and I am not dumb so who ever went to the woods and never came back y'all gotta be dumb. Anyways the game is fun. Peace out.

Charbe Abde

What the.... What is the purpose of this freaking game no slender no notes dead end and u call that a maze?? This game is uslesse if i can give it -5 i wouldnt hesitate... fix this it's not a game...

guardian angel

It's okay The graphics are cool.So far no slenderman.The cages scare u more than slenderman apparently weird. It's okay I've seen better and seen worse.

Keri Mire

Eh.. Went through the whole Maze freaked out but got to the dead end without once seeing slender. Backed tracked, didnt see him, and went back to the dead end, still not seeing him, while doing everything that would normally get you killed in a slender man game. I feel like I'm missing something, also it won't let me go back to the main menu to try and restart it...

Ţhə Åřťīşťîćßřö

The graphics are great but we're the heck is slender I hear some noise and that's it but who's stupid enough to to go try to find him and of course he's going to die ... so anyway this is pretty cool so app so latter.

Adrian Hampton

Potential No slender and pages or notes. Could be really good.....needs a lot of work to be anything like amnesia. Hopefully the next update will bring big improvements to the game.

Jack Taylor

Lag Fix the lags and add slender.. btw its not that scary...lastly..the controls.. I'll give five stars. If those things are added/fixed. K

Master Sora

Omfg that scared me for once goodness sakes that got me all slender games the music didn't scare me of I focus but I got scarred and had to stop lol get this game Awesome multiplayer made me love it more

Thomas Simmonds

It was ok, not as good as the original amnesia or slender man, but what can you do?

Treyvan Elson

Good but... @[email protected] Ok well I love it so far but I don't know how to get outta the first dungeon call me a noob if you will but I don't cafe just please help DX

steven henley

Cool atmosphere Awesome but some comments said ''no slender,pages,or notes'' that's because that your suppose to escape once you get close,then slender comes there's not suppose to be pages

Alex du Buf

Lag I know it is a nice game but I cant stand the lagging! Can u please fix this problem?!

kyujibryann malla

seriously....... Domas this game a like MAZE?!!? Whatever I'm Found 5 pages is almost 8 what something Black screen to me it said you WIN?!!.! Im not cheating I'm going to find the 8 pages at the 7 Hours is going black Screen?!!? I'm looking for pages their slender is Out of the map I Saw him Last Day on Sunday. But you are not going to Slender you need to Survive yourself and Defeat slender's World and try to get out of slender's Worlds or Before you are trap and died so slender's World is not Dead and broken inside of slender's World so........... I'm lost Detected my Slender amnesia but on Last December 31,2014 is lost found # 2>:( I don't like this when he going to me......

Rebecca Williamson

Pages Can't find a single page. Notes anything didn't even see slenderman. Keep running into dead ends. Update the game and make it better.

zaidy reyes

I played slender man games but not amnisia well even though I played this game like many times I still jumped

Anthony Aragon

Bad Needs to be fixed on the multiplayer if you click anywhere it just starts singleplayer needs a lot of updates.

Maria Angie Aubie Henry

I did not play it yet... But send so spooky I will give it a average.

Marissa Valencia

No pages ok Theres no pages in this game do you guys even know the game amnesia exept pages you need to escape so he will go after you I think this game you need to find the keys

AMario LuigiFan

Move around and in multiplayer theres no slender.Dont dont download .P.S YOUR GAME SUCKS DICK

Jill Speight

To Scary Im 11 and I dont like too scary games I am the kind of guy where i like to be scard but not too first Amnesia game.

Tucker Johnson

Good game I've never played amnesia, but after this, I want to. And for the people who say you can't find pages or Slender Man doesn't come after you, you have to escape the prison before that stuff happens, it says so in the loading screen.

Matthew Martinez

Um... It seems super scary, but I ended up not finding any pages, or slender, and theres only one way to go, which leads to a dead end, am I missing something or...?

Deanna Johnson

This app is awesome although I haven't played it yet.:D

Alyssa Weaver

Eh I've been playing hoping for something to chase me or whatever. Nothing. No pages. No slender. Fix this.

Justin Busalpa

Good but.... Graphics are good ,the place are good ,but cant' find slender and the multiplayer doesn't work you should've putted slender and also make a way outside because theres only one way so I never escape and will you plz plz plz plz add slender in the game

Rachel Bray

Scary Really creepy and better than a lot of other games.. Happy :)

Patrick Reyes

Patrick I didn't see slender or pages there's nothing there I only see statues

Sami Anjum

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHH So fliping scary I love it me and my brother got 8 pages

Amarionn williams

Uhh The multiplayer doesnt work

jorge luis

Jennytoinfinity26 Ok this is one of the scariest games ever! ! Omg if u don't wanna sleep ever again then play this game in the dark...I did x_x

Jack Love

Scary I can't find any of the pages and I don't think slender man is actually there. Other than that very scary game

Alex Chism Hopper

Awesome game Keep doing this type of thing and don't listen to haters

Tyler Vinnicombe

Good enoth That was the most scariest slender game in the WORLD

Eyeless Erica

Scary Every turn I took I heard or saw a jump scar now I know why they are called jump scares !

Code SyedAshar

? Ive really tried to find horror games which are really scary and this looks like one of them

Anthony Perez

You have to have this game lol I was so scared I dropped my phone Please get this game you will love it

Jason Wijaya

Slenderman amnesia Its weird I don't like it and I can't find the slenderman

Phoenix Gadwa

Make it beter Make animsia game it will be better This one

TheGeek Squad

It sucks The controls are impossible to control with, and it is the first game that I got that drains the battery in 5 minutes.

IFSM 1238


Samuel Oni

No Slender and no exit. Why create a slender man game where there is no slender.At first I thought that I was just supposed to get out but then I also realised that there also no way out.Real smart!

Hannah Jenkins

Epicly Creepy!!! Dude, after the first FIVE MINUTES I was TERRIFIED! Well, then again, I am only 11. But still, great job!?

Fun Hat

I guess my devise isn't powerful enough. I can tell the graphics are great but My tablet just cant handle it.

nicole fowler

OMG OK I'm scared of things easily so I said here u take it cousin and she did and when she took it we started to play it and stupid me turned the volume up and as she turned a corner I would hide. Then we heard a boom and we threw my tablet and screamed B-) :O

Marvin Weekes

Cool I've tried to get rid of slender man but I had gotten afraid and exited out yeah slender can't get me now. Yeah I fully recommend this game it will scare childred ... unless they don't have a soul.

Isaac Six

Scary, but... Couldn't find any pages, no slender man, just scary music and sounds!

Berry Sanez

Yo this awesome Is this games dumb yes or no

Lacy Erkkila

Looks cool Looks scary im just nine but I want to show my brother Im not a wimp .... besides iv played eyeless jack and other games like that

pretty bad tbh

LAME What the hell am I supposed to do I was walking around for 20mins but nothing was happening I am ashamed

Lim Jeffrey

why i click mutiplyplayer but i cant see players in this map.i why theres no pages or slender

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