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17 Sep
Sleep Analyzer

Posted by A1 Brains Infotech in Health & Fitness | Sept. 17, 2014 | 67 Comments

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Sleep Analyzer – Smart alarm as well as monitor your sleeping movements. Never lose your sleep movements records. Track your movements during the night time and wake up better each morning during light sleep.

How many hours did you deep sleep at last nights? Obviously this matters, Sleep Analyzer is perfect application and will compute your full sleep tracking records. One of the best sleep movement tracking android application, Sleep Analyzer turns your android phone to an intelligent, sleep tracking device.

Sleep Analyzer is not the only sleep application that includes: motion and sound graphs, sleep log, statistics trend graphs, sleep movement history. Since you move differently in bed at sleep time, it will track which state you are in and record your movement data.

How Sleep Analyzer Works:

To use Sleep Analyzer, just turn on the application on your android phone when you go to bed and set alarm timer. Throughout the night time, Sleep Analyzer will record your sleep movements as you sleep position and analyze your movements.

Next morning, you’ll see a sleep movement chart that shows you how much time you spent in deep sleep, little sleep, and almost awake sleep.

Advanced Features:

Alarm rings even in silent mode.
Light saving facility available.
Advanced, reliable and eyes healthy graphics resolution.
Providing last Weekly alarm report and full history in graphs.
No glasses required for read tracking data.
You can set your sleep timer to increment or decrements the time range.
Advanced statistics and charts that help to understand your sleep cycle.
Share sleep tracking record on social media also.
Track your sleep duration, sleep level efficiency with the one tap of a button.

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Whats new

    1.08 Version
    * optimise code
    1.06 Version
    * minor screen bug fix
    1.05 Version
    * Added Operational Guide (how to use app)
    * Updated Design to make it more user friendly
    * Updated Logical process to get more accurate detail
    * Added New feature for snoring analysis
    * Added New Graph for better view
    * Added Comparison Chart for sleep analysis in last 10,30,60 days
    * Added User Guide related with sleeping behavior to make your sleep better & effective
    1.03 Version
    * Solved minor bugs.
    * Solved ANRs.

A1 Brains Infotech part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 17, 2014. Google play rating is 61.217. Current verison is 1.08. Actual size 5.7 MB.

Download sleep-analyzer.apk 5.7 MB


Gina Palmer

I was hopeful but ended up sad. The app works ok as an alarm clock when it doesn't crash. I have found that it will still go off even if I have turned it off before the alarm time. These are minor annoyances. For months I thought it didn't really have the ability to record my sleep patterns but I finally figured out how to find it. It appears that I either sleep like the dead all night or I don't sleep at all. I know this is not true and am guessing that it just isn't sensitive enough to get better results. I had Sleepbot for awhile so I know there is the possibility to collect more data. I was looking for a small (memory space) app but this doesn't work well enough to keep on my phone any more. It had promise.

Ashley Anderson

Didn't record anything overheated my phone My phone was so hot it almost burned my hand. It stopped charging too so I woke up to a 75% charge which I guess is better than some people. The screen to the app was black with one small ad at the top. I closed it out because it wasn't responsive. When I reopened it there was no record of last night's sleep. I'm Uninstalling this app.

Ben Ward

Useless - shame you can't give 0/5 Alarm did not go off, can only be set for one time (not responsive to sleep cycles like Sleep for Android). Removed as it is a waste of time.

Lynda Quinn

Stops working I have used this program for two days and I do not get my daily sleep chat without the program saying stopped unexpectedly asking to send report or exit. Does me no good if I unable to see my deep sleep or wake times.

Nicole Finlayson

Like the idea but app not worked three nights in a row. Alarm goes off but I get a message saying app shutdown. No data recorded.

Jane Thanathas

get me up without dizziness I had to work long period and this app gave me good chance to take a quick 30 - 180 minutes nap and wake me up at the right moment so I wont feel dizzy. It also tracks my snoring.

Jonathan Dewald

Moto G This app is so legit its usefull plus I showed it to my doc and he aproved

Sara Girelli

The phone burn!!! After just 2 hours the phone burn!! Too hot to be touched! I stopped the app immediately! UNINSTALL!! Waste of time completely!

Sumano Lee

Great Very good. This is really outstanding app nice concept and great idea. Thanks

philip o mahony

How do you set the alarm? I'll give it 5 stars if I get an answer

Brian Dickert

Crashes constantly Crashes upon alarm, crashes when setting up. Didn't record any sleep data. Shows I was awake 100% of the time.

Đàm Vĩnh Hưng

Sleep Analyzer This application is very useful, I like it!

Gail Gregson

Just started using. Not sure I am getting optimum usage yet. Nevertheless, I have info I didn't have before.

Oliver Morata

Sleep Analysis ok The app still has some bugs in my Sony Xperia Z2. It keeps on alarming eventhough I have already stopped it. Also, there is no snooze button. Would also be good if I could use it with my Sony Sw2.


It stopped by it's own today morning. I'll remove app

Mohit Mittal

Sleep!!!!!!!............what a app very useful and helpful to manage your schedule about rest.......clean work by developer......keep it up

Frank Lewis

Umm.. It used to be great.. Now seems the ad rotator is causing it to crash.. Too bad really...

Akhilesh Patil

Very usefull app Very nice and handy app I really love the app, awesome app

Jemma Rezitis

Cant set an automatic alarm For instance, i wake up at 7am every morning, cant i just set it so that it automatically wake me up at 7am every morning

Thomas Wade

Force-closed on the first night Crashes within minutes of recording.

Scott Stevens

Good concept..give it a try folks!!

Co Do

Sleep Analyzer nice work keep it up

ahmad Haboush

Good one Need some other option

Jada Hill

God, stop working that clock (noise)

Nita Meghani

Nice Sleep Analyzer One of the best app downloaded so far . Great Graphics & UI . A++

Michelle Dessler

Sleep Analyzer Wowwwwwww Really awesome The screen to the app was black with one small ad at the top. I closed it out because it wasn't responsive. When I reopened it there was no record of last night's sleep. I'm Uninstalling this app. .... i really appreciate it,,, well done

Isha Bella

sleep analyzer that is a nice game for analyzing your sleep levels,. good

Vishal Soni

Awesome app very nice and creative app

Kevin McFarland

Overheating phone on first night LG G3 that hasn't shut down once from overheating did the 1st night. Immediate uninstall.

Sylvain Saurel

Very useful app This Sleep Analyzer works well and is very useful. I like it

Connie Lancaster

I'm not impressed with this app, I did exactly what it said and the first night I used it it said I was awake all night, which I wasn't, and then the second night when I went to turn off sleep mode the button had gone and it was a black screen with an ad at the top, so I had to reopen it and it had no record of my nights sleep! It also over heats your phone. I wouldn't recommend this. :-/

Reham Khan

Amazing App i love it as it tell me about timings of my sleep and i am always on time now thank you author for this usefull app.

Megan Lange

Love the sleep analyzer!

Stephen Howie

Very good

Jacqueline Sue Murdocca

It's ok I love the idea but it Crashes a lot for HTC one

Александр Сергеевич

Whats the point of "snoring analysis"? It does nothing!

Marcus Aurelius

Avira found a problem in this app

Dorine Witherell

did not track sleep movements or snoring. Alarm clock works though

Dean C

Useless Did not run all night despite being properly set up. Output data meaningless. Wish it worked better, but it's not ready for prime time yet.

walk MeAroundAbout

Some timey It slipped a few days. .. strange... I need to get into the settings to determine if I missed something

Lynn Bryant-Luhm

Best craft are ugly and you can't really tell if it's good or bad. And there is nothing on the snore even though you put on the check mark. I will go to leave for me

Shilpa Marla

Heats up the phone since its analysing all through... Need it to consume less power

jerry davis

Sleep analyzer First of all, iam 67 years old, and during my growing up years we did not have the smart tools as we have today. However, i do my very best to cope with all of them. From what i read about this great app it does appear to be extremely very good. I would like to thank all thouse who created this wonderful app. Since i just downloaded it i have not have the chance to check the app out. This wonderful app will help all of us very greately

Peter B

Regular crashes, and overheats phone Great info on getting better sleep. But: When this app is tracking my sleep my phone overheats within an hour. It gets so hot it won't even charge so I'm left with an empty phone in the morning when I wake up (Note 3). The full screen ads are really annoying. Uninstalling. In addition: the statistics don't show sleep onset time and time actually asleep, which are my main interests.

Kerry Thake

Not sure how accurate it is. I am apparently awake 72% of the night. Don't think that sounds too good!!

Jillian Courlas

Doesn't work Says it has stopped working every time I click on it. Never able to use it

Claire Morris

Drained my battery and my phone was always dead in the morning, even after being charged 100 %.

Grumps Bell

Working well so far Used it for a week And it seems ok doesn't helpme sleep but records it fine

Sharon Hall

Always crashed It's ok. Not a great app but not the worst. It stopped working every time I used it.

Jason Tapert

Freezes It freezes on s6 active then your alarm doesn't go off and you are screwed.

Amanda Holman

Useless Inaccurate data collected. I'm up all throughout the night, and the data stated I slept all night every night. Had to reenter app several times every time I used it, because it kept shutting down, and the alarm that went off wasn't the alarm selected. Will definitely be trying another app.

Carl Keating

Flat battery Battery was on 80% when I switched app on to use, I woke to flat battery! Awful app

Sharon Douglas

This is a great app It helps me sleep and keeps track of how long I sleep. It even has an alarm to wake me up. I like it a lot.

rajai abu alata

Helpfull app to improve sleep quality But need more work

Vivian Tye

Too battery consuming Too battery consuming that my phone died on the middle of the night, therefore collecting no sleep data on some nights.

king fucker

Pretty cool but phone gets way too hot

Ben Crandell

Quit when I hit start. Every time I hit start it would start due to an unfortunate error.

Nicki Boyle

Not impressed I only got this yesterday and set it last night. It recorded for 53 minutes and stopped resorting my sleep. Uninstalling as used the free android sleep and that was amazing so I think I'll go and get the full version at least it works

Amber Likins

This app is awesome. Not sure how accurate it really is but the data seems to correspond with how I feel in the morning. I'm hoping this can help me reduce my need for sleep aids. The only thing that is annoying about it is that I can't find a way to delete bad or old data.

Meggie Dallapiazza

Doesn't work Tried multiple nights with this app. No sleep was ever recorded. Waste of phone space.

Rose _

Useless This app does nothing but count how long you slept for by you pushing a button of when you go to bed and wake up. The phone stays on all night!!! Phone is HOT to the touch. Drains battery. Don't waste time installing!

Carrie Barrett

Dangerous Caused my phone to over heat. Luckily I don't sleep well and the temperature against my arm woke me up.

Kieth Pantaleo

Disappointment The app continues to crash. I can not recommend it.

Joseph Turner

Lame Does not keep track of every night. Makes me think that it is working. Man I am glad i didn't pay for it.

Elisa Lindsey

Never recorded anything. Crashed often. Tried it for two weeks. Install it. What a waste of time.

Cassandra Bendzus

Bad This app over heated my phone to 130 degrees.don't waist Ur time

Tyler Smith

Horrible Crashes whenever you try and do anything other than set the alarm

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