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15 Dec
Slender Man

Posted by App Heaven Ltd in Adventure | Dec. 15, 2013 | 42 Comments

Apk file size: 25.0 MB

The Real Slender Man Game
Collect 8 pages

May not work on older devices with 480x320 resolution.

Finally, the original Slender Man horror game has been recreated for an Android. Stunning 3D Graphics, amazingly realistic sounds and of course the real horrifying Slender Man, that's what you're about to get - the best horror game there is! Let's see if you can collect eight pages before the Slendy gets you. Day mode available in the full version. Slender is rising, be careful.

- recreated Slender Man Game environment
- original realistic sounds
- day mode in the full version
- stunning 3D graphics
- swipe to look around and go controls
- realistic flashlight
- first person camera
- collect 8 pages
- unity based
- free version

Good luck and watch your back!
Slenderman awaits you!

Whats new

    - Improved Controls
    - Improved Slender AI
    - Day mode in the full version
    - New Flashlight system

App Heaven Ltd part of our Adventure and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Dec. 15, 2013. Google play rating is 75.8228. Current verison is 1.03. Actual size 25.0 MB.

Download slender-man-1.apk 25.0 MB


Paul Santos

slender man spawning out of the map I,was looking out side of the map like at the fence and he was there I died but also there should be a settings where you can change the sensitivity I can't turn around fast enough and I always loose

Brandon Perez

Needs improvements Ill give it 3 stars because like Rae said the map is way too big. Also I notice if your looking towards slender he may be behind a rock and you can't see him yet you will still get static.

Eleanor Miller

Why so scared??? I also know that 19 year olds played this game and couldn't sleep for 7 weeks and I have horror games on my tablet and I'm ten

Godnon D'silva

Where the hell is slender man? I searched a lot of places,I turned back a lot of times...I never see him. The main charterer of the game isn't there so, IT SUCKS

Karu Karu

Needs to disable buttons The camera controls are right next to the back button which exits the game. Also map is too big and movement is too slow. I played for 20 minutes and found no pages and no slender.

Adam Ranslow

My friend dared me to play this its supposed to be really scary just played I collected 1/8 then died a little bit after that cool game?

jana sawyer

I give ★★★★☆ This game is scary and No bug reports. The only thing is that way to big of a map and l8ts of gbs. Thats because the map takes my gbs. If u fix it ill do ★★★★★

Patti Kowalewski

Some thing is buging me Evry time you die slenderman has a nose and in real life he dosent plz fix

Kaitlan Sanislow

Stopped walking The walking icon would not work no matter how I tried to press it.. And nothing was wrong with my phone..

Andrew Hunt

HOLY COW!!! This game like was so scary! Slender man was behind me the whole time! So I shouted "Dude why do you follow me? Are you a gay hobo?" Then I died.

Connor Fliss

I love it I gust started playing SLEDER man.he is scary I wish that he has eyes, nose and I deleted it I am happy if you get slenderman not skary I will give you 5 stars

Rae Valentine

Too Big The map Is wayy too big, It took me 30 Minutes to get my second page, and It doesn't look the same as the original map to me, It Isn't desernable

michael petrain

Very slow took so long to find pages and walked the whole map found 2 pages too easy to avoid slender to get me killed I had to walk into him

Kali Carr

SCARY? I went in a slanted brick building came out slenderman was there went by a tree had a actually heart attack (in real life)and I just wanted to die so I stayed there and made this face ? while it was slowly killing me p.s it takes forever to die when you are close to him and never played again no buttons small map

A Google User

Slender man Omg this is the first time I've played IT . And its so scary it makes u want too get away faster from slender .but it so scary in the way its tempting. And I'm not the game type of gal that's plays app games it .cool ."''''''''""'"'

Theo Smith

The real slender game I got it to work...thx its one of the best slender games out would be the best game if you fixed some bugs like seenig static when Slenderman is behind an object. Oh and it lags on my xperia play. Other than that it's great. Thx

Cee Jay

What's this all about? So I downloaded this game and nothing is happening. All I can do is hear breathing through my headphones. I'm gonna try taking my headphones off. Ok, why can I still hear heavy breathing with them off? It feels like there is cold breath on my neck. WTF? I think someone is behind me. Hold on I'm gonna look and

Maxine Cairney

Amazing I must say this game is one of the best I've played so far! This game has great graphics, good job guys!!! I wish you all best luck in the future in creating more exciting and hair-puller, Maxine Cairney

Elizabeth Garcia

The map is too big. The map is so big it took me so long to find the first page. It took even longer to find the second page. You should really fix that.

Nerissa Althia Ravina

Ummm..Good? I like the game but the world is soooooooo BIG.I can only find 2 pages with slendergay behind me.But still its awesome and scary.After i freaked out and died for the first time i said "Better play Minecraft".XD

Johanna Gomez

Stampylongnose Lol this game is fun but I wish there was more pages I'll tell you what I know of creepeypastas splenderman slenderman jeff tk jane tk smile dog creepey slendy and pewdiepie so that's all I know so tjats all o and one more thing I collected all 8 pages easy just play games with him red light green light and other things I collected all 8 pages 50 times allready o yea thers EYELESS JACK :-( he steels your kidknee jeff has a kniff slenderman has tentekels smile dog says SPREAD THE WORD and hee bites so bye

John Smith

It's OK... This is pretty good for a free game based on a version that's not free, but it could be better (at least one more page). I noticed that some people We're having troubles finding their first page, so I thought you might like a hint: when you first start, turn about 90° to you right, and walk forward. If you spot a wooden cylinder walk towards it. It contains a page. Then turn about 90° to your left and walk straight forward until you see a truck. This too holds a page.

Jee Karno

Freak me out!!! Wow i just install it and I play it . . I mean its just like you inside the game with the creepy sound . . I play it at midnight and alone . . my frenz told me to download this game . . I just can say WOW !! . I use lenovo tablet 11.1 and really like 5D . . just download it . . but don't every play it when alone or in the dark night . . coz maybe you can't sleep . . hahahaa . .

Brandon Gonzales

It's awesome just need the full version to be free It's okay slender scared me one time he popped up behind me I give it 5 stars due to the amazing graphics

Jasmine Barajas

It scared me so bad that I got nightmares Its a good game i like the sounds and the graphics

Zackery Tisdell

It does have that scare to it But barely. It is cool. If there was a 10 star i would press it . But one thing it would be cool if the death animation is better not like a slender man in your face. Make his tenticalse wrapped around your neck.

The Diamond Hero

Not cool Really , day mode is so gay. A scary video game isn't scary with DAY MODE , its like watching a scary movie with god sitting next to you , it makes you feel like everything's gonna be okay , its supposed to be scary and not give you hope that you'll live , you want to just find the eight pages and be done.

Christian Alcebar

Excellent!!!! I mean almost excellent because its scary but the problem is that the map is big like the other guys said but stilll its a good game even the map is the problem!! Hahahaha!!! :) :) :)so fun especially my cousin!!! Loren!! Is VERY SCARED AT THIS KIND OF GAME!!! so funny to see her face!!! VERY SCARED!!! :)

Harlan Wright

Best of the best! The game is really scary. I'm gonna tell you about my time in Slender. :-) I had went to the enormous tree and got that page. I went to the tunnel next and got the page. I left the tunnel and there was Slender!!! It was my first time playing it so I thought he would help me. I went up to him and I got lots of static and then his head was the only thing showing and the screen reported : 2/5 PAGES. I finally knew he was the enemy. The End. :-)

Katelyn Edgeworth

Good, but... Great game and amazing graphics for an android, but the map is way to big like other people have said and I can only find 2 pages, I guess that's all there is in the free one but their really close together, you could of at least spread them out.

Kaelin Storrs

SCARY!?! I'm 11 and I play SLENDER man before bed and, SCARY!?! , no slender is not scary at all!

Joey Allen

Wat? I personally did not like this game. This game did not induce fear in me, what as I slowly WALKED my way around this HUGE world with Slendy covering the screen with static from time to time. I also found myself cumbersomely crawling for the papers, and I didn't even get to find the second out of eight. The graphics were on the edge of good and bad. The lights and textures themselves were good, but the modeling and texturing were on the low-end side. Also, the repeating footstep sounds were irritable.

Malia Mills

Yay Best slender game so far! Small mistakes , but overall a beautiful game, good graphics.. i would only change one thing.. The map is way to big! It took my 20 minutes to find my second page (: if you could change that it would be great ♥

Matt Mifsud

Very good for free "The Real Slender Game" features excellent graphics and atmosphere with minimal ads. The controls are a bit unresponsive at times and might freeze in one position. This was the only technical issue found. It would be nice to have more areas available for this free version, but other than that, fantastic port of Slenderman!

Hazza _sug

You get what it says:/ This is not the greatest slender game I've seen and it appears to get the normal map you pay extra.

Tammy Hulsebos

Its not even scary at all, all it does is go static and make a weird noise ive heard 16 year olds saying when they played this game they couldn't sleep for 2 days, I play this game and It doesn't scare me, and this is coming from a 12 year old girl

Tino Montoya

Scarry My freind told me to check it out and the second I saw slender man I jumped

Freddy Fazbear

Good but....... This game is really good and sort of scary (not a lot) but I just want you guys(App Heaven) to let us find more pages because I could only find 2 pages :(. Other than that it's really really really really really good!

Ahmad Nedal

Not scary as I expected I thought that a game like this would be great even after my friends told me about it but for some reason I didn't feel scared , I even ran into slenderman out of boorish.

Cameron Brown

Improve controls I liked the game but the controls were messed up after I found a page, I was only allowed to move I couldn't look anywhere else. It was allegedly hard to find pages, slender didn't spawn the entire time i was playing. It was a nice game but I've defiantly seen better.

kassandra hernandez

Slender man Omg this is the first time I've played IT . And its so scary it makes u want too get away faster from slender .but it so scary in the way its tempting. And I'm not the game type of gal that's plays app games it .cool ."''''''''""'"'

Kohen Welker

Where is slender I looked around the whole entire map ad I couldn't find hm

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