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15 Apr
Skylanders Collection Vault™

Posted by Activision Publishing, Inc. in Casual | April 15, 2015 | 110 Comments

Apk file size: 322.0 MB

Skylanders Trap Team™ has arrived and now you can find new Trap Masters and other new Skylanders in Skylanders Collection Vault™!

The Skylanders Collection Vault™ is the official app that lets you explore all the different Skylanders and track your collection. You can also share and compare your Skylanders collection with friends – all for FREE!

For the first time ever, you can now:
o See and explore all the Skylanders and their backstory!
o Keep track of your Skylanders collection while unlocking special content
o Battle your friends to see whose Skylanders collection ranks supreme

Download the free, official Skylanders collector’s app now and bring your Skylanders to life wherever you go!

o The Skylanders Trap Team™ has arrived!
o Browse videos, image galleries, 360 degree views, stats and back stories of every Skylander
o Unlock your Skylanders with secret codes to increase your Portal Master ranking
o Keep track and view your entire Skylanders collection
o Build your Skylanders wish list to share with your parents and friends
o Challenge your friends to see who has the strongest collection
o Optimized for tablet and mobile devices

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Whats new

    The new Light and Dark Skylanders make their debut together with several of their friends from Skylanders Trap Team!
    The Wireless Bluetooth® Traptanium Portal™ from Skylanders Trap Team can now be used to add new Skylanders to your collection.
    Minor fixes and improvements.

Activision Publishing, Inc. part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 15, 2015. Google play rating is 74.3883. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 322.0 MB.

Download skylanders-collection-vault-tm.apk 322.0 MB


Gregory Lazar

Cool, but... Good app to show off my collection. But it still freezes going into individual profiles. Not entirely bug free yet.

Roger Black

Great App Most of the comments I question. App needs a clean exit option. Pls add adventure packs. I have quite an amount, it needs an edit or delete character option, after all mistakes happen. Also, needs get code option if you acquire a char without code. Tks for the App, it helps when out and about getting new pieces without duplicating chars.

Nick Maynard

Incomplete It's a great app to keep track of the skylanders you own, but it's incomplete. The light and dark skylanders are missing as well as the new series. Updates are needed

Richaleen Otwell

Need help Won't let me put in my pieces says low disk space. My phone says I have plenty of room. Plz help.....pz won't even download on my tablet.

Matthew Boots

Needs an update Great idea for an app button needs an update for all the skylanders that are missing. Edit: Better after last update and thank you for finally adding light and dark. Still missing ones like kickoff countdown.

Harold Alvarenga

Okay I can't put rocky roll code or power punch pet vac and countdown I don't know what happened just fix it, after that its a good app.

Nathan Nicolai

Just a slight bug needs to be fixed This app is really good. Would really like this app to be able to have and exit button to close the app. Also it would be nice to add additional item to the collection ie Adventure pack. Other then that keep up with the good work.

Judy O

Skylanders It's good because every time I buy skylanders I can put one on the app

Theodore Eich

Finally Updated changed my rating back to 5 since activision finally added all the the skylanders for trap team. took way too long but at least it's complete again

Brian Surgeoner

Add items! Even after update a monkey could make a better app. App freezes up still when I click on a character to add to my collection. Fix it, it's been this way for a while now. Plus you don't have all characters and missing the magic items, etc. By the way, did I mention your app sucks?

rob p

Would rate 5 but missing some old skylanders and or tells me 8nvald code for ones i even got the code straight from the game.

Arnold Arce

Getting better. Gave it another chance. Its getting better. Could be that my phone is also newer and faster. Either way, I'm trying it out more. Can't seem to be able to delete any I added accidentally.

Jeanne Hershey-Weber

All Skylander, No Trap You have all the Skylanders, but non of the Traps!!!!

Mitch Diaz

Activision account Ok so i had this on my ipod device and my activision was connected to save all the skylanders i put on there how do i log on to it with android to get my stuff back?

Rob Perry

Great app To show off to my friends but will give five stars when you add Legendary Blades as that was the only one missing from the app.

Victoria Willey

One problem When ever I watch a video or press the ? Mark I can't close out help!!!!

Mick Broughton

COOL Good game but could you add some element and skylander ideas??

Jamie Barnes

Nerds updating Needs up dating also needs to include clears and flocked

CHRIS Sosaria

Not working I get download failed message when I try to add any characters to my collection

Hank Strickler

I got a quisten Do you get them in real life

Zachary Lopez

Cool It's good tho I have all the new skylanders light and dark!

Jerry McClain

Almost perfect but... Finally updated list of skylanders but it won't recognize my characters codes, so I can't register them as owning them, nearly perfect

Sabina Sikander

Awesome It's really good

Raymond Munganga

Its OK:'( People are you tricking us What the world you can't share your coll

Haley Luong

Pesz a corm spyro I want a corm spyro

CJ Joseph

Great app Love the app.

Odd One Out Inc.

Error! In my vault when I go to the detail for a specific character/figurine, if you scroll down there's downloadable pictures that doesn't want to download... Help?

damien turner

Left out very good skylanders I downloaded this to get a list of 10 skylanders I want so my mom could get them for me but then I found out you DIDNT EVEN HAVE ALL THE SKYLANDERS such as engima, echo, flip wreck, fling kong, short cut, jawbraker and more get it fixed and I'll change your rating

Amanda Wilson

Good but missing some characters/variants. Decent app but missing some characters like Short Cut and other recent releases. Also missing a good bit of variants. There is no Jade Fire Kraken, Kickoff Countdown or any of the color shifts. So I also have to write down the characters that are not listed. Will give more stars when updated to include them all so I can get rid of my notebook...

Ralph Dedmon

New skylanders You need to add the rest of the skylanders including the light and dark and the minis other skins like this springs eggselent weeruptor we need to COLLECT DONT LET OUR OCD HIT MAYHEM

Servo Nut

Needs serious work. Before Trap Team was released, this was such a great app! Ever since, it's been plagued by countless freezing, completely missing variants of characters, and the inability to add even the simplest toy codes. Activision, please do your fans and yourself a major favor by fixing this once excellent app.

Barry Nonay

Poor UI Galaxy Tab S, to search amongst the figures by graphic isn't very quick and the scroll is too sensitive. Unlock a second variation is tricky as the names don't show, you have to hunt to find it. And then some can't be added, even though code is correct (Boom Jet). What about the game piece figures? Like Platinum Sheep? Where is portrait orientation? Dump all the videos so that you don't need a live Internet connection. Look at some of the fan collection apps, to get the idea of a good UI.

Adam Bonea

Cool Hey good idea when it says don't have side click on it it will give u slanders

Seth Redmond

It works somewhat, wish it was better. It's ok. It worked somewhat as advertised. Since the last update at the end of January it has been freezing anytime I look at a character I already have. It will allow me to enter new codes and show the character but then if I wan to add variants of that character it freezes up. I also haven't found a way to transfer my data to my tablet from my phone. I want this to work because I use it to make sure I am not buying duplicates. Sadly I have bought duplicates because this thing was not working right. With 60+ characters it gets a bit confusing knowing which ones I have.

Sheldon Oppenheim

An App that is unloved - but better then before This App is in need of some love from its developers. Aside from the bugs it is missing much of the Trap Team, many have been for months e.g. Tuff Luck. The App is a half hearted attempt to have a Skylander Catalog App. Please update. New version review -- Okay, it is better but some older characters remain off the list (e.g. Jade Fire Kraken). Often you type in the code and it verifies that the code is legit but that the character does not exists (Jade Fire Kraken or Legendary Blades). I suggest in the next version the developers put in the ability for the users to send a legit code in so the app can be updated to reflect what is in circulation. As an example Knight Light and Knight Mare, and Short Cut, Legendary Blades, Jade Fire Kraken are out and there no way to enter them or even let the developers know that the database needs an update. Keep at it Activision, you'll get it right at some point.

Adam Basil

It would be difficult to make this any worse! This is beyond ridiculous! You forced Skylers to discontinue their app which was PERFECT for tracking your collection & you develop this crap! Pathetic! Looks like they told their employees to get on & rate it 5 stars because no true collector would find this to be even slightly ok. You added Big G cereal skystones but not the light & dark elements or magic items. THAT IS COMICAL! It's hard for me to even describe how bad this is, especially knowing they forced the removal of other great collection apps.

Kevin Rosenthal

Freezes, locks up, inaccurate data YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?! This is the best you can do?!?! Just so everyone understands what they are getting aren't downloading an app, you're downloading CRAP! It freezes and locks up constantly. The information is inaccurate. When I enter a code for certain series one SkyLanders, it tells me that it's a code for the series two version or something else. I use this app to know which ones I have. If the info is inaccurate, it makes this app worthless to me...what garbage!!!

Ben List

WTF guys? Missing variants of many characters. No light or dark characters, no magic items, but you add some lame assed skystones from a cereal promotion? Get your butts in gear and fix yourselves. Big disappointment.

james pfister

P.O.S You only need to read and believe what the other low rateing user say and you'll know more then this app does. It's sad when they can't get such big details right. Fix it. All of it.

Isobell Whitehouse

Disappointed I needed an app to keep track of my sons ever growing collection. However this is missing so many variations/chase its still impossible to keep track. Its also very awkward to view what your missing or whats been added you have to through the whole collection to see them, which is very mundane.

Yulia Tyukova

I am not a girl I lave skylanders I colecting them

Gregory Lazar

Cool, but... Good app to show off my collection. But it still freezes going into individual profiles. Get off your butts and fix it already.

T.A. Bartings

Need to list ALL Skylanders.. Great app, but is let down by not listing ALL Skylanders.. Being an "official" checklist, you need to list ALL Skylanders and their variants, Traps, Packs, etc.. If you're going to do it, do it right; or someone else will..

Stephanie Evensen

Wonderful app but could use a save feature I've found this app to be quite useful many times, minus the minor issue of a good handful of characters missing. But what I've got issue with is there is a lack of save/transfer feature so you could transfer your collection from one phone/tablet to another, or even have the same collection on 2 different mediums.

Steve Whitmore

Flakes app Worked well in the beginning, but now it tells me codes are invalid and/or app errors out while adding. Trying to keep my son's collection up to date so I don't repurchase something he already has.

Leasa Sturgiss

Bit disappointed For collectors this app can be a bit of a disappointment as not all the skylanders are listed. If they were it would be a 5 star rating.

Toni Campbell

Whenever i try to enter a character code it says that i need to check my internet conection even tho i have full Internet bars.

Megan Craig

It Will not let you add your skylanders.. I choose "I own it" and enter code..then all I get is.. download failed please try again later.. Disappointing seeing the whole point is to keep track of what we have. Please fix!!

Daniel Lawrie

It's ok but not great Love the concept but hate the lack of adventure packs, chaser characters, magic items and Traps.. disappointing considering there is a fan made pc one available that is complete... please fix this...

Jose Garcia

It's ok But would be nice if all Skylanders including all variations and traps were listed.

Rob The Leafeon Gamer

Its awesome I just wish you could use the Htc One's skylander camera to add skylanders to the collection


Well, Whenever I enter a code to a Skylander,it says:low disk space. I don't know what that even means.

Sam Lott

Not working for me Every time I try to add one of my skylanders it says "no Internet connection". Then when I do it without the code it says "download failed". What am I doing wrong? I get an error for everything. Sad to say it needs a lot of work still.

Ellie Freiwald

App sucks Missing skylanders, no traps, no expansion packs and I've wasted money on buying wireless portal that doesn't work with it. So disappointed. ...

Samantha Thompson

It doesn't work I don't like it. When my games do that

Tiffani Wilson

Please update! I love this app to keep track of all of our skylanders but now we are getting new ones that are not on here yet. Please please update for newer ones! :)

Jenny Hulbert

No EON'S ELITE figures and slow to update It started as a great idea to keep track of my collection i find myself getting more & more annoyed its never up to date!Ive waited for months & still am not able to add my ELITE CHARACTERS & new guys...please fix!!!I mean really activision its your actual app for the skylanders game and it's not up to date(new characters keep coming out...I go to add them & not even a choice)You would think maybe since you make this vault app and the effing toys it would be there added right away...

Emily Marin

Love it My child put all his skylander and can shows it off

Chantal Schumyn

Not bad. Mini gill grunt with green base is not on the list, jade fire craken also not there. Better exit option will be great. Ability to add adventure packs will be nice.

K. Mason

Magic objects Why can't you enter magic items like nightmare express and sunscraper spire?????

Sara Gist

Good idea But I recently had an update to my phone and all the characters I had I have to re log in. There needs to be a log In or something. Also since you already have an rfi code it will make it easier when adding multiple characters to be able to to scan the code instead of typing everything.

William Sidebottom

Bluetooth portal does not work

kyle Barnes

GREAT Play the first day and I will be a great player

samuel nolan

Skylanders It is good and I didn't play it yet

Rob Perry

Great app To show off to my friends but will give five stars when you add Legendary Blades as that was the only one missing from the app. Not sure how to get the wireless portal that I got with my table game to work with this

Martina Del Regno

Help Help, I can't put anybody on my collection. I always get a Error sine. It says tray again later. I been trying for 1 week and still does not work, so if you fix this I will give full stars.

belinda horn

Also get error message And I would also like to see what traps I have already purchased. I don't have room for both apps (this one and trap app), so if you can fix error messages at least I would go 4.5 stars. Thx

Michael Perini

App does not work on any of my devices ive tried. Every time I try to add to collection it gives me an error downloading. Stopped buying figures for my daughter because I cant remember what she has already.

cody kessler

Still broken This really sucks because my fiance wants to collect all of them and it gets hard after 200 or 300 to remember which ones we do and don't have so after trying this on multiple platforms and after 4 months I guess this app is just done you guys should really release a patch and when you do I'll redownload until then forget about and nobody else download this it won't let you add anything the app is COMPLETE GARBAGE

Georgina Shough

Skylanders Collection Vault It doesn't work. There is no way I can add things to my collection. Every time I try to add a Skylander, there is an error message saying try again later. I try the next day and it still happens. I've been trying for a week now and it still doesn't work. Please fix this.

Zachary Confederat

This sucks Cmon I have 15 skylanders I tried all of them and it says ERROR I mean cmon at least make a game that works people don't download it's garbage

Jennfier Lopez

Won't add to vault I have tried for 4 hours now to add my skylander collection to my vault and all I keep getting is "error can't download try again" not happy

Justin Merrill

Same error message This app seems like it would be very helpful in keeping track of which skylanders I have and which I don't. I also have been getting the error message when I try to add skylanders if that could be fixed I would definitely give the app a higher rating.

minecraft marty

I'm giving you a 2nd chance Fix please make sure all bugs are fixed I dont care if it takes a year just fix it it would be appreciating to all downloaders

Eric Roland

Needs update It worked for the skystones but now when I try to add a new character that my son owns it gives me an error message.

Jennifer Miller

What's going on? Ok. Let ne be blunt. This app has not worked since April of 2015 and it would appear that Activision does not care. They direct you to their support site so you can view all the people with the same issue that they are ignoring too. Do not down load this app. It doesn't work and no one is going to fix it. Way to go Activision. Im putting all your stuff on ebay and will Never be a customer again.

David Lindsay

Just doesn't work!! Same as everyone else. I get an error message every time I try to add a character. Please fix!

Trish Rowe

No longer works We use to use this app to keep track of my son's Skylanders, which believe me is no easy task. But like everyone else has said it will no longer allow you to download or save any characters to our account. Ready to delete.

Damien Lynn

Make it easier. Whats going on! Try to upload codes however always coming up error. Please make it easier to add figures to the vault collection. Its a real pain trying to remember what characters we have bought. You also need to update for the supercharge series.

Lydia Lynn

I've installed it but whenever I try to add any of my skylanders to my collection it always says error downloading. If you fix this I'll add 5 stars.

Simon Mulligan

Won't work Been trying to add to my collection but it just won't let me keeps coming up with an error message please sort this

Jim Hanson

This app is a beautiful, well designed, completely non-functional brick. It's huge (when it really doesn't need to be) and it doesn't do any of the things it is supposed to because it no longer works. I only recently tried it, so I don't know, maybe it did work once upon a time... but that time has long since past. Avoid.

Jerry Merritt

Garbage app. This app had so much potential. I figured that after superchargers sunk into the market, these apps would be refined. Nope. Really, a failed marketing tactic. And no bar code camera support... Clearly, the codes have also failed. Ooh, look stickers.

Jamie J

I used to like this app, but... Like everyone else, I can't add characters anymore. Since there's no backup or export feature, if I were to reinstall the app I'd have to add all my characters again, and if I have to do that I'm just going to find a better app or maybe just write them down, either one would be less trouble than this app.

Monique Bryant

Please help My 4 year old loves this but i love it even more because it shows you a lot of the characters id be willing to give 5 stars but its dont accept my codes to show i own it nor will it let me say o own it with out the code. Kind of sucks. If you can fix id definitely give you 5 stars

Jiji Dreams

Use to work This use to work and it was nice as a basic check list for when I happen to be at the store browsing through landers .. now however it seems as though I can no longer add toys to my vault.. I get some errors saying internet error and could not download.. I tried it on wifi and on my 4g network and neither works.. perhaps this app should change to primarily offline.. that way we can add to our check list regardless of server issues or internet issues..

CHRIS Sosaria

Not working Saying I must connect to the internet. I am connected but this app makes no attempt at using my connection (I have tracked all access attempts & the app never tries). I am using a Galaxy S3 phone.

Randy Lawson

Gives download error when trying to add character Every character I try to add it says download failed try again later. I am uninstalling this since it will not work. Horrible response to complaints. Lousy customer service.

Danielle Whittaker

Still has errors adding characters So like so many others I cannot add my skylanders to the collection. The whole reason I got the app was so that when I'm out I can check to see if I have a particular character since I have 75+. What I have done instead is to take all the ones I own and put it in my wishlist, so I can check my wishlist to see if I own it. Unfortunately this means that I can't use the wishlist as intended. But this work around may work for others

Gilberto Aviles

Can't download any of my characters, keeps saying failed, other than that I like it


Can't add Skylanders I only just recently got the bug for Skylanders. I saw this app on the packaging to them so figured I would give it a go. It will not let me add a single code to my collection! It is set out great so for that reason alone I give it stars. Rating this 1 isn't true because the behind the scenes and layouts are good. The add to collection option needs to be fixed soon though. Don't make us wait till Superchargers comes out. I can't find adventure packs though, maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

Tony Jacobs

Runs pretty well, but when I try to add a character to my collection it fails. You input the code, it says "Error! Download failed. Please try again later." Looks like I'm not alone with this one. I've tried many times with different codes on different days. Wifi and mobile data. Doesn't matter.

Maegan Smith

Nothing is working for me. When I try to enter a code or download an unlocked picture it says it has an error. It used to work for me, but it hasn't in a while. I used to rate it a lot better too, now not very much. Can you help me, or if it is a bug help fix it? Thanks. That is it! This app hasn't been able to have codes put in for months, it's not working and still says error! Please fix the bug! Only one star for this app.

MasterAwesome Sir

A lot of sparkle, nothing else... 1. Im a parent trying to keep track of my kids collection for future purchases; way too much fluff. 2. What do i care about a code when clicking "I own". I just want a list. 3. After clicking I own, I CANT DOWNLOAD the profile... nullifying any use of the app's purpose. 4. What a waste.

Amparo Reyes

Error Does not let me download my sons characters it always says error. Please fix this issue.

Brandon Kopel

Excellent app...if it worked This app would be wonderful! If it actually worked as described. You cant enter toy codes without receiving an error message. Come on dev team, can't we fix this issue? Five stars if you can!

Kevin Weaver

Try again later. The app doesn't even work. I can't add anything to the collection. Codes don't work and add without code is broke too.

joshua gil

Broken app This app used to be great and now you can no longer add in any skylanders which you have purchased. I used to use this to keep track which ones I bought my son. I am very disappointed.

Jessica James

Cannot add characters Everytime I try to add to collection I get an error message. I downloaded this app to keep track of what we have and what we need and I cannot even use it. Very dissappointed.

Angela Vetter

I can no longer add skylanders to my collection. I always get a message saying download failed please try again later. Fix this and I'll fix my rating. It would also be nice if we had some way to make an account to keep track of our collection. I just got a new phone and was a little frustrated when I had to re-enter my son's entire collection, especially since I can't add anything due to the download error.

Logan Slee

Can't add characters! Had this app before but lost my tablet so had to reinstall and this time it won't let me add anything to my collection. Isn't that the entire reason for this app? Pointless unless this is fixed

Bani B

Can't add islanders to collection I can't add anybody to my collection. It keeps saying error and try again later. If you fix it I'll give it 5 stars. Please do because I really enjoy this app :-)

Bobby Goines

Really wish it worked! No matter what I try, I get a "download failed" message. I've tried several times. I have the Bluetooth portal, and I can't find how to make it work with this app. No use.

Michael Melfi

Skylanders Collection Vault Wish list is easy enough, but the Collection is unavailable! You can't add anyone, code or no code.

Erin Killcrease

STILL BROKEN How has this been broken this long ? I, along with many others, am completely unable to add any new characters to our checklist. All I get is 'Error: Unable to download." I haven't had a single successful try yet. Very frustrating for the 'official' app ...

Brandon Kimberly

Error message Every time I try to add my collection I get an error downloading message. Will give more stars after it is fixed

shawn riley

Stupid app This app is by far the worst app iv eva had to use to keep track of my skylanders first of tryed on 4 phones 2 tablets my codes did not work and i could not add anyone to it even when i tryed to add with no code got error message let the people make you a better working app so we can keep track of your prices to give you more money on ones we need to collect them all...

Santos Cerritos

Come on!!!! "Its was 1 of the better apps out there" this other person put a comment 5 months ago and the app still with the same problem "WE CAN NOT ADD NO BODY, STILL MESSAGE SAYING ERROR" or tell us who is the administration of this app ,so they can listen to us ... Do something to fix it !!!! Of simple eraser from here like that doesn't show anymore. To confuse more people's.

Shawn Arnold

Just keep getting the error message when trying to add skylanders I own. Don't bother downloading until they fix it.

Arvid Skrede

Sucks! What good is this if you can't add any of the characters!! My kids are just getting into skylanders and wanted to keep track of them. ERROR msg on every character!!

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